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Wish List

This is a set of wishlist items for the various projects. There is also an old wishlist page. Some of the items in this section have been copied from it.

Note that the groupings overlap - changes to JMdict/EDICT will sometimes be related to a change in JMdictDB and possibly have an inpact on WWWJDIC, etc.

Please feel free to add items. Use the "discussion page" (tab at the top) to discuss matters.

JMdictDB database Project

My wishlist ReneMalenfant 06:46, 11 January 2011 (UTC).

Searches/Interface: -The cursor should start in a search box so you can start typing as soon as you land on the page, rather than having to click on the text box first. -Ignore leading and trailing whitespace in searches -Do not distinguish between hiragana and katakana in searches -Do not include deleted or rejected entries as results in the basic search page -The "search type" for the third text box on the Advanced Search page should be "Ends", not "Is". -Automatic conversion of 旧字 to 新字 in searches (e.g., if you search for "Is 經", you would be brought to the entry for 経) -Fix weird spacing issues in search results. E.g., if you search for "Is 地震前兆現象", then you double-click on the headword "地震前兆現象" in Firefox and CTRL-C, it copies it as "地震前兆現象 " with a space at the end. This is particularly annoying since neither the EDRDG interface nor my Japanese dictionary software is capable of ignoring trailing whitespaces. Which means I have to delete a space from the end of what I paste every single time I look something up though CTRL-C, CTRL-V.

Database structure: -If we're going to be including 旧字 as headwords in entries (which I'm still not sure we should do given the fact that it can be implemented on the user end using a simple mapping tool for lookup), we should be able to associate each 旧字 headword variant with its 新字 equivalents. For example, we currently have an entry as: 仮名;仮字;假名[oK]. We should be able to specify that 假名 is [oK] for 仮名 not 仮字. (Although in this case it is hopefully obvious, in other cases it is not as clear.) After this is done, [oK] headwords should be hidden from users by default. -Likewise, an ability to associate historical kana readings (which we currently do not allow) with modern kana readings. (Low priority, but something that really needs to be done as a first step if historical kana entries are ever to be allowed.) Historical kana should then be hidden from users by default.


  • change many of the entities to attributes (see the archives of the mailing list)
  • once the step above is in place, convert "abbr" tags to become a class of cross-reference.
  • revise the "vs" family of PoS tags. "vs" itself will be confined to サ変名詞, "vs-s" will stay for the 愛する variety,and "vs-i" will be used for 為る/する and all expressions ending in する.
  • Give Dictionary Codes a proper home to link to.

These have been added by Jean-Luc Leger from the old list:

  • Have a way to identify gairaigo. Lsource tag is great but most gairaigo are from english and they don't have a Lsource tag.
    • maybe allow an empty lsource for english gairaigo ?
(Comment: I have resisted this as the vast majority are from English and it would add to the clutter. Major kokugojiten similarly only tag non-English gairaigo. What do others think? JimBreen 02:53, 21 August 2010 (UTC))
See the discussion page. I can see JLL's point. JimBreen 05:31, 28 August 2010 (UTC)
  • Have a tag for proper names
    • could be a new PoS
  • Add more fields
  • Give its yomigana to each kanji of the Kanji part
    • biggest problem being due to multiple Readings and/or Kanji parts
  • Separate compound words and expressions into their component (with a link to its entry when possible)
    • maybe by extending the xref system


  • have links open a new tab/window (option) - suggested by Hendrik.
  • provide a link fore repeating a search at the foot of the display, for the user to cut/save (option) - suggested by Ben.



Some suggestions from Jean-Luc Leger:

  • Add a status to each reading : joyo reading (or split by grade), old/obsolete/obscure reading ...
  • Separate the few gairaigo readings from on/kun-yomi

Others from the old wish-list page:

  • add White Rabbit card numbers (Todd Aug 06)
    • (I have the data and should really work this in. JimBreen 02:48, 21 August 2010 (UTC))
  • add kokuji entity (XML) (Todd Aug 06)
  • Add kan/go/tou/kan'you tags to the on readings (Ben Bullock Aug 06)
  • Fix up the 47 DeRoo classification codes (Ben Bullock Oct 06)
  • Mark the kokuji properly, instead of just a comment in the meaning field. (Jean-Luc Leger March 2005)