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1. [n]
▶ family name
▶ lineage
▶ birth
Cross references:
  ⇐ see: 1880590 氏姓制度【しせいせいど】 1. uji-kabane system; system of clans and hereditary titles (of the Yamato court)
2. [n,suf]
▶ clan
Cross references:
  ⇒ see: 2101130 氏【し】 2. clan

6. A 2017-02-28 11:25:07  Johan Råde <...address hidden...>
repairing xref
@@ -18,0 +19 @@
+<xref type="see" seq="2101130">氏・し・2</xref>
5. A 2017-02-27 22:32:39  Jim Breen <...address hidden...>
I'll move those priority tags to the other entry.
うじ is really a stand-alone term for clan, but it's clearly used sometimes as a suffix. ふじわらうじ is being used a bit, but ふじわらし is much more common. Let's have both, and I'll xref this back to the other.
@@ -6,2 +5,0 @@
@@ -11,2 +8,0 @@
@@ -20,0 +17 @@
@@ -21,0 +19 @@
+<xref type="see" seq="2101130">氏・し・2</xref>
4. A* 2017-02-27 15:25:49  Johan Råde <...address hidden...>
By the way, this entry has a (P) tag and 氏(し) doesn't.
Tanaka has 228 examples of 氏(し)
and only one example of 氏(うじ), 人は氏より育ち。
Maybe the (P) tag should be on 氏(し) instead.
3. A* 2017-02-27 11:44:36  Johan Råde <...address hidden...>
Here are G-ngrams for the three clan names in the wiki articles:
  ふじわらし	431
  ふじわらうじ	No matches
  もののべし	150
  もののべうじ	No matches
  たちばなし	4492
  たちばなうじ	No matches
I have some doubts about うじ = clan.
2. A* 2017-02-27 10:56:49  Jim Breen <...address hidden...>
(a) Daijirin has the suffix clan name as a sense for 氏/し, and not for 氏/うじ.
(b) My main 3 JEs (GG5, 新和英中辞典 and ルミナス和英辞典) all have clan as a sense of 氏/し but not of 氏/うじ. They give examples for し such as 平氏 and 藤原氏, which they gloss as "Fujiwara family [clan]".
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