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警察官 [spec1]
けいさつかん [spec1]
1. [n]
▶ police officer
▶ policeman
▶ policewoman
Cross references:
  ⇐ see: 1252390 警察【けいさつ】 2. police officer
  ⇐ see: 1252330 警官【けいかん】 1. police officer; policeman; constable

9. A 2020-12-14 23:51:21  Robin Scott <...address hidden...>
@@ -13,0 +14 @@
+<gloss>police officer</gloss>
@@ -16 +16,0 @@
-<gloss>police officer</gloss>
8. A 2017-08-02 06:05:48  Jim Breen <...address hidden...>
7. A* 2017-08-02 06:03:11  Johan Råde <...address hidden...>
Pretty much any Japanese word can be written in katakana.
I think we should only include the katakana if it is reasonably common.
I don't think ケイサツカン qualifies.
6. A* 2017-08-02 01:54:07  Jim Breen <...address hidden...>
Some non-JMdict sites using ケイサツカン:ザ・警察官
Note that it's not a reading of 警察官; it's more an alternative written form.
Frankly I don't care too much whether it's there or not. I'll just note that without it WWWJDIC's text-glossing will not handle it in katakana.
5. A* 2017-08-01 14:43:14  Mark Gaensicke <...address hidden...>
I'm posting this edit for the sake of clarification and better understanding the 
Japanese language: The (alternative) reading ケイサツカン is uncommon and was 
deleted, then re-added to this entry before. I searched Google for any uses of it 
but only other sites using JMdict data came up. Google suggested the kanji word 
as search term. It would be good to state the marginal usage of this katakana 
reading to avoid confusion. Thank you!
@@ -12,4 +11,0 @@
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