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seq# 1580280
Affirmative Negative
Plain Formal Plain Formal
  n conjugations for 小便【しょうべん】
Non-past 小便だ【しょうべんだ】 [7]      
  n conjugations for 小便【しょんべん】
Non-past 小便だ【しょんべんだ】 [7]      
  vs conjugations for 小便【しょうべん】
Non-past 小便する【しょうべんする】 [8]      
  vs conjugations for 小便【しょんべん】
Non-past 小便する【しょんべんする】 [8]      

[7] 'n' and 'adj-na' words when used as predicates are followed by the copula which is what is conjugated (conjugations).
[8] 'vs' words are followed by する which is what is conjugated (conjugations).
[*] This table has been automatically generated. It should not be assumed that any single conjugation is as frequently used or as natural as any other, or is used at all.

Acknowledgments: Most of the data used to generate this page is a synthesis of information from the following sources. The developer (Stuart McGraw ) would appreciate being informed of any errors.
  *Jim Breen's WWWjdic verb conjugator
  *Ben Bullock's SljFAQ verb inflector
  *Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar, Makino and Tsutsui, ISBN 978-4-7890-0454-1
  *Wikipedia articles: Japanese verbs, Japanese irregular verbs