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押す(P);圧す(sK);捺す(sK) [おす] /(v5s,vt) (1) to push/to thrust/to shove/(v5s,vt) (2) (also written as 圧す) to press (down)/to push (e.g. a button)/to exert pressure on/(v5s,vt) (3) (also written as 捺す) to stamp (e.g. one's name)/to affix (a seal)/(v5s,vt) (4) to affix (e.g. gold leaf)/(v5s,vt) (5) to push (someone for something)/to press/to put pressure on (someone)/(v5s,vt) (6) (usu. in the passive; also written as 圧す) to overwhelm/to overpower/to put (someone) under pressure/to be superior to/(v5s,vi) (7) to push ahead (with a policy, plan, etc.)/to proceed/to stick to/(v5s,vt) (8) (as ...を押して...) to do ... in spite of .../to defy/to brave/to push aside/(v5s,vt) (9) (See 念を押す) to make sure/(v5s,vi) (10) to fall behind schedule/(P)/EntL1180470/

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