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駆り立てる;狩り立てる(sK);駆りたてる(sK);かり立てる(sK);狩りたてる(sK);駆立てる(sK);駈り立てる(sK);驅り立てる(sK);駈りたてる(sK) [かりたてる] /(v1,vt) (1) (also written as 狩り立てる) to flush out (a hare, fox, etc.)/to drive out/to beat out/to start/(v1,vt) (2) to drive (cattle, sheep, etc.)/to urge on/to spur (a horse)/(v1,vt) (3) to drive (to do)/to urge/to spur on/to push/to impel/EntL1244830/

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