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1. [exp,v5u]
▶ to be commonly referred to as
▶ as people say
▶ as the saying is
▶ they say
Cross references:
  ⇒ see: 1343150 所謂【いわゆる】 1. what is called; as it is called; the so-called; so to speak


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Eijiro, GG5 examples. G n-grams:
俗に言う	233232
俗に言い	712
俗に言え	1371
俗に言っ	373
俗に言わ	10444
I've sat on this too long. While I can understand the Japanese OK, I think it's useful for people looking for the appropriate Japanese for the equivalent phrase in English, or to check if they've constructed something that's actually used in Japanese (as this expression clearly is). To quote the GG5 usages:
俗に言う癒し系の音楽 music to relax to, as people call it
俗に言えば[いわゆる] to use a common 「word [phrase]; in everyday language; in the language of the street; as is said in common 「talk [speech, parlance>]; as is commonly said; as folks say; as the saying is
慣れると不思議さが減ると俗に言う. They say that familiarity takes the wonder out of things.
Temp approval with extra glosses (which I'm sure can be improved._
@@ -13 +13,5 @@
-<gloss>to be commonly referred to as ...</gloss>
+<xref type="see" seq="1343150">所謂・いわゆる</xref>
+<gloss>to be commonly referred to as</gloss>
+<gloss>as people say</gloss>
+<gloss>as the saying is</gloss>
+<gloss>they say</gloss>
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Certainly does but do we need this?
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