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<trans_det>to come (spatially or temporally)</trans_det>
<trans_det>to approach</trans_det>
<trans_det>to arrive</trans_det>
<trans_det>to come back</trans_det>
<trans_det>to do ... and come back</trans_det>
<trans_det>to come to be</trans_det>
<trans_det>to become</trans_det>
<trans_det>to get</trans_det>
<trans_det>to grow</trans_det>
<trans_det>to continue</trans_det>
<trans_det>to come from</trans_det>
<trans_det>to be caused by</trans_det>
<trans_det>to derive from</trans_det>
<trans_det>to come to (e.g. "when it comes to spinach ...")</trans_det>

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