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1. [n]
▶ intelligibility
▶ clarity
▶ clearness
2. [n] {telecommunications}
▶ articulation

2. A 2023-08-24 01:14:38  Jim Breen <...address hidden...>
Both GG5 and 中辞典 flag it as 【通信】.
@@ -13,0 +14 @@
@@ -18,2 +18,0 @@
-<gloss>articulation score</gloss>
1. A* 2023-08-17 13:45:52  Brian Krznarich <...address hidden...>
Reverso: extensive examples of "intelligibility" and "clarity". One single choice of "articulation" was E->J and possibly a mistake.明瞭度

Linguistics glossary:
主要アウトカム評価項目/Primary outcomes
speech intelligibility

print & promotion (w/example photos).  Improving clarity of photos

Adobe(photoshop) clarity slider: 明瞭度の調整方法

アーティキュレーション	15259	29.4%
明瞭度	11907	22.9%  <--- mostly inflated by "clarity", and nothing to do with "articulation"
調音	24741	47.7%  <--- traditional "articulation" as we probably think of it

Actual linguistics paper:
キーワード(1)(和/英)	明瞭度 / spoken word intelligibility has swallowed up a whole pile of these "articulation" terms, missing the context that they are niche non-linguistic telecom research jargon.明瞭度
They have found all of these super-rare terms:
明瞭度テスト	0	0.0%
明瞭度等価減衰量	0	0.0%
単語明瞭度	23	2.2%
単音明瞭度	26	2.5%
子音明瞭度	0	0.0%
母音明瞭度	0	0.0%
語音明瞭度	911	85.9%
語音発語明瞭度	0	0.0%
語音聴取明瞭度	0	0.0%
音節明瞭度	101	9.5%
The Clarity and Noisiness of Sound with a Hearing Aid
The primary use seems to be "clarity" or "intelligibility" and I have moved this to [1].  This is a straightforward combination of 明瞭 + 度, clear + degree-of = clarity.  The "articulation" gloss appears to have spawned out of some telecommunications industry jargon related to voice-transmission.

There is a somewhat-dated wikipedia page on 明瞭度, which xrefs to "Articulation Score".   It is a summary of a bunch of telecoms papers.明瞭度
The research papers at the bottom are all in reference to telecommunications and digital audio signal fidelity (voice-signal intelligibility).

This differs from the standard "articulation" used in linguistics. 調音:調音

Here is a whitepaper published in 2003 by the company Polycom:
Of all the elements that affect the intelligibility of speech in telephony, bandwidth has been shown to be one of the most critical....

From this paper, found the line:
Articulation index, word articulation, and syllable articulation are all measurements that measure the degree of accuracy
translated as:
明瞭度指数、単語明瞭度、音 節明瞭度 はす べて 、話し手の言った単語を聞き手が 正しく判断できる度合いを計測する尺度です。

This is all fabricated telecommunications jargon.

To be clear, linguists may absolutely use 明瞭度 all over the place with regards to speech and sound transmission. But it would be glossed as "intelligibility" or "clarity", and not "articulation".
@@ -11,0 +12,8 @@
+<gloss>articulation score</gloss>

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