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<gloss>from the standpoint of</gloss>
<gloss>from the viewpoint of</gloss>
<gloss>with respect to</gloss>
<gloss>in terms of</gloss>
<gloss>as a matter of</gloss>
<gloss>in view of</gloss>
<gloss>so far as ... is concerned</gloss>
<gloss>on top of</gloss>
<gloss>aboard (a ship or vehicle)</gloss>
<gloss>the best</gloss>
<gloss>first class</gloss>
<gloss>first grade</gloss>
<gloss>first volume (of a two or three-volume set)</gloss>
<gloss>first book</gloss>
<s_inf>written on a gift's wrapping paper</s_inf>
<gloss>with my compliments</gloss>

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