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<entry id="2174941" stat="A" corpus="jmdict" type="jmdict">
<ent_corp type="jmdict">jmdict</ent_corp>
<gloss>to solicit</gloss>
<gloss>to demand</gloss>
<gloss>to extort</gloss>
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<upd_name>Jim Breen</upd_name>
<upd_email>...address hidden...</upd_email>
<upd_detl>Split from 1236410.This split will be consistent with our treatment of ねだり and ゆすり, which are separate entries.
There are some odd things: only ねだる is in the Ichiman (ichi1) set, only ゆする is in GG5 and my other JEs. The 10 examples in Tanaka are all of ねだる.</upd_detl>
<upd_refs>Daijr (splits), GG5, etc.</upd_refs>
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<upd_name>Rene Malenfant</upd_name>
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<audit time="2022-01-19 22:15:11" stat="A" unap="true">
<upd_detl>The kana was wrong</upd_detl>
<upd_diff>@@ -8 +8 @@
<audit time="2022-01-20 01:15:31" stat="A">
<upd_name>Jim Breen</upd_name>
<upd_email>...address hidden...</upd_email>
<upd_detl>No, you have confused two entries. 強請る/ねだる is a separate entry.</upd_detl>
<upd_diff>@@ -8 +8 @@

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