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<gloss>structured (e.g. information)</gloss>
<gloss>integral (e.g. knowledge)</gloss>
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<upd_name>mark dufour</upd_name>
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<upd_detl>encountered as 'taikeidatta chishiki wo eyou to omottara..'

cannot find a satisfactory english word for it though.. (and not sure about adj-f)

体系立った	1780
体系立てる	280 (note the reference is for this one)</upd_detl>
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<upd_name>mark dufour</upd_name>
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<upd_detl>native friends mentions the word 'integral' as in integral knowledge</upd_detl>
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<upd_name>Jim Breen</upd_name>
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<upd_detl>I think this is probably OK. The meaning is certainly not obvious from the parts. I see the 新英和大辞典 has 組織立った as a gloss for "systematic", indicating that 立った is being used that way.
BTW, I suspect our 立つ entry could do with some work. We have 3 senses and GG5 &amp; 中辞典 have 11 and 12.</upd_detl>
<upd_refs>体系立って	1056</upd_refs>
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+&lt;gloss&gt;structured (e.g. information)&lt;/gloss&gt;
+&lt;gloss&gt;integral (e.g. knowledge)&lt;/gloss&gt;
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<upd_name>Stephen Kraus</upd_name>
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<upd_refs>Google N-gram Corpus Counts
│ 体系だった   │ 9,581 │ 84.3% │ - adding
│ 体系立った   │ 1,780 │ 15.7% │
│ 体系だった知識 │   695 │ 89.4% │
│ 体系立った知識 │    82 │ 10.6% │
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<upd_name>Robin Scott</upd_name>
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