Google N-gram Corpus Counts

This server looks up short Japanese terms in the Google n-gram database (2007), and returns the counts of their occurrences. The result may be the sum of several counts, as the original segmentation by MeCab/IPADIC often segmented terms several ways.

Enter Japanese Terms (space/comma/semi-colon/period/ASCII character-separated):

Check to get the most common 10 terms ( 100 terms) starting with the first term, in frequency order.
     in lexical block order.      in lexical tree order.      only show suffixes starting with kanji.      show n-gram details.
Check to get counts for the term with な, の, に, する, etc. appended: and with な, の, に, する, etc. prepended.
Check to get counts for the common verb inflections. ( 一段 verb, する verb)
Check to get raw ngram counts for the first 100 matches.
Display only non-zero counts.
Don't display percentages.