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穴(P);孔 [あな] /(n) (1) hole/opening/orifice/perforation/(n) (2) pit/hollow/cavity/hole (e.g. in the ground)/(n) (3) burrow/den/lair/holt/hole/(n) (4) deficit/shortage/(financial) hole/loss/(n) (5) gap (left by a missing employee, team member, etc.)/vacancy/opening/(n) (6) flaw/fault/defect/weak point/hole (in a theory, plan, etc.)/loophole/(n) (7) (See 穴場・1) good place not many people know about/well-kept secret/(n) (8) upset victory (with a large payoff)/long shot/dark horse/(n) (9) (theatre jargon) (See 枡・2) (partitioned) box (type of floor seating in a traditional Japanese theatre)/(n) (10) (arch) hiding place/hideout/(P)/EntL1254480/

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