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物 [もの(P);もん;モノ] /(n) (1) thing/object/article/stuff/substance/(n) (2) (as 〜のもの, 〜のもん) one's things/possessions/property/belongings/(n) (3) things/something/anything/everything/nothing/(n) (4) quality/(n) (5) reason/the way of things/(n) (6) (formal noun often used as 〜ものだ) (uk) used to emphasize emotion, judgment, etc./used to indicate a common occurrence in the past (after a verb in past tense)/used to indicate a general tendency/used to indicate something that should happen/(n-suf) (7) (uk) item classified as .../item related to .../work in the genre of .../(n-suf) (8) cause of .../cause for .../(pref) (9) (もの only) (See 物寂しい・ものさびしい) somehow/somewhat/for some reason/(pref) (10) (もの only) (See 物珍しい・ものめずらしい) really/truly/(P)/EntL1502390/

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