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jmdict 1345580 Rejected (id: 2286253)
1. [adv] [uk]
▶ slowly
▶ without haste
▶ calmly
▶ gently
▶ deliberately
2. [adv] [uk,col]
《sometimes considered non-standard》
▶ suddenly
▶ abruptly

22. R 2023-12-23 00:57:22  Stephen Kraus <...address hidden...>
I think there is merit to the proposed edit to this entry, and the anonymous contributor is clearly passionate about the quality of this project (as we all are). But this isn't the quality of discourse that we aspire to have here.
21. A* 2023-12-21 23:21:58 
i have made a very clear and concise case for the edit, you're just totally ignoring half of what i said
i'm still going to repeat it even more clearly for you
1. the proper sense is more popular (fantasizing how this might changed in the last few years with no stats whatsoever is not a real counter-argument, especially in a low birth rate country like japan. also notice in the graph how the "不意に" actually *decreases* in the youngest generation)
2. almost all the kokugos (and gg5) only list the proper meaning
3. the few that do have the improper meaning list it as "あやまり" or at the very least tag it as "俗" *after* the proper meaning (see sankoku, which is much more considerate of slang and 若者言葉) 

if i had to add something
4. a good amount of people use jmdict in their life for translation work or to enjoy novels more easily, and literature almost exclusively uses "おもむろに" in the proper meaning 

man, i genuinely have no idea why people have to get so combative and rude and just engage in bad faith for a simple edit like this
20. A* 2023-12-21 22:46:06  Marcus Richert <...address hidden...>
When you want to argue for an edit that's been rejected once or twice, actually argue for it and do so with new or more detailed arguments and do it without reinstating the old edit. Just briefly restating that you think something js "weird" isn't going to win anybody over. The link Robin posted is 10 years old and he summarized it saying the "erroneous" sense dominates among those under 50 - extrapolated that would mean it dominates among those under 60 today.
19. A* 2023-12-21 14:37:23 
i still think it makes little sense to start with the sense that is "improper" and less common when *all* the kokugos either start or only have the proper sense (gg5 too)
sankoku tags it "俗" (appropriately)
@@ -16,8 +15,0 @@
-<s_inf>sometimes considered non-standard</s_inf>
-<s_inf>original meaning</s_inf>
@@ -28,0 +21,8 @@
+<s_inf>sometimes considered non-standard</s_inf>
18. A 2023-12-01 16:52:07  Stephen Kraus <...address hidden...>
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