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<entry id="2237028" stat="A" corpus="jmdict" type="jmdict">
<ent_corp type="jmdict">jmdict</ent_corp>
<audit time="2023-04-02 10:58:13" stat="A" unap="true">
<upd_name>mark dufour</upd_name>
<upd_email>...address hidden...</upd_email>
<upd_detl>a+b, google ngram 1911. is there a rule for how common an a+b should be for inclusion, or is it more about obviousness?</upd_detl>
<audit time="2023-05-08 10:49:28" stat="A">
<upd_name>Jim Breen</upd_name>
<upd_email>...address hidden...</upd_email>
<upd_detl>Sorry to be slow on this. I see the reference is quoting a computer dictionary, but the Reverso matches are largely mathematical.
I think it's ok, esp. as it refers to a later sense of 完備. There isn't a strict count for n-grams - it depends on the case.</upd_detl>
<upd_diff>@@ -11,0 +12 @@
+&lt;xref type="see" seq="1211560"&gt;完備・かんび・2&lt;/xref&gt;</upd_diff>
<audit time="2023-05-09 22:10:18" stat="A">
<upd_name>Robin Scott</upd_name>
<upd_email>...address hidden...</upd_email>
<upd_detl>I don't think the x-ref is needed. It doesn't contain any extra information.</upd_detl>
<upd_diff>@@ -12 +11,0 @@
-&lt;xref type="see" seq="1211560"&gt;完備・かんび・2&lt;/xref&gt;</upd_diff>

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