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1. [n]
▶ laptop (computer)
▶ notebook (computer)
Cross references:
  ⇐ see: 1139270 ラップトップ 1. laptop
  ⇐ see: 2316740 ノートPC【ノートピーシー】 1. notebook computer; laptop
  ⇐ see: 2397660 ノーパソ 1. laptop (computer); notebook (computer)
  ⇐ see: 1093450 ノート 4. laptop (computer); notebook (computer)

16. A 2022-11-26 01:43:24  Jim Breen <...address hidden...>
OK. Let it be.
15. A* 2022-11-26 00:35:59  Robin Scott <...address hidden...>
I don't think either x-ref is particularly helpful. As Stephen points out, the "ノート = notebook" connection doesn't need to be explained. We even have "notebook" as a gloss. And we don't typically include an x-ref to an abbreviated form unless it's more common than the full form. I don't think that's the case here.
@@ -12,2 +11,0 @@
-<xref type="see" seq="1101570">パソコン</xref>
-<xref type="see" seq="1093450">ノート・4</xref>
14. A* 2022-11-25 20:03:53  Stephen Kraus <...address hidden...>
Oops, I neglected to check the history.

I suppose the sense cross-references serve two different purposes: one explains the etymology and the other explains that it may be abbreviated. I didn't think the former would be necessary since "notebook computer" is common in English as well, and probably nobody would think "note" refers to musical notes. But I may just be biased.
13. A* 2022-11-25 19:00:04  Jim Breen <...address hidden...>
As Robin pointed out in 2018, the ノート is based on sense 1. Perhaps we should have both.
Not sure the パソコン xref is needed.
12. A* 2022-11-25 18:27:10  Stephen Kraus <...address hidden...>
Fixing x-ref
@@ -13,2 +13,2 @@
-<xref type="see" seq="1093450">ノート・1</xref>
-<xref type="see" seq="1093450">ノート・1</xref>
+<xref type="see" seq="1093450">ノート・4</xref>
+<xref type="see" seq="1093450">ノート・4</xref>
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