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<gloss>relative by marriage</gloss>
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<upd_name>Brian Krznarich</upd_name>
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<upd_detl>see comments on 姻族.

Not sure to handle the field of "anthropology"), but "affinity" seems like a relatively technical term to me, which wikipedia notes as pertaining to anthropology and law, and alc notes as 人類学.  I don't think this is the first time I've looked for an [anth]ropology tag. 

Based on reverso (which I grant is hardly definitive here), the "affinity" gloss would be better attached to 姻族 instead (or in addition).

reverso gives "in-laws" and "relatives" for this term, similar ngrams.
姻族	17226	53.7%
姻戚	14842	46.3%

At very least, a translator not fluent in English should be shied away from the "affinity" gloss if they don't know what they are doing. (I am learning so many new English words...)</upd_detl>
In law and in cultural anthropology, affinity is the kinship relationship created or that exists between two people as a result of someone's marriage.
姻戚関係 affinity(人類学の)〔血のつながりではなく婚姻によって作られる関係。◆【対】consanguinity〕

alc only attached "affinity" to the whole term "姻戚関係", though it also tags as 人類学.  The note on "【対】consanguinity" is what motivated the [ant] relationship between 血族 and 姻族.</upd_refs>
<upd_diff>@@ -12,0 +13 @@
@@ -13,0 +15,6 @@
+&lt;s_inf&gt;esp. in anthropology and law&lt;/s_inf&gt;</upd_diff>
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<upd_name>Jim Breen</upd_name>
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<upd_detl>I think 姻族 is a better place for "affinity".</upd_detl>
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-&lt;s_inf&gt;esp. in anthropology and law&lt;/s_inf&gt;
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<upd_refs>姻戚	14,842			
姻戚の	844</upd_refs>
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