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<entry id="2211967" stat="A" corpus="jmdict" type="jmdict">
<ent_corp type="jmdict">jmdict</ent_corp>
<xref type="see" seq="2118710">ボコる</xref>
<gloss>to beat the hell out of</gloss>
<audit time="2022-10-24 15:23:41" stat="A" unap="true">
<upd_detl>I think I did the PoS right?</upd_detl>

ボコす  1,652
ボコる 11,444</upd_refs>
<audit time="2022-10-24 21:49:55" stat="A">
<upd_name>Jim Breen</upd_name>
<upd_email>...address hidden...</upd_email>
<upd_refs>ボコす	1652
ボコした	443
ボコして	1442</upd_refs>

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