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The content of the JMdict database and derived dictionaries is under the control of the JMdict Editorial Board. This group of people was initially set up by invitation in 2010 by Jim Breen. It manages its own membership, co-opting as members people who are able and willing to participate in maintaining and enhancing the quality of the entries in the database, and in formulating policies, etc. for the handling of the editorial process. Members of the Board often discuss issues "off-line" by email.

Editorial Board members are registered in the database as "editors", i.e. they have the power to approve new entries and changes to existing entries, and to delete entries.

There is no formally established procedure for becoming a member of the Board, however the usual practice is for the Board to extend an invitation to a contributor who has demonstrated through the quality of their submissions of new entries and amendments that they are capable of carrying out the role.

The current Board members (not all of whom are active) are: