四字熟語 - Yojijukugo

This page lists about 5,800 actual or possible 四字熟語, i.e. 4-kanji compounds with idiomatic meanings. See the Wikipedia page for information about these. The compounds have been drawn from 4 sources (the code letter is before each source):

In addition there is also a good list at http://www.yojijukugo.net/

The 四字熟語 on this page are tagged to indicate in which of the lists above they occur, and are displayed below in two batches. The first batch, of about 3,200 compounds, are in the JMdict/EDICT database tagged as "yoji". The second batch, of about 2,600 compounds, are either not in the JMdict/EDICT database, or are there but not marked as "yoji".

Where the 四字熟語 is in Kanji Haitani's list (K) the English translation is included.

Clicking on the compound will open a new browser tab and link either to the JMdict/EDICT entry in WWWJDIC (use the "Edit" link there to propose an amendment) or to the JMdictDB database New Entry page with the compound and reading set to become a new entry.

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September 2014

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Batch 1 - in JMdict/EDICT
HKES傲岸不遜 [ごうがんふそん] /(n,adj-na) arrogant and presumptuous/haughty arrogance; intolerable insolence/
HKES質実剛健 [しつじつごうけん] /(n,adj-na) unaffected and sincere, with fortitude and vigor; simplicity and fortitude/
HKES有言実行 [ゆうげんじっこう] /(n,vs) carry out one's words/be as good as one's word/make good on one's promise/
HKES一族郎党 [いちぞくろうとう] /(n) one's family and followers/one's whole clan/
HKES安穏無事 [あんのんぶじ] /(n,adj-na) peace and quiet/safe and peaceful/tranquil and uneventful/
HKES左顧右眄 [さこうべん] /(n,vs) hesitation/wavering/looking left and right and all around, unable to make up one's mind/shilly-shally/
HKES右顧左眄 [うこさべん] /(n,vs) hesitation/wavering/looking right and left and all around, unable to make up one's mind/shilly-shally/
HKES戮力協心 [りくりょくきょうしん] /(n,vs) combined (concerted) efforts/solidarity/joining forces (with)/
HKES同工異曲 [どうこういきょく] /(n) different in appearance but essentially the same in content; equal in skills or workmanship but diffethe same for all practical purposes/the same for all practical purposes/
HKES異口同音 [いくどうおん] /(n) in concert/with one voice/unanimously/
HKES沈思黙考 [ちんしもっこう] /(n,vs) be lost in deep thought/be sunk deep in contemplation/
HKES刻苦勉励 [こっくべんれい] /(n,vs) be arduous/work diligently enduring hardships/make a strenuous effort/
HKES清廉潔白 [せいれんけっぱく] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) spotless integrity/upright and clean-handed; pure in heart and with a clean conscience/
HKES面目躍如 [めんもくやくじょ] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) true to someone's reputation (talent); characteristic of someone as/with evident joy of having lived up to one's reputation/having an effect of bolstering one's reputation/
HKES滅私奉公 [めっしほうこう] /(n) selfless devotion to one's country/sacrificing one's personal interest to public good/
HKES日進月歩 [にっしんげっぽ] /(n) steady progress/ever-progressing/steady and rapid advance/
HKES一進一退 [いっしんいったい] /(n,vs) now advancing and now retreating/ebb and flow/wax and wane/taking alternately favorable and unfavorable turns/
HKES豪華絢爛 [ごうかけんらん] /(adj-na,adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) luxurious and gorgeous/splendid; dazzling/magnificent/
HKES言語道断 [ごんごどうだん] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) outrageous/preposterous/inexcusable/absurd; unspeakable/
HKES空空寂寂 [くうくうじゃくじゃく] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) deserted and lonesome/quiet and alone; innocent and nonattached/All is void./
HKES正正堂堂 [せいせいどうどう] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) fair and square/open and aboveboard/
HKES死屍累累 [ししるいるい] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) heaps of corpses all around/
HKES喧喧囂囂 [けんけんごうごう] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to,n) wild uproar/clamor of voices/tumult; pandemonium of noise/many people clamorously pronouncing diverse opinions/
HKES侃侃諤諤 [かんかんがくがく] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) outspoken/arguing heatedly what one believes in/insisting on something without restraint/
HKES縷縷綿綿 [るるめんめん] /(adj-t,adv-to) going on and on in tedious detail/
HKES唯唯諾諾 [いいだくだく] /(adj-t,adv-to) (obeying/following) tamely/readily; submissively/with acquiescence/
HKES泰然自若 [たいぜんじじゃく] /(adj-t,adv-to) presence of mind/imperturbability/calm and self-possessed/with serenity/
HKES三三五五 [さんさんごご] /(adv) in groups of twos and threes/in small groups/
HKES悪因悪果 [あくいんあっか] /(exp,n) sowing and reaping evil/An evil cause produces an evil effect./
HKES一刻千金 [いっこくせんきん] /(exp,n) very valuable time/Every moment is precious./Time is money./
HKES全知全能 [ぜんちぜんのう] /(n) omniscience and omnipotence/
HKES無為無能 [むいむのう] /(n,adj-na) idle and incompetent/accomplishing nothing significant nor being capable of doing so/lacking the talent to do anything but idle away one's time/
HKES良知良能 [りょうちりょうのう] /(n) one's innate intelligence and ability/
HKES一子相伝 [いっしそうでん] /(n) transmission of the secrets of an art, craft, trade or learning from father to only one child/
HKES絶体絶命 [ぜったいぜつめい] /(n) desperate situation/the last extremity/being driven into a corner/having one's back against the wall/
HKES生殺与奪 [せいさつよだつ] /(n) wielding absolute power (over)/the power to spare or to take the lives and property of the people/
HKES一殺多生 [いっせつたしょう] /(n) It is justifiable to kill one (harmful) person to save the lives of many/
HKES得手勝手 [えてかって] /(n,adj-na) selfish/self-centered/self-willed/(doing or saying things) just to suit oneself/
HKES三面六臂 [さんめんろっぴ] /(n) being competent and active in many fields/versatile/one person doing the work of many/
HKES一擲千金 [いってきせんきん] /(n) being lavish with one's money/spending a huge sum of money at once on a treat/
HKES一心同体 [いっしんどうたい] /(n) being one in body and soul/of one flesh/two hearts beating as one/
HKES言行一致 [げんこういっち] /(n) consistency of speech and action/acting up to one's words; practicing what one preaches/
HKES一気呵成 [いっきかせい] /(n) (finishing/writing) work at a stroke (stretch)/dashing off; knocking off/
HKES鬼面仏心 [きめんぶっしん] /(n) having the face of a devil and the heart of Buddha/having a stern face but a tender heart/
HKES渾然一体 [こんぜんいったい] /(n) individual units blending into a uniform whole/separate units forming a harmonious whole/in complete harmony/
HKES一世一代 [いっせいちだい] /(n) (isseichidai/isseiichidai)once in a lifetime/the first and last occurrence (event, experience) of one's lifetime/
HKES一攫千金 [いっかくせんきん] /(n) making a fortune at a stroke/getting rich quick without much effort/
HKES速戦即決 [そくせんそっけつ] /(n) quick battle for a quick victory/all-out surprise attack/a blitzkrieg/
HKES落花狼藉 [らっかろうぜき] /(n) running amuck/utter disorder/things being in a shambles; committing violence on (a woman)/
HKES乾坤一擲 [けんこんいってき] /(n) staking all (on)/playing for all or nothing/risking everything on one throw of the dice/
HKES三位一体 [さんみいったい] /(n) the Holy Trinity/a unity of three different elements/
HKES祭政一致 [さいせいいっち] /(n) unity of church and state/government of a country by religious leaders/theocracy/
HKES精励恪勤 [せいれいかっきん] /(n,vs) assiduousness/diligence and industry/attending diligently to one's study or duties/
HKES切磋琢磨 [せっさたくま] /(n,vs) cultivate one's mind (character) by studying hard; indefatigable assiduity/improve together through friendly rivalry/
HKES切歯扼腕 [せっしやくわん] /(n,vs) grind one's teeth and clenching one's fists in anger (regret, disappointment)/feel (be) deeply chagrined (at)/
HKES一家団欒 [いっかだんらん] /(n,vs) happy family circle/sitting in a family circle and enjoying conversation/harmony in a family/
HKES即断即決 [そくだんそっけつ] /(n,vs) prompt decision and prompt execution/make swift decisions and take quick actions/
HKES大声疾呼 [たいせいしっこ] /(n,vs) shout with a loud voice/fulminate/vociferate/
HKES横行闊歩 [おうこうかっぽ] /(n,vs) swaggering walk/stalking about with a haughty air; roaming at will/walking around (the place) as if one owned it/
HKES一得一失 [いっとくいっしつ] /(n) gaining some and losing some/(something having its) advantages and disadvantages/merits and demerits/
HKES一問一答 [いちもんいっとう] /(n,vs) series of questions and answers/question-and-answer session/
HKES櫛風沐雨 [しっぷうもくう] /(n) struggling through wind and rain/undergoing hardships/
HKES疾風迅雷 [しっぷうじんらい] /(n) with lightning speed/like a whirlwind/
HKES一知半解 [いっちはんかい] /(n) superficial knowledge/half knowledge/
HKES月下氷人 [げっかひょうじん] /(n) go-between/matchmaker/
HKES一心不乱 [いっしんふらん] /(n,adj-na) intently/with heart and soul/with undivided attention/with intense concentration/
HKES一宿一飯 [いっしゅくいっぱん] /(n) a night's lodging and a meal/(being beholden to someone for the favor of) a night's lodging and a meal/
HKES自由闊達 [じゆうかったつ] /(n,adj-na) free and easy/open and natural/liberal and broad-minded/not fastidious/
HKES一喜一憂 [いっきいちゆう] /(n,vs) now rejoicing, now worrying/swinging from joy to sorrow; alternate hope and fear/
HKES一生懸命 [いっしょうけんめい] /(adj-na,n-adv,n) very hard/with utmost effort/for dear life; frantically/
HKES一笑千金 [いっしょうせんきん] /(exp,n) A smile of a beautiful woman is worth a thousand pieces of gold./enchanting smile of a glamorous woman/
HKES六根清浄 [ろっこんしょうじょう] /(n) purification of the six roots of perception/purification of one's mind and body through emancipation from all worldly desires and worries/
HKES如是我聞 [にょぜがもん] /(exp,n) Thus I hear/These ears have heard (quote from the sutras)/
HKES隔靴掻痒 [かっかそうよう] /(n) trying to soothe an itchy foot by scratching at one's boot; being somewhat annoyed because something is not quite as one hopes/
HKES妄言多謝 [もうげんたしゃ] /(exp) (mougentasha/bougentasha)Kindly excuse my reckless remarks./Please excuse my thoughtless words. (used deferentially, in a letter, etc.)/
HKES善因善果 [ぜんいんぜんか] /(exp,n) good action leading to good rewards/As you sow, so shall you reap./
HKES寸善尺魔 [すんぜんしゃくま] /(exp,n) little good and much evil/In evil, there is odds/Evil far outnumbers good in this world./A good thing tends to be spoiled by many bad things./
HKES色即是空 [しきそくぜくう] /(exp,n) Matter is void/All is vanity./
HKES孟母三遷 [もうぼさんせん] /(exp,n) the importance of creating an environment conducive to a child's learning (From the legend that Mencius' mother moved house three times before finding the ideal environment for him)/
HKES空即是色 [くうそくぜしき] /(exp,n) Voidness is form./What appears empty is form itself. (A Buddhist teaching)/
HKES深山幽谷 [しんざんゆうこく] /(n) remote mountains and deep valleys/deep mountains and dark valleys/
HKES瓜田李下 [かでんりか] /(exp,n) Be careful not to invite the least suspicion/Leave no room for scandal./
HKES以心伝心 [いしんでんしん] /(n-adv,n) without any need for words/tacit understanding; communion of mind with mind/through sympathy/telepathy/
HKES責任転嫁 [せきにんてんか] /(n,vs) shifting the responsibility (for something) on to (someone)/buck-passing/
HKES放蕩無頼 [ほうとうぶらい] /(n,adj-no) being dissolute and unruly/ruining oneself by leading a fast life/
HKES春風駘蕩 [しゅんぷうたいとう] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) balmy spring breeze/warm and genial spring weather/genial and pleasant (personality)/
HKES残忍酷薄 [ざんにんこくはく] /(n,adj-na) atrocious and cold-blooded/cruel/brutal/merciless/
HKES堅忍不抜 [けんにんふばつ] /(n) indomitable perseverance/invincible fortitude/
HKES隠忍自重 [いんにんじちょう] /(n,vs) (behaving with) patience and prudence/putting up with something/
HKES春日遅遅 [しゅんじつちち] /(n) a spring day being long and balmy; serene spring day/
HKES格物致知 [かくぶつちち] /(n) deepening one's wisdom by gaining a thorough knowledge of natural laws/
HKES空前絶後 [くうぜんぜつご] /(n) (so marvelous or horrible that it may be) the first and probably the last/unprecedented/the greatest of all time/
HKES随喜渇仰 [ずいきかつごう] /(n,vs) worship with adoration/admire ardently/
HKES甲論乙駁 [こうろんおつばく] /(n,vs) arguments pro and con/arguing for and against (something) with no resolution in sight/
HKES泡沫夢幻 [ほうまつむげん] /(n) transient/ephemeral/fleeting/evanescent/
HKES事実無根 [じじつむこん] /(n) groundless/unfounded/entirely contrary to fact/
HKES純一無雑 [じゅんいつむざつ] /(n,adj-na,adj-no) pure and unadulterated/pure in heart/simplehearted/
HKES呉越同舟 [ごえつどうしゅう] /(n) bitter enemies stuck together in the same boat by chance; antagonists joining together for a common purpose/
HKES阿諛追従 [あゆついしょう] /(n,vs) excessive flattery/adulation/
HKES一朝一夕 [いっちょういっせき] /(n) in a day/in a brief space of time/
HKES樽俎折衝 [そんそせっしょう] /(n) diplomatic negotiations at the dinner table/diplomatic bargaining/
HKES我田引水 [がでんいんすい] /(n) seeking (promoting) one's own interests/being self-serving; straining (the interpretation or argument) to suit one's own interests/
HKES朝朝暮暮 [ちょうちょうぼぼ] /(adv) every morning and evening/
HKES縦横無尽 [じゅうおうむじん] /(n,adj-na) freely/right and left/active without any restraint; with unrestricted energy in all directions/
HKES衆議一決 [しゅうぎいっけつ] /(n,vs) reaching a conclusion unanimously or by consensus/
HKES朝令暮改 [ちょうれいぼかい] /(n) a frequent change of regulations/(orders or laws) being revised often with no guiding principles/unsettled course of action/
HKES朝雲暮雨 [ちょううんぼう] /(n) a sexual liaison/
HKES朝三暮四 [ちょうさんぼし] /(n) being preoccupied with immediate (superficial) differences without realizing that there are no differences in substance; swindle (someone) with trickery/
HKES勧善懲悪 [かんぜんちょうあく] /(n) rewarding good and punishing evil/poetic justice/didactic theme in a novel or drama/
HKES道聴塗説 [どうちょうとせつ] /(n) shallow-minded mouthing of secondhand information/
HKES念仏三昧 [ねんぶつざんまい] /(n) being deep in (Buddhist) prayer/praying devoutly to Amida Buddha/
HKES一念発起 [いちねんほっき] /(n,vs) (firmly) resolved to (do something)/
HKES頑固一徹 [がんこいってつ] /(n,adj-na) stubborn/obstinate/adamantly sticking to one's views or decisions/
HKES無念無想 [むねんむそう] /(n,adj-no) being free from all distracting thoughts/keeping one's mind clear of all worldly thoughts/being free from all ideas and thoughts/
HKES大同団結 [だいどうだんけつ] /(n,vs) uniting for a common cause ignoring minor differences/
HKES鶏鳴狗盗 [けいめいくとう] /(n) person who resorts to petty tricks/person of small caliber who is only capable of petty tricks/
HKES跳梁跋扈 [ちょうりょうばっこ] /(n,vs) evildoers being rampant and roaming at will/
HKES一石二鳥 [いっせきにちょう] /(n) killing two birds with one stone/
HKES謹厳実直 [きんげんじっちょく] /(n,adj-na) very discreet, sincere, and honest/sober and upright/
HKES一長一短 [いっちょういったん] /(n) (something having its) merits and demerits/advantages and disadvantages/strong and weak points/
HKES採長補短 [さいちょうほたん] /(n,vs) compensating for one's shortcomings by incorporating others' strong points/
HKES有頂天外 [うちょうてんがい] /(n) beside oneself with joy/in raptures/in an ecstasy of delight/
HKES白砂青松 [はくしゃせいしょう] /(n) (hakushaseishou/hakusaseishou)white sands and green pine grove/a beautiful stretch of sandy beach dotted with pine trees/
HKES残酷非道 [ざんこくひどう] /(n,adj-na) inhumanity/atrocity/abominable cruelty/
HKES飛耳長目 [ひじちょうもく] /(n) sharp eyes and ears used for collecting information far and wide/having the acumen and shrewd discernment gained by widely-collected information with sharp eyes and ebeing well-versed on a subject/being well-versed on a subject/books which broaden our knowledge/
HKES理非曲直 [りひきょくちょく] /(n) sense of right and wrong/rights and wrongs (of a case); relative merits (of a case)/
HKES不老長寿 [ふろうちょうじゅ] /(n) perpetual youth and longevity/
HKES意味深長 [いみしんちょう] /(n,adj-na) with profound (often hidden) meaning/being suggestive/pregnant with significance/
HKES花鳥風月 [かちょうふうげつ] /(n) the beauties of nature/
HKES眼高手低 [がんこうしゅてい] /(n) able to criticize but not to create/high critical but low creative ability/
HKES無茶苦茶 [むちゃくちゃ] /(n,adj-na) (1) absurd/unreasonable/nonsensical/preposterous; incoherent/(2) extreme/senseless/reckless/wanton/(3) disorder/confusion/mess/wreck/
HKES悪逆無道 [あくぎゃくむどう] /(n,adj-na) (akugyakumudou/akugyakubudou)heinous/treacherous/atrocious/diabolic/fiendish; inhuman/
HKES厚顔無恥 [こうがんむち] /(n,adj-na) brazen and shameless/unscrupulous/
HKES剛毅果断 [ごうきかだん] /(n,adj-na) dauntless and decisive/with fortitude and resolution/
HKES自暴自棄 [じぼうじき] /(n,adj-na) desperation/despair/self-abandonment/disgust with life/
HKES無味乾燥 [むみかんそう] /(n,adj-na) dull and uninteresting/dry-as-dust/flat and insipid/humdrum/
HKES公明正大 [こうめいせいだい] /(n,adj-na) fair and aboveboard/open and honest/
HKES慇懃無礼 [いんぎんぶれい] /(n,adj-na) feigned politeness/disguised insult/rude under a veneer of politeness/
HKES大逆無道 [たいぎゃくむどう] /(n,adj-na) heinous/treacherous/atrocious/diabolic/fiendish; inhuman/
HKES効果覿面 [こうかてきめん] /(n,adj-na) immediately effective/bring an immediate result (on)/have an instant effect (on)/
HKES傍若無人 [ぼうじゃくぶじん] /(n,adj-na) insolent/outrageous/audacious/arrogant/impudent; overbearing/following one's way in defiance of others/
HKES気宇壮大 [きうそうだい] /(n,adj-na) magnanimous in one's attitude of mind/grand in one's idea or mind-set/
HKES頑迷固陋 [がんめいころう] /(n,adj-na) obstinate/stubborn/hard-headed/being incapable of making sound judgments because of a narrow, inflexible and obstinate mentality/
HKES狷介固陋 [けんかいころう] /(n,adj-na) stubbornly sticking to old ways/narrow-mindedly rejecting other people's views/
HKES夜郎自大 [やろうじだい] /(n,adj-na) throwing one's weight around in a small group without knowing one's real worth in a larger world outsacting arrogantly with no realization of one's own limitations/acting arrogantly with no realization of one's own limitations/
HKES多事多難 [たじたなん] /(n,adj-na) troubled/turbulent/having a lot going on in ones' life/suffering one hardship after another/
HKES無知蒙昧 [むちもうまい] /(n,adj-na) unenlightened/in the darkest ignorance/not knowing from A to B/
HKES有耶無耶 [うやむや] /(n,adj-na) vague/hazy/noncommittal/indefinite/ambiguous; evasive/inconclusive/
HKES奇奇怪怪 [ききかいかい] /(n,adj-na) very strange/bizarre/weird/mysterious/
HKES前代未聞 [ぜんだいみもん] /(n,adj-no) unheard-of/unprecedented/unparalleled in history; record-breaking/
HKES新進気鋭 [しんしんきえい] /(n,adj-no) young and energetic/up-and-coming/high-spirited and rising/
HKES誠心誠意 [せいしんせいい] /(n,adv) in all sincerity/with one's whole heart/whole-hearted devotion/
HKES再三再四 [さいさんさいし] /(n,adv) repeatedly/over and over again/again and again/
HKES一意専心 [いちいせんしん] /(n-adv) single-mindedly/wholeheartedly/with one's heart and soul/
HKES泰山北斗 [たいざんほくと] /(n) a great authority/a leading authority in a field/a luminary/
HKES門前雀羅 [もんぜんじゃくら] /(n) (a house) looking deserted with few visitors/
HKES時代錯誤 [じだいさくご] /(n) anachronism/
HKES治乱興亡 [ちらんこうぼう] /(n) a nation's times of peace and war/a nation in its rise and fall/
HKES空理空論 [くうりくうろん] /(n) an impractical (empty) theory/vain speculation/unrealistic and useless arguments/
HKES蛙鳴蝉噪 [あめいせんそう] /(n) annoying noise/fruitless argument/useless controversy/
HKES寛仁大度 [かんじんたいど] /(n) being generous and magnanimous in disposition/
HKES一衣帯水 [いちいたいすい] /(n) (being separated by) a narrow strip of water/a narrow strait (channel, river)/
HKES四面楚歌 [しめんそか] /(n) being surrounded by enemies on all sides/being betrayed (forsaken) by everybody/
HKES偕老同穴 [かいろうどうけつ] /(n) being united as man and wife for life/happy life partnership/
HKES冷汗三斗 [れいかんさんと] /(n) breaking into cold sweat when one is very embarrassed or scared/feeling extremely abashed/
HKES桜花爛漫 [おうからんまん] /(n) cherry blossoms in full bloom/riot of cherry blossoms/
HKES二者択一 [にしゃたくいつ] /(n) choice of one or the other/choice between (only) two things/choice of two alternatives/
HKES全身全霊 [ぜんしんぜんれい] /(n) complete devotion/body and soul/one's level best/
HKES南船北馬 [なんせんほくば] /(n) constant traveling/being constantly busy traveling all over/
HKES相思相愛 [そうしそうあい] /(n) deeply in love with each other/strongly attached to each other/mutual infatuation/
HKES二束三文 [にそくさんもん] /(n) dirt cheap/dime a dozen/give-away prices/el cheapo/
HKES高論卓説 [こうろんたくせつ] /(n) excellent opinion/brilliant exposition/outstanding argument/insightful view/
HKES経世済民 [けいせいさいみん] /(n) governing a nation and providing relief to people/
HKES満身創痍 [まんしんそうい] /(n) having wounds all over one's body/being covered with cuts and bruises/
HKES延命息災 [えんめいそくさい] /(n) health and longevity/enjoying a long and healthy life being untouched by disaster/
HKES大義名分 [たいぎめいぶん] /(n) higher principle/just cause/legitimate reason/clear justification (for an action)/
HKES人海戦術 [じんかいせんじゅつ] /(n) human-wave tactics/the strategy of throwing large numbers of troops into an attack/throwing (overwhelming) human resources at a problem/
HKES冠婚葬祭 [かんこんそうさい] /(n) important ceremonial occasions in family relationships/the ceremonies of coming-of-age, marriage, funeral, and ancestor worship/
HKES神算鬼謀 [しんさんきぼう] /(n) inscrutable stratagem/ingenious scheme/
HKES贅沢三昧 [ぜいたくざんまい] /(n) luxury and extravagance/indulging in every possible luxury; living in the lap of luxury/
HKES単刀直入 [たんとうちょくにゅう] /(n,adj-na) going right to the point/point-blank/without beating about the bush/
HKES旗幟鮮明 [きしせんめい] /(n) making one's attitude (position, stand) clear/taking a definite stance (Literally: unfurling and clearly showing one's banner)/
HKES粗製濫造 [そせいらんぞう] /(n) mass production of inferior goods/
HKES単純明快 [たんじゅんめいかい] /(n,adj-na) simple and clear-cut/plain and simple; open-and-shut/straightforward/
HKES一期一会 [いちごいちえ] /(n) once-in-a-lifetime experience (opportunity, encounter); experience that will never come again/
HKES一諾千金 [いちだくせんきん] /(n) one's word is worth a thousand pieces of gold/a promise that is worth its weight in gold/
HKES四海兄弟 [しかいけいてい] /(n) people in the whole world being all brothers/universal brotherhood (fraternity)/
HKES聖人君子 [せいじんくんし] /(n) person of lofty virtue/man of noble character/perfect person/saint/
HKES一言居士 [いちげんこじ] /(n) person who is ready to comment on every subject/ready critic/person who always has to put in his two cents (worth)/
HKES外題学問 [げだいがくもん] /(n) putting on a knowing air when one only knows the title of the book (play, etc.)/pretending to understand the nature of something when one only knows its name/
HKES乱臣賊子 [らんしんぞくし] /(n) rebels against one's lord and one's parents/rebellious (treacherous) subject/traitor/
HKES三寒四温 [さんかんしおん] /(n) repeated pattern of a few cold days followed by a few warm ones (marking the coming of spring)/
HKES因果応報 [いんがおうほう] /(n) retributive justice/poetic justice/reward and punishment for one's past behavior/
HKES起死回生 [きしかいせい] /(n) revival of the dead/recovering from a hopeless situation; pulling something back from the brink of defeat (failure)/
HKES草根木皮 [そうこんぼくひ] /(n) roots of herbs and barks of trees used in Chinese medicine/
HKES無事息災 [ぶじそくさい] /(n) safe and healthy/(living a) peaceful and healthy life/
HKES山紫水明 [さんしすいめい] /(n) scenic beauty of mountains and streams/fresh and clear beauty of nature's splendor/
HKES手前味噌 [てまえみそ] /(n) self-flattery/singing one's own praises/tooting one's own horn/
HKES名論卓説 [めいろんたくせつ] /(n) sound and well-argued thesis/excellent opinions and theories/original opinion worth listening to/
HKES明眸皓歯 [めいぼうこうし] /(n) starry eyes and beautiful white teeth (said of beautiful women)/a beautiful woman with bright eyes and pearly teeth/
HKES酒池肉林 [しゅちにくりん] /(n) sumptuous feast (banquet)/
HKES大安吉日 [たいあんきちじつ] /(n) (taiankichijitsu/taiankichinichi)very auspicious day for all types of occasions (one of the six special days in the Japanese lunisolar calendar/
HKES千載一遇 [せんざいいちぐう] /(n) (the chance) of a lifetime/(a golden opportunity that) may happen only once in a thousand years/
HKES晴好雨奇 [せいこううき] /(n) the scenery being beautiful in both sunny and rainy weather/
HKES砲煙弾雨 [ほうえんだんう] /(n) the smoke of cannon and a hail of bullets/(in) the thick of battle/
HKES三千世界 [さんぜんせかい] /(n) the whole wide world/the great universe (of one billion worlds) that Buddha enlightened/
HKES二人三脚 [ににんさんきゃく] /(n) three-legged race/cooperation between the two with singleness of purpose/
HKES艱難辛苦 [かんなんしんく] /(n) trials and tribulations/adversities/suffering hardships and troubles/
HKES合縁奇縁 [あいえんきえん] /(n) uncanny relationship formed by a quirk of fate/a couple strangely but happily united/
HKES無理難題 [むりなんだい] /(n) unreasonable (impossible) demand/asking the impossible; tall order/
HKES栄枯盛衰 [えいこせいすい] /(n) ups and downs of life (of a person, family, nation)/rise and fall/vicissitudes of fortune/
HKES独断専行 [どくだんせんこう] /(n,vs) acting arbitrarily on one's own authority/arbitrary decision and execution/
HKES茫然自失 [ぼうぜんじしつ] /(n,vs) becoming stupefied (stunned, petrified)/being dumbfounded/trance/stupor/standing aghast/
HKES狐疑逡巡 [こぎしゅんじゅん] /(n,vs) be in doubt and unable to decide/hesitation and indecision/
HKES土崩瓦解 [どほうがかい] /(n,vs) complete collapse/(something) going to pieces (breaking up beyond repair)/
HKES鼓舞激励 [こぶげきれい] /(n,vs) inspire and encourage (someone)/put (someone) on his mettle/
HKES肉食妻帯 [にくじきさいたい] /(n,vs) meat-eating and marriage/Buddhist priest eating meat dishes and being married/
HKES右往左往 [うおうさおう] /(n,vs) moving about in confusion/going every which way/going right and left/
HKES漫言放語 [まんげんほうご] /(n,vs) saying whatever one feels/speaking at random/making careless remarks/rambling talk/
HKES四分五裂 [しぶんごれつ] /(n,vs) (shibungoretsu/shibugoretsu)be torn asunder/be disrupted and disorganized/
HKES遅疑逡巡 [ちぎしゅんじゅん] /(n,vs) shilly-shally/hesitation/indecision/vacillation/
HKES苦心惨憺 [くしんさんたん] /(n,vs) taking great pains/making strenuous efforts/going to all the trouble/
HKES晴耕雨読 [せいこううどく] /(n,vs) working in the field in fine weather and reading at home in rainy weather/living in quiet retirement dividing time between work and intellectual pursuits/
HKES和光同塵 [わこうどうじん] /(n) (wise men) softening the light of their wisdom and virtue and mingling with the mundane world (Lao-tzmingling with the world by hiding one's true talent or knowledge/mingling with the world by hiding one's true talent or knowledge/living a quiet life by effacing oneself/
HKES四通八達 [しつうはったつ] /(n,vs) traffic network extending in all directions/accessible from all directions/
HKES危機一髪 [ききいっぱつ] /(n) coming within a hair's breath of danger/by the skin of one's teeth/in the nick of time/touch and go/a close call/
HKES一触即発 [いっしょくそくはつ] /(n) critical (touch and go) situation/explosive (hair-trigger) situation/flash point/
HKES安寧秩序 [あんねいちつじょ] /(n) peace and order/law and order/
HKES才気煥発 [さいきかんぱつ] /(n,adj-na) resourceful and quick-witted/showing a flash of brilliance/have a keen (sparkling) intellect/
HKES一網打尽 [いちもうだじん] /(n) big haul/wholesale arrest/catching (the whole lot) with one cast of the net/
HKES官尊民卑 [かんそんみんぴ] /(n) respecting the authorities and denigrating ordinary citizens/putting government officials above the people/
HKES和魂漢才 [わこんかんさい] /(n) the Japanese spirit imbued with Chinese learning/
HKES一読三嘆 [いちどくさんたん] /(n,vs) a reading leaves one with ceaseless sighs of admiration/
HKES焦心苦慮 [しょうしんくりょ] /(n,vs) worry (trouble) oneself (about)/be anxious (about)/
HKES和魂洋才 [わこんようさい] /(n) the Japanese spirit imbued with Western learning/
HKES八面玲瓏 [はちめんれいろう] /(adj-na,adj-no,adj-t,adv-to,n) serene/equable/affable; graceful in all aspects/looking clear and bright when viewed from any angle/
HKES永字八法 [えいじはっぽう] /(n) the eight basic brush strokes in writing Chinese characters/
HKES八紘一宇 [はっこういちう] /(n) (the spirit of) universal brotherhood/all eight corners of the world under one roof/
HKES四苦八苦 [しくはっく] /(n,vs) be in dire distress/have a real struggle/
HKES八方美人 [はっぽうびじん] /(n) woman who looks beautiful from all angles/one who tries to be all things to all people/one who tries to please everybody/
HKES岡目八目 [おかめはちもく] /(exp,n) a bystander's vantage point/an outsider's better grasp of the situation/Onlookers see more of the game than the players do./
HKES美酒佳肴 [びしゅかこう] /(n) fine wines and prized delicacies/
HKES百発百中 [ひゃっぱつひゃくちゅう] /(n) always hitting the bull's-eye/never missing one's aim; (predictions or plans) always turning out as expected/be on target every time/
HKES握髪吐哺 [あくはつとほ] /(n) (a statesman making) extraordinary efforts to find and employ capable persons (persons of great wisdom)/
HKES談論風発 [だんろんふうはつ] /(n,vs) spirited discussion/carrying on an animated conversation/
HKES唯我独尊 [ゆいがどくそん] /(exp,n) (1) "I am my own Lord (throughout heaven and earth)." (Buddha)/(2) self-righteousness/self-conceit/holier-than-thou attitude/
HKES暖衣飽食 [だんいほうしょく] /(n) well-fed and warmly-clothed (comfortably-dressed)/being blessed materially/
HKES虚心坦懐 [きょしんたんかい] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) with an open and calm mind/without reserve; with utmost candor/with no preconceived notions/
HKES無欲恬淡 [むよくてんたん] /(adj-na,adj-no,adj-t,adv-to,n) being indifferent to worldly gain/being unattached and free from desires/
HKES古色蒼然 [こしょくそうぜん] /(adj-t,adv-to) antique-looking/with the patina of age/hoary with age/
HKES雲泥万里 [うんでいばんり] /(n) being poles apart/(there being) all the difference in the world/
HKES形影一如 [けいえいいちにょ] /(n) being inseparable as a form and its shadow/a person's deed mirrors the good or evil of his mind/husband and wife being never apart/
HKES一挙一動 [いっきょいちどう] /(n) one's every action/every single move/
HKES油断大敵 [ゆだんたいてき] /(exp,n) Unpreparedness is one's greatest enemy/He that is too secure is not safe/Overconfidence can be dangerous./
HKES津津浦浦 [つつうらうら] /(tsutsuuraura/tsuzuuraura) (n-adv,n) all over the country/throughout the land/every nook and cranny of the land/
HKES明哲保身 [めいてつほしん] /(n) wisdom and self-protection/wise and skilled in the art of self-protection/
HKES多事多端 [たじたたん] /(n,adj-na) eventful/very busy/pressure of business/
HKES暗雲低迷 [あんうんていめい] /(n) dark clouds hanging low/dark clouds gathering ominously (over)/
HKES適者生存 [てきしゃせいぞん] /(n) survival of the fittest/
HKES軽挙妄動 [けいきょもうどう] /(n,vs) rash and blind act/acting on impulse taking no heed of possible consequences/
HKES徹頭徹尾 [てっとうてつび] /(adv) thoroughly/through and through/from beginning to finish; right down the line/
HKES適材適所 [てきざいてきしょ] /(n) the right person in the right place/assigning the right person to the right position/
HKES粗衣粗食 [そいそしょく] /(n) shabby clothes and humble meals/frugal (simple) life/
HKES深謀遠慮 [しんぼうえんりょ] /(n) far sight and deep design/a farsighted and deeply-laid plan/
HKES軽薄短小 [けいはくたんしょう] /(n,adj-na) light, thin, short, and small (products)/light and compact (products)/
HKES大胆不敵 [だいたんふてき] /(n,adj-na) fearless/audacious/daring/resolute/
HKES柳暗花明 [りゅうあんかめい] /(n) (1) beautiful scenery of spring/(2) red-light district/
HKES悠悠自適 [ゆうゆうじてき] /(n,vs) living a life of leisure with dignity/living quietly and comfortably free from worldly cares/otium cum dignitate/
HKES初志貫徹 [しょしかんてつ] /(n,vs) achieving one's original intention/achieving one's desired end(s)/
HKES容姿端麗 [ようしたんれい] /(n,adj-na) attractive face and figure/having a graceful figure; lovely to look-at/beautiful in appearance/fare of face and figure/
HKES妖怪変化 [ようかいへんげ] /(n) apparition (in animal form)/goblins and monsters/
HKES古往今来 [こおうこんらい] /(n-adv) through all ages/since remote antiquity/from ancient times to the present/
HKES和気藹藹 [わきあいあい] /(wakiaiai) (adj-na,adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) harmonious/peaceful/congenial/
HKES疑心暗鬼 [ぎしんあんき] /(exp,n) being beset with doubts and fears/Suspicion will raise bogies/fearful and suspicious frame of mind/
HKES金城鉄壁 [きんじょうてっぺき] /(n) impregnable castle (walls)/impregnable fortress; impregnable defense/
HKES天衣無縫 [てんいむほう] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) perfect beauty with no trace of artifice; guileless/artless/unaffected/(prose and poetry being) naturally composed with no labored expressions/
HKES天真爛漫 [てんしんらんまん] /(adj-na,adj-t,adv-to,n) simple and innocent/naive and unsophisticated/artless/unaffected/spontaneous/
HKES三日天下 [みっかてんか] /(n) short-lived rule/being in power only for a brief period; brief championship/
HKES天網恢恢 [てんもうかいかい] /(exp,n) Heaven's vengeance is slow but sure/Heaven's net is wide and coarse, yet nothing slips through./
HKES敬天愛人 [けいてんあいじん] /(exp) "Revere heaven, love people."/
HKES奇想天外 [きそうてんがい] /(n,adj-na) fantastic/bizarre/totally unexpected/the most amazing and imaginative/
HKES天地神明 [てんちしんめい] /(n) the gods of heaven and earth/all that is sacred/
HKES天罰覿面 [てんばつてきめん] /(exp,n) the certainty of divine punishment/Swift is Heaven's vengeance./
HKES天災地変 [てんさいちへん] /(n) natural disaster (calamity, catastrophe)/
HKES運否天賦 [うんぷてんぷ] /(n) trusting to chance/having a go at something/
HKES天変地異 [てんぺんちい] /(n) natural disaster/extraordinary natural phenomenon; convulsion of nature/a great upheaval/
HKES青天白日 [せいてんはくじつ] /(n) be cleared of all the charges (brought against one)/be found completely innocent/be completely aboveboard and with a clean conscience/
HKES電光石火 [でんこうせっか] /(n) with lightning speed/like a flash of lightning/in a blink of an eye/
HKES暴虎馮河 [ぼうこひょうが] /(n) foolhardy courage/perilous adventure/daredevil attempt/
HKES一罰百戒 [いちばつひゃっかい] /(n) punishing a crime to make an example for others/punishing one while giving a warning to hundreds/
HKES人面獣心 [じんめんじゅうしん] /(n) (jnmenjuushin/ninmenjuushin)beast with a human face/monster in human form/fair without, foul within/
HKES天佑神助 [てんゆうしんじょ] /(n) divine grace/God's help/
HKES信賞必罰 [しんしょうひつばつ] /(n) sure punishment or reward/a clear-cut system of rewards and punishments/
HKES旭日昇天 [きょくじつしょうてん] /(n) full of vigor and vitality (like the rising sun)/being in the ascendant/
HKES則天去私 [そくてんきょし] /(n) following heaven and abandoning self/becoming one with heaven, liberated from the self/selfless devotion to justice/
HKES容貌魁偉 [ようぼうかいい] /(n,adj-na) (a man) having a commanding face and a powerful physique/(a man of) formidable appearance/
HKES得意満面 [とくいまんめん] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) being puffed up with pride/as proud as a peacock/with a triumphant air/
HKES心機一転 [しんきいってん] /(n,vs) a sudden and complete change of one's mind/mental revolution/taking a new turn in one's thinking/looking at the world in a new way/
HKES悪木盗泉 [あくぼくとうせん] /(exp,n) A virtuous person does (should) not commit an act that offends his moral principles no matter how hard pressed he may be./
HKES本末転倒 [ほんまつてんとう] /(n,vs) mistaking the insignificant for the essential/getting one's priorities backwards/putting the cart before the horse; mistaking the cause for the end/
HKES急転直下 [きゅうてんちょっか] /(n-adv,vs) suddenly and precipitately/abruptly/taking a sudden turn/
HKES温厚篤実 [おんこうとくじつ] /(n,adj-na) gentle and sincere/
HKES前途多難 [ぜんとたなん] /(n,adj-na) having many difficulties in store/having a long, hard fight ahead of one/outlook being rocky/
HKES利害得失 [りがいとくしつ] /(n) advantages and disadvantages/gains and losses/pros and cons/
HKES羽化登仙 [うかとうせん] /(n) a sense of release (as if one had wings and were riding on air)/
HKES青息吐息 [あおいきといき] /(n) deep distress/sigh uttered when one is in great distress/
HKES画蛇添足 [がだてんそく] /(n) making an unnecessary addition (to)/gilding the lily/
HKES有為転変 [ういてんぺん] /(n) mutability (of worldly affairs)/perpetual shifts and changes (of human life)/
HKES愚問愚答 [ぐもんぐとう] /(n) silly questions and silly answers/silly dialogue/
HKES快刀乱麻 [かいとうらんま] /(n) solving a knotty problem swiftly and skillfully/cutting the Gordian knot/
HKES自業自得 [じごうじとく] /(n) suffering the consequences (of one's own actions)/reaping as one sows/getting one's just deserts/
HKES人跡未踏 [じんせきみとう] /(n) untrodden/pathless/untraversed/where no human being has ever set foot/
HKES前人未到 [ぜんじんみとう] /(n) untrodden (region, field of study, etc.)/unprecedented (discovery, achievement, etc.)/
HKES悪戦苦闘 [あくせんくとう] /(n,vs) hard (desperate) struggle/fighting against heavy odds/
HKES東奔西走 [とうほんせいそう] /(n,vs) rush around all over for some purpose/be constantly busy running all over/be frantically busy (doing something)/
HKES自家撞着 [じかどうちゃく] /(n,vs) self-contradiction/self-inconsistency/
HKES自己暗示 [じこあんじ] /(n,vs) self suggestion/autosuggestion/
HKES蓬頭垢面 [ほうとうこうめん] /(n) (with) unkempt hair and dirty face/being indifferent to one's personal appearance/
HKES七転八起 [しちてんはっき] /(exp,n,vs) Fall seven times, stand up eight./always rising after a fall or repeated failures/undaunted perseverance/
HKES七転八倒 [しちてんばっとう] /(n,vs) (shichitenbattou/shittenbattou)tossing oneself about in great pain/writhing in agony/
HKES古今東西 [ここんとうざい] /(n-adv,n) all times and places/everywhen and everywhere/
HKES輾転反側 [てんてんはんそく] /(n,vs) toss and turn in one's sleep/lie from side to side in bed worried about something/
HKES荒唐無稽 [こうとうむけい] /(n,adj-na) groundless and preposterous/absurdity/sheer nonsense/
HKES矛盾撞着 [むじゅんどうちゃく] /(n,vs) self-contradiction/
HKES主客転倒 [しゅかくてんとう] /(n,vs) (shukakutentou/shukyakutentou)reversing the order of (relative) importance (of); putting the cart before the horse/the tables being turned; mistaking the insignificant for the essential/
HKES徒手空拳 [としゅくうけん] /(n) barehanded/having no wealth or position to rely on (aside from one's own resourcefulness) (when embarking on something)/
HKES当意即妙 [とういそくみょう] /(adj-na, adj-no,n) readiness of wit/giving a quick and witty response/repartee/
HKES前途遼遠 [ぜんとりょうえん] /(n,adj-na) having a far way to go/being a long way off/
HKES起承転結 [きしょうてんけつ] /(n) the literary process of introduction, development, turn and conclusion/the logical order of things/
HKES臥薪嘗胆 [がしんしょうたん] /(n,vs) going through thick and thin to attain one's objective; enduring unspeakable hardships and privations for the sake of vengeance/
HKES前途洋洋 [ぜんとようよう] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) promising (rosy, bright) future/offering promising prospects/
HKES頭寒足熱 [ずかんそくねつ] /(n) keeping the head cool and feet warm/
HKES年百年中 [ねんびゃくねんじゅう] /(adv) throughout the year/all (the) year round/always/
HKES年年歳歳 [ねんねんさいさい] /(n,adv) annually/every year/year in and year out/from year to year/
HKES法界悋気 [ほうかいりんき] /(n) being jealous of things that have nothing to do with one; being jealous of others who are in love with each other/
HKES富国強兵 [ふこくきょうへい] /(n) wealth and military power of a nation/(a plan for) building "a rich country with a strong army"/
HKES曲学阿世 [きょくがくあせい] /(n) prostitution of learning/twisting the truth and truckling to the times/
HKES六道輪廻 [ろくどうりんね] /(n) endless circle of transmigration in the six posthumous worlds/
HKES輪廻転生 [りんねてんしょう] /(n,vs) all things being in flux through the endless circle of birth, death, and rebirth/the circle of transmigration/
HKES臨機応変 [りんきおうへん] /(n,adj-na) adaptation to circumstances/adapting oneself to the requirements of the moment/playing it by ear/as the occasion may demand/
HKES広大無辺 [こうだいむへん] /(n,adj-na) boundless/infinite/vast/
HKES平穏無事 [へいおんぶじ] /(n,adj-na) peace and quiet/safe and peaceful/tranquil and uneventful/
HKES変幻自在 [へんげんじざい] /(n,adj-na) protean/pantomorphic/capable of assuming ever-changing appearance/appearing and disappearing like a phantom/
HKES紅毛碧眼 [こうもうへきがん] /(n) red-haired and blue-eyed (person)/a Westerner/
HKES平身低頭 [へいしんていとう] /(n,vs) throw oneself at a person's feet/go down on one's knees; prostrate oneself/
HKES平平凡凡 [へいへいぼんぼん] /(adj-na,adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) very ordinary/mediocre; all-too-common/quite commonplace/
HKES弊衣破帽 [へいいはぼう] /(n) shapeless cap and shabby clothes/having a neglected appearance with shabby clothes/
HKES公平無私 [こうへいむし] /(n,adj-na) impartial and disinterested/fair and unprejudiced/
HKES順風満帆 [じゅんぷうまんぱん] /(n) smooth sailing with all sails set/(with) everything going smoothly (like a boat carried by favorable winds)/
HKES六韜三略 [りくとうさんりゃく] /(n) two books on the art of war in ancient China/the secrets (essence) of the art of war/secrets of successful life; precepts for living/
HKES党利党略 [とうりとうりゃく] /(n) (political) party interests/playing party politics; partisan politics/
HKES雄材大略 [ゆうざいたいりゃく] /(n) (yuuzaitairyaku/yuusaitairyaku)superior talent and strategic wisdom/outstanding abilities and abundant strategic resourcefulness/outstanding abilities and a talent for developing and implementing grand strategies/
HKES粒粒辛苦 [りゅうりゅうしんく] /(n,vs) toil and moil/working assiduously for/tireless hard work/painstaking labor/
HKES一粒万倍 [いちりゅうまんばい] /(exp,n) A single seed can eventually produce a great harvest.; Even the smallest beginning can generate a greatest profit.; Watch the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves./
HKES疲労困憊 [ひろうこんぱい] /(n,vs) total exhaustion/being completely worn out/
HKES竜頭蛇尾 [りゅうとうだび] /(n) a strong beginning and a weak ending/starting out with a bang but fizzling toward the end/an anticlimax/
HKES画竜点睛 [がりょうてんせい] /(n) (garyoutensei/garyuutensei) the finishing touch/completing (something) by executing the final, critical step/
HKES理路整然 [りろせいぜん] /(adj-t,adv-to) well-reasoned/logical (manner)/articulate; coherent/
HKES真実一路 [しんじついちろ] /(n) the straight path of sincerity and truthfulness/living a life in all sincerity and truthfulness/
HKES落花流水 [らっかりゅうすい] /(n) (1) mutual love/the love one shows to another person being returned/(2) falling on hard times/coming down in the world; being ruined/
HKES無手勝流 [むてかつりゅう] /(n) aiming at winning without fighting/
HKES生生流転 [せいせいるてん] /(n,vs) (shoujouruten/seiseiruten)all things being in flux through the endless circle of birth, death, and rebirth/the circle of transmigration/
HKES高山流水 [こうざんりゅうすい] /(n) 1 high mountains and running water/the beauty of nature; (2) beautifully (skillfully) played music/
HKES漱石枕流 [そうせきちんりゅう] /(n) a sore loser stubbornly refusing to admit being wrong and adhering to the far-fetched argument/
HKES流言蜚語 [りゅうげんひご] /(n) false (wild, groundless) rumor/canard/
HKES熟慮断行 [じゅくりょだんこう] /(n,vs) be deliberate in council and decisive in action/a careful consideration followed by a decisive action/
HKES思慮分別 [しりょふんべつ] /(n) prudence and discretion/discrete and well-advised judgment; wise and mature judgment/
HKES知己朋友 [ちきほうゆう] /(n) one's close friends/one's intimate friends and acquaintances/
HKES遠慮近憂 [えんりょきんゆう] /(n) Failure to think of the long term leads to grief in the short term./
HKES知行合一 [ちこうごういつ] /(exp,n) the doctrine of the unity of knowledge and action; Knowledge must be accompanied by action, and action must be based on knowledge. (Chinese philosopher Wang Yang-ming (1472-1529))/
HKES大廈高楼 [たいかこうろう] /(n) large building and lofty tower/splendid (magnificent, palatial) structure/
HKES多士済済 [たしせいせい] /(tashiseisei/tashisaisai) (adj-na,adj-no,adj-t,adv-to,n) galaxy of able persons; collection of talented persons/
HKES夏炉冬扇 [かろとうせん] /(n) useless (untimely) things (Literally: summer fires and winter fans)/
HKES創意工夫 [そういくふう] /(n) being imaginative and creative/creative originality; originality and ingenuity/
HKES終始一貫 [しゅうしいっかん] /(n-adv,n,vs) consistent/unchanging from beginning to end/
HKES空中楼閣 [くうちゅうろうかく] /(n) castle in the air/pie in the sky/
HKES士魂商才 [しこんしょうさい] /(n) having a samurai's spirit and a merchant's business sense; gentlemanly spirit combined with business acumen/
HKES一刀両断 [いっとうりょうだん] /(n) cutting in two with a single stroke/taking a decisive (drastic) measure/cutting the (Gordian) knot/
HKES一挙両得 [いっきょりょうとく] /(n) killing two birds with one stone/serving two ends/
HKES進退両難 [しんたいりょうなん] /(n) be driven to the wall/find oneself between the devil and the deep blue sea/a rock and a hard place/
HKES温故知新 [おんこちしん] /(n) learning from the past/developing new ideas based on study of the past/
HKES明朗闊達 [めいろうかったつ] /(n,adj-na) upbeat and freehearted/cheerful and broadminded/
HKES一瀉千里 [いっしゃせんり] /(n) one swift effort/rushing through one's work/(with) rushing speed/lucid and fluent way of talking (writing)/without faltering/
HKES悪事千里 [あくじせんり] /(exp,n) Bad news travel fast./Ill news spread like wildfire./
HKES平沙万里 [へいさばんり] /(n) vast stretch of desert/vast expanse of sandy plain/
HKES音吐朗朗 [おんとろうろう] /(adj-t,adv-to) in a clear and sonorous voice/
HKES前程万里 [ぜんていばんり] /(n) a bright (rosy) future awaiting one/having the world before one/
HKES五里霧中 [ごりむちゅう] /(n) totally at a loss/losing one's bearings/mystified; clueless and bewildered/groping in the dark/(lost) in a fog/
HKES愛別離苦 [あいべつりく] /(n) the agony of separation from loved ones/
HKES支離滅裂 [しりめつれつ] /(n,adj-na) incoherent/inconsistent/disconnected pieces making no coherent sense/being split into many small factions/being thrown into utter confusion/
HKES相即不離 [そうそくふり] /(n) strongly attached to each other/inseparable/
HKES不即不離 [ふそくふり] /(n) relationship neither too close to nor too remote from/two things being neither too closely attached nor totally detached; relationship that is neither too familiar nor too distant; remaining neutral/
HKES会者定離 [えしゃじょうり] /(exp,n) Every meeting must involve a parting./Those who meet must part. (suggesting the transient nature of this life)/
HKES離合集散 [りごうしゅうさん] /(n,vs) meeting and parting/gathering and scattering/alignment and realignment/alternating alliance and rupture/alternating cooperation and defection/
HKES薄志弱行 [はくしじゃっこう] /(n) infirmity of purpose and lack of decision/being weak-willed and inept in getting things done/
HKES破顔一笑 [はがんいっしょう] /(n,vs) break into a broad smile/flash a grin/
HKES佳人薄命 [かじんはくめい] /(exp,n) Beauty and fortune seldom go together/A beautiful woman is destined to die young./
HKES博学多才 [はくがくたさい] /(n,adj-na) wide knowledge and versatile talents/profound learning and varied attainments/
HKES一言半句 [いちごんはんく] /(n) a single word/(not even) a word/(not even) a syllable/
HKES明明白白 [めいめいはくはく] /(adj-na,adj-t,adv-to,n) clearly evident/quite obvious/as clear as day/beyond any doubt/
HKES半信半疑 [はんしんはんぎ] /(n,vs) half in doubt/dubious/incredulous/wavering between doubt and belief/
HKES半死半生 [はんしはんしょう] /(n) all but dead/half dead/moribundity/
HKES薄利多売 [はくりたばい] /(n,vs) high-volume sales with small profits/small profits and quick returns/low margin and high turnover/
HKES波瀾万丈 [はらんばんじょう] /(n) stormy and full of drama/many drastic events in the course of events/full of ups and downs/
HKES波及効果 [はきゅうこうか] /(n) ripple effect/spillover effect/propagation effect/
HKES保革伯仲 [ほかくはくちゅう] /(n,vs) conservatives and reformists being neck and neck; balanced conservative and progressive strengths/
HKES拍手喝采 [はくしゅかっさい] /(n,vs) clapping and cheering/hearty round of applause/
HKES造反有理 [ぞうはんゆうり] /(exp,n) There are no rebels without reasons./To rebel is justified. (Mao Zedong)/
HKES反面教師 [はんめんきょうし] /(n) person who serves as an example of how not to behave/bad example from which one can learn/
HKES繁文縟礼 [はんぶんじょくれい] /(n) red tape/red-tapism/official rules and procedures being needlessly complex and cumbersome/
HKES二律背反 [にりつはいはん] /(n) antinomy/opposition between two laws (principles, rules); self-contradiction/all or nothing/either-or/
HKES率先垂範 [そっせんすいはん] /(n,vs) set an example worth following/take the initiative and set a good example for others/
HKES百戦錬磨 [ひゃくせんれんま] /(n) being schooled by adversity in many battles/being rich in life's experience gained through much adversity/veteran/
HKES比翼連理 [ひよくれんり] /(n) perfect conjugal harmony between husband and wife/a man and a woman being affectionately intimate/
HKES立身出世 [りっしんしゅっせ] /(n,vs) success in life/advancement in life/rising in the world/
HKES独立独歩 [どくりつどっぽ] /(n) self-reliance/acting according to one's own ideas and beliefs/
HKES安心立命 [あんしんりつめい] /(n,vs) (anshinritsumei/anjinryuumyou)spiritual peace and enlightenment/keeping an unperturbed mind through faith/
HKES独立自尊 [どくりつじそん] /(n) independence and self-respect/living independently, taking pride in oneself/
HKES不立文字 [ふりゅうもんじ] /(furyuumonji/furitsumonji) (exp,n) Buddhist revelation through intuitive discernment; Spiritual awakening cannot bSpiritual enlightenment can be attained only by means of communion of mind with mind (Zen Buddhism)/Spiritual enlightenment can be attained only by means of communion of mind with mind (Zen Buddhism)/
HKES神出鬼没 [しんしゅつきぼつ] /(n) appearing in unexpected places and at unexpected moments; with phantom-like agility and elusiveness/
HKES勤倹力行 [きんけんりっこう] /(n,vs) work hard and practice frugality/
HKES叱咤激励 [しったげきれい] /(n,vs) giving a loud pep talk/encouraging (somebody) strongly in a loud voice/vigorous encouragement/
HKES首尾一貫 [しゅびいっかん] /(n,vs) (logical) consistency/coherence/unchanging from beginning to end/
HKES美辞麗句 [びじれいく] /(n) flowery words/rhetorical flourishes/
HKES判官贔屓 [ほうがんびいき] /(n) (hanganbiiki/houganbiiki)sympathy for a tragic hero/rooting for the underdog/
HKES美人薄命 [びじんはくめい] /(exp,n) Beauty and fortune seldom go together/A beautiful woman is destined to die young./
HKES眉目秀麗 [びもくしゅうれい] /(n,adj-na) (a man) having a handsome face/having fine-featured face/
HKES一病息災 [いちびょうそくさい] /(exp,n) One who nurses a (small) chronic ailment lives longer than someone who takes his good health for granted./
HKES才子多病 [さいしたびょう] /(exp,n) Talented people tend to be of delicate constitution.; Men of genius tend to be of delicate heWhom the gods love die young./Whom the gods love die young./
HKES阿鼻叫喚 [あびきょうかん] /(n) agonizing cries/pandemonium/two of the eight burning hells in Buddhism/
HKES無病息災 [むびょうそくさい] /(n) sound health/perfect state of health being untouched by accidents/
HKES玉石混淆 [ぎょくせきこんこう] /(n,vs) a mixture of the good and bad/a jumble of wheat and tares/
HKES笑止千万 [しょうしせんばん] /(adj-na) 1 highly ridiculous/quite absurd/2 most regrettable; highly pitiable/
HKES出処進退 [しゅっしょしんたい] /(n) one's course of action/deciding what to do with oneself, whether staying in the present position or leaving it/
HKES百花斉放 [ひゃっかせいほう] /(exp,n) flowering of the sciences and the arts/Let a hundred flowers blossom/"Hundred Flowers" campaign/
HKES百家争鳴 [ひゃっかそうめい] /(exp,n) lively and uninhibited discussion (by scholars and controversialists)/Let a hundred schools of thought contend./
HKES読書百遍 [どくしょひゃっぺん] /(exp,n) Repeated reading (makes the meaning clear)./Reading something again and again (will lead one to realize its meaning)./
HKES百鬼夜行 [ひゃっきやこう] /(n) veritable pandemonium/a large number of people plotting and doing evil/creepy characters roaming about presenting a most scandalous sight/
HKES百花繚乱 [ひゃっかりょうらん] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to,n,vs) many flowers blooming in profusion; simultaneous emergence of many talents and achievements/
HKES先手必勝 [せんてひっしょう] /(exp,n) Victory goes to one who makes the first move/Being quick to take action leads to victory./The first strike decides the battle./
HKES極悪非道 [ごくあくひどう] /(n,adj-na) heinous/treacherous/atrocious/diabolic/fiendish; inhuman/
HKES品行方正 [ひんこうほうせい] /(n,adj-na) of strict morality/irreproachable/
HKES皮相浅薄 [ひそうせんぱく] /(n,adj-na) shallow and unwise/superficial and thoughtless/
HKES議論百出 [ぎろんひゃくしゅつ] /(n) endless (fierce) arguments/diverse arguments arising in great numbers/
HKES是是非非 [ぜぜひひ] /(n) free and unbiased/fair and just/ruling or judging what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong/calling spade a spade/
HKES悲喜交交 [ひきこもごも] /(n) having mingled feelings of joy and sorrow/joy and sorrow alternating in one's heart/bitter-sweet/
HKES浅学非才 [せんがくひさい] /(n) one's lack of learning or ability/shallow learning and limited ability/
HKES被害妄想 [ひがいもうそう] /(n) paranoia/persecution complex/victim complex/
HKES依怙贔屓 [えこひいき] /(n,vs) favoritism/partiality/nepotism/
HKES悲歌慷慨 [ひかこうがい] /(n,vs) sing a dirge pouring out lamentation over something/
HKES悲憤慷慨 [ひふんこうがい] /(n,vs) indignant lamentation over something/indignantly deplore something/
HKES表裏一体 [ひょうりいったい] /(n) (being inseparable like) the two sides of the same coin/two things that appear different being in fact inextricably linked; being one and indivisible/
HKES君子豹変 [くんしひょうへん] /(exp,n) 1 (original meaning) The wise readily adapt themselves to changed circumstances./The wise are quick to acknowledge their mistakes and correct them./2 (in colloquial usage, ironically or as an excuse) The wise make no scruple in suddenly changing their demeanor (attitude, idea, intention)./
HKES千篇一律 [せんぺんいちりつ] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) humdrum/lack of variety/monotony/stereotypical/
HKES風林火山 [ふうりんかざん] /(exp,n) "Swift as wind, quiet as forest, fierce as fire, and immovable as a mountain." (the motto of the feudal lord Takeda Shingen, quoted from Sun-tzu)/
HKES斬新奇抜 [ざんしんきばつ] /(adv-na,n) novel, unconventional, and daring/
HKES抜本塞源 [ばっぽんそくげん] /(n) eradication of (sources of) evil/laying the ax to the root of evil/
HKES大死一番 [だいしいちばん] /(daishi'ichiban/taishi'ichiban) (n-adv,n,vs) exerting oneself to the utmost, prepared to die if necessary/
HKES大器晩成 [たいきばんせい] /(exp,n) Great talents mature late/being a late bloomer/
HKES薬九層倍 [くすりくそうばい] /(exp,n) Medicines are priced at nine times their cost./There is a huge markup in medicines./
HKES緊褌一番 [きんこんいちばん] /(n-adv) gird up one's loins/brace oneself up (for)/act with determination and resolve/
HKES老婆親切 [ろうばしんせつ] /(n) grandmotherly solicitude for another's welfare/excessive solicitude/
HKES意馬心猿 [いばしんえん] /(n) the clamorous demands of (uncontrollable) passions/(being unable to control) one's worldly desires and passions/
HKES一枚看板 [いちまいかんばん] /(n) the shining star (of a troupe)/the central figure/the best item one has to show/the only thing that can be boasted of/
HKES千辛万苦 [せんしんばんく] /(n,vs) all kinds of hardships/indescribable hardships/
HKES千変万化 [せんぺんばんか] /(n,vs) innumerable changes/infinite variety/kaleidoscopic variations/
HKES椀飯振舞 [おうばんぶるまい] /(n,vs) sumptuous feast/lavish hospitality/lavishly wining and dining (others)/
HKES馬耳東風 [ばじとうふう] /(n) turning a deaf ear (to)/not paying attention to someone's opinions or criticism/in one ear and out the other/praying to deaf ears/
HKES乳母日傘 [おんばひがさ] /(n) (onbahigasa/onbahikarakasa)(bringing up a child) with greatest care pampering (him/her) with material comforts of a rich family/(being brought up) in a hothouse atmosphere/
HKES空空漠漠 [くうくうばくばく] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) vast/boundless/empty/vague and hazy/
HKES万古不易 [ばんこふえき] /(n) eternally unchanging/
HKES森羅万象 [しんらばんしょう] /(n) all things in nature/the whole creation/everything under the sun/all natural phenomena/
HKES気炎万丈 [きえんばんじょう] /(n) in very high spirits/talking big/
HKES鯨飲馬食 [げいいんばしょく] /(n,vs) heavy eating and drinking/drinking like a fish and eating like a horse/eating mountains of food and drinking oceans of liquor/
HKES千客万来 [せんきゃくばんらい] /(n) flood of customers/(doing) a roaring business/having a constant stream of visitors (customers)/
HKES名声赫赫 [めいせいかくかく] /(meiseikakkaku/meiseikakukaku) (adj-t,adv-to) of great renown/highly illustrious/at the zenith of one's fame/
HKES才子佳人 [さいしかじん] /(n) a talented man and a beautiful woman/well-matched pair/the quick-witted and the beautiful/wit and beauty/
HKES片言隻句 [へんげんせきく] /(n) (hengensekku/hengensekiku)a few words/a single phrase/
HKES三拝九拝 [さんぱいきゅうはい] /(n,vs) kowtowing/bowing repeatedly/
HKES行雲流水 [こううんりゅうすい] /(n) living naturally unmindful of mundane affairs/taking life as it comes/(metaphorically) floating with the tide/
HKES奸佞邪智 [かんねいじゃち] /(n) wiles and cunning/craftiness and treachery/
HKES栄耀栄華 [えいようえいが] /(n) wealth, prosperity, and arrogant splendor/(living sumptuously) intoxicated by wealth and power/
HKES勇猛果敢 [ゆうもうかかん] /(n,adj-na) daring and resolute/having dauntless courage/
HKES前後不覚 [ぜんごふかく] /(n) unconsciousness/having no awareness of one's actions; having no recollection of one's actions/
HKES威風堂堂 [いふうどうどう] /(adj-t,adv-to) awe-inspiring/majestic/commanding/stately; with an imposing air/in a stately (dignified) manner/
HKES複雑怪奇 [ふくざつかいき] /(n,adj-na) complex and mysterious (bizarre)/complicated and inscrutable/
HKES不羈奔放 [ふきほんぽう] /(n,adj-na) unfettered/unrestrained/free-spirited and uninhibited/
HKES風俗壊乱 [ふうぞくかいらん] /(n) corruption of public morals/offense against public morality/
HKES風声鶴唳 [ふうせいかくれい] /(n) getting frightened even by a slight noise/hearing the enemy in every leaf that rustles/being afraid of one's own shadow/
HKES霊魂不滅 [れいこんふめつ] /(n) immortality of the soul/
HKES清風明月 [せいふうめいげつ] /(n) refreshing breeze and the bright moon/a beautiful nocturnal scene with a full moon/
HKES獅子奮迅 [ししふんじん] /(n,vs) furiously/with the fury of a lion/with irresistible force/with furious energy/
HKES阿附迎合 [あふげいごう] /(n,vs) ingratiation/sycophancy/
HKES富貴栄華 [ふうきえいが] /(n) wealth, rank, and arrogant splendor/
HKES福徳円満 [ふくとくえんまん] /(n) being perfectly happy and prosperous/wealth and happiness/
HKES孤軍奮闘 [こぐんふんとう] /(n,vs) fight alone/put up a solitary struggle/carry on a single-handed battle/
HKES力戦奮闘 [りきせんふんとう] /(n,vs) fighting with all one's might/fighting up against; making strenuous efforts/
HKES不偏不党 [ふへんふとう] /(n) impartial and unbiased/neutral and impartial/nonpartisan/
HKES面向不背 [めんこうふはい] /(n) beautiful from any angle/attractive when seen from either front or back/flawless/
HKES五風十雨 [ごふうじゅうう] /(n) seasonable rains and winds/rains and winds suitable for growing/halcyon weather/halcyon times of peace/
HKES不惜身命 [ふしゃくしんみょう] /(n) not sparing one's life for the sake of Buddhism/not sparing oneself for a worthy cause/
HKES夫唱婦随 [ふしょうふずい] /(n) way of life in which the wife follows the husband's lead/
HKES奮励努力 [ふんれいどりょく] /(n,vs) strenuous exertions/making strenuous efforts/exerting oneself/
HKES焚書坑儒 [ふんしょこうじゅ] /(n) burning books on the Chinese classics and burying Confucian scholars alive/
HKES付和雷同 [ふわらいどう] /(n,vs) assentation/following blindly/following suit without reflection/go along with someone having no definite views or convictions of one's own/
HKES難攻不落 [なんこうふらく] /(n,adj-no) impregnable/invulnerable/
HKES不眠不休 [ふみんふきゅう] /(n) without sleep or rest/day and night/
HKES不朽不滅 [ふきゅうふめつ] /(n,adj-no) everlasting/eternal/immortal/imperishable/undying/
HKES不倶戴天 [ふぐたいてん] /(n) cherishing an implacable hostility (toward)/sworn enemies being unable to breathe the same air/
HKES不撓不屈 [ふとうふくつ] /(n) indefatigability/indomitableness/with unremitting tenacity/
HKES難行苦行 [なんぎょうくぎょう] /(n,vs) ascetic practices/ordeal/trials and tribulations; living through extreme hardships/
HKES不言実行 [ふげんじっこう] /(n) action before words/no talk and all deeds/Action speaks louder than words./
HKES大言壮語 [たいげんそうご] /(n,vs) heroic words/big talk/boasting/bragging; grandiloquence/rodomontade/
HKES内股膏薬 [うちまたこうやく] /(n) double-dealer/timeserver/moving back and forth between two sides in a conflict/
HKES試行錯誤 [しこうさくご] /(n,vs) trial and error/
HKES韋編三絶 [いへんさんぜつ] /(n,vs) repeated reading/close (careful) reading/careful perusal/
HKES不老不死 [ふろうふし] /(n) eternal youth and immortality/
HKES益者三友 [えきしゃさんゆう] /(exp,n) There are three types of friends worth having--honest, sincere, and well-informed ones. (Confucius)/
HKES人事不省 [じんじふせい] /(n) unconsciousness/loss of consciousness/
HKES不承不承 [ふしょうぶしょう] /(n,adv) reluctantly/grudgingly/unwillingly/
HKES論功行賞 [ろんこうこうしょう] /(n) granting rewards according to achievements/conferring honors according to merit/
HKES猪突猛進 [ちょとつもうしん] /(n,vs) make a headlong rush (at)/rush forward recklessly/
HKES上意下達 [じょういかたつ] /(n,vs) conveying the will (pleasure) of the governing to the governed/getting across the will (pleasure) of a superior to all the subordinates/
HKES牽強付会 [けんきょうふかい] /(n,vs) farfetched (idea/interpretation)/twisted (argument), forced (view)/strained (logic/
HKES欣喜雀躍 [きんきじゃくやく] /(n,vs) jump (dance) for joy/cannot contain one's joy/
HKES意気軒昂 [いきけんこう] /(adj-na,adj-t,adv-to) in high spirits/in an ebullient mood/elated/
HKES意気投合 [いきとうごう] /(n,vs) hit it off with (a person)/find a kindred spirit in (a person)/
HKES意気消沈 [いきしょうちん] /(n,vs) in low spirits/despondent/disheartened/down in the dumps/
HKES意気揚揚 [いきようよう] /(adj-t,adv-to) triumphant/exultant/in high and proud spirits/
HKES風光明媚 [ふうこうめいび] /(n,adj-na) beautiful natural scenery/scenic or natural beauty/
HKES用意周到 [よういしゅうとう] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) meticulous in everything/painstaking preparedness/exhaustively careful in one's preparation/
HKES下意上達 [かいじょうたつ] /(n,vs) conveying the opinions of the masses to the powers that be/conveying the will of the governed to those who govern/a situation in which the views of those below reach those at the top/
HKES粉骨砕身 [ふんこつさいしん] /(n,vs) exert oneself to the utmost/work oneself to the bone/
HKES無為自然 [むいしぜん] /(n) doing nothing and taking things as they come/abandoning artifice and just being oneself (Lao-tzu)/
HKES無為徒食 [むいとしょく] /(n,vs) idling one's time away/eating the bread of idleness; spending a useless life/
HKES無為無策 [むいむさく] /(n) donothingism/do-nothing, plan-nothing (government, etc.); being an idle onlooker taking no steps to meet the situation/
HKES無学文盲 [むがくもんもう] /(n,adj-na) ignorant and illiterate/uneducated and illiterate/
HKES無我夢中 [むがむちゅう] /(n) being completely absorbed in/losing oneself in/being delirious with/self-absorption/
HKES完全無欠 [かんぜんむけつ] /(n,adj-na) flawless/absolute perfection/
HKES無間地獄 [むけんじごく] /(n) the Avici hell, the eighth and most painful of the eight hells in Buddhism/
HKES無二無三 [むにむさん] /(n,adj-no) (1) in earnest/single-mindedly/with intense concentration/rushing headlong into/(2) one and only/unique/
HKES酔生夢死 [すいせいむし] /(n) idling one's life away/dreaming away one's life accomplishing nothing significant/
HKES無始無終 [むしむしゅう] /(n) everlastingness/eternity/
HKES雲散霧消 [うんさんむしょう] /(n,vs) vanishing like mist/disappearing into thin air/going up in smoke/
HKES無常迅速 [むじょうじんそく] /(exp,n) promptitude of the changes of the times/Time and tide wait for no man./Death strikes suddenly and mercilessly./
HKES国士無双 [こくしむそう] /(n) person of great caliber unparalleled in the land/person of unsurpassed distinction/
HKES海内無双 [かいだいむそう] /(n) unparalleled in the whole country/without peer in the land/
HKES有象無象 [うぞうむぞう] /(n) pack of riffraff/the small fry/motley crowd of ordinary or undistinguished persons/mere anybodies/the common ruck/
HKES無理無体 [むりむたい] /(n,adj-na) by force/forcibly/using strong-arm methods/
HKES旧態依然 [きゅうたいいぜん] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to,n) remaining unchanged (from the old state of things)/none the better for the change (if at all)/
HKES一汁一菜 [いちじゅういっさい] /(n) meal consisting of rice, one soup and one other dish/a simple meal/
HKES九死一生 [きゅうしいっしょう] /(n) narrow escape from the jaws of death/
HKES鶏口牛後 [けいこうぎゅうご] /(exp,n) It is better to be the beak of a rooster than the rump of a bull/It is better to be a big fish in a little pond than a little fish in a big pond./It is better to be the leader of a small group than a subordinate in a large organization./
HKES秋霜烈日 [しゅうそうれつじつ] /(n) harshness/severity (of punishment, authority, will, etc.)/
HKES昼夜兼行 [ちゅうやけんこう] /(n) around-the-clock/(working) day and night/
HKES内柔外剛 [ないじゅうがいごう] /(n) being tough on the outside but soft at heart/a faint-hearted person pretending to be brave/
HKES一部始終 [いちぶしじゅう] /(n) full particulars/the whole story/from beginning to end/
HKES外柔内剛 [がいじゅうないごう] /(n) gentle on the outside but tough on the inside/an iron hand in a velvet glove/
HKES暗送秋波 [あんそうしゅうは] /(n) giving an amorous sidelong look/casting an amorous glance (at)/playing up to someone behind the scenes/
HKES尽忠報国 [じんちゅうほうこく] /(n) loyalty and patriotism/
HKES面従後言 [めんじゅうこうげん] /(n) pretending to obey someone to his face but badmouthing him behind his back/
HKES危急存亡 [ききゅうそんぼう] /(n) time of emergency/critical moment (hour, time); life-or-death situation/
HKES暗中模索 [あんちゅうもさく] /(n,vs) groping in the dark/exploring new avenues without having any clues/
HKES自給自足 [じきゅうじそく] /(n,vs) self-sufficiency/autarky/
HKES十人十色 [じゅうにんといろ] /(exp,n) So many people, so many minds/everyone has his own ideas and tastes/It takes all sorts to make a world./To each his (her) own./
HKES暗中飛躍 [あんちゅうひやく] /(n,vs) behind-the-scenes maneuvering/secret maneuvers/
HKES牛飲馬食 [ぎゅういんばしょく] /(n,vs) heavy eating and drinking/eating mountains of food and drinking oceans of liquor/
HKES面従腹背 [めんじゅうふくはい] /(n) pretense of loyalty/feigned obedience/pretending to obey but secretly betraying (someone)/
HKES九牛一毛 [きゅうぎゅういちもう] /(n) a drop in the bucket (ocean)/a small fraction (of)/trifle/
HKES苛斂誅求 [かれんちゅうきゅう] /(n) imposing exacting (crushing, oppressive) taxes/
HKES汗牛充棟 [かんぎゅうじゅうとう] /(n) (having/there being) a great number of books/
HKES一目十行 [いちもくじゅうぎょう] /(n) outstanding reading ability (Literally: one glance, ten lines)/
HKES周章狼狽 [しゅうしょうろうばい] /(n,vs) consternation/dismay/being flustered/being disconcerted/
HKES躊躇逡巡 [ちゅうちょしゅんじゅん] /(n,vs) shilly-shally/hesitation/indecision/vacillation/
HKES進取果敢 [しんしゅかかん] /(adj-na) enterprising and daring/boldly forward-looking/
HKES取捨選択 [しゅしゃせんたく] /(n,vs) make a choice among many/select the good (desirable, necessary, relevant) and discard the rest/decision to adopt or reject/
HKES医食同源 [いしょくどうげん] /(exp,n) Medicine and one's daily diet are equally important for a healthy body./The same principles underlie a normal diet and medical treatment./
HKES唯一無二 [ゆいいつむに] /(n,adj-no) one and only/unique/
HKES余裕綽綽 [よゆうしゃくしゃく] /(adj-na,adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) calm and composed/having enough and to spare/
HKES自由自在 [じゆうじざい] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) freely/in complete control of/with complete freedom/at will/as one pleases/
HKES群雄割拠 [ぐんゆうかっきょ] /(n,vs) rivalry of local warlords/rival camps vying for supremacy/a number of powerful (talented, influential) persons standing by themselves in a given field/
HKES内憂外患 [ないゆうがいかん] /(n) troubles both at home and abroad/troubles at home, dangers from abroad/beset with both internal and external problems/
HKES勇往邁進 [ゆうおうまいしん] /(n,vs) dash forward without flinching/push forward in full fling/
HKES融通無碍 [ゆうずうむげ] /(n,adj-na) free from restraints, unfettered and flexible; versatile/adaptable/
HKES有名無実 [ゆうめいむじつ] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) in name but not in reality/only in name and not in substance/titular/nominal/
HKES優柔不断 [ゆうじゅうふだん] /(n,adj-na) shilly-shally/indecisiveness/wishy-washy/being weak and vacillating/
HKES悠悠閑閑 [ゆうゆうかんかん] /(adj-t,adv-to) composed and unhurried/easygoing and leisurely; in indolence/
HKES優勝劣敗 [ゆうしょうれっぱい] /(exp,n) The strong will win and the weak will lose/survival of the fittest/
HKES勇猛精進 [ゆうもうしょうじん] /(n,vs) engage in ascetic practices with dauntless spirit/
HKES先憂後楽 [せんゆうこうらく] /(n) hardship now, pleasure later/seeking pleasure only after dealing with difficulties/seeking pleasure only after the happiness of the people is assured (a precept to be observed by a ruler)/
HKES感慨無量 [かんがいむりょう] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) be filled with deep emotion/the fullness of the heart/
HKES大同小異 [だいどうしょうい] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) substantial identify with insignificant differences/nearly alike/
HKES多情仏心 [たじょうぶっしん] /(n) being sensitive and kind-hearted/tenderheartedness; loving-kindness/
HKES悪人正機 [あくにんしょうき] /(exp,n) The evil persons are the right object of Amida's salvation./The evil persons have the unique opportunity to go to heaven./
HKES同床異夢 [どうしょういむ] /(n) acting together but having different views or objectives; making strange bedfellows/
HKES多情多恨 [たじょうたこん] /(n,adj-na) being full of tears and regrets/highly emotional and filled with regrets and resentments/
HKES杓子定規 [しゃくしじょうぎ] /(n,adj-na) going by a hard-and-fast rule/being a stickler for rules/being rigid and narrow-minded/
HKES一目瞭然 [いちもくりょうぜん] /(n,adj-na) patently obvious/plain to anyone/as clear as day/
HKES時期尚早 [じきしょうそう] /(n,adj-na) premature/too early/The time is not ripe/
HKES良妻賢母 [りょうさいけんぼ] /(n) (being) a good wife and wise mother/
HKES一蓮托生 [いちれんたくしょう] /(n) casting one's lot with another/sharing the same fate with others/being in the same boat/sinking or swimming with the company/
HKES明鏡止水 [めいきょうしすい] /(n) clear and serene/clear and serene mental state/mind uncluttered by evil thoughts/
HKES魑魅魍魎 [ちみもうりょう] /(n) evil spirits of mountains and rivers/monsters, goblins, and ghosts/all sorts of weird creatures/
HKES針小棒大 [しんしょうぼうだい] /(n) exaggeration/making a mountain out of a molehill/
HKES無理往生 [むりおうじょう] /(n) forcing compliance/forcing someone to agree to something/
HKES拈華微笑 [ねんげみしょう] /(n) heart-to-heart communication/thought transference (Literally: "holding a flower and subtly smiling.")/
HKES神機妙算 [しんきみょうさん] /(n) inscrutable stratagem/ingenious scheme/
HKES公序良俗 [こうじょりょうぞく] /(n) public order and morals (decency)/public peace and good order/
HKES即身成仏 [そくしんじょうぶつ] /(n,vs) attaining Buddhahood while still alive/
HKES狂喜乱舞 [きょうきらんぶ] /(n,vs) boisterous dance/dancing wildly for joy/
HKES大願成就 [たいがんじょうじゅ] /(n,vs) realization of a great ambition/attainment of one's most cherished desire/one's earnest prayer being answered/
HKES常套手段 [じょうとうしゅだん] /(n) one's usual practice/one's old trick/one's usual modus operandi/the same old tactic/
HKES日常茶飯 [にちじょうさはん] /(n) everyday occurrence/commonplace of life/nothing out of the ordinary/
HKES生老病死 [しょうろうびょうし] /(n) the four inevitables in human life -- birth, aging, sickness, and death/
HKES盛者必衰 [じょうしゃひっすい] /(exp,n) The prosperous must decay/All glories must fade./
HKES生者必滅 [しょうじゃひつめつ] /(exp,n) All living things must die./
HKES自縄自縛 [じじょうじばく] /(n) being caught in one's own trap/being caught in a web of one's own making/
HKES老少不定 [ろうしょうふじょう] /(exp,n) Death comes to old and young alike./uncertainty of life/
HKES喋喋喃喃 [ちょうちょうなんなん] /(adj-t,adv-to,n,vs) bill and coo/indulge in billing and cooing; holding an intimate, long-winded conversation in whispers/
HKES正真正銘 [しょうしんしょうめい] /(n-adv,n) genuine/real/true/authentic/veritable/
HKES戦戦兢兢 [せんせんきょうきょう] /(sensenkyoukyou) (adj-na,adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) trembling with fear/filled with trepidation/
HKES情状酌量 [じょうじょうしゃくりょう] /(n,vs) taking the extenuating circumstances into consideration; reducing the sentence where there are extenuating circumstances/
HKES弱肉強食 [じゃくにくきょうしょく] /(n) the survival of the fittest/the law of the jungle/dog-eat-dog/
HKES小心翼翼 [しょうしんよくよく] /(adj-na,adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) very timid/very nervous; faint-hearted/
HKES捲土重来 [けんどちょうらい] /(n) (kendojuurari/kendochourai)recouping one's strength for a renewed attack (on)/making another attempt with redoubled efforts/
HKES孤城落日 [こじょうらくじつ] /(n) feeling apprehensive/feeling (looking) lone and helpless; being down-and-out (ruined)/helplessness of those in reduced circumstances/
HKES免許皆伝 [めんきょかいでん] /(n) initiation into the secrets (of an art)/full proficiency (in an art)/
HKES諸行無常 [しょぎょうむじょう] /(exp,n) the impermanence of worldly things/All worldly things are transitory. All things must pass./
HKES暮色蒼然 [ぼしょくそうぜん] /(adj-t,adv-to) somber light of a gathering dusk/dusky gray of evening twilight/deepening gloom of the evening/
HKES才色兼備 [さいしょくけんび] /(n) (a woman) being gifted with both intelligence (wit) and beauty/
HKES巧言令色 [こうげんれいしょく] /(n) honeyed words and oiled smiles/(using) sweet words with feigned sincerity/
HKES暴飲暴食 [ぼういんぼうしょく] /(n,vs) eating and drinking to excess/intemperance in eating and drinking/
HKES金科玉条 [きんかぎょくじょう] /(n) a golden rule/
HKES金枝玉葉 [きんしぎょくよう] /(n) (1) member of the Imperial family/royalty/(2) beautiful clouds/
HKES挙国一致 [きょこくいっち] /(n,vs) national unity/the whole nation being united for a common cause/
HKES大所高所 [たいしょこうしょ] /(n) broad perspective/broad point of view/taking the whole situation (a larger picture) into account/
HKES門外不出 [もんがいふしゅつ] /(n) never allowing something to be taken off the premises/(a treasure or secret) never seeing the light of day/
HKES大山鳴動 [たいざんめいどう] /(n) a big fuss over nothing/much cry and little wool/much ado about nothing/
HKES合従連衡 [がっしょうれんこう] /(n,vs) changing political or military alignment according to changing circumstances/forming a political or military alliance for expediency/
HKES無芸大食 [むげいたいしょく] /(n) lacking the talent to do anything but eat a lot/having no other merit than a sound appetite/
HKES胆大心小 [たんだいしんしょう] /(n) both bold and careful/both audacious and meticulous/
HKES枝葉末節 [しようまっせつ] /(n) unimportant details/unessentials/piddling matters; inconsequentia/
HKES和洋折衷 [わようせっちゅう] /(n) a blending of Japanese and Western styles/
HKES羊質虎皮 [ようしつこひ] /(n) a sheep in a tiger's skin/gimcrack/showy without real worth/all show and no substance/
HKES要害堅固 [ようがいけんご] /(n) (a fortress being) impregnable/unassailable/(taking to an) impregnable fastness/
HKES問答無用 [もんどうむよう] /(n) there being no use in arguing (about it)/being stone-deaf to someone's appeals/
HKES麻姑掻痒 [まこそうよう] /(n) things happening exactly as one pleases (wishes)/someone being very attentive to one's wishes/
HKES羊頭狗肉 [ようとうくにく] /(n) using a better name to sell inferior goods/crying wine and selling vinegar/
HKES一陽来復 [いちようらいふく] /(n) the return of spring (after the cold of winter)/brighter prospects after a period of gloom/
HKES紆余曲折 [うよきょくせつ] /(n,vs) twists and turns/ups and downs/taking a tortuous course/complications/
HKES私利私欲 [しりしよく] /(n) desire to act only in one's self-interest/selfish desires; avarice/greed/
HKES舌先三寸 [したさきさんずん] /(n) a glib tongue (with fair words)/fluent talk designed to deceive/talk something away/
HKES自画自賛 [じがじさん] /(n,vs) sing one's own praises/praise one's own wares/blow one's own horn/
HKES未来永劫 [みらいえいごう] /(n-t) eternity/through all eternity/for evermore/
HKES磊磊落落 [らいらいらくらく] /(n,adj-na) openhearted/unaffected/free and easy/
HKES豪放磊落 [ごうほうらいらく] /(n,adj-na) bold and big-hearted/broad-minded, free, and easy/
HKES喜怒哀楽 [きどあいらく] /(n) human emotions (joy, anger, sorrow, and humor)/
HKES王道楽土 [おうどうらくど] /(n) realm of peace and prosperity/land of simple pleasure and quiet life ruled by a virtuous king/
HKES沈魚落雁 [ちんぎょらくがん] /(n) the charms of a rarely beautiful woman/(Literally: (so beautiful that), in shame, fish stay on the bottom of water and flying wild geese fall from the sky)/
HKES洒洒落落 [しゃしゃらくらく] /(n,adj-na) free and easy/frank, easy, and openhearted; sophisticatedly refined/
HKES満目蕭条 [まんもくしょうじょう] /(adj-t,adv-to) all nature being bleak and desolate/scene looking desolate and forlorn as far as the eye can see/
HKES忠君愛国 [ちゅうくんあいこく] /(n) loyalty to one's lord and patriotism for one's country; loyalty to the Emperor and patriotism for Japan/
HKES千軍万馬 [せんぐんばんば] /(n) vast and powerful army/veteran of many battles/(a person who is) rich in life's experience, having overcome much adversity/
HKES千差万別 [せんさばんべつ] /(sensabanbetsu/sensamanbetsu) (adj-na,adj-no,n) an infinite variety/multifarious/being extremely varied and wide-ranging/
HKES海千山千 [うみせんやません] /(n) sly old dog of much worldly wisdom/crafty person who's seen it all/
HKES一日千秋 [いちじつせんしゅう] /(n) (waiting) impatiently/(spending) many a weary day/each moment seeming like an eternity/
HKE一別以来 [いちべついらい] /(n-adv, n-t) since our last meeting/since we parted/
HKE英姿颯爽 [えいしさっそう] /(adj-t,adv-to) cutting a fine (dashing, gallant, noble) figure; majestic appearance/
HKE四角四面 [しかくしめん] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) square/strait-laced/formal/prim and stiff; punctilious/
HKE野心満満 [やしんまんまん] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) burning with ambition/highly ambitious/
HKE杜撰脱漏 [ずさんだつろう] /(n) careless (slipshod) and with many omissions/
HKE巧遅拙速 [こうちせっそく] /(n) better being rough and ready than slow and elaborate/better being brisk and sharp than slow and prudent/
HKE一家眷属 [いっかけんぞく] /(n) one's family, relatives, and followers/
HKE三日坊主 [みっかぼうず] /(n) one who can stick to nothing/one who has no perseverance; an unsteady worker/
HKE月下推敲 [げっかすいこう] /(n) polish/elaboration/repeatedly working over one's writing; being very scrupulous in the choice of diction/
HKE苦学力行 [くがくりっこう] /(n,vs) strenuous pursuit of learning under difficulties; completing one's education while working hard to support oneself/
HKE愚者一得 [ぐしゃいっとく] /(exp,n) Even a fool may sometimes give good counsel./
HKE精神一到 [せいしんいっとう] /(n) concentration of mind/mental concentration (on some task); determined mind/
HKE一世風靡 [いっせいふうび] /(n) ruling the times/holding sway over the minds of the people/
HKE一所懸命 [いっしょけんめい] /(adj-na,n-adv,n) (1) very hard/with utmost effort/for dear life/frantically/(2) sticking at living in one place/samurai in earlier feudal times staking his livelihood on his fief/
HKE好事多魔 [こうじたま] /(exp) Happy events are often accompanied by difficulties.; Unsullied joy is rare./
HKE燕雀鴻鵠 [えんじゃくこうこく] /(exp,n) How can a small bird (a sparrow, a petty person) understand the aspirations of a great bird (Only a hero can understand a hero./Only a hero can understand a hero./
HKE相碁井目 [あいごせいもく] /(exp,n) In every game or play, differences in skill between individuals can be substantial./
HKE心頭滅却 [しんとうめっきゃく] /(n,vs) clearing one's mind of all mundane thoughts/
HKE痛快無比 [つうかいむひ] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) very thrilling/extremely delightful/awfully pleasant/intensely satisfying/
HKE一日三秋 [いちじつさんしゅう] /(n) (ichijitsusanshuu/ichinichisanshuu)(waiting) impatiently/(spending) many a weary day/each moment seeming like an eternity/
HKE閉月羞花 [へいげつしゅうか] /(n) the charms of a rarely beautiful woman/(Literally: (so beautiful that) the Moon is abashed and flowers wilt)/
HKE垂直思考 [すいちょくしこう] /(n) rigid (stereotypical) thinking that adheres to preconceived notions/
HKE傾城傾国 [けいせいけいこく] /(n) a beauty for whom a king would neglect his realm/glamorous woman who brings ruin to a realm as the king is captivated by her beauty/femme fatale/
HKE迅速果断 [じんそくかだん] /(n,adj-na) quick and decisive/fast and daring/swift and resolute/
HKE低徊趣味 [ていかいしゅみ] /(n) disposition toward rejecting mundane affairs and enjoying nature and art/
HKE槿花一日 [きんかいちじつ] /(n) evanescent glory/passing prosperity/
HKE金襴緞子 [きんらんどんす] /(n) gold-brocade satin damask/expensive silk fabrics/
HKE門前成市 [もんぜんせいし] /(n) having a constant stream of visitors/being thronged with callers/
HKE蒟蒻問答 [こんにゃくもんどう] /(n) irrelevant and incoherent dialogue/incoherent questions and answers/meaningless (off-the-beam) debate/dialogue at cross purposes/
HKE老若男女 [ろうにゃくなんにょ] /(n) men and women of all ages/young and old, men and women alike/
HKE雲煙過眼 [うんえんかがん] /(n) not being obsessed with something for very long (just as clouds and haze pass swiftly before one's eyes)/
HKE本家本元 [ほんけほんもと] /(n) original home/birthplace/originator/the original maker/
HKE一六銀行 [いちろくぎんこう] /(n) pawnshop/
HKE自家薬籠 [じかやくろう] /(n) (something that is) available for use at any time/(someone who is) at one's beck and call/(something over which) one has complete mastery/
HKE街談巷説 [がいだんこうせつ] /(n) street gossips and idle rumors/hearsay/
HKE黄金時代 [おうごんじだい] /(n) the Golden Age/a golden age/heyday/
HKE以毒制毒 [いどくせいどく] /(n) using poisonous medication to control poison/fighting evil with evil/fighting fire with fire/
HKE自作自演 [じさくじえん] /(n,vs) performing (acting) a part in one's own play/playacting; a put-up job/a charade/
HKE簡単明瞭 [かんたんめいりょう] /(n,adj-na) simple and clear/
HKE吃驚仰天 [きっきょうぎょうてん] /(n,vs) be astonished/be stunned/be startled out of one's wits; be thunderstruck/
HKE怒髪衝天 [どはつしょうてん] /(n) being in a towering rage/boiling (seething) with rage/
HKE尊皇攘夷 [そんのうじょうい] /(n) loyalty to the emperor and expulsion of the foreigners/
HKE七難八苦 [しちなんはっく] /(n) trials and tribulations/a series of endless misfortunes; the Seven Misfortunes and Eight Pains/
HKE国威発揚 [こくいはつよう] /(n) enhancing national prestige/expanding national influence/
HKE点滴穿石 [てんてきせんせき] /(exp,n) Constant dripping wears away the stone/Limited strength, when persistently applied, can accomplish great feats./
HKE怨敵退散 [おんてきたいさん] /(exp,n) invoking disaster upon one's mortal enemy/Confusion to the enemy!/
HKE短慮軽率 [たんりょけいそつ] /(n,adj-na) impulsive and imprudent/rash and unthinking/
HKE天地無用 [てんちむよう] /(exp,n) Do not turn over/This side up./
HKE闘志満満 [とうしまんまん] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) brimming with fighting spirit/being strong in the will to fight/burning with combativeness/
HKE正当防衛 [せいとうぼうえい] /(n) (legitimate) self-defense/
HKE夜目遠目 [よめとおめ] /(n) seen in the dark or at a distance/(a woman) looking prettier when seen in the dark of night or at a distance/
HKE百年河清 [ひゃくねんかせい] /(exp) waiting for one hundred years for the waters of the Yellow River to clear/waiting in vain for an unlikely event/waiting for pigs to fly/When the sky falls, we shall catch larks./
HKE年中行事 [ねんちゅうぎょうじ] /(n) (regular) annual event (function)/chief events of the year; annual festival/
HKE陣頭指揮 [じんとうしき] /(n,vs) taking command of a corps in a battle/actively leading an army (a group)/
HKE三角関係 [さんかくかんけい] /(n) love triangle/eternal triangle/
HKE水平思考 [すいへいしこう] /(n) liberated thinking that is not bound to fixed ideas/
HKE確乎不抜 [かっこふばつ] /(n) being firm and unshakable (unwavering, unswerving, steadfastly resolute)/
HKE千慮一失 [せんりょいっしつ] /(n) mere slip by someone who is usually very careful/simple mistake by a wise person/point overlooked by a cautious person/
HKE炉辺談話 [ろへんだんわ] /(n) fireside chat/
HKE一望千里 [いちぼうせんり] /(n) sweeping view of the eye/boundless expanse/
HKE波濤万里 [はとうばんり] /(n) afar over the sea/crossing the oceans/(voyage to) faraway lands/
HKE眼光紙背 [がんこうしはい] /(n) reading between the lines/reading with penetrating insight/
HKE半官半民 [はんかんはんみん] /(n) semi-official/semi-public/semi-private/joint government-private/
HKE小春日和 [こはるびより] /(n) balmy autumn weather/warm spring-like weather in early winter/
HKE独立不羈 [どくりつふき] /(n) acting according to one's own beliefs, being undisturbed by others/
HKE往事渺茫 [おうじびょうぼう] /(adj-t,adv-to) memories of the past events being (becoming) far and distant/
HKE非難囂囂 [ひなんごうごう] /(adj-t,adv-to) enraged outcry/loud protest/being bitterly criticized by others/being loudly denounced by others/
HKE百折不撓 [ひゃくせつふとう] /(n) indefatigability/indomitableness/
HKE百尺竿頭 [ひゃくしゃくかんとう] /(n) (hyakusekikantou/hyakushakukantou)the highest state of one's enlightenment/the highest level one can attain/
HKE遺憾千万 [いかんせんばん] /(adj-na) highly regrettable/utterly deplorable/deeply chagrined/
HKE横行跋扈 [おうこうばっこ] /(n,vs) being rampant/(evildoers) roaming at will/
HKE二枚看板 [にまいかんばん] /(n) the two leading actors (in a play)/the two star players; the two distinctive features/the two main items (attractions)/
HKE罵詈讒謗 [ばりざんぼう] /(n,vs) slander and abuse/speaking abusively of someone; reviling/vilification/
HKE伴食宰相 [ばんしょくさいしょう] /(n) incompetent cabinet minister/figurehead minister/
HKE名誉挽回 [めいよばんかい] /(n,vs) restoring one's impaired reputation/regaining one's honor/redeeming oneself/
HKE阿諛便佞 [あゆべんねい] /(n,adj-no) flattery/adulation/sycophancy/
HKE威風凛凛 [いふうりんりん] /(adj-t,adv-to) awe-inspiring/majestic/commanding/stately; with an imposing air/in a stately (dignified) manner/
HKE台風一過 [たいふういっか] /(n) after the passage of a typhoon/(just) after a typhoon has blown over/
HKE音信不通 [おんしんふつう] /(n) (onshinfutsuu/inshinfutsuu)break in contact/not hearing from/having no communication with/
HKE翻雲覆雨 [ほんうんふくう] /(n) fickle friendship/
HKE不得要領 [ふとくようりょう] /(n,adj-na) vague/ambiguous/noncommittal/missing the essential point/(things that are) beside the point/
HKE春宵一刻 [しゅんしょういっこく] /(exp,n) A moment on a spring evening (is worth a thousand pieces of gold)./
HKE純真無垢 [じゅんしんむく] /(n,adj-na) pure and innocent/
HKE薬石無効 [やくせきむこう] /(n) neither medicines nor medical care having little effect on a patient/
HKE我武者羅 [がむしゃら] /(n,adj-na) reckless/daredevil/proceeding single-mindedly without regard to consequences/
HKE三十六計 [さんじゅうろっけい] /(exp,n) the 36 (ancient Chinese military) strategies (of which beating a retreat was considered the bHe who fights and runs away, may live to fight another day./He who fights and runs away, may live to fight another day./
HKE二六時中 [にろくじちゅう] /(n,adv) around the clock/at all hours/all day long/day and night/
HKE四六時中 [しろくじちゅう] /(n,adv) around the clock/at all hours/all day long/day and night/constantly/
HKE雲集霧散 [うんしゅうむさん] /(n,vs) (many things) gathering like clouds and vanishing like mist/swarming and scattering/
HKE死中求活 [しちゅうきゅうかつ] /(n) finding a way out of a potentially fatal situation/seeking a way out of a desperate situation/
HKE蝸牛角上 [かぎゅうかくじょう] /(n) trifling (fight)/storm in a teacup/(conflict) between small countries/
HKE多種多様 [たしゅたよう] /(n,adj-na) a great variety of/all sorts or kinds of/diverse; multifarious/
HKE九十九折 [つづらおり] /(n) winding/meandering/zigzag/sinuous/
HKE九十九髪 [つくもがみ] /(n) an old woman's gray hair/
HKE英雄豪傑 [えいゆうごうけつ] /(n) hero/warrior of matchless valor/heroic character/
HKE知勇兼備 [ちゆうけんび] /(n,vs) having both wisdom and courage (valor)/
HKE有害無益 [ゆうがいむえき] /(n,adj-na) doing more harm than good/being harmful and useless/
HKE有形無形 [ゆうけいむけい] /(n) tangible and intangible/material and spiritual/moral and material/
HKE満場一致 [まんじょういっち] /(n) the whole house (assembly, audience) being unanimous/with one voice/nemine contradicente/
HKE小人閑居 [しょうじんかんきょ] /(exp,n) A small-minded person being idle (tends to do evil).; Idleness is the root of all evil./
HKE矯角殺牛 [きょうかくさつぎゅう] /(exp,n) trying to straighten the horns of a bull, and killing it in the process/trying to correct a small defect and ruining the whole thing/The cure is worse than the disease./
HKE純情可憐 [じゅんじょうかれん] /(n,adj-na) pure of heart and beautiful/innocent and beautiful/
HKE五穀豊穣 [ごこくほうじょう] /(n) bumper (abundant) crop/huge harvest (of cereals)/
HKE内政干渉 [ないせいかんしょう] /(n) interference in the internal affairs of another country/
HKE少数精鋭 [しょうすうせいえい] /(n) the elect (select) few/
HKE創業守成 [そうぎょうしゅせい] /(n) starting an enterprise and (or) carrying it to final success/
HKE名誉毀損 [めいよきそん] /(n) defamation of character/libel/slander/character assassination/
HKE傀儡政権 [かいらいせいけん] /(n) puppet government (regime)/
HKS一点一画 [いってんいっかく] /(n) the i's and the t's/(not neglecting) the slightest detail/
HKS人心一新 [じんしんいっしん] /(n) radically change public sentiment/leading the thought of the people to an entirely different channel/
HKS言文一致 [げんぶんいっち] /(n) unification of the written and spoken forms of a language; written in the spoken, as contrasted to the literary, language; colloquial style of writing/
HKS大喝一声 [だいかついっせい] /(n,vs) shout in a thunderous voice/bluster out/
HKS奇貨可居 [きかおくべし] /(exp) You must seize every golden opportunity/Strike while the iron is hot/When you find a rare good buy, seize upon it for a future sale at a much higher price./
HKS周知徹底 [しゅうちてってい] /(n,vs) (something) being known to all/making (a matter) known to everyone/
HKS電光朝露 [でんこうちょうろ] /(n) fleetingness/evanescence/
HKS重厚長大 [じゅうこうちょうだい] /(n,adj-na) heavy, thick, long, and big (products)/massive and heavy (products)/heavy (manufacturing)/
HKS一人当千 [いちにんとうせん] /(n) (ichinintousen/ichinintouzen)being a match for a thousand/
HKS狡兎三窟 [こうとさんくつ] /(n) very shrewd in preparing a means of escape/being very good at escaping danger/
HKS一味徒党 [いちみととう] /(n) the whole party to a plot/the whole gang/fellow conspirators/
HKS桃紅柳緑 [とうこうりゅうりょく] /(n) beautiful scenery of spring/
HKS前途有望 [ぜんとゆうぼう] /(n,adj-na) promising (rosy, bright) future/offering promising prospects/
HKS好機到来 [こうきとうらい] /(exp,n) an opportunity presenting itself/A good chance has come./
HKS十年一昔 [じゅうねんひとむかし] /(exp,n) Ten years is a long time./(expression suggesting that) the pace of change makes ten years back seem like ancient history/
HKS伏竜鳳雛 [ふくりょうほうすう] /(n) gifted young person who shows much promise/unrecognized genius/great person whose talent is hidden under a bushel/
HKS厳正中立 [げんせいちゅうりつ] /(n,adj-na) strict neutrality/
HKS匹夫匹婦 [ひっぷひっぷ] /(n) men and women of humble position/common people/
HKS四百四病 [しひゃくしびょう] /(n) every type of disease/every disease under the sun/
HKS百戦百勝 [ひゃくせんひゃくしょう] /(n) being ever-victorious/winning battle after battle; invincibility/
HKS百人百様 [ひゃくにんひゃくよう] /(exp,n) So many men, so many ways/to each one's own/It takes all sorts to make a world./
HKS飛花落葉 [ひからくよう] /(exp,n) Blossoms fall and leaves scatter./the evanescence (impermanence) of worldly things/
HKS一暴十寒 [いちばくじっかん] /(exp) Bursts of exertion will fail to bear fruit if interrupted by long periods of idleness/Strenuous efforts, unless sustained, are to no avail. (Mencius)/
HKS万世一系 [ばんせいいっけい] /(n) unbroken imperial line/unbroken line of sovereigns/
HKS烏兎匆匆 [うとそうそう] /(exp,n) days and nights passing by quickly/months and years flying by/Time flies./
HKS富貴浮雲 [ふうきふうん] /(exp,n) Riches and honors are as fleeting as floating clouds.; Fortune and fame are here today, gone tomorrow./
HKS三者三様 [さんしゃさんよう] /(n) each of the three being different from the other two/each of the three having his (her) own way/
HKS人心収攬 [じんしんしゅうらん] /(n) winning the hearts of the people/capturing public sentiment/
HKS和衷協同 [わちゅうきょうどう] /(n,vs) harmonious cooperation/in close cooperation/
HKS花紅柳緑 [かこうりゅうりょく] /(n) red blossoms and green willows/beautiful scenery of spring; natural beauty/beauty of nature/
HKS硝煙弾雨 [しょうえんだんう] /(n) the smoke of powder and hail of bullets/(in) the thick of the raging battle/
HKS一上一下 [いちじょういちげ] /(n,vs) up and down/
HKS着眼大局 [ちゃくがんたいきょく] /(n) having an eye to the big picture/taking a broad view of things/concentrating on the main issue/seeing in perspective/
HKS虚実皮膜 [きょじつひまく] /(exp,n) the difference between truth and fiction in art being very subtle/Art abides in a realm that is neither truth nor fiction./
HES嘉辰令月 [かしんれいげつ] /(n) auspicious date/
HES断崖絶壁 [だんがいぜっぺき] /(n) precipitous cliff/sheer precipice
HES冷暖自知 [れいだんじち] /(exp) {Buddh} spiritual enlightenment only comes through personal experience/
HES怨憎会苦 [おんぞうえく] /(n) (Buddh) the pain of meeting people one dislikes/
HES百八煩悩 [ひゃくはちぼんのう] /(n) (Buddh) the 108 kleshas/the 108 afflictions/
HES造次顛沛 [ぞうじてんぱい] /(n) (a) moment/
HES面壁九年 [めんぺきくねん] /(n) (Buddh) facing a wall for nine years in meditation (by Bodhidharma at Shaolin Temple)/
HES国利民福 [こくりみんぷく] /(n) national interests and the people's welfare/
HES偶像崇拝 [ぐうぞうすうはい] /(n) worship/idolatry/
HES萎靡沈滞 [いびちんたい] /(n,vs) decline of energy and vigour (vigor)/
HES光風霽月 [こうふうせいげつ] /(n,adj-no) serenity/
HES二股膏薬 [ふたまたこうやく] /(n) double-dealer/timeserver/moving back and forth between two sides in a conflict/
HES盲亀浮木 [もうきふぼく] /(exp) (Buddh) (id) unlikely event/rare occurrence/
HES善隣友好 [ぜんりんゆうこう] /(n) neighbourly friendship/neighborly friendship/
HES教外別伝 [きょうげべつでん] /(n) Buddhist revelation through intuitive discernment/Spiritual awakening cannot be experienced with words and letters/Spiritual enlightenment can be attained only by means of communion of mind with mind (Zen Buddhism)/
HES悪衣悪食 [あくいあくしょく] /(n) shabby clothes and plain foods/
HES読書尚友 [どくしょしょうゆう] /(exp) by reading books you can count the wise philosophers of the past as friends (Mencius)/
HES極楽浄土 [ごくらくじょうど] /(n) (Buddh) Sukhavati (Amitabha's Pure Land)/
HES和顔愛語 [わがんあいご] /(exp) with a gentle face and a nice word/
KES酔眼朦朧 [すいがんもうろう] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) (with) one's eyes blurred from drinking; with drunken eyes/dazed by wine/
KES他力本願 [たりきほんがん] /(n) relying upon others for attaining one's own objective; salvation by faith in Amida Buddha/
KES虚虚実実 [きょきょじつじつ] /(n) full of wiles and tricks/a match between persons equal in shrewdness mobilizing all the tricks each can muster/shrewdly avoiding the opponent's strong points and attacking its weaknesses/
KES沈黙寡言 [ちんもくかげん] /(n,adj-na) taciturn/reticent/
KES因循姑息 [いんじゅんこそく] /(n,adj-na) conservative and temporizing/
KES陰陽五行 [いんようごぎょう] /(n) (in'yougogyou/on'yougogyou)the cosmic dual forces (yin and yang) and the five elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth)/
KES異国情緒 [いこくじょうちょ] /(n) exotic mood/exotic atmosphere/exoticism/
KES墨痕淋漓 [ぼっこんりんり] /(adj-t,adv-to) dripping ink marks/(a work of calligraphy being) written in bold and vivid strokes/
KES闊達自在 [かったつじざい] /(n,adj-na) broad-minded and free in disposition/large-hearted and not scrupulous about trifles/
KES一切合切 [いっさいがっさい] /(n-adv,n) any and every thing/altogether/lock, stock, and barrel/the whole kit and caboodle/without reserve/
KES十死一生 [じっしいっしょう] /(n) (1) narrow escape from the jaws of death/(2) there being barely a chance of escaping death/
KES一顰一笑 [いっぴんいっしょう] /(n) a smile or frown/one's mood (caprice)/
KES曖昧模糊 [あいまいもこ] /(adj-na,adj-t,adv-to) obscure/vague/ambiguous/hazy/
KES気息奄奄 [きそくえんえん] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) gasping for breath/at one's last gasp; breathing feebly/on the brink of death/
KES虎視眈眈 [こしたんたん] /(adj-t,adv-to) watching vigilantly for an opportunity to prey upon/
KES眼光炯炯 [がんこうけいけい] /(adj-t,adv-to) with piercing eyes/eagle-eyed/having a penetrating insight (into)/
KES遮二無二 [しゃにむに] /(adv) recklessly/like mad/frantically and single-mindedly without regard to consequences/forcibly/
KES軽妙洒脱 [けいみょうしゃだつ] /(n,adj-na) free and easy/witty and refined/smart and polished/
KES換骨奪胎 [かんこつだったい] /(n,vs) adaptation/modification/recasting someone else's work as one's own by appropriating the original idea or form/
KES時々刻々 [じじこっこく] /(n,adv) hourly/from hour to hour/moment by moment/momently; from one minute to the next/with each passing moment/
KES一木一草 [いちぼくいっそう] /(n) a single tree or blade of grass/every stick and stone (of a place)/
KES文人墨客 [ぶんじんぼっかく] /(n) (bunjinbokkaku/bunjinbokkyaku)writers and artists/persons who take delight in such refined pursuits as poetry, literature, painting, and calligraphy/
KES月卿雲客 [げっけいうんかく] /(n) court nobles and other courtiers allowed into the Imperial Palace/
KES一言一行 [いちげんいっこう] /(n) just a word or an act/every word and act/a casual (inadvertent) word or act/
KES一視同仁 [いっしどうじん] /(n) loving every human being with impartiality/universal brotherhood/universal benevolence/equality without discrimination/
KES悪口雑言 [あっこうぞうごん] /(n) stream of verbal abuse/cursing and swearing (words)/
KES五臓六腑 [ごぞうろっぷ] /(n) the bowels and other internal organs/the vital organs/
KES七珍万宝 [しっちんまんぽう] /(n) the seven treasures and many other precious things/all the treasures in the world/
KES如法暗夜 [にょほうあんや] /(n) total (utter) darkness/
KES面目一新 [めんもくいっしん] /(n,vs) (menmokuisshin/menbokuisshin)undergoing a complete change in appearance/changing something out of all recognition/a rise in one's reputation/
KES一騎当千 [いっきとうせん] /(n) being a match for a thousand/being a mighty warrior (combatant, player)/
KES疾風怒濤 [しっぷうどとう] /(n) Sturm und Drang (German)/storm and stress/violent wind and angry waves/
KES結跏趺坐 [けっかふざ] /(n) sitting with crossed legs/the lotus position (in Zen meditation)/
KES克己復礼 [こっきふくれい] /(n,vs) exercising self-restraint and conforming to the rules of etiquette and formality/
KES実践躬行 [じっせんきゅうこう] /(n,vs) acting up to one's principles/practicing what one preaches/
KES一切衆生 [いっさいしゅじょう] /(n) all living creatures/
KES下学上達 [かがくじょうたつ] /(n,vs) (kagakujoutatsu/kagakushoutatsu)beginning one's studies with something familiar and gradually increasing the depth of learning/
KES吉凶禍福 [きっきょうかふく] /(n) fortune and misfortune/weal and woe/prosperity and adversity/ups and downs (of life)/
KES一件落着 [いっけんらくちゃく] /(n,vs) the case is closed/the matter is all settled/
KES臍下丹田 [せいかたんでん] /(n) the center of the abdominal region/point below the navel (thought to be the focal point of human body's energy in Oriental medicine)/
KES今是昨非 [こんぜさくひ] /(exp,n) complete reversal of values or ways of thinking (over time)/What appeared wrong in the past now appears right.; realizing and regretting the past errors of one's ways/
KES田夫野人 [でんぷやじん] /(n) a rustic/a boor/a hick/a yokel/an uneducated and crude person/
KES陰陰滅滅 [いんいんめつめつ] /(adj-t,adv-to) dark and gloomy/depressing/mournful/
KES一張一弛 [いっちょういっし] /(n,vs) tension and relaxation/treating (handling) a matter judiciously (tactfully), being strict at times and lenient at other times/
KES玩物喪志 [がんぶつそうし] /(n) forgetting one's serious objectives by becoming engrossed in trivial pursuits/being distracted by trivial objects and losing sight of one's original goal/
KES困苦欠乏 [こんくけつぼう] /(n) hardships and privations/
KES屍山血河 [しざんけつが] /(n) heaps of bodies and streams of blood/fierce battle/
KES豁然大悟 [かつぜんたいご] /(n,vs) suddenly seeing the light/suddenly realizing what something is about/achieving full enlightenment all of a sudden/
KES質疑応答 [しつぎおうとう] /(n) questions and answers/a Q and A session/
KES彫心鏤骨 [ちょうしんるこつ] /(n,vs) (choushinrukotsu/choushinroukotsu)laborious work/lucubration(s)/painstakingly polishing a piece of literary work/
KES物情騒然 [ぶつじょうそうぜん] /(adj-t,adv-to) public feeling and attitudes being in turmoil; seething with social unrest/
KES張三李四 [ちょうさんりし] /(n) the comman run of men/the average Joe/good-for-nothing (person)/
KES寂滅為楽 [じゃくめついらく] /(exp) Freedom from one's desires (Entry into Nirvana) is true bliss./
KES直情径行 [ちょくじょうけいこう] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) spontaneous and straightforward/frank, guileless, and straightforward/
KES直截簡明 [ちょくせつかんめい] /(n,adj-na) plain and simple/frank, direct and unambivalent; straightforward/
KES衆人環視 [しゅうじんかんし] /(n) (in) the presence of the whole company/with all eyes fixed upon (one)/under the gaze of the public/
KES蜿蜿長蛇 [えんえんちょうだ] /(n) (a line, queue) being long and serpentine/
KES長身痩躯 [ちょうしんそうく] /(n) a tall and lean figure/
KES花鳥諷詠 [かちょうふうえい] /(exp,n) the beauties of nature as the key poetic theme/The central theme in composing poetry (haiku) must be the beauties of nature and the harmony that exist between nature and man. (The slogan of the Hototogisu School of modern Japanese haiku)/
KES武運長久 [ぶうんちょうきゅう] /(n) continued luck in the fortunes of war/
KES無明長夜 [むみょうじょうや] /(n) the long night of spiritual darkness/
KES長汀曲浦 [ちょうていきょくほ] /(n) long stretch of winding beach/
KES直往邁進 [ちょくおうまいしん] /(n,vs) push boldly forward/dash forward without flinching/
KES狷介孤高 [けんかいここう] /(n,adj-na) stubborn and aloof/
KES論旨明快 [ろんしめいかい] /(n,adj-na) the point of an argument being clearly stated/the tenor of an argument being well-reasoned/
KES志操堅固 [しそうけんご] /(n,adj-na) unwaveringly faithful to one's principles/of firm purpose and deep commitment/true blue/
KES九分九厘 [くぶくりん] /(n-adv,n) in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred/almost certainly/in all probability/
KES手練手管 [てれんてくだ] /(n) arts and wiles/art and technique of coaxing/finesse of love/
KES異体同心 [いたいどうしん] /(n) being two in body, but one in mind/harmony of mind between two persons/two persons acting in one accord/
KES文明開化 [ぶんめいかいか] /(n) civilization and enlightenment/(slogan of) Japan's Westernization movement during the Meiji era/
KES誇大妄想 [こだいもうそう] /(n) delusions of grandeur/megalomania/
KES永劫回帰 [えいごうかいき] /(n) eternal recurrence/Nietzsche's "ewige Wiederkunft"/
KES衣冠束帯 [いかんそくたい] /(n) full Japanese court dress of traditional fashion/
KES現世利益 [げんぜりやく] /(n) (genseriyaku/genzeriyaku)spiritual (material) benefit gained in this world through observance of the Buddhist teachings/
KES大慈大悲 [だいじだいひ] /(n) great mercy and compassion/
KES和敬清寂 [わけいせいじゃく] /(n) harmony, respect, purity and tranquility/the four most important elements of the tea ceremony/
KES金口木舌 [きんこうぼくぜつ] /(n) (kinkoubokuzetsu/kinkoumokuzetsu)(public) opinion leader/
KES閑雲野鶴 [かんうんやかく] /(n) life in natural setting, free from worldly cares/
KES手枷足枷 [てかせあしかせ] /(n) manacles/shackles/fetters/
KES門戸開放 [もんこかいほう] /(n) open door policy/
KES黄道吉日 [こうどうきちにち] /(n) (oudoukichinichi/koudoukichinichi)very auspicious day for all types of occasions/
KES善男善女 [ぜんなんぜんにょ] /(n) pious men and women/men and women who are good Buddhists; men and women who offer prayers at temples and shrines/
KES一字千金 [いちじせんきん] /(n) precious (greatly prized) (word/writing)/
KES世道人心 [せどうじんしん] /(n) (public) morals and sentiments/
KES易姓革命 [えきせいかくめい] /(n) revolution (change of dynasty) decreed by Heaven when the incumbent emperor is found lacking in moral virtue (old Chinese political thought)/
KES乱暴狼藉 [らんぼうろうぜき] /(n) riotous (rampageous) behavior/violence and lawlessness; committing an outrage/
KES一利一害 [いちりいちがい] /(n) (something) having its advantages but also not without its disadvantages/advantage and its (accompanying) disadvantage/
KES怪力乱神 [かいりきらんしん] /(n) supernatural things/unnatural phenomena/spirits and demons/
KES新陳代謝 [しんちんたいしゃ] /(n) the body's metabolism/replacement of the old with the new; regeneration/
KES鰥寡孤独 [かんかこどく] /(n) the lonely and the helpless/people who have no kith or kin/
KES七堂伽藍 [しちどうがらん] /(n) the seven standard buildings of a major Buddhist temple complex/
KES円満具足 [えんまんぐそく] /(n,vs) contented and peaceable/having nothing to complain about/
KES自己顕示 [じこけんじ] /(n,vs) making oneself conspicuous/pressing one's own cause/an ego trip/exhibitionism/
KES無理算段 [むりさんだん] /(n,vs) scraping together (a sum of money)/raising (a sum of money) by straining one's credit/
KES一唱三嘆 [いっしょうさんたん] /(n,vs) one reading (of a poem aloud) leaves one with ceaseless sighs of admiration/
KES珍味佳肴 [ちんみかこう] /(n) rare delicacies/rare treat/
KES活溌溌地 [かっぱつはっち] /(kappatsuhacchi/kappatsupacchi) (adj-na,adj-no,n) being full of vitality (energy)/vigorous and in high spirits/
KES八面六臂 [はちめんろっぴ] /(n) competent and active in many fields/versatile/one person doing the work of many/
KES身体髪膚 [しんたいはっぷ] /(n) the entire human body/every inch of one's body/
KES閑話休題 [かんわきゅうだい] /(exp,n) "Digression aside, ..."/"Now let's return to the main subject."/But let's leave that and get back to the point (in a conversation, speech, or story-telling)/
KES断章取義 [だんしょうしゅぎ] /(n) interpreting (and using) a passage without regard to its context/
KES丁丁発止 [ちょうちょうはっし] /(n,adv) (sound) of clashing swords in fierce combat/(arguing) as fiercely as clashing and blocking swords/
KES大悟徹底 [たいごてってい] /(n,vs) attain divine enlightenment/perceive absolute truth; experience spiritual awakening/
KES紫電一閃 [しでんいっせん] /(n-adv,n) a flash of lightning/the flash of a sword/
KES気韻生動 [きいんせいどう] /(n) being animated (vivid) with grace (elegance, refinement)/
KES異端邪説 [いたんじゃせつ] /(n) heretical doctrine (thought, faith)/
KES遠交近攻 [えんこうきんこう] /(n) policy of cultivating distant countries while working to conquer ones nearby (Originally, an ancient Chinese military strategy)/
KES鉄心石腸 [てっしんせきちょう] /(n) will of iron/
KES鳩首凝議 [きゅうしゅぎょうぎ] /(n,vs) put heads together and confer/convene and discuss/go into a huddle (over)/
KES山容水態 [さんようすいたい] /(n) scenic beauty of mountains and streams/fresh and clear beauty of nature's splendor/
KES天長地久 [てんちょうちきゅう] /(exp,n) Heaven and earth are eternal./
KES天涯孤独 [てんがいこどく] /(n,adj-na) being all alone in the world/having no family or relatives/
KES歓天喜地 [かんてんきち] /(n,adj-no) great joy/jubilation/exultation/
KES震天動地 [しんてんどうち] /(n) earth-shaking/astounding/startling/phenomenal/
KES驚天動地 [きょうてんどうち] /(n) astounding/startling/world-shaking/sensational/
KES天下泰平 [てんかたいへい] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) peaceful and tranquil (uneventful)/peace reigns over the land/halcyon times of peace/
KES天地開闢 [てんちかいびゃく] /(n) the creation of heaven and earth/the beginning of the world/the dawn of history/
KES水天彷彿 [すいてんほうふつ] /(n) view in the distant offing where the sea and skyline cannot be distinguished/
KES天壌無窮 [てんじょうむきゅう] /(n) being as eternal as heaven and earth/being coeval with the universe/
KES円転滑脱 [えんてんかつだつ] /(n,adj-na) smooth/suave/tactful/smooth and polished in human relations/
KES権謀術数 [けんぼうじゅっすう] /(n) trickery/wiles/intriguing strategy cleverly designed to fool others/Machiavellism/
KES古今独歩 [ここんどっぽ] /(n) unsurpassed in history/
KES自然淘汰 [しぜんとうた] /(n,vs) natural selection/survival of the fittest/
KES特筆大書 [とくひつたいしょ] /(n,vs) write in large (golden) letters/headline something; single something out for special mention/
KES古今無双 [ここんむそう] /(n) unparalleled in history/
KES斎戒沐浴 [さいかいもくよく] /(n,vs) washing and purifying one's body before praying or performing religious ceremonies/performing one's ablutions/
KES恐惶謹言 [きょうこうきんげん] /(exp) Very truly yours (a complimentary close used in a letter written in an old epistolary style)/
KES至公至平 [しこうしへい] /(n,adj-na) completely just and fair/
KES毀誉褒貶 [きよほうへん] /(n) praise and censure/differing views of someone's achievements/one's public reputation, both good and bad/
KES淳風美俗 [じゅんぷうびぞく] /(n) good morals and manners/genial manners and laudable customs/pristine way of life/
KES機略縦横 [きりゃくじゅうおう] /(n,adj-no) full of resourceful ideas/full of shifts and devices/very resourcefully using tactics adapting oneself to the requirements of the moment/
KES詩歌管弦 [しいかかんげん] /(n) Chinese and Japanese poetry and instrumental music/poetry and music/literature and music/
KES人生行路 [じんせいこうろ] /(n) the journey (path) of life/one's passage through life/
KES生死流転 [しょうじるてん] /(n,vs) all things being in flux through the endless circle of birth, death, and rebirth/the circle of transmigration/
KES流連荒亡 [りゅうれんこうぼう] /(n) spending all one's time in idle amusement away from home; being absorbed in self-indulgent pleasures/
KES不易流行 [ふえきりゅうこう] /(exp,n) the principle of fluidity and immutability in haiku; Haiku is both "fluid and transitory" andAn interchange between the transient and the immutable is central to the soul of haiku. (Basho)/An interchange between the transient and the immutable is central to the soul of haiku. (Basho)/
KES風流韻事 [ふうりゅういんじ] /(n) elegant appreciation of nature through artistic pursuits such as poetry, painting and calligraphy/
KES流汗淋漓 [りゅうかんりんり] /(adj-t,adv-to) profuse perspiration/heavy sweating/dripping with sweat/
KES遠慮会釈 [えんりょえしゃく] /(n,vs) reserve and consideration (to others)/
KES放歌高吟 [ほうかこうぎん] /(n,vs) singing at the top of one's voice/singing boisterously/
KES金殿玉楼 [きんでんぎょくろう] /(n) magnificent palace/palatial residence/
KES故事来歴 [こじらいれき] /(n) origin and history of things handed down from ancient times; historical particulars/
KES有職故実 [ゆうそくこじつ] /(n) time-honored usages and practices of the court or in exalted military families/studies in ancient court and military protocol/
KES首鼠両端 [しゅそりょうたん] /(n) being unable to make up one's mind/sitting on the fence/
KES文武両道 [ぶんぶりょうどう] /(n) well up in both literary and military (martial) arts/well skilled in wielding both the sword and the pen/
KES懸軍万里 [けんぐんばんり] /(n) military expedition deep into enemy territory/
KES鵬程万里 [ほうていばんり] /(n) (over) a great distance/(a long journey (flight, voyage)) to (from) a faraway place/
KES千里同風 [せんりどうふう] /(n) a country being in a state of universal peace/the world being peaceful and uneventful/
KES乱離骨灰 [らりこっぱい] /(n) being scattered in all directions/being broken up and dispersed/
KES廃仏毀釈 [はいぶつきしゃく] /(n) anti-Buddhist movement at the beginning of the Meiji era; movement to reject Buddhism and destroy Buddhist temples, statues, sutra scrolls, etc. in conjunction with the Decree to Abolish Buddhism issued by the new Meiji government/
KES一文半銭 [いちもんはんせん] /(n) meager sum of money/
KES反間苦肉 [はんかんくにく] /(n) stratagem for causing a rift and confusion in the enemy camp by using a seditious plot (using a sacrificial tactic)/
KES半醒半睡 [はんせいはんすい] /(n) half awake and half asleep/
KES杯盤狼藉 [はいばんろうぜき] /(adj-t,adv-to) glasses and plates being scattered about after a party or banquet/articles lying about in a jumble/
KES博聞強記 [はくぶんきょうき] /(n,adj-no) erudition and remarkably retentive memory; widely-read with a remarkable memory/
KES博覧強記 [はくらんきょうき] /(n,adj-no) erudition and remarkably retentive memory; widely-read with a remarkable memory/
KES率先躬行 [そっせんきゅうこう] /(n) take a lead in (doing)/set an example of (doing)/be the first in putting something in practice/
KES孤立無援 [こりつむえん] /(n) friendless isolation/fighting (struggling) alone and unassisted/
KES三百代言 [さんびゃくだいげん] /(n) pettifogging lawyer/shyster/
KES紅灯緑酒 [こうとうりょくしゅ] /(n) (nights of) fun, food, and drink/bright-light district; nightlife district/
KES無理非道 [むりひどう] /(n,adj-na) unreasonable and unjust/unconscionable/
KES暴虐非道 [ぼうぎゃくひどう] /(n,adj-na) violent and cruel/tyrannical and atrocious/
KES好評嘖嘖 [こうひょうさくさく] /(adj-t,adv-to) enjoying great popularity/receiving widespread high praise/being a great success with the public/
KES神韻縹渺 [しんいんひょうびょう] /(adj-t,adv-to) (a work of art being) sublime/transcendent/
KES大兵肥満 [だいひょうひまん] /(n) (daihyouhiman/taihyouhiman)big portly man/
KES万死一生 [ばんしいっしょう] /(n) (banshiisshou/banshiissei)advancing in the face of death/having a narrow escape from the jaws of death/
KES抜山蓋世 [ばつざんがいせい] /(n) great strength and energy (of a mighty hero)/Herculean strength and vitality/
KES開口一番 [かいこういちばん] /(n-adv) at the very beginning of one's speech/the first thing out of one's mouth/
KES千言万語 [せんげんばんご] /(n) a great number of words/long and tedious (explanation, description, etc.)/
KES千姿万態 [せんしばんたい] /(n) an endless variety of forms/multifariousness/
KES盤根錯節 [ばんこんさくせつ] /(n) complicated and hard-to-solve event or situation/tangled affair/hard nut to crack/
KES罵詈雑言 [ばりぞうごん] /(n) verbal abuse/vilification/making strident verbal attacks on someone/
KES千思万考 [せんしばんこう] /(n,vs) deep meditation/careful deliberation/pondering over this and that/
KES万夫不当 [ばんぷふとう] /(n) being a match for thousands/being a mighty warrior (combatant)/
KES黄塵万丈 [こうじんばんじょう] /(n) rising cloud of (yellowish) dust/clouds of yellow dust/
KES子子孫孫 [ししそんそん] /(n) one's descendants/one's offspring/posterity/
KES尋常一様 [じんじょういちよう] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) ordinary/common/mediocre/
KES鬼哭啾啾 [きこくしゅうしゅう] /(adj-t,adv-to) spine-chilling (hair-raising) (like the wailing and weeping of a restless ghost)/
KES金剛不壊 [こんごうふえ] /(n) firm and solid/sturdy and indestructible/unshakable; adamantine/
KES抱腹絶倒 [ほうふくぜっとう] /(n,vs) sidesplitting (gut-wrenching) laughter/laugh oneself to convulsions/roll about with laughter/
KES父子相伝 [ふしそうでん] /(n) transmission of the secrets of an art, craft, trade or learning from father to son/
KES複雑多岐 [ふくざつたき] /(n,adj-na) complex and wide-ranging/labyrinthine/
KES一文不通 [いちもんふつう] /(n,adj-no) total illiteracy/
KES千古不易 [せんこふえき] /(n,adj-no) everlasting/eternal/immortal/unchangeable/
KES鼓腹撃壌 [こふくげきじょう] /(n,vs) (people) sing the praises (enjoy the blessings) of peace/
KES拳拳服膺 [けんけんふくよう] /(n,vs) firmly bear in mind/have something engraved on one's mind (heart)/
KES少壮気鋭 [しょうそうきえい] /(n,adj-no) young and energetic/up-and-coming/being on a fast track/
KES行住坐臥 [ぎょうじゅうざが] /(n-adv,n) daily life/daily routine/while awake or asleep/at all times/day in, day out/constantly (Literally: the four basic movements (walking, standing, sitting and lying down))/
KES偏旁冠脚 [へんぼうかんきゃく] /(n) the four major types of radicals of Chinese characters (left-side, right-side, top, and bottom)/
KES意気阻喪 [いきそそう] /(n,vs) in low spirits/despondent/disheartened/down in the dumps/
KES意気衝天 [いきしょうてん] /(n) in high spirits/in top form/
KES欣求浄土 [ごんぐじょうど] /(n) seeking rebirth in the Pure Land/the aspiration to be reborn in Paradise/
KES意志薄弱 [いしはくじゃく] /(n,adj-na) weak-willed/lacking will power to be patient, purposeful, or resolute/infirmness of purpose/
KES師資相承 [ししそうしょう] /(n) generation-to-generation instruction from master to disciple/
KES博引旁証 [はくいんぼうしょう] /(n,vs) cite copious references/refer to diverse sources of information/refer to various authorities/
KES余韻嫋嫋 [よいんじょうじょう] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) (sound) lingering in the air/trailing notes (of a bell, etc.)/
KES金甌無欠 [きんおうむけつ] /(n) (kin'oumuketsu/kinnoumuketsu)flawless/perfect/(a nation) having never been invaded by outside forces/
KES南無三宝 [なむさんぼう] /(exp,int) I believe in the Three Treasures of Buddhism./Oh my Great Buddha!/Good heavens!/
KES自己矛盾 [じこむじゅん] /(n,vs,adj-no) self-contradiction/paradox/antinomy/
KES揣摩憶測 [しまおくそく] /(n,vs) conjectures and surmises/speculation/giving one's imagination full play without any ground/
KES緩急自在 [かんきゅうじざい] /(adn-na,n) of skillfully varied pace/well-paced/skillfully varying the speed (rhythm) of/being tactful in dealing with changing circumstances/
KES鎧袖一触 [がいしゅういっしょく] /(n) (beating someone) hands down/(beating) with a single blow/
KES人権蹂躙 [じんけんじゅうりん] /(n) human rights violation/blatant infringement upon a person's rights/
KES柳巷花街 [りゅうこうかがい] /(n) red-light district/pleasure quarter/
KES袖手傍観 [しゅうしゅぼうかん] /(n,vs) stand idle by and watch/be a passive onlooker/remain an unconcerned spectator of another's distress/
KES旧套墨守 [きゅうとうぼくしゅ] /(n,vs) clinging to old customs/adhering to old traditions/
KES熟読玩味 [じゅくどくがんみ] /(n,vs) read carefully with appreciation/give (something) a careful perusal/
KES朱唇皓歯 [しゅしんこうし] /(n) (exp,n) red lips and pearly white teeth (said of beautiful women)/
KES衆生済度 [しゅじょうさいど] /(n) enlightenment of the masses/leading the masses on the path of enlightenment/
KES狂言綺語 [きょうげんきご] /(n) (a derogatory term for) fiction/story/novel (Literally: make-believe and fancy talk)/
KES自由奔放 [じゆうほんぽう] /(n,adj-na) free and uncontrolled/behaving with abandon; freewheeling/
KES叙位叙勲 [じょいじょくん] /(n) conferment of Court ranks and decorations/
KES興味津津 [きょうみしんしん] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) very interesting/of absorbing interest; having a keen interest (in)/being immensely curious (about)/
KES満目荒涼 [まんもくこうりょう] /(adj-t,adv-to) all nature being bleak and desolate/scene looking desolate and forlorn as far as the eye can see/
KES興味索然 [きょうみさくぜん] /(adj-t,adv-to) uninteresting/pall/tending to spoil the fun (pleasure) (of)/throwing a wet blanket (on)/
KES情緒纒綿 [じょうしょてんめん] /(joushotenmen/jouchotenmen) (adj-na,adj-no,adj-t,adv-to,n) tender sentiments/being overcome with emotions/having a tender feeling (for a person)/
KES多情多感 [たじょうたかん] /(n,adj-na) sentimental/being full of emotions/having tender sensibilities/emotionally susceptible/
KES千万無量 [せんまんむりょう] /(n,adj-no) innumerable/unfathomable/myriad/
KES小国寡民 [しょうこくかみん] /(n) a small country with a small population (The Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu's ideal of a state)/
KES明窓浄机 [めいそうじょうき] /(n) dustless desk by a well-lit window/well-lit and clean study conducive to learning/
KES過剰防衛 [かじょうぼうえい] /(n) excessive (unjustifiable) self-defense/
KES鏡花水月 [きょうかすいげつ] /(n) flowers reflected on a mirror and the moon reflected on the water's surface/something that is visible but having no substance/the subtle and profound beauty of poems that cannot be described in words/
KES規矩準縄 [きくじゅんじょう] /(n) rules and standards/norms/criteria/
KES心願成就 [しんがんじょうじゅ] /(n,vs) earnest prayers being answered/realization of one's earnest wishes/
KES呵呵大笑 [かかたいしょう] /(n,vs) laugh a ringing laugh/have a hearty laugh/roar with laughter/
KES拱手傍観 [きょうしゅぼうかん] /(n,vs) stand idle by and watch/be a passive onlooker/be an unconcerned spectator of another's distress/
KES後生大事 [ごしょうだいじ] /(n) with religious zeal/treasuring (something)/keeping (something) with jealous care/
KES武陵桃源 [ぶりょうとうげん] /(n) Arcadia/Elysium/lotus land/Shangri-la/Utopia/Xanadu/
KES金城湯池 [きんじょうとうち] /(n) impregnable fortress/impassable moat (bulwark); unassailable territory/
KES情意投合 [じょういとうごう] /(n,vs) sharing the same sentiment with somebody/finding oneself on the same wavelength as somebody/seeing eye to eye/
KES軽佻浮薄 [けいちょうふはく] /(n,adj-na) frivolous and thoughtless/fickle and frivolous/
KES良風美俗 [りょうふうびぞく] /(n) fine customs and manners/good morals and manners/good and beautiful custom/
KES常住不断 [じょうじゅうふだん] /(n,adj-no) ceaseless/constant/uninterruted/
KES共存共栄 [きょうぞんきょうえい] /(n) peaceful coexistence and mutual prosperity/
KES近所合壁 [きんじょがっぺき] /(n) immediate neighborhood/
KES神色自若 [しんしょくじじゃく] /(adj-t,adv-to) perfect composure/calm and collected/with imperturbable calm/keeping one's presence of mind/
KES精力絶倫 [せいりょくぜつりん] /(n,adj-no) unbounded (immense) (sexual) energy/
KES喜色満面 [きしょくまんめん] /(n) being all smiles with joy/with one's face beaming with joy; smiling from ear to ear/
KES勢力伯仲 [せいりょくはくちゅう] /(n) (the two sides) being evenly-matched in power (strength, influence)/
KES四書五経 [ししょごきょう] /(n) the Nine Chinese (Confucian) Classics/
KES読書三余 [どくしょさんよ] /(n) winter, night, and rainy weather/the ideal conditions for reading/
KES読書三到 [どくしょさんとう] /(n) using mind, mouth and eyes to understand a book fully/
KES読書三昧 [どくしょざんまい] /(n) obsession with reading/being buried in a book/
KES諸説紛紛 [しょせつふんぷん] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) divergent opinions abound/opinion is divided/there are many rumors afloat/
KES多岐亡羊 [たきぼうよう] /(exp,n) too many options making selection difficult/Truth is hard to find as paths to it proliferate/Truth is as hard to find as a sheep lost in a vast plain./
KES開眼供養 [かいげんくよう] /(n) ceremony to consecrate a newly made Buddhist statue or image by inserting the eyes (thereby investing it with soul)/
KES器用貧乏 [きようびんぼう] /(n,adj-na) Jack of all trades and master of none/Good workmen are seldom rich./
KES活殺自在 [かっさつじざい] /(n,adj-na) (having) an absolute power over (a person)/the power of life or death/
KES白河夜船 [しらかわよふね] /(exp) (shirakawayofune/shirakawayobune)(1) being sound asleep (and totally unaware of what is going on around one)/(2) know-it-all manner/
KES金輪奈落 [こんりんならく] /(n-adv,n) utmost limits/to the finish/to the (bitter) end/to the hilt/down to the bedrock/
KES極楽往生 [ごくらくおうじょう] /(n,vs) rebirth in Paradise/(die) an easy and peaceful death/
KES千山万水 [せんざんばんすい] /(n) (senzanbansui/sensanbansui)many mountains and rivers/a great distance to travel/
HK前虎後狼 [ぜんここうろう] /(exp,n) One calamity followed close on the heels of another.; Out of the frying pan into the fire. (Literally: Keeping at bay a tiger at the front gate, while a wolf appears at the back.)/
HK李下瓜田 [りかかでん] /(exp,n) Be careful not to invite the least suspicion/Leave no room for scandal./
HK滄海桑田 [そうかいそうでん] /(exp,n) The word is a scene of constant changes (as the blue sea changing into a mulberry field)./
HK戦戦慄慄 [せんせんりつりつ] /(adj-t,adv-to) trembling with fear/filled with trepidation/
HK時節到来 [じせつとうらい] /(exp,n) The time has come (for/to/when...)/The time being ripe (for)/
HK刹那主義 [せつなしゅぎ] /(n) (the principle of) living only for the present (moment); settling for momentary pleasures/
HK骨肉相食 [こつにくそうしょく] /(n) blood feud/domestic (family) discord/
HK槿花一朝 [きんかいっちょう] /(n) evanescent glory/passing prosperity/
HK残念無念 [ざんねんむねん] /(adj-na,exp,n) Darn it!/What a pity!/vexation/deep regret/
HK冷静沈着 [れいせいちんちゃく] /(n,adj-na) calm, cool, and collected/level and calm/
HK盂蘭盆会 [うらぼんえ] /(n) Bon Festival/Feast of Lanterns (around the 15th of July or August depending on local customs)/
HK耐乏生活 [たいぼうせいかつ] /(n) life of austerity/living hand-to-mouth/belt tightening/
HK先制攻撃 [せんせいこうげき] /(n) preemptive attack (strike)/
HK異聞奇譚 [いぶんきたん] /(n) strange stories and curious tales/
HK深層心理 [しんそうしんり] /(n) the deep psyche/
HK因果覿面 [いんがてきめん] /(n) the swiftness of retributive justice/
HK十中八九 [じっちゅうはっく] /(n-adv,n) in eight or nine cases out of ten/in all probability/
HK人物月旦 [じんぶつげったん] /(n) character sketch/comments on personalities/
HK閉口頓首 [へいこうとんしゅ] /(adj-no,n,vs) being at a complete loss as to what to do/being at one's wit's end/being at a loss for an answer/
HK二転三転 [にてんさんてん] /(n,vs) change again and again/seesaw back and forth/be in a state of flux/backtrack repeatedly/
HK襲名披露 [しゅうめいひろう] /(n,vs) announcing the succession to another's stage name/
HK千慮一得 [せんりょいっとく] /(exp,n) Even a fool may sometimes come up with a good idea./
HK知者不惑 [ちしゃふわく] /(exp,n) A wise person always follows the right course./A wise man never wavers./
HK白馬非馬 [はくばひば] /(n) sophistry/sophism/false syllogism/
HK万緑一紅 [ばんりょくいっこう] /(n) one red flower standing out in a sea of green vegetation; one item of quality standing out among manyone woman among many men/one woman among many men/
HK卑怯千万 [ひきょうせんばん] /(adj-na) very mean (sneaky)/extremely unsportsmanlike/
HK万世不易 [ばんせいふえき] /(n) eternally unchanging/
HK不要不急 [ふようふきゅう] /(n,adj-na) nonessential and nonurgent/
HK不埒千万 [ふらちせんばん] /(adj-na) very insolent/extremely audacious/reprehensible/
HK忠言逆耳 [ちゅうげんぎゃくじ] /(exp,n) Good advice is harsh to the ear/Honest advice is often unpleasant to the ears./
HK意匠惨憺 [いしょうさんたん] /(n) taxing one's ingenuity in devising something/agonizing over designing or creating something/making strenuous efforts to devise good ways and means to do something/
HK問答無益 [もんどうむえき] /(n) there being no use in arguing (about it)/being stone-deaf to someone's appeals/
HK冷酷無情 [れいこくむじょう] /(n,adj-na) cold-hearted/callous/merciless/implacable/ruthless/
HK忙中有閑 [ぼうちゅうゆうかん] /(n) having free time to spare in the midst of busyness/finding an interval of leisure in the midst of a busy life/
HK百舌勘定 [もずかんじょう] /(n) splitting the bill so that the others end up paying the whole amount/wheedling the others into paying the whole bill/
HK祥月命日 [しょうつきめいにち] /(n) anniversary of a person's death/
HK現状打破 [げんじょうだは] /(n) abandonment of the status quo/destroying the status quo; overthrowing the present situation/
HK屋上架屋 [おくじょうかおく] /(n) gilding the lily/adding redundant things/(being like) putting a fifth wheel on a carriage/
HK現状維持 [げんじょういじ] /(n) maintenance (preservation) of the status quo/
HK至上命令 [しじょうめいれい] /(n) supreme directive/unconditional command/overriding necessity/an absolute must/categorical imperative/
HK一大決心 [いちだいけっしん] /(n,vs) momentous (crucial) decision/
HK市井無頼 [しせいぶらい] /(n,adj-no) urban villain/street hoodlum/
HK可惜身命 [あたらしんみょう] /(n) valuing one's body and life/holding one's life dear/
KE他流試合 [たりゅうじあい] /(n) contest between different schools (of swordsmanship, etc.); trying one's skill with a follower of another school (of fencing, etc.)/
KE他人行儀 [たにんぎょうぎ] /(n,adj-na) reserved manner/standing on ceremony (formality); keeping one's distance/behaving as if someone were a stranger/
KE他言無用 [たごんむよう] /(exp,n) Not a word to anyone./Mum's the word./
KE簡易軽便 [かんいけいべん] /(n,adj-na) simple, easy, and convenient/
KE石部金吉 [いしべきんきち] /(n) man of incorruptible character/strait-laced and inflexible man/man who is impervious to women's charms/
KE協心戮力 [きょうしんりくりょく] /(n,vs) combined (concerted) efforts/solidarity/joining forces (with)/
KE異類異形 [いるいいぎょう] /(n) strange-looking creatures/spirits and goblins/
KE越権行為 [えっけんこうい] /(n) exceeding (abusing) one's legal authority/acting beyond the powers or legal authority (of a person, etc.)/acting ultra vires/
KE命令一下 [めいれいいっか] /(adv) once the order is given/as soon as the order is given/
KE一高一低 [いっこういってい] /(n,vs) a rise and a fall/now rising, now falling/frequent fluctuations/
KE自信満満 [じしんまんまん] /(adj-na,adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) full of confidence/brimming with (self-)confidence/having great faith in oneself/
KE大胆奔放 [だいたんほんぽう] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) bold and unrestrained/daring and unfettered/
KE円滑洒脱 [えんかつしゃだつ] /(n,adj-na) smooth, free and easy/refined and unconventional/
KE一芸一能 [いちげいいちのう] /(n) (excelling in) one area or skill/(being skilled or gifted in) one certain area/
KE無能無策 [むのうむさく] /(n) ineptitude and inaction/being incapable of devising any appropriate measures to cope with the situation/
KE無芸無能 [むげいむのう] /(n,adj-na) talentless and incompetent/incompetent and unaccomplished/
KE日月星辰 [にちげつせいしん] /(n) (jitsugetsuseishin/nichigetsuseishin)the sun, the moon, and the stars/the heavenly bodies/
KE即決即断 [そっけつそくだん] /(n,vs) prompt decision and prompt execution/make swift decisions and take quick actions/
KE一筆啓上 [いっぴつけいじょう] /(exp,n) Just a short note to tell you ... /This will just be a short note. (a set formula of greeting used by a man at the beginning of a brief note)/
KE迷惑至極 [めいわくしごく] /(n,adj-na) great nuisance/extremely annoying/quite embarrassing/
KE一死報国 [いっしほうこく] /(n) dying for one's country/
KE一言一句 [いちごんいっく] /(n) every single word and phrase/each and every word/
KE霊肉一致 [れいにくいっち] /(n) unity (oneness) of body and soul/harmony of body and soul/
KE蟄居閉門 [ちっきょへいもん] /(n) house arrest/being placed in confinement at home/
KE一夫多妻 [いっぷたさい] /(n) polygyny/
KE如実知見 [にょじつちけん] /(n) perceiving reality as it is/true awareness of reality/
KE煩悩具足 [ぼんのうぐそく] /(n) possessing worldly desires and passions/
KE懊悩煩悶 [おうのうはんもん] /(n,vs) anguish/agony/
KE如意自在 [にょいじざい] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) freely/in complete control of/with complete freedom/at will/as one pleases/
KE欲求不満 [よっきゅうふまん] /(n) frustration/unsatisfied desires/
KE一国一城 [いっこくいちじょう] /(n) (the lord of) a feudal domain/(the ruler of) an independent territory/(someone) working independently/(only) one castle (allowed) in one feudal domain (edict issued by the shogunate in 1615)/
KE刻苦精進 [こっくしょうじん] /(n,vs) be arduous/work diligently enduring hardships/make a strenuous effort/
KE嫣然一笑 [えんぜんいっしょう] /(n,vs) giving a charming (bewitching) smile/
KE一致協力 [いっちきょうりょく] /(n,vs) combined (concerted) efforts/solidarity/joining forces (with)/
KE一極集中 [いっきょくしゅうちゅう] /(n,vs) unipolar concentration/extreme centralization; overconcentration/
KE局面打開 [きょくめんだかい] /(n) breakthrough in the situation/break in the deadlocked situation/
KE丁稚奉公 [でっちぼうこう] /(n) apprenticeship/bound apprenticeship/
KE残忍冷酷 [ざんにんれいこく] /(n,adj-na) atrocious and cold-blooded/cruel/brutal/merciless/
KE放蕩三昧 [ほうとうざんまい] /(n) being absorbed in self-indulgent pleasures/giving oneself up to debauchery and dissipation/living a thoroughly dissipated life/abandon oneself to wild ways/
KE桑田碧海 [そうでんへきかい] /(exp,n) The word is a scene of constant changes (as a mulberry field changing into a blue sea)./
KE白紙委任 [はくしいにん] /(n) carte blanche/blank check/unconditional authority/
KE残忍非道 [ざんにんひどう] /(n,adj-na) cruel and inhuman/brutal/merciless/
KE失意泰然 [しついたいぜん] /(adj-t,adv-to) keeping calm and collected at times of disappoinment/maintaining a serene state of mind in adversity/
KE乱筆乱文 [らんぴつらんぶん] /(n) (my) poor writing/scribbling/hasty writing/
KE万劫末代 [まんごうまつだい] /(n-t) eternity/through all eternity/for evermore/for many generations to come/
KE主義主張 [しゅぎしゅちょう] /(n) one's principles and position/
KE自己主張 [じこしゅちょう] /(n,vs) self-assertion/self-assertiveness/
KE気骨稜稜 [きこつりょうりょう] /(adj-t,adv-to) (a person with) strong moral fiber (backbone, determination)/
KE秩序整然 [ちつじょせいぜん] /(adj-t,adv-to) in good (perfect) order/in apple-pie order/
KE追善供養 [ついぜんくよう] /(n) Buddhist memorial service/Buddhist requiem mass for the dead/
KE奇策縦横 [きさくじゅうおう] /(n,adj-no) full of uncanny (outlandish) schemes/employing ingenious shifts and devices/resorting to clever schemes at will/
KE残念至極 [ざんねんしごく] /(n,adj-na) deep regret/bitter disappointment/chagrin/vexation/
KE既成概念 [きせいがいねん] /(n) preconceived idea/old (established) notions/fixed (established) ideas/
KE貞操観念 [ていそうかんねん] /(n) sense (idea) of chastity/sexual morality/
KE無念千万 [むねんせんばん] /(adj-na) being really disappointed/feeling utterly mortified; being deeply vexed/
KE格調高雅 [かくちょうこうが] /(n,adj-na) refined, dignified, elegant/graceful/exquisite/
KE悪魔調伏 [あくまちょうぶく] /(n) exorcism/praying down evil spirits/
KE強迫観念 [きょうはくかんねん] /(n) obsession/compulsion/
KE一致団結 [いっちだんけつ] /(n,vs) solidarity/acting together as one for a common cause/
KE正直一徹 [しょうじきいってつ] /(n,adj-na) stubbornly honest/
KE直立不動 [ちょくりつふどう] /(n) standing at attention/standing stiffly to attention/
KE馬鹿正直 [ばかしょうじき] /(n,adj-na) honest to a fault/foolishly honest/simple and honest/
KE苗字帯刀 [みょうじたいとう] /(n) the right to bear a surname and to wear a sword (during the Edo period)/
KE傾国傾城 [けいこくけいせい] /(n) a beauty for whom a king would neglect his realm/glamorous woman who brings ruin to a realm as the king is captivated by her beauty/femme fatale/
KE目茶苦茶 [めちゃくちゃ] /(n,adj-na) (1) absurd/unreasonable/nonsensical/preposterous; incoherent/(2) extreme/senseless/reckless/wanton/(3) disorder/confusion/mess/wreck/
KE道心堅固 [どうしんけんご] /(n,adj-na) being of firm (unshakable) faith and strict practice/
KE豪快奔放 [ごうかいほんぽう] /(n,adj-na) big-hearted and free-spirited/daring and uninhibited/
KE沈着冷静 [ちんちゃくれいせい] /(n,adj-na) calm, cool, and collected/level and calm/
KE気随気儘 [きずいきまま] /(n,adj-na) carefree/(doing or saying things) to suit one's own convenience/unfettered/tending to do as one pleases; self-indulgent/
KE奔放自在 [ほんぽうじざい] /(n,adj-na) free and uncontrolled/behaving with abandon; freewheeling/totally uninhibited/
KE壮大華麗 [そうだいかれい] /(n,adj-na) grandiose and splendid/
KE絢爛華麗 [けんらんかれい] /(n,adj-na) luxurious and gorgeous/splendid/dazzling/magnificent/
KE荘厳華麗 [そうごんかれい] /(n,adj-na) majestic and splendid/
KE迅速果敢 [じんそくかかん] /(n,adj-na) quick and decisive/fast and daring/swift and resolute/
KE多芸多才 [たげいたさい] /(n,adj-na) versatile/multi-talented/
KE真一文字 [まいちもんじ] /(n,adj-no) straight/strait line/in (forming) a straight line; as the crow flies/
KE無理矢理 [むりやり] /(n,adv) forcibly/against one's will/under compulsion/
KE円満解決 [えんまんかいけつ] /(n) amicable solution (settlement)/settling the case leaving no parties dissatisfied/
KE牛頭馬頭 [ごずめず] /(n) a type of demons in the Buddhist hell with a human body and the head of a bull or horse/
KE垂涎三尺 [すいぜんさんじゃく] /(n) avid desire/drooling over (something)/watering at the mouth/
KE思案投首 [しあんなげくび] /(n) being at one's wit's end/being (quite) at a loss (what to do)/
KE木戸御免 [きどごめん] /(n) being given free admission to/having free access to/
KE高手小手 [たかてこて] /(n) being tightly bound/having arms bound behind one's back/
KE二者選一 [にしゃせんいつ] /(n) choice of one or the other/choice between (only) two things/choice of two alternatives/
KE冷却期間 [れいきゃくきかん] /(n) cooling-off period/
KE外交辞令 [がいこうじれい] /(n) diplomatic language/lip service/empty praise or flattery/
KE一日一善 [いちにちいちぜん] /(n) doing a good deed each day/doing one good turn a day/
KE既成事実 [きせいじじつ] /(n) established fact/accomplished reality/fait accompli/
KE治外法権 [ちがいほうけん] /(n) extraterritoriality/exterritoriality/extraterritorial rights/
KE家庭円満 [かていえんまん] /(n) family happiness/household harmony/
KE貴顕紳士 [きけんしんし] /(n) gentlemen of (high) eminence/notables/dignitaries/
KE金言名句 [きんげんめいく] /(n) golden (wise) saying/aphorism/maxim/
KE最後通牒 [さいごつうちょう] /(n) ultimatum/
KE雅俗混交 [がぞくこんこう] /(n) mixture of both culture and vulgarism/mixture of both literary and colloquial (language)/
KE山川草木 [さんせんそうもく] /(n) nature/natural scenery/
KE一分一厘 [いちぶいちりん] /(n) (not even) a bit of/(not even) a hint of/(not) an iota of; (not) the slightest/
KE心神喪失 [しんしんそうしつ] /(n) of unsound mind/temporary insanity/
KE妻子眷属 [さいしけんぞく] /(n) one's wife, children, and other relations/one's whole family/
KE聖人賢者 [せいじんけんじゃ] /(n) person of lofty virtue and great wisdom/
KE未練未酌 [みれんみしゃく] /(n) regret and sympathy/having lingering attachment and sympathy toward someone/
KE善後処置 [ぜんごしょち] /(n) remedial measure/preventive measure/the best way to cope with (meet) the situation/
KE三世因果 [さんぜいんが] /(n) retribution spanning the threes temporal worlds (the present, the past, and the future)/
KE雨奇晴好 [うきせいこう] /(n) scenery being beautiful in both rainy and sunny weather/
KE金波銀波 [きんぱぎんぱ] /(n) sparkling waves/waves sparkling in the moonlight or with the light of the rising (setting) sun/
KE臨戦態勢 [りんせんたいせい] /(n) state of war readiness (preparedness)/preparation for action/
KE文房四宝 [ぶんぼうしほう] /(n) the four important writing materials used in calligraphy (brush, ink stick, inkstone, and paper)/
KE大政奉還 [たいせいほうかん] /(n) the restoration of the imperial rule (in Meiji Japan)/
KE三三九度 [さんさんくど] /(n) (three-times-three) exchange of nuptial cups/
KE酔歩蹣跚 [すいほまんさん] /(n) tipsy lurch/reeling (staggering) gait/
KE海底撈月 [かいていろうげつ] /(n) totally useless (fruitless) effort/wasting time on an impossible task (like trying to scoop up a reflected moon from the bottom of the sea)/
KE相互依存 [そうごいぞん] /(n,vs) mutual dependence/interdependence/
KE寸進尺退 [すんしんしゃくたい] /(n,vs) one step forward, many steps backward/little to gain and much to lose/
KE自己欺瞞 [じこぎまん] /(n,vs) self-deception/
KE自己嫌悪 [じこけんお] /(n,vs) self-disgust/self-hatred/self-abhorrence/
KE尊大不遜 [そんだいふそん] /(n,adj-na) arrogant and presumptuous/haughty arrogance; intolerable insolence/
KE心身一如 [しんしんいちにょ] /(n) body and mind as one/
KE一旦緩急 [いったんかんきゅう] /(exp,n) (when) danger threatens/should an emergency occur/
KE男尊女卑 [だんそんじょひ] /(n) male domination of women/male chauvinism/placing men above women/belief in the superiority of men over women/
KE哀訴嘆願 [あいそたんがん] /(n,vs) plea/entreaty/supplication/
KE得意淡然 [とくいたんぜん] /(adj-t,adv-to) not letting oneself puffed up by one's success; maintaining a serene state of mind when one has achieved a great success/
KE弊衣蓬髪 [へいいほうはつ] /(n) unkempt hair and shabby clothes/
KE頭脳明晰 [ずのうめいせき] /(n,adj-na) being clearheaded/having a keen (sharp, brilliant) mind/
KE四方八方 [しほうはっぽう] /(n) in all directions/hither and thither/far and wide/on all sides/
KE元気溌剌 [げんきはつらつ] /(n,adj-na) be full of energy (liveliness)/be full of pep/
KE発菩提心 [はつぼだいしん] /(n) deciding to embrace Buddhism/deciding to seek enlightenment/seeking to have religious awakening/
KE自己啓発 [じこけいはつ] /(n,vs) self-development/self-enlightenment/
KE冷淡無情 [れいたんむじょう] /(n,adj-na) cold-hearted/callous/pitiless/unsympathetic/
KE窮鼠噛猫 [きゅうそごうびょう] /(exp) A cornered rat will bite the cat./One who is cornered will fight like a devil./
KE加減乗除 [かげんじょうじょ] /(n) the four arithmetical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)/
KE虚実混交 [きょじつこんこう] /(n) mishmash of truth and untruth/mixture of fiction and fact/
KE遠謀深慮 [えんぼうしんりょ] /(n) deep design and forethought/farsighted and deeply-laid plan/
KE三者鼎立 [さんしゃていりつ] /(n) three parties (forces) opposing one another/three-cornered contest/
KE泰山鳴動 [たいざんめいどう] /(n) a big fuss over nothing/much cry and little wool/much ado about nothing/
KE加持祈祷 [かじきとう] /(n,vs) Buddhist prayers to protect against misfortunes/chant incantations/recite healing prayers/
KE白紙撤回 [はくしてっかい] /(n,vs) complete revocation/total retraction/
KE雲烟飛動 [うんえんひどう] /(n) (1) flying clouds and drifting haze/(2) magnificent calligraphy/vivid penmanship/
KE挙動不審 [きょどうふしん] /(n) suspicious behavior/acting suspiciously/
KE中途半端 [ちゅうとはんぱ] /(n,adj-na) halfway/half measures/half-hearted/half-baked; betwixt and between/
KE教唆扇動 [きょうさせんどう] /(n,vs) instigation and abetment/
KE起居挙動 [ききょきょどう] /(n) behavior/bearing/deportment/manners/demeanor/
KE容貌端正 [ようぼうたんせい] /(n,adj-na) having handsome and clean-cut features/
KE陽動作戦 [ようどうさくせん] /(n) feint operation/diversionary tactic (operation, activities)/
KE質素倹約 [しっそけんやく] /(n,vs) (practice) simplicity and frugality/scrimping and saving/
KE貪官汚吏 [たんかんおり] /(n) corrupt government official/
KE各人各様 [かくじんかくよう] /(exp,n) So many men, so many ways/Each to his own taste/It takes all sorts to make a world/each in his or her own way./
KE天下一品 [てんかいっぴん] /(n,adj-no) best article under heaven/peerless/a nonesuch/
KE天下第一 [てんかだいいち] /(n,adj-no) the best in the land/the best of its kind in the country/par excellence in the whole country/
KE天空海濶 [てんくうかいかつ] /(n,adj-no) the open sky and the serene sea/as open as the sky and serene as the sea/magnanimous/
KE辛酸甘苦 [しんさんかんく] /(n) hardships and joys/tasting the sweets and bitters of life; (having seen much of life) being well-versed in the ways of the world/
KE天理人道 [てんりじんどう] /(n) the laws of nature and humanity/
KE天下無敵 [てんかむてき] /(n,adj-no) peerless (unparalleled, matchless, unequaled) in the country/
KE一人天下 [ひとりでんか] /(n) being the sole master of the situation/reigning supreme; standing unchallenged/
KE天井桟敷 [てんじょうさじき] /(n) upper gallery (of a theater)/being utterly ignored (as if being placed in the upper gallery)/
KE天理人情 [てんりにんじょう] /(n) the laws of nature and humanity/
KE容顔美麗 [ようがんびれい] /(n,adj-na) beautiful face/attractive features/
KE再起不能 [さいきふのう] /(n) be beyond (have no hope of) recovery/
KE権謀術策 [けんぼうじゅっさく] /(n) trickery/wiles/intriguing strategy cleverly designed to fool others/Machiavellism/
KE哀悼痛惜 [あいとうつうせき] /(n) condolence/mourning/sorrow/lamentation/
KE当代随一 [とうだいずいいち] /(n,adj-no) the greatest of the day/
KE当代第一 [とうだいだいいち] /(n,adj-no) the greatest of the day/
KE懐古趣味 [かいこしゅみ] /(n) nostalgia for the good old days/retro-culture/
KE精神統一 [せいしんとういつ] /(n,vs) concentration of mind/mental concentration (on some task)/determined mind/
KE知徳兼備 [ちとくけんび] /(n,vs) having both (wide) knowledge and (high) virtue/
KE暖冬異変 [だんとういへん] /(n) abnormally warm (mild) winter/
KE当代無双 [とうだいむそう] /(n,adj-no) being unsurpassed (unparalleled) at present/
KE前途有為 [ぜんとゆうい] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) having a very promising future/offering promising prospects/
KE自重自戒 [じちょうじかい] /(n,vs) be prudent and cautious/caution oneself against/
KE山岳重畳 [さんがくちょうじょう] /(adj-t,adv-to) mountains rising one above another/
KE時世時節 [ときよじせつ] /(n) times and situations/the course of events of the times/a turn of Fortune's wheel/
KE時機到来 [じきとうらい] /(n) a good chance coming along/the time has come (for/to/when...)/opportunity knocking/
KE年功序列 [ねんこうじょれつ] /(n) seniority system/seniority by length of service/promotion by age or seniority/
KE十年一日 [じゅうねんいちじつ] /(n) (juunen'ichijitsu/juunen'ichinichi)without intermission for many years/with constancy of purpose for many years/in the same old rut for years on end/
KE恐惶敬白 [きょうこうけいはく] /(exp) Very truly yours (a complimentary close used in a letter written in an old epistolary style)/
KE利害関係 [りがいかんけい] /(n) an interest (in)/a vested interest/a stake (in)/concern/
KE変幻出没 [へんげんしゅつぼつ] /(n,vs) being protean and elusive/appear and disappear like a phantom/
KE平凡陳腐 [へいぼんちんぷ] /(n,adj-na) commonplace and stale/humdrum and hackneyed/
KE太平無事 [たいへいぶじ] /(n,adj-na) peace and quiet/safe and peaceful/tranquil and uneventful/
KE平易明快 [へいいめいかい] /(n,adj-na) simple and clear/plain and lucid/
KE清濁併呑 [せいだくへいどん] /(n) being so broad-minded as to accept all sorts of things, both good and evil/being broad-minded enough to be tolerant of people of all shades/
KE開巻劈頭 [かいかんへきとう] /(n-adv) at the very beginning of a book/The book opens with .../
KE汚名返上 [おめいへんじょう] /(n,vs) clear one's name/redeem oneself/clear (vindicate) one's honor (reputation)/
KE怜悧狡猾 [れいりこうかつ] /(n,adj-na) cunning/crafty/shrewd/guileful/
KE臥竜鳳雛 [がりょうほうすう] /(n) gifted young person who shows much promise/unrecognized genius/great person whose talent is hidden under a bushel/
KE士気高揚 [しきこうよう] /(n,vs) raise (lift) morale/have an inspiring effect on morale/
KE知恵才覚 [ちえさいかく] /(n) having wisdom and resources/being clever and talented/
KE流転輪廻 [るてんりんね] /(n,vs) all things being in flux through the endless circle of birth, death, and rebirth/the circle of transmigration/
KE万物流転 [ばんぶつるてん] /(exp,n) All things are in a state of flux/Everything is constantly changing./
KE知恵分別 [ちえふんべつ] /(n) wisdom and good (common sense) judgment/
KE流血淋漓 [りゅうけつりんり] /(adj-t,adv-to) dripping with fresh blood/
KE親戚知己 [しんせきちき] /(n) relatives and acquaintances/
KE四捨五入 [ししゃごにゅう] /(n,vs) rounding (off)/
KE知行一致 [ちこういっち] /(n) unity (consistency) of knowledge and action/
KE名僧知識 [めいそうちしき] /(n) great (learned) priest/celebrated priest who has attained spiritual enlightenment/
KE機知縦横 [きちじゅうおう] /(n,adj-no) being very witty/very ingenious and resourceful/
KE物心両面 [ぶっしんりょうめん] /(n) both material and moral/both physically and psychologically (spiritually)/
KE賛否両論 [さんぴりょうろん] /(n) pros and cons/arguments for and against, mixed reception/
KE明朗快活 [めいろうかいかつ] /(n,adj-na) cheerful and openhearted/
KE山川万里 [さんせんばんり] /(n) being far away across mountains and rivers/
KE物見遊山 [ものみゆさん] /(n) going on a pleasure jaunt/going sightseeing/sightseeing excursion/
KE沃野千里 [よくやせんり] /(n) vast expansion of fertile land/vast stretch of rich plain/
KE厭離穢土 [おんりえど] /(n) abhorrence of (living in) this impure world/
KE本領安堵 [ほんりょうあんど] /(n) recognition and guarantee, by the shogunate, of ownership of the inherited estate of a samurai who pledged allegiance to it (in the Kamakura and early Muromachi periods)/
KE大風呂敷 [おおぶろしき] /(n) (1) large-sized furoshiki (cloth wrapper)/(2) big talk; vain boasting/hot air/blowing one's own trumpet/rodomontade/
KE広範多岐 [こうはんたき] /(n,adj-na) extensive and wide-ranging/widespread and divergent/
KE鼻元思案 [はなもとじあん] /(n) (hanamotojian/hanamotoshian)superficial (shortsighted) way of thinking/half-baked (foolish, ill-advised) idea/
KE連帯責任 [れんたいせきにん] /(n) collective responsibility/joint liability/
KE簡明率直 [かんめいそっちょく] /(n,adj-na) simple, plain, and artless/clear, concise, and unaffected/
KE連日連夜 [れんじつれんや] /(n-t) every day and every night/day(s) and night(s)/
KE連戦連敗 [れんせんれんぱい] /(n,vs) succession (series) of defeats/losing battle after battle/losing every game/
KE連戦連勝 [れんせんれんしょう] /(n,vs) succession (series) of victories/winning battle after battle/winning every game/
KE独立独行 [どくりつどっこう] /(n) self-reliance/acting according to one's own ideas and beliefs/
KE独立自存 [どくりつじそん] /(n) independence and self-reliance/
KE局外中立 [きょくがいちゅうりつ] /(n) neutrality/staying above the fray/
KE柳緑花紅 [りゅうりょくかこう] /(n) red blossoms and green willows/beautiful scenery of spring; natural beauty/beauty of nature/
KE勤倹貯蓄 [きんけんちょちく] /(n) thrift and saving/
KE阿鼻地獄 [あびじごく] /(n) the Avici hell, the eighth and most painful of the eight hells in Buddhism/
KE盗人上戸 [ぬすびとじょうご] /(n) (nusubitojougo/nusuttojougo)(1) person who likes alcohol and sweets equally well/(2) person who can drink much alcohol without becoming tipsy/
KE開闢以来 [かいびゃくいらい] /(n-t) since the creation (of the world)/since the dawn of history/
KE勤皇攘夷 [きんのうじょうい] /(n) loyalty to the emperor and expulsion of the foreigners/
KE昨非今是 [さくひこんぜ] /(exp,n) complete reversal of values or ways of thinking (over time)/What appeared wrong in the past now appears right.; realizing and regretting the past errors of one's ways/
KE奥義秘伝 [おうぎひでん] /(n) secretes/mysteries/secret formula/essence/esoterica (of an art, martial arts, etc.)/
KE大逆非道 [たいぎゃくひどう] /(n,adj-na) heinous/treacherous/atrocious/diabolic/fiendish; inhuman/
KE品性高潔 [ひんせいこうけつ] /(n,adj-na) of lofty (noble, virtuous) character/
KE感慨一入 [かんがいひとしお] /(adj-na,adj-no,n-adv) one's heart is filled with even deeper emotion/feeling the emotion all the more deeply/
KE過大評価 [かだいひょうか] /(n,vs) overestimation/overvaluation/overassessment/
KE息災延命 [そくさいえんめい] /(n) health and longevity/enjoying a long and healthy life being untouched by disaster/
KE迷惑千万 [めいわくせんばん] /(adj-na) great nuisance/extremely annoying/quite embarrassing/
KE未開野蛮 [みかいやばん] /(n,adj-na) primitive and barbarous/uncivilized and barbaric/
KE励声一番 [れいせいいちばん] /(n) giving cries of encouragement at a critical moment/
KE南蛮渡来 [なんばんとらい] /(n) (articles) imported to Japan by early European traders/
KE万代不易 [ばんだいふえき] /(n) eternally unchanging/
KE茶番狂言 [ちゃばんきょうげん] /(n) a type of farce (burlesque, skit) popular in the Edo period/
KE桑原桑原 [くわばらくわばら] /(int) Heaven help me!/Heaven forbid!/
KE社交辞令 [しゃこうじれい] /(n) polite or diplomatic way of putting things/lip service; empty compliment/
KE片言隻語 [へんげんせきご] /(n) a few words/a single phrase/
KE獅子身中 [しししんちゅう] /(n) treacherous friend/snake in one's bosom/treacherous insider/
KE奸佞邪知 [かんねいじゃち] /(n) wiles and cunning/craftiness and treachery/
KE不可思議 [ふかしぎ] /(n,adj-na) mystery/wonder/miracle/riddle/strange/enigmatic; incomprehensible/
KE不可抗力 [ふかこうりょく] /(n) act of God/inevitable accident/irresistible force/force majeure/
KE奔放不羈 [ほんぽうふき] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) free-spirited and uninhibited/unfettered; freewheeling/
KE王政復古 [おうせいふっこ] /(n) restoration of imperial (royal) rule/the Restoration (in English history)/
KE頑冥不霊 [がんめいふれい] /(n,adj-na) stubborn and ignorant/
KE起居振舞 [たちいふるまい] /(n) behavior/bearing/deportment/manners/demeanor/
KE相互扶助 [そうごふじょ] /(n) mutual aid (assistance, help)/
KE人相風体 [にんそうふうてい] /(n) (ninsoufuutei/ninsoufuutai)someone's looks and personal appearance/
KE雲雨巫山 [うんうふざん] /(n) sexual liaison/
KE奮闘努力 [ふんとうどりょく] /(n,vs) try one's best/all-out effort/strenuous efforts/
KE風紀紊乱 [ふうきびんらん] /(n) corruption of public morals/
KE雲水行脚 [うんすいあんぎゃ] /(n) itinerant monk being on pilgrimages to many lands/
KE行儀作法 [ぎょうぎさほう] /(n) good manners/etiquette/decorum/the rules of good behavior/
KE壮言大語 [そうげんたいご] /(n,vs) heroic words/big talk/boasting/bragging; grandiloquence/rodomontade/
KE武者修行 [むしゃしゅぎょう] /(n) knight-errantry/traveling about to train oneself (in the martial arts)/
KE春夏秋冬 [しゅんかしゅうとう] /(n-adv,n) the four seasons/all the year round/at all seasons/
KE意思疎通 [いしそつう] /(n) mutual understanding/reciprocal communication/
KE意志堅固 [いしけんご] /(n,adj-na) strong determination/strong-willed/having strong will power/firmness of purpose/
KE意思表示 [いしひょうじ] /(n,vs) declaration of intention/manifestation of intent; expressing one's will/
KE意識朦朧 [いしきもうろう] /(adj-t,adv-to) being in a hazy state/being only half conscious; feeling dopey/
KE帰属意識 [きぞくいしき] /(n) sense of belonging/(a feeling of) identification (with)/
KE潜在意識 [せんざいいしき] /(n) the subconscious/subconscious awareness/
KE意趣遺恨 [いしゅいこん] /(n) grudge/spite/malice/rancor/
KE意識過剰 [いしきかじょう] /(n,adj-na) hyperconsciousness/too great a sense (of)/something being only one's imagination/letting imagination run away with one/
KE無位無冠 [むいむかん] /(n) (a plain citizen) having no special rank or title/being a common citizen/
KE人畜無害 [じんちくむがい] /(adj-na) harmless to humans and animals/completely harmless; perfectly safe/
KE無学無識 [むがくむしき] /(n) illiterate and ignorant/uneducated and lacking in wisdom and discernment/
KE無期延期 [むきえんき] /(n,vs) indefinite postponement/adjournment sine die/
KE無間奈落 [むげんならく] /(n) the Avici hell, the eighth and most painful of the eight hells in Buddhism/
KE無罪放免 [むざいほうめん] /(n) acquittal/being found innocent and acquitted/
KE冷酷無残 [れいこくむざん] /(n,adj-na) cruel and heartless/merciless/implacable/cold-blooded/
KE冷酷無慙 [れいこくむざん] /(n,adj-na) cruel and heartless/merciless/implacable/cold-blooded/
KE無色透明 [むしょくとうめい] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) colorless and transparent/
KE公私混同 [こうしこんどう] /(n,vs) mix up public and private matters/mix up official business with personal affairs/mix up one's job and one's private life/
KE自問自答 [じもんじとう] /(n,vs) answering one's own question/wondering to oneself/
KE五十知命 [ごじゅうちめい] /(exp) At age fifty, one comes to know the will of Heaven. (Confucius)/
KE救国済民 [きゅうこくさいみん] /(n) saving a nation and providing relief to people/
KE無理心中 [むりしんじゅう] /(n,vs) forced double suicide/murder-suicide/
KE新旧交代 [しんきゅうこうたい] /(n,vs) replacing the old with the new/the old giving way to the new/transition between the old and the new/
KE弓馬槍剣 [きゅうばそうけん] /(n) archery, horsemanship, spearsmanship, and swordsmanship; martial arts in general/
KE四十不惑 [しじゅうふわく] /(exp) At forty, one has no doubts. (Confucius)/
KE永久不変 [えいきゅうふへん] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) permanence/forever unchanging/
KE中肉中背 [ちゅうにくちゅうぜい] /(n) medium build/of average height and weight (build)/
KE忠勇無双 [ちゅうゆうむそう] /(n,adj-no) of peerless loyalty and bravery/
KE亭主関白 [ていしゅかんぱく] /(n) the hectoring of the husband/husband who rules the roost; domineering husband/
KE事大主義 [じだいしゅぎ] /(n) sycophancy/toadyism/following the powerful for self-protection/
KE綱紀粛正 [こうきしゅくせい] /(n) enforcing strict official discipline/eliminating corruption among government officials/
KE粗酒粗肴 [そしゅそこう] /(n) cheap wines and unpalatable dishes (a modest (self-deprecating) way of offering a meal to a guest)/
KE多種多面 [たしゅためん] /(n,adj-na) wide-ranging and diverse/multifarious/
KE貴賤上下 [きせんしょうか] /(n) (kisenjouge/kisenshouka)high and low/(people of) all ranks and classes/
KE勇猛無比 [ゆうもうむひ] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) most brave/as brave as any/unmatched for valor/
KE雄気堂堂 [ゆうきどうどう] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) with heroic drive and boundless energy/
KE勇気百倍 [ゆうきひゃくばい] /(n,vs) inspire someone with fresh courage/with redoubled courage/
KE英雄好色 [えいゆうこうしょく] /(exp,n) All great men like women./Great men enjoy sensual pleasure./
KE阿諛迎合 [あゆげいごう] /(n,vs) ingratiation/sycophancy/
KE人身御供 [ひとみごくう] /(n) human sacrifice/sacrificial victim/
KE羞月閉花 [しゅうげつへいか] /(n) the charms of a rarely beautiful woman/(Literally: (so beautiful that) the Moon is abashed and flowers wilt)/
KE言々句々 [げんげんくく] /(n) every single word and phrase/each and every word/
KE精進潔斎 [しょうじんけっさい] /(n,vs) purifying oneself (religiously) by abstaining from eating meat or fish/
KE兄弟弟子 [きょうだいでし] /(n) fellow pupil (apprentice)/
KE恐悦至極 [きょうえつしごく] /(n,adj-na) most humbly pleased (delighted)/
KE大胆巧妙 [だいたんこうみょう] /(n,adj-na) bold and clever/daring and ingenious/audacious and masterly/
KE卓上演説 [たくじょうえんぜつ] /(n) after-dinner speech/speech made at a dinner (luncheon)/
KE共同戦線 [きょうどうせんせん] /(n) common (united) front/
KE一六勝負 [いちろくしょうぶ] /(n) dice gambling game/staking all on one throw/all-or-nothing gamble/risky attempt/
KE義理人情 [ぎりにんじょう] /(n) duty and humanity/(a sense of) moral obligation and humane feelings/
KE真剣勝負 [しんけんしょうぶ] /(n) fighting with real swords/game played in deadly earnest/
KE希少価値 [きしょうかち] /(n) very precious/scarcity value/
KE時代考証 [じだいこうしょう] /(n,vs) ascertaining historical evidence/research into the period/research to ensure historical verisimilitude/
KE恐懼感激 [きょうくかんげき] /(n,vs) be struck with awe/be deeply moved with awe/
KE狂瀾怒涛 [きょうらんどとう] /(n) raging billows (waves)/tumultuous sea/maelstrom/the state of affairs being in great turmoil/
KE無量無辺 [むりょうむへん] /(n,adj-no) immense and limitless/
KE驕兵必敗 [きょうへいひっぱい] /(exp,n) Defeat is inevitable for an overconfident army./Being arrogant and overconfident inevitably leads to defeat (failure)./Pride comes before a fall./
KE家常茶飯 [かじょうさはん] /(n) everyday occurrence/commonplace of life/nothing out of the ordinary/
KE過小評価 [かしょうひょうか] /(n,vs) underestimation/undervaluation/underassessment/
KE人情風俗 [にんじょうふうぞく] /(n) manners, customs and popular sentiments/
KE常住坐臥 [じょうじゅうざが] /(n-adv) at all times/day in, day out/constantly/always/in one's daily course of life/
KE感情移入 [かんじょういにゅう] /(n,vs) empathy/empathize (identify) with someone/
KE戦々恐々 [せんせんきょうきょう] /(sensenkyoukyou) (adj-na,adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) trembling with fear/filled with trepidation/
KE自浄作用 [じじょうさよう] /(n) self-purification/nature's self-cleansing functions/
KE名所旧跡 [めいしょきゅうせき] /(n) scenic sites and historic places/places of natural beauty and historic interest/
KE自助努力 [じじょどりょく] /(n,vs) self-help efforts/self-supporting endeavor/
KE全力投球 [ぜんりょくとうきゅう] /(n,vs) throw a ball as hard as one can/use all of one's strength (to)/give (it) everything one has got/go full-out/
KE挙措進退 [きょそしんたい] /(n) behavior/bearing/demeanor/
KE大根役者 [だいこんやくしゃ] /(n) bad (poor) actor/ham actor/
KE合掌礼拝 [がっしょうらいはい] /(n,vs) join one's hands in prayer/pray with (the palms of) one's hands together/
KE用心堅固 [ようじんけんご] /(n,adj-na) very cautious (watchful, vigilant)/taking every possible precaution/
KE多岐多様 [たきたよう] /(n,adj-na) wide-ranging and diverse/multifarious/
KE名誉回復 [めいよかいふく] /(n) restoring one's impaired reputation/regaining one's honor; redeeming oneself/
KE無欲無私 [むよくむし] /(n) unselfish and impartial (disinterested)/
KE往事茫々 [おうじぼうぼう] /(adj-t,adv-to) memories of the past events being (becoming) far and distant/
KE活気横溢 [かっきおういつ] /(n) being full of vitality (energy)/in exuberant spirits; effervescent/ebullient/
KE極楽蜻蛉 [ごくらくとんぼ] /(n) happy-go-lucky fellow/an easygoing and indifferent person; a pococurante/
KE忠孝仁義 [ちゅうこうじんぎ] /(n) loyalty, filial piety, humanity, and justice/
KS滑稽洒脱 [こっけいしゃだつ] /(n,adj-na) smooth-talking and polished/witty/free, easy, and urbane/
KS身心一如 [しんしんいちにょ] /(n) body and mind as one/
KS雅俗折衷 [がぞくせっちゅう] /(n) blending of the classical and colloquial styles/
KS殺生禁断 [せっしょうきんだん] /(n) prohibition against hunting and fishing/
KS事事物物 [じじぶつぶつ] /(n) everything/every affair (matter)/all things/
KS失望落胆 [しつぼうらくたん] /(n,vs) be disappointed and disheartened/
KS後生可畏 [こうせいかい] /(exp) The young should be regarded with respect./
KS堅牢堅固 [けんろうけんご] /(n,adj-na) firm and solid/stout and durable/
KS四神相応 [しじんそうおう] /(n) an ideal topography for the four Taoist gods, with a river in the east, a broad avenue in the west, a basin in the south, and a hill in the north/
KS規制緩和 [きせいかんわ] /(n) easing of restraints (regulations)/relaxation of controls; deregulation/
KS一新紀元 [いちしんきげん] /(n) marking (the beginning of) a new era (epoch)/
KS一味同心 [いちみどうしん] /(n) (people) working together with one mind/
KS同文同種 [どうぶんどうしゅ] /(n) the same script and the same race/(a mistaken view that the Chinese and the Japanese are of the same stock merely because they use the same script)/
KS高歌放吟 [こうかほうぎん] /(n,vs) sing at the top of one's voice/sing one's head off/
KS自力更正 [じりきこうせい] /(n,vs) working out one's salvation by own efforts; rehabilitating oneself by one's own efforts/recovery through own resources/
KS千緒万端 [せんしょばんたん] /(n) all sorts of things/all manner of affairs/
KS天孫降臨 [てんそんこうりん] /(n) the descent to earth of the grandson of the sun goddess/
KS一天四海 [いってんしかい] /(n) the whole world/the universe/
KS一天万乗 [いってんばんじょう] /(n) (the throne or realm of) a sovereign (an emperor)/
KS天地玄黄 [てんちげんこう] /(exp,n) Heaven is black and earth is yellow./heaven and earth/
KS天涯地角 [てんがいちかく] /(n) two places being very far apart/far-off (remote) land/
KS天涯比隣 [てんがいひりん] /(n) a great distance does not detract from the feeling (relationship) of endearment/feeling as though a dear one faraway were living in one's close neighborhood/
KS天下無双 [てんかむそう] /(n,adj-no) peerless (unparalleled, matchless, unequaled) in the country/
KS錦上添花 [きんじょうてんか] /(n) adding a crowning touch of beauty (to)/giving added luster (to)/crowning beauty (honor, grace) with even greater glory/
KS豊年満作 [ほうねんまんさく] /(n) bumper crops of rice (and other grains)/year of a full rice harvest/
KS種種雑多 [しゅじゅざった] /(n,adj-na) all sorts or kinds (of)/motley/
KS三界流転 [さんがいるてん] /(n) endless cycle of rebirth through the three worlds of past, present, and future existences/
KS風流三昧 [ふうりゅうざんまい] /(n) taking delight in elegant artistic pursuits/being absorbed in such elegant cultural pursuits as poetry, painting and calligraphy/
KS舳艫千里 [じくろせんり] /(n) a large number of ships sailing in a long chain-like formation/
KS士農工商 [しのうこうしょう] /(n) the hierarchy of samurai, farmers, artisans, and merchants in Edo society/
KS事理明白 [じりめいはく] /(n,adj-na) the facts being beyond dispute/the logic being indisputable/
KS版籍奉還 [はんせきほうかん] /(n,vs) return of the lands and people from the feudal lords to the Emperor (1869)/
KS是非善悪 [ぜひぜんあく] /(n) rights and wrongs/the relative merits (of a case)/propriety/
KS夷蛮戎狄 [いばんじゅうてき] /(n) the barbarians beyond the borders of old China/
KS普遍妥当 [ふへんだとう] /(n) universal validity/fitting into any situation/
KS腐敗堕落 [ふはいだらく] /(n) debasement/corruption/degradation/
KS雌伏雄飛 [しふくゆうひ] /(n,vs) biding one's time building up strength till finally grasping an opportunity to launch out and flourish/
KS不言不語 [ふげんふご] /(n) without putting (needing to put) anything into words/
KS無位無官 [むいむかん] /(n) (a plain citizen) having no special rank or title/being a common citizen/
KS牛鬼蛇神 [ぎゅうきだしん] /(n,adj-no) wicked and perverse/weird and incoherent/
KS一伍一什 [いちごいちじゅう] /(n) full particulars/the whole story/from beginning to end/
KS赤手空拳 [せきしゅくうけん] /(n) barehanded/having no wealth or position to rely on (aside from one's own resourcefulness) (when embarking on something)/
KS熟思黙想 [じゅくしもくそう] /(n,vs) consider (a matter) carefully and silently/be lost in silent contemplation/
KS事後承諾 [じごしょうだく] /(n,vs) ex-post-facto approval/ratification/
KS証拠隠滅 [しょうこいんめつ] /(n) destruction of evidence/
KS清浄無垢 [せいじょうむく] /(n,adj-na) pure and innocent/immaculate/
HE物物交換 [ぶつぶつこうかん] /(n) bartering/
HE頓首再拝 [とんしゅさいはい] /(n) (hon) Respectfully yours/
HE博引傍証 [はくいんぼうしょう] /(n,vs) citing copious references/
HE応急措置 [おうきゅうそち] /(n) stopgap measure/quick-fix solution/
HE七生報国 [しちしょうほうこく] /(n) unfailing devotion to one's country/
HS内疎外親 [ないそがいしん] /(exp) superficially cordial but actually uninterested/
HS尸位素餐 [しいそさん] /(n) neglecting the duties of an office while taking pay/
HS南征北伐 [なんせいほくばつ] /(n) attacking in all directions/
HS衆口一致 [しゅうこういっち] /(n,vs) speaking with one voice/being unanimous/
ES天神地祇 [てんしんちぎ] /(n) gods of heaven and earth/
ES生生世世 [しょうじょうぜぜ] /(n-adv,n) eternity/forever/through all eternity/
K他人迷惑 [たにんめいわく] /(n) nuisance (annoyance, inconvenience) to people around one; social nuisance/
K傲慢不遜 [ごうまんふそん] /(adj-na) haughty/arrogant/overbearing/intolerable insolence/
K貴顕紳商 [きけんしんしょう] /(n) merchant prince/
K陰陽和合 [いんようわごう] /(n) the harmony of yin and yang energies/
K王侯貴族 [おうこうきぞく] /(n) royalty and titled nobility/
K民族自決 [みんぞくじけつ] /(n) self-determination of peoples/national self-determination/
K独身貴族 [どくしんきぞく] /(n) unmarried persons living affluently/well-off single young man (woman)/swinging bachelor/
K家族団欒 [かぞくだんらん] /(n,vs) happy family circle/sitting in a family circle and enjoying conversation/harmony in a family/
K人間疎外 [にんげんそがい] /(n) dehumanization/alienation of man (human beings)/
K自己疎外 [じこそがい] /(n) self-alienation/self-estrangement/
K跡目相続 [あとめそうぞく] /(n) taking over as (the) head of a family/succession to the position of family head/successorship/
K家督相続 [かとくそうぞく] /(n,vs) taking over as (the) head of a family/succession to the position of family head/inheritance/
K別居結婚 [べっきょけっこん] /(n) commuter marriage/
K交際下手 [こうさいべた] /(n,adj-na) bad at socializing/bad in social situation/being a bad mixer/
K鍋底景気 [なべそこけいき] /(n) lingering recession/an economy that lingers in the doldrums after bottoming out/
K弁当持参 [べんとうじさん] /(n) bringing one's own lunch/
K煎餅布団 [せんべいぶとん] /(n) futon worn flat and hard by long use/futon as flat as a pancake/
K助平根性 [すけべいこんじょう] /(n) lewd disposition, lecherous nature/greedy motives/
K緊急動議 [きんきゅうどうぎ] /(n) urgent motion/
K緊急事態 [きんきゅうじたい] /(n) state of emergency/exigency/crisis/
K越境入学 [えっきょうにゅうがく] /(n,vs) gain admission to a school outside one's own school district/
K異曲同工 [いきょくどうこう] /(n) different in appearance but essentially the same in content/equal in skills or workmanship but different in style or artistic flavor/the same for all practical purposes/
K自己弁護 [じこべんご] /(n,vs) defending oneself/self-justification/self-vindication; an excuse/a rationalization/
K僭上越権 [せんじょうえっけん] /(n) exceeding (overstepping) one's powers (competence, authority)/abuse of one's legal authority/acting ultra vires/
K異国情調 [いこくじょうちょう] /(n) exotic mood/exotic atmosphere/exoticism/
K異国趣味 [いこくしゅみ] /(n) taste for the exotic/infatuation with a foreign way of life/exoticism/
K勝手次第 [かってしだい] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) acting according to one's inclinations/
K勝手放題 [かってほうだい] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) at one's sweet will/doing whatever one pleases/however one pleases/
K義理一遍 [ぎりいっぺん] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) perfunctory/going-through-the-motions sort of (invitation, gift, etc.)/
K一体全体 [いったいぜんたい] /(adv) what (how, where, why, who) on earth?/what (how, where, why, who) in the world?/
K達成可能 [たっせいかのう] /(n,adj-na) achievable/attainable/
K物心一如 [ぶっしんいちにょ] /(exp,n) Matter and mind are one./body and mind as one/
K一刻一刻 [いっこくいっこく] /(n,adv) hourly/from hour to hour/moment by moment/momently; from one minute to the next/with each passing moment/
K一歩一歩 [いっぽいっぽ] /(n-adv,n) step by step/every step/
K一瞬絶句 [いっしゅんぜっく] /(n,vs) breaking off short (in one's speech)/rendered speechless for a moment/
K一致結束 [いっちけっそく] /(n,vs) closing ranks/uniting and working together/coming together for fighting/
K貫禄不足 [かんろくぶそく] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) lacking enough gravity for (a position/task); being an insignificant figure for (a position/task)/
K内外多事 [ないがいたじ] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) things being very eventful at home and abroad/
K正確無比 [せいかくむひ] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) unmatched (unparalleled) accuracy/
K至純至高 [しじゅんしこう] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) utmost purity/
K至純至精 [しじゅんしせい] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) utmost purity/
K愚図愚図 [ぐずぐず] /(adj-na,adv,exp) tardily/hesitantly/hesitatingly; dilly-dallying/lingering/complaining/
K空々寂々 [くうくうじゃくじゃく] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) deserted and lonesome/quiet and alone; innocent and nonattached/All is void./
K内心忸怩 [ないしんじくじ] /(adj-t,adv-to) ashamed deep in one's heart/blushing with shame when one remembers something/
K名声嘖々 [めいせいさくさく] /(adj-t,adv-to) highly renowned/on everybody's lips/enjoying a high reputation/
K寒気凛々 [かんきりんりん] /(adj-t,adv-to) it (the weather) being piercing (bitterly) cold/
K脱線行為 [だっせんこうい] /(n) aberration/aberrant behavior/eccentric (erratic) behavior; indulging in an escapade/
K虚脱状態 [きょだつじょうたい] /(n) state of lethargy/absolute bewilderment/daze/mental numbness/
K生死一如 [せいしいちにょ] /(exp,n) Life and death are the two faces of the same coin./
K一切皆空 [いっさいかいくう] /(exp,n) Matter is void/All is vanity./
K応変能力 [おうへんのうりょく] /(n) ability to take proper steps to meet the situation/ability to adapt oneself to (the requirement of) the moment/
K奉納相撲 [ほうのうずもう] /(n) sumo exhibition match held in the precincts of a Shinto shrine/
K官能小説 [かんのうしょうせつ] /(n) amorous (erotic) novel/pornographic novel/
K潜在能力 [せんざいのうりょく] /(n) potential/latent faculty/potential capacity/
K花嫁修業 [はなよめしゅうぎょう] /(n) training for homemaking/training in homemaking arts/
K自浄能力 [じじょうのうりょく] /(n) self-cleansing power/being capable of purifying oneself/
K人気失墜 [にんきしっつい] /(n) decline in public favor/fall in popularity/
K気儘勝手 [きままかって] /(n,adj-na) self-willed/(doing or saying things) to suit one's own convenience/
K勝手気儘 [かってきまま] /(n,adj-na) self-willed/(doing or saying things) to suit one's own convenience/oblivious to the convenience of others/
K手前勝手 [てまえがって] /(n,adj-na) (very) selfish/self-centered/self-willed/self-seeking/
K国家多事 [こっかたじ] /(n,adj-no) eventful times for the nation/the nation being in turmoil/the storm clouds gathering in the land/
K側近政治 [そっきんせいじ] /(n) administration by close advisers/kitchen cabinet/
K一昨昨月 [いっさくさくげつ] /(n-adv,n-t) three months ago/
K一昨々日 [いっさくさくじつ] /い] /(n-adv,n-t) two days before yesterday/three days back (ago)/
K一昨昨夜 [いっさくさくや] /(n-adv,n-t) two nights before last/three nights back (ago)/
K家事一切 [かじいっさい] /(n) all the domestic (housekeeping) chores/
K世事一切 [せじいっさい] /(n) all the worldly matters/
K政治決着 [せいじけっちゃく] /(n) a political settlement/settling (a dispute) politically (without resorting to force)/
K気分一新 [きぶんいっしん] /(n) complete change of mood/thoroughly refreshing one's spirits/
K家財一切 [かざいいっさい] /(n) complete set of household goods/
K一言隻句 [いちごんせっく] /(n) every single word and phrase/each and every word/
K一語一句 [いちごいっく] /(n) every single word and phrase/each and every word/
K衰退一途 [すいたいいっと] /(n) (falling into a) continuous decline/being on the wane/
K伊達眼鏡 [だてめがね] /(n) glasses for show/fashionable eyeglasses worn for appearance's sake/
K月下老人 [げっかろうじん] /(n) go-between/matchmaker/
K出世街道 [しゅっせかいどう] /(n) highway to success/
K蛇心仏口 [じゃしんぶっこう] /(n) (jashinbukkou/dashinbukkou)being cunning and spiteful, yet honey-tongued with feigned kindness/
K七言絶句 [しちごんぜっく] /(n) poem of four lines, each of seven (Chinese) characters/
K実践倫理 [じっせんりんり] /(n) practical ethics (morality)/
K女人結界 [にょにんけっかい] /(n) prohibition against women entering a sacred area/
K人心刷新 [じんしんさっしん] /(n) radically changing public sentiment/leading the thought of the people to an entirely different channel/
K六百六号 [ろっぴゃくろくごう] /(n) Salvarsan 606/
K道具一式 [どうぐいっしき] /(n) set of tools (implements)/kit/outfit/
K詩人墨客 [しじんぼっかく] /(n) (shijinbokkaku/shijinbokkyaku)poets and artists/persons who take delight in such refined pursuits as poetry, literature, painting, and calligraphy/
K神社仏閣 [じんじゃぶっかく] /(n) (Shinto) shrines and (Buddhist) temples/
K滑稽諧謔 [こっけいかいぎゃく] /(n) smooth-talking and humorous/with jocose and comical airs/
K国家存亡 [こっかそんぼう] /(n) the fate of a nation/life-or-death (situation) for a nation/national crisis/
K一世一元 [いっせいいちげん] /(n) the practice of assigning one era name to one emperor/
K接客態度 [せっきゃくたいど] /(n) the way one waits on customers/one's behavior toward (attitude to) customers (visitors)/
K官々接待 [かんかんせったい] /(n) the wining and dining of public officials by other public officials at public expense/
K全員一致 [ぜんいんいっち] /(n) unanimity/
K刻苦精励 [こっくせいれい] /(n,vs) be arduous/work diligently enduring hardships/make a strenuous effort/
K一斉射撃 [いっせいしゃげき] /(n,vs) fusillade (of fire, insults, etc.)/volley (of bullets, protests, etc.)/barrage of (criticism, heckling, questions, etc.)/
K二進一退 [にしんいったい] /(n,vs) two steps forward, one step back/
K明明後日 [しあさって] /(shiasatte/myoumyougonichi) (n-adv,n-t) two days after tomorrow/three days from now (hence)/
K突如異変 [とつじょいへん] /(n) sudden and dramatic event (incident)/sudden and strange phenomenon/
K実践道徳 [じっせんどうとく] /(n) practical ethics (morality)/
K友達感覚 [ともだちかんかく] /(n) relationship that is like that of friends/
K窃盗行為 [せっとうこうい] /(n) theft/act of larceny/
K即金取引 [そっきんとりひき] /(n,vs) cash (spot) transaction/
K説得上手 [せっとくじょうず] /(n,adj-na) persuasiveness/skilled in the art of persuasion/
K盗人根性 [ぬすっとこんじょう] /(n) (nusuttokonjou/nusubitokonjou)thievish nature (character)/thieving heart/cunning and greedy character/
K平明達意 [へいめいたつい] /(n) plain and lucid/articulate/
K一夫一婦 [いっぷいっぷ] /(n) monogamy/
K一服休憩 [いっぷくきゅうけい] /(n,vs) tea (coffee, cigarette) break/
K櫛風浴雨 [しっぷうよくう] /(n) struggling through wind and rain/undergoing hardships/
K如露如電 [にょろにょでん] /(n,exp) existence (as we percieve it) is as mutable and incorporeal as is the morning dew or a flash of lightning/
K嫉視反目 [しっしはんもく] /(n,vs) jealousy and enmity/being jealous of and at odds with (each other)/
K煩悶懊悩 [はんもんおうのう] /(n,vs) anguish/agony/
K失敬千万 [しっけいせんばん] /(adj-na) extremely rude (impertinent, impolite)/
K一定不変 [いっていふへん] /(n) invariable/constant/fixed (and unchangeable)/permanent; immutable/unwavering/
K落花紛々 [らっかふんぷん] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) (the sight of) blossoms falling in confusion/
K絶対服従 [ぜったいふくじゅう] /(n) absolute obedience/complete submission/
K日中勤務 [にっちゅうきんむ] /(n) daytime work/day shift/
K一虚一実 [いっきょいちじつ] /(n) constantly changing phase and being highly unpredictable/
K邪正一如 [じゃしょういちにょ] /(exp,n) Wrong and right are but two faces of the same coin./
K一生一度 [いっしょういちど] /(n,adj-no) once in one's life/once in a lifetime/
K寂光浄土 [じゃっこうじょうど] /(n) Buddhist paradise (heaven)/
K一回勝負 [いっかいしょうぶ] /(n) contest decided by a single round (bout)/contest decided by a single roll of dice/one-shot game (contest)/make-or-break game/
K葬式仏教 [そうしきぶっきょう] /(n) funeral Buddhism/(reliance on) Buddhism only for funerals/
K説教坊主 [せっきょうぼうず] /(n) tub-thumping preacher/preacher (priest) who is good at delivering a sermon/pulpiteer (usually with contemptuous implication)/
K克己精進 [こっきしょうじん] /(n,vs) self-control and close application/self-denial and diligent devotion/
K一生不犯 [いっしょうふぼん] /(n) (strict) observance of the Buddhist precept of lifelong celibacy/
K積極果敢 [せっきょくかかん] /(n,adj-na) aggressive/active and bold (daring)/resolute determination/
K積極財政 [せっきょくざいせい] /(n) expansionary fiscal policy/
K処世達者 [しょせいたっしゃ] /(n,adj-na) knowing how to get on in the world/knowing the secret of success in life/
K職権乱用 [しょっけんらんよう] /(n) abuse of (one's) authority/abuse of (one's) public office/
K専断横行 [せんだんおうこう] /(n) prevalence of arbitrariness/rife with arbitrary decisions (acting on one's own authority)/
K撲滅運動 [ぼくめつうんどう] /(n) exterminatory measure/eradication campaign/
K花嫁学校 [はなよめがっこう] /(n) school for training bachelor girls in homemaking arts/(a type of) finishing school/
K無断外泊 [むだんがいはく] /(n,vs) staying out overnight without giving notice/spending night(s) away from home without permission (leave)/
K芸術家肌 [げいじゅつかはだ] /(n) be something of an artist/have something of the artist in one/
K委細面談 [いさいめんだん] /(exp) Details when I see you./Details (particulars) to be discussed (arranged) personally (by interview)./
K吾唯足知 [われただたるをしる] /(exp) I am content with what I am (have)./Rich is the person who is content with what he is./
K満員御礼 [まんいんおんれい] /(exp,n) All Seats (Tickets) Sold, Thank you./
K全員無事 [ぜんいんぶじ] /(exp,n) Everyone is safe (all right)./
K傍点訳者 [ぼうてんやくしゃ] /(exp) Reading(s) added by translator./
K善哉善哉 [ぜんざいぜんざい] /(exp) Well done!/Great!/Bravo!/
K政治家肌 [せいじかはだ] /(n) be something of a politician/have something of the politician in one/
K営々黙々 [えいえいもくもく] /(adj-t,adv-to) assiduously and quietly/
K孜々営々 [ししえいえい] /(adj-t,adv-to) assiduously/with unremitting zeal/
K桑田滄海 [そうでんそうかい] /(exp,n) The word is a scene of constant changes (as a mulberry field changing into a blue sea)./
K緞帳芝居 [どんちょうしばい] /(n) low-class (Kabuki) theater (play)/
K現実認識 [げんじつにんしき] /(n) accepting (acknowledging) the reality/
K責任問題 [せきにんもんだい] /(n) a question (an issue) of where responsibility (liability) lies/a question of who is responsible (to blame)/
K二度手間 [にどでま] /(n) double effort/waste of time/botched job (that has to be done all over again)/
K家系伝説 [かけいでんせつ] /(n) family legend/
K任意同行 [にんいどうこう] /(n) going along voluntarily to be questioned by law officers/
K武家伝奏 [ぶけでんそう] /(n) Imperial official in charge of communication between the shogunate and the court (during the Muromachi and Edo periods)/
K認識不足 [にんしきぶそく] /(n) lack of (adequate) knowledge or understanding/being ignorant of/being ill-informed about/
K出前講師 [でまえこうし] /(n) lecturer on demand/guest speaker on demand/
K宣伝攻勢 [せんでんこうせい] /(n) propaganda campaign (offensive)/advertising (promotional) offensive/
K宣伝工作 [せんでんこうさく] /(n) propaganda work/propaganda efforts (maneuvers)/
K出来具合 [できぐあい] /(n) the (result) outcome/performance/workmanship/doneness/
K責任回避 [せきにんかいひ] /(n,vs) avoidance of responsibility/shirking (one's) responsibility/
K許認可権 [きょにんかけん] /(n) ministerial authority to grant permits and approvals/
K当惑気味 [とうわくぎみ] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) being somewhat puzzled/looking somewhat baffled/
K放蕩生活 [ほうとうせいかつ] /(n) fast living/a dissipated life/a riotous life/
K放蕩息子 [ほうとうむすこ] /(n) profligate (dissolute) son/
K残忍非情 [ざんにんひじょう] /(n,adj-na) utterly callous/atrociously brutal/cruel and inhuman/
K道化芝居 [どうけしばい] /(n) farce/low comedy/
K堅忍持久 [けんにんじきゅう] /(n) dogged perseverance/untiring patience/
K自由放任 [じゆうほうにん] /(n) noninterference/nonintervention/permissiveness/laissez-faire/
K遊蕩三昧 [ゆうとうざんまい] /(n) being absorbed in self-indulgent pleasures/giving oneself up to debauchery and dissipation/
K先祖伝承 [せんぞでんしょう] /(n,adj-no) what has been (orally) handed down from generation to generation/legend/folk tale/
K民間伝承 [みんかんでんしょう] /(n) folklore/folk tale/legend/
K緞帳役者 [どんちょうやくしゃ] /(n) low-class (Kabuki) actor/actor who plays in low-class (cheap) theater/
K先祖伝来 [せんぞでんらい] /(n,adj-no) inherited from the ancestors/handed down from generation to generation/
K祖先伝来 [そせんでんらい] /(n,adj-no) inherited from the ancestors/handed down from generation to generation/
K鮮血淋漓 [せんけつりんり] /(adj-t,adv-to) dripping with fresh blood/
K物議騒然 [ぶつぎそうぜん] /(adj-t,adv-to) tumultuous public discussion/noisy public criticism/
K痛快淋漓 [つうかいりんり] /(adj-t,adv-to) very thrilling/extremely delightful/awfully pleasant/intensely satisfying/
K出没自在 [しゅつぼつじざい] /(n,adj-na) appearing and disappearing at will/elusive; phantom-like/
K絶滅寸前 [ぜつめつすんぜん] /(n) the point (edge, verge, brink) of extinction/
K満悦至極 [まんえつしごく] /(n,adj-na) highly delighted/very pleased/deeply satisfied; brimming over with satisfaction/
K狡猾老獪 [こうかつろうかい] /(n,adj-na) sly and crafty/
K資質英明 [ししつえいめい] /(n,adj-na) wise and clear-sighted/intelligent and astute by nature/blessed with talents/
K人物本位 [じんぶつほんい] /(n,adj-no) chiefly on the basis of someone's personal character/
K警察沙汰 [けいさつざた] /(n) a matter for the police/with the police involved/a brush with the law/
K人品骨柄 [じんぴんこつがら] /(n) a person's appearance and physique/a person's bearing (presence)/
K泡沫景気 [ほうまつけいき] /(n) bubble boom/ephemeral boom/
K捏造記事 [ねつぞうきじ] /(n) fabricated story/cooked up (news) report/
K善意通訳 [ぜんいつうやく] /(n) goodwill guide/volunteer guide and interpreter for foreign residents and tourists/
K説話文学 [せつわぶんがく] /(n) legendary literature/narrative literature/
K死活問題 [しかつもんだい] /(n) matter (question) of life or death/vital question/
K御味御汁 [おみおつけ] /(n) miso soup/
K神仏混淆 [しんぶつこんこう] /(n) mixture (synthesis) of Buddhism and Shintoism/
K択一問題 [たくいつもんだい] /(n) multiple-choice question/
K泡沫候補 [ほうまつこうほ] /(n) no-hope candidate/frivolous candidate/candidate unworthy of serious consideration/
K防遏手段 [ぼうあつしゅだん] /(n) preventive measure/
K活字世論 [かつじせろん] /(n) public opinion (sentiment) as reflected in the print media/
K先決問題 [せんけつもんだい] /(n) question to be settled first/matter calling for prior settlement/the first consideration/
K通過儀礼 [つうかぎれい] /(n) rite of passage/
K通勤地獄 [つうきんじごく] /(n) the hellish stress of commuting/the daily hell of overcrowded commuter trains/
K混雑具合 [こんざつぐあい] /(n) the state (degree) of congestion/how bad traffic jams are/
K同一人物 [どういつじんぶつ] /(n) the (very) same person/one and the same (person)/
K一期末代 [いちごまつだい] /(n) this world (life) and the next/eternity/
K画一思考 [かくいつしこう] /(n) uniformity of thought/uniform thinking/
K琴瑟相和 [きんしつそうわ] /(n,vs) marital harmony/living (together) happily as husband and wife/
K自己実現 [じこじつげん] /(n,vs) self-actualization/self-fulfillment/self-realization/
K税金泥棒 [ぜいきんどろぼう] /(n) person living off other people's taxes/tax parasite/(a derogatory term for) public servants/
K凡庸愚昧 [ぼんようぐまい] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) ordinary and ignorant/mediocre and stupid/
K失礼千万 [しつれいせんばん] /(adj-na) extremely rude (impertinent, impolite)/
K迂闊千万 [うかつせんばん] /(adj-na) very careless/quite thoughtless/
K戦列復帰 [せんれつふっき] /(n,vs) return to the battle line/come back to the game (on to the field)/a comeback/
K生活不安 [せいかつふあん] /(n) worry (uncertainty, uneasiness, insecurity) about one's life (future)/
K執務心得 [しつむこころえ] /(n) guide to office routine/guide to the performance of official duties/
K活字中毒 [かつじちゅうどく] /(n) addiction to the printed word/reading addict/book (print) junkie/
K綿密周到 [めんみつしゅうとう] /(n,adj-na) detailed and careful/scrupulous/meticulous/elaborate/
K簡潔明瞭 [かんけつめいりょう] /(n,adj-na) clear and concise/
K緊張緩和 [きんちょうかんわ] /(n) detente/easing (relation) of tension/
K追善興行 [ついぜんこうぎょう] /(n) memorial performance/performance in memory of someone/
K俗物根性 [ぞくぶつこんじょう] /(n) snobbery/snobbishness/philistinism/vulgar and ostentatious nature (disposition)/
K恍惚状態 [こうこつじょうたい] /(n) state of ecstasy (rapture)/trance/senile dementia/
K追従外交 [ついしょうがいこう] /(n) sycophantic diplomacy/servile diplomacy/
K実力次第 [じつりょくしだい] /(n) according to (depending on) one's ability/if one is good (competent, talented) enough/
K実力本位 [じつりょくほんい] /(n,adj-no) the precedence of merit/performance orientation; ability- (merit-) based (promotion, pay scale, etc.)/
K実力伯仲 [じつりょくはくちゅう] /(n) (the two persons/sides) being evenly matched in ability/
K実用本位 [じつようほんい] /(n,adj-no) pragmatism/functionalism/practicality/being intended for practical purposes/
K末期養子 [まつごようし] /(n) deathbed adoption of a successor (to prevent extinction of the family line)/person adopted by someone on his deathbed/
K強気相場 [つよきそうば] /(n) strong (bull(ish)) market/
K逸楽生活 [いつらくせいかつ] /(n) a life given up to pleasure/pleasure-seeking lifestyle/
K滅多矢鱈 [めったやたら] /(adj-na,adv) reckless/indiscriminate/haphazard/frantic; excessive/undue/absurd/needless/
K一朝有事 [いっちょうゆうじ] /(exp,n) (when) the time of need arises/should an emergency occur/
K団塊世代 [だんかいせだい] /(n) the babyboomers/the baby boom generation/
K信仰箇条 [しんこうかじょう] /(n) article of faith/article of belief/
K縦横自在 [じゅうおうじざい] /(n,adj-na) freely/right and left/active without any restraint; with unrestricted energy in all directions/
K才気縦横 [さいきじゅうおう] /(n,adj-na) resourceful and quick-witted/showing a flash of brilliance/have a keen (sparkling) intellect/
K縦横無礙 [じゅうおうむげ] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) being as free as the air/active without any restraint/
K縦割行政 [たてわりぎょうせい] /(n) vertically segmented administrative system; overcompartmentalized bureaucracy/a system in which interministerial rivalry diminishes overall efficiency/
K狐狸妖怪 [こりようかい] /(n) foxes and badgers (which were believed to bewitch humans) and all sorts of bogies/sly fellow who does evil by stealth; tricksters/
K人生朝露 [じんせいちょうろ] /(exp,n) Man's life vanishes like a dew./A person's life is as fleeting as a morning dew./
K町人気質 [ちょうにんかたぎ] /(n) a townsman's (independent) spirit/mercantile spirit/
K世界思潮 [せかいしちょう] /(n) main currents (the trend) of thinking in the world/
K顔面紅潮 [がんめんこうちょう] /(n) one's face turning red/with a flush on one's face/
K下町情緒 [したまちじょうちょ] /(n) the friendly atmosphere of the traditional commercial and working-class neighborhoods/
K下町人情 [したまちにんじょう] /(n) the milk of human kindness of the people of the traditional commercial and working-class neighborhoods/
K時代思潮 [じだいしちょう] /(n) the trends (current(s)) of the times/
K現状把握 [げんじょうはあく] /(n) grasping the present situation/having an accurate grasp of the situation/
K町人風情 [ちょうにんふぜい] /(n) (the likes of) a mere tradesman/
K町人根性 [ちょうにんこんじょう] /(n) a townsman's (independent) spirit/mercantile spirit/
K事情聴取 [じじょうちょうしゅ] /(n,vs) police interview/police questioning a witness (suspect) to obtain information (about a crime)/
K状況把握 [じょうきょうはあく] /(n) one's grasp of the situation/knowing how matters stand/
K懲戒免職 [ちょうかいめんしょく] /(n) bad conduct (dishonorable) discharge/disciplinary dismissal (discharge)/
K要点把握 [ようてんはあく] /(n) grasping the (main) point/seizing the essence (of a matter)/
K弁明口調 [べんめいくちょう] /(n) apologetic (defensive) tone of voice/
K一本調子 [いっぽんぢょうし] /(n,adj-na) (ipponjoushi/ipponchoushi)monotone/dullness/repetition/
K説教調子 [せっきょうぢょうし] /(n) (in a) preaching tone/
K追跡調査 [ついせきちょうさ] /(n) follow-up study (survey)/
K演説口調 [えんぜつくちょう] /(n) oratorical tone/
K念仏往生 [ねんぶつおうじょう] /(n) passing away peacefully to be reborn in Paradise through invocation of Amitabha/
K固着観念 [こちゃくかんねん] /(n) a fixation/fixed idea/obsession/
K固定観念 [こていかんねん] /(n) stereotype/prejudice/fixed idea/
K残虐非道 [ざんぎゃくひどう] /(n,adj-na) inhumanity/atrocity/abominable cruelty/
K御調子者 [おちょうしもの] /(n) flip/luck-pusher/frivolous person/person who readily chimes in with others/person who gets arried away easily/
K無想無念 [むそうむねん] /(n,adj-no) being free from all distracting thoughts/keeping one's mind clear of all worldly thoughts/being free from all ideas and thoughts/
K口不調法 [くちぶちょうほう] /(n,adj-na) poor talker/inarticulate person/awkward in expressing oneself/clumsy in the use of language/
K猟奇文学 [りょうきぶんがく] /(n) bizarre literature/the literature of the bizarre/
K懸念材料 [けねんざいりょう] /(n) cause (grounds) for concern (anxiety)/reason for uneasiness/
K不調法者 [ぶちょうほうもの] /(n) clumsy person/bungler/person with no particular talents (in performing arts)/nondrinker/nonsmoker/
K命令口調 [めいれいくちょう] /(n) tone of command/authoritative tone/commanding tone/
K念願成就 [ねんがんじょうじゅ] /(n,vs) attainment of one's most cherished desire/one's earnest prayer being answered/
K猟奇小説 [りょうきしょうせつ] /(n) bizarre story (novel)/
K身上調書 [しんじょうちょうしょ] /(n) personal information form/dossier on an individual/
K身上調査 [しんじょうちょうさ] /(n,vs) examine (investigate into) a person's history/
K地所観念 [じしょかんねん] /(n) the orientation of time and place/awareness of the existing situation/
K生活残業 [せいかつざんぎょう] /(n,vs) (working) overtime to make ends meet (to support one's lifestyle)/
K超世俗的 [ちょうせぞくてき] /(adj-na) unworldly/supermundane/free from worldly cares (concerns)/
K営業路線 [えいぎょうろせん] /(n) (1) railroad (bus) lines (routes) in operation/(2) business plan (policy)/
K跋扈跳梁 [ばっこちょうりょう] /(n,vs) evildoers being rampant and roaming at will/
K風俗営業 [ふうぞくえいぎょう] /(n) (1) business offering food and entertainment/cabaret, club and restaurant business/(2) sex-related business/
K簡明直截 [かんめいちょくせつ] /(n,adj-na) simple and plain/frank, direct and unambivalent; straightforward/
K人気絶頂 [にんきぜっちょう] /(n) at the height (peak) of one's popularity/
K長尺映画 [ちょうじゃくえいが] /(n) long film (movie)/
K直言直筆 [ちょくげんちょくひつ] /(n,vs) speak and write plainly (frankly)/speak and write without reserve/
K田舎大尽 [いなかだいじん] /(n) provincial (country) millionaire/
K田舎気質 [いなかかたぎ] /(n) rusticity/provincialism/
K胴長短足 [どうながたんそく] /(n) having a long torso and short legs/long-bodied and short-legged/
K増長天狗 [ぞうちょうてんぐ] /(n) braggart/boaster/self-conceited person/
K党議拘束 [とうぎこうそく] /(n) compulsory adherence to a party decision/restrictions on party debate/
K団子状態 [だんごじょうたい] /(n) being bunched up together/being crowded together/
K不正直者 [ふしょうじきもの] /(n) dishonest person/
K青春群像 [せいしゅんぐんぞう] /(n) youthful crowd/crowd of young people coming into their own/
K青春時代 [せいしゅんじだい] /(n) one's youth/one's youthful days (years)/the flower of one's youth/the springtime of one's life/
K正直一途 [しょうじきいちず] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) steadfastly honest/
K正直一遍 [しょうじきいっぺん] /(n,adj-na) honest to a fault/one's only strength being his (her) honesty/having no redeeming feature except for being honest/
K陳情合戦 [ちんじょうかっせん] /(n) competitive lobbying/rivalry in campaigning (for and against)/
K長講一席 [ちょうこういっせき] /(n) (make) a long talk (discourse, lecture)/
K延長保育 [えんちょうほいく] /(n) extended-hours childcare (in day-care centers for parents working into the night)/
K御涙頂戴 [おなみだちょうだい] /(n) tearjerker/sob story/maudlin tale/
K長者番付 [ちょうじゃばんづけ] /(n) list of the richest people/list of the very highest income earners/billionaire's list/
K成長小説 [せいちょうしょうせつ] /(n) novel of character development/novel of formation (education)/novel which traces the intellectual, moral, spiritual or social development and growth of a young person; Bildungsroman (German)/
K消長盛衰 [しょうちょうせいすい] /(n) prosperity and decay/rise and fall/ebb and flow; vicissitudes (of fortune)/
K延長線上 [えんちょうせんじょう] /(n) the extension of a straight line/(a conclusion) following as an extension of (an argument)/
K正邪曲直 [せいじゃきょくちょく] /(n) right and (or) wrong/
K長居無用 [ながいむよう] /(exp,n) There's no point in staying (here) any longer./There's no point in prolonging a (the) visit./There's no point in extending one's stay./
K気分次第 [きぶんしだい] /(n) according to (depending on) the mood of the moment/as one's fancy dictates/
K異字同訓 [いじどうくん] /(n) a (Chinese) character with the same reading (pronunciation) as another but a different written form/characters read the same but written differently/
K役者生命 [やくしゃせいめい] /(n) acting career/career as an actress/
K歌舞伎者 [かぶきもの] /(n) a dandy/a peacock/the early-17th-century equivalent of present-day yakuza/Edo-period eccentric who attracted public attention with their eye-catching clothes, peculiar hairstyle, and weird behavior/
K滅茶滅茶 [めちゃめちゃ] /(n,adj-na) (1) absurd/unreasonable/nonsensical/preposterous; incoherent/(2) extreme/senseless/reckless/wanton/(3) disorder/confusion/mess/wreck/
K悪逆無道 [あくぎゃくぶどう] /(n,adj-na) (akugyakumudou/akugyakubudou)heinous/treacherous/atrocious/diabolic/fiendish; inhuman/
K身分相応 [みぶんそうおう] /(n,adj-na) appropriate to one's lot in life/within one's means; fitting to one's position/suitable to one's social status/
K傲慢無礼 [ごうまんぶれい] /(n,adj-na) arrogant and insolent/haughty and contemptuous/
K傲岸無礼 [ごうがんぶれい] /(n,adj-na) arrogant and rude/
K気儘放題 [きままほうだい] /(n,adj-na) as selfishly (willfully) as one pleases/
K一枚上手 [いちまいうわて] /(n,adj-na) being a cut above somebody/
K資性穏和 [しせいおんわ] /(n,adj-na) being of a gentle disposition/being of a mild character/
K頑健無比 [がんけんむひ] /(n,adj-na) being of very robust health/
K豪放粗野 [ごうほうそや] /(n,adj-na) bold and boorish/
K生真面目 [きまじめ] /(n,adj-na) earnest/deeply sincere, serious-minded; overseriousness, too earnest/
K温厚寡黙 [おんこうかもく] /(n,adj-na) gentle and reticent/
K無知文盲 [むちもんもう] /(n,adj-na) ignorant and illiterate/
K絢爛豪華 [けんらんごうか] /(n,adj-na) luxurious and gorgeous/splendid/dazzling/magnificent/
K有難迷惑 [ありがためいわく] /(n,adj-na) misplaced kindness/mixed blessing/an unwelcome favor/
K固陋頑迷 [ころうがんめい] /(n,adj-na) obstinate/stubborn/hard-headed/being incapable of making sound judgments because of a narrow, inflexible and obstinate mentality/
K糞真面目 [くそまじめ] /(n,adj-na) overly serious/absurdly (ridiculously) serious; serious to a fault/
K純真一途 [じゅんしんいちず] /(n,adj-na) pure and innocent through and through/
K純真可憐 [じゅんしんかれん] /(n,adj-na) pure of heart and beautiful/innocent and beautiful/
K貞操堅固 [ていそうけんご] /(n,adj-na) (usually, to one's husband) chaste/faithful/
K道理至極 [どうりしごく] /(n,adj-na) very reasonable/being perfectly consistent with reason/standing to reason/
K資性英明 [しせいえいめい] /(n,adj-na) wise and clear-sighted/intelligent and astute by nature/blessed with talents/
K五体満足 [ごたいまんぞく] /(n,adj-na) with no physical defects/in perfectly good health; sound in wind and limb/
K紅顔可憐 [こうがんかれん] /(n,adj-na) youthful and endearing/rosy-cheeked and sweet/
K紙屑同然 [かみくずどうぜん] /(n,adj-no) being no better than a scrap of paper/
K暴悪無類 [ぼうあくむるい] /(n,adj-no) incomparably ruthless/diabolical/
K一代一度 [いちだいいちど] /(n,adj-no) once in an emperor's reign/event that takes place only once in a sovereign's reign/
K自己本位 [じこほんい] /(n,adj-no) self-centeredness/selfishness/egoism/egotism; egocentricity/
K希代未聞 [きたいみもん] /(n,adj-no) unheard-of/unparalleled/
K野合政権 [やごうせいけん] /(n) administration established through an unprincipled political coalition/a government of convenience/cabinet created through an unholy alliance/
K二度三度 [にどさんど] /(n,adv) again and again/over and over again/repeatedly/
K冒険野郎 [ぼうけんやろう] /(n) adventure lover/
K相談相手 [そうだんあいて] /(n) adviser/someone to consult with/someone to turn to about one's concerns/
K専心一意 [せんしんいちい] /(n-adv) single-mindedly/wholeheartedly/with one's heart and soul/
K一語一語 [いちごいちご] /(n-adv) word for word/verbatim/
K愚兄賢弟 [ぐけいけんてい] /(n) a foolish older brother and a smart younger/
K強面談判 [こわもてだんぱん] /(n) aggressive negotiations/hard-line bargaining/
K六公四民 [ろくこうよんみん] /(n) a land-tax rate during the Edo period, in which the government took 60 percent of the year's rice crop and the farmers kept 40 percent/
K七公三民 [しちこうさんみん] /(n) a land-tax rate during the Edo period, in which the government took 70 percent of the year's rice crop and the farmers kept 30 percent/
K六親眷属 [ろくしんけんぞく] /(n) all of one's relatives by blood and by marriage/one's kith and kin/
K家内一同 [かないいちどう] /(n) all one's family/one's whole family/
K程度問題 [ていどもんだい] /(n) a matter (question) of degree/
K推進母体 [すいしんぼたい] /(n) a nucleus (of a project proposal/of a social movement, etc.)/
K五言絶句 [ごごん] /(n) ぜっく] /poem of four lines, each of five (Chinese) characters/
K新聞辞令 [しんぶんじれい] /(n) Appointment conjecturally reported in a newspaper; announcement of an appointment which is (turns out to be) mere press speculation/
K進退問題 [しんたいもんだい] /(n) a question of whether or not someone should resign/
K真贋論争 [しんがんろんそう] /(n) argument as to (about) the authenticity (of...)/
K台湾坊主 [たいわんぼうず] /(n) atmospheric depression originating in Taiwan/atmospheric depression in the East China Sea/
K攻勢防御 [こうせいぼうぎょ] /(n) attack as a form of defense/attacking (active) defense/
K開巻第一 [かいかんだいいち] /(n) at the very beginning of a book/The book opens with .../
K喧嘩沙汰 [けんかざた] /(n) beginning (developing into) a quarrel (a fight, an altercation)/
K裏面工作 [りめんこうさく] /(n) behind-the-scenes maneuvering/backstairs deal/clandestine work/string-pulling/
K戯作三昧 [げさくざんまい] /(n) being absorbed in writing popular novels (cheap fictions); being absorbed in writing something to amuse oneself/
K諸役御免 [しょやくごめん] /(n) being excused from various levies and taxes during the age of militarist (shogunate) government/
K前官礼遇 [ぜんかんれいぐう] /(n) (being granted) the privileges of one's former (official) post/
K心猿意馬 [しんえんいば] /(n) (being unable to control) one's worldly desires and passions/
K相手次第 [あいてしだい] /(n) being up to the other party/one's attitude or response being dependent on the character, attitude, or move(s) of the other party/
K本人次第 [ほんにんしだい] /(n) being up to the person himself/
K心身創痍 [しんしんそうい] /(n) being wounded in mind and body/
K餓死寸前 [がしすんぜん] /(n) be on the verge of starvation/be about to starve/
K疑獄事件 [ぎごくじけん] /(n) bribery scandal (case)/
K川施餓鬼 [かわせがき] /(n) Buddhist services in memory of those drowned in a river; offering to suffering spirits at the river/
K因果因縁 [いんがいんねん] /(n) cause and effect/karma/retribution/an evil cause producing an evil effect/
K世代交代 [せだいこうたい] /(n) change of generation/transition of power between generations/
K政権交代 [せいけんこうたい] /(n) change of government (administration)/
K名題役者 [なだいやくしゃ] /(n) chief (star) actor in a Kabuki play/leading actors of a troupe/
K道化役者 [どうけやくしゃ] /(n) clown/jester/actor who plays a comic role/
K弥次喜多 [やじきた] /(n) comical pair/pair of buffoons/
K仲間同士 [なかまどうし] /(n) comrades/friends/associates/
K退嬰政策 [たいえいせいさく] /(n) conservative (regressive) policy/
K瞑想生活 [めいそうせいかつ] /(n) contemplative life/life of meditation/
K是正措置 [ぜせいそち] /(n) corrective action (measure)/rectification/
K生臭坊主 [なまぐさぼうず] /(n) corrupt (depraved) priest (monk)/worldly-minded (worldly-wise) priest/
K国際感覚 [こくさいかんかく] /(n) cosmopolitan (international) way of thinking/feeling for the wider world/
K事件記者 [じけんきしゃ] /(n) crime reporter/police reporter/
K縁故政治 [えんこせいじ] /(n) crony politics/nepotistic government/
K政界工作 [せいかいこうさく] /(n) currying of political favor/buying political influence/
K九寸五分 [くすんごぶ] /(n) dagger (with a blade approx. 29 cm long)/
K外交手腕 [がいこうしゅわん] /(n) diplomatic finesse/skill(s) in diplomacy/
K御役御免 [おやくごめん] /(n) dismissal/firing/retirement/being relieved from one's post/being relieved of a burden/
K官民格差 [かんみんかくさ] /(n) disparity (of income (pensions, etc.)) between public and private employees/
K攪乱戦法 [かくらんせんぽう] /(n) disturbance strategy/
K攪乱戦術 [かくらんせんじゅつ] /(n) disturbance tactics/
K牽制作戦 [けんせいさくせん] /(n) diversionary operations/
K酩酊歩行 [めいていほこう] /(n) drunken (staggering, tottering) gait/wide-based gait/
K早期解決 [そうきかいけつ] /(n) early (prompt) settlement/swift resolution/speedy solution/
K後手後手 [ごてごて] /(n) ending up behind with everything/being always too late (never in time)/
K五分五分 [ごぶごぶ] /(n) evenly matched/on even (equal) terms/tie/toss-up/on a 50-50 basis/
K試験地獄 [しけんじごく] /(n) examination hell/the ordeal of children preparing for highly competitive entrance examinations/
K退学処分 [たいがくしょぶん] /(n) expulsion (dismissal) from school/
K面目次第 [めんぼくしだい] /(n) face/honor/reputation/
K偽装難民 [ぎそうなんみん] /(n) fake (phony) refugee/illegal migrant disguised as a refugee/
K気分爽快 [きぶんそうかい] /(n) feeling great (refreshed)/
K厭戦気分 [えんせんきぶん] /(n) feeling of war-weariness/
K心身爽快 [しんしんそうかい] /(n) feeling refreshed in mind and body/
K金剛堅固 [こんごうけんご] /(n) firm and solid/sturdy and indestructible/unshakable; adamantine/
K千代万代 [ちよよろずよ] /(n) for ever and ever/(through) eternity/countless ages/till the end of time/
K四季折々 [しきおりおり] /(n) from season to season/season by season/of each season/in each season/
K根本原理 [こんぽんげんり] /(n) fundamental (underlying) principle/ground rules/keystone/
K勧進相撲 [かんじんずもう] /(n) fund-raising sumo tournaments of Edo period held in aid of a temple or a shrine/
K御前試合 [ごぜんじあい] /(n) game (contest) held in the presence of a lord (daimyo, shogun)/
K善隣外交 [ぜんりんがいこう] /(n) good-neighbor diplomacy/a good-neighbor policy/
K腕白仲間 [わんぱくなかま] /(n) group (gang) of naughty (mischievous) boys/
K単身赴任 [たんしんふにん] /(n,vs) relocating to a new post without taking one's family/
K三文文士 [さんもんぶんし] /(n) hack writer/literary hack/scribbler/pulp writer/
K古武士然 [こぶしぜん] /(n) having something of the old-time samurai about one/
K同姓同名 [どうせいどうめい] /(n) (having) the same family and personal name (as somebody)/
K三面記事 [さんめんきじ] /(n) human-interest stories/local news/police news (in a newspaper)/
K口三味線 [くちじゃみせん] /(n) humming a samisen tune/(con someone with) clever lies (slick talk)/
K訓民正音 [くんみんせいおん] /(n) Hunmin-jongum/the Hankul (Hangul) alphabet (of Korea)/the Onmun (Enmun)/
K一代分限 [いちだいぶんげん] /(n) (ichidaibungen/ichidaibugen)new money/nouveau riche/person who has amassed substantial wealth in his lifetime/
K豊作飢饉 [ほうさくききん] /(n) impoverishment of farmers because of a bumper harvest; decline in farmers' income caused by the sharply lower farm prices as a result of bumper harvests/
K言行齟齬 [げんこうそご] /(n) inconsistency of speech and action/failing to act up to one's words/not practicing what one preaches/
K合間合間 [あいまあいま] /(n) (in) one's spare time/(at) intervals/(in) pauses (of conversation, etc.)/(in between) periods of doing something/
K恋愛指南 [れんあいしなん] /(n) instruction in the ways of love/
K五月雨式 [さみだれしき] /(n) intermittent (off and on) manner/dragging on and on/
K内部工作 [ないぶこうさく] /(n) internal maneuvering/secret maneuvering (within an organization)/reconciling the various views within an organization before airing something in public/
K素行調査 [そこうちょうさ] /(n) probity check/background investigation/investigation into someone's conduct/
K仮名文学 [かなぶんがく] /(n) kana literature/works written in kana in the Heian period/
K新聞学問 [しんぶんがくもん] /(n) knowledge gained (information acquired) from newspapers/
K乞食坊主 [こじきぼうず] /(n) (kojikibouzu/kotsujikibouzu)(a derogatory term for) Buddhist monk/
K四公六民 [しこうろくみん] /(n) land-tax system during the Edo period under which the government took 40% the year's crop and the farmers kept 60%/
K五公五民 [ごこうごみん] /(n) land-tax system during the Edo period under which the government took half of the year's crop and the farmers kept the other half/
K一字一字 [いちじいちじ] /(n) letter by letter/character by character/
K痴話喧嘩 [ちわげんか] /(n) lovers' quarrel/
K男性本位 [だんせいほんい] /(n) male orientation/male-oriented/
K世論操作 [よろんそうさ] /(n) manipulation of public opinion/
K武人気質 [ぶじんかたぎ] /(n) martial (military) spirit/the spirit of true warriors/
K名人気質 [めいじんきしつ] /(n) (meijinkatagi/meijinkishitsu)character (spirit, temperament) typical of a master artist/
K商人気質 [あきんどかたぎ] /(n) mercantile mind-set/mercenary spirit/being intent on making a profit/
K人事考課 [じんじこうか] /(n) merit (ability, efficiency) rating/employee performance evaluation/
K悪戯坊主 [いたずらぼうず] /(n) mischievous boy/
K金銭問題 [きんせんもんだい] /(n) money matter/question of money/money trouble/
K単純素朴 [たんじゅんそぼく] /(n,adj-na) plain and simple/naive/
K腕白小僧 [わんぱくこぞう] /(n) naughty (mischievous) boy, little rascal (devil)/brat/
K腕白坊主 [わんぱくぼうず] /(n) naughty (mischievous) boy, little rascal (devil)/brat/
K近隣公害 [きんりんこうがい] /(n) (noise/smell/air/water) pollution in the neighborhood/
K近所迷惑 [きんじょめいわく] /(n) nuisance (annoyance, inconvenience) to (people in) the neighborhood/
K妨害工作 [ぼうがいこうさく] /(n) obstructive tactics/harassing operation/sabotage/
K妨害戦術 [ぼうがいせんじゅつ] /(n) obstructive tactics/harassing tactics/
K自分自身 [じぶんじしん] /(n) oneself/one's self/
K親類縁者 [しんるいえんじゃ] /(n) one's family and relations/one's relatives by blood and marriage (in blood and law)/
K親戚眷属 [しんせきけんぞく] /(n) one's family and relatives/one's kith and kin/
K精神構造 [せいしんこうぞう] /(n) one's mental makeup (structure)/emotional makeup/mentality/
K政治姿勢 [せいじしせい] /(n) one's political career (life)/
K政治生命 [せいじせいめい] /(n) one's political life (career)/
K内面世界 [ないめんせかい] /(n) one's world within/one's inner world/
K政権亡者 [せいけんもうじゃ] /(n) one who is obsessed with (getting into, holding on to) political power/one who is obsessed with the idea of taking over government/
K崩壊寸前 [ほうかいすんぜん] /(n) on the brink of collapse/in a state of near-collapse/
K対戦相手 [たいせんあいて] /(n) opponent/adversary/the competition/the other side/an (the) enemy/
K白湯文字 [しろゆもじ] /(n) ordinary woman secretly engaged in prostituion (Edo period)/
K組織人間 [そしきにんげん] /(n) organization (corporate) man (woman)/
K一夜大尽 [いちやだいじん] /(n) overnight millionaire/
K宣撫工作 [せんぶこうさく] /(n) pacification work (activity)/
K地獄絵図 [じこくえず] /(n) painting of a scene in Hell/a picture of Hell/
K照々坊主 [てるてるぼうず] /(n) paper doll to which children pray for fine weather/
K自棄気味 [やけぎみ] /(n) partially out of despair/partly in desperation/somewhat out of frustration/
K衒学趣味 [げんがくしゅみ] /(n) pedantry/display of one's learning/being of a pedantic disposition/
K四海同胞 [しかいどうほう] /(n) people in the whole world being all brothers/universal brotherhood (fraternity)/
K見聞覚知 [けんもんかくち] /(n) perception through the six senses (of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and consciousness)/
K凱旋公演 [がいせんこうえん] /(n) performance given after a successful tour abroad/
K人身攻撃 [じんしんこうげき] /(n) personal attack (abuse)/character assassination/
K一夜乞食 [いちやこじき] /(n) person who has become penniless overnight/
K政権構想 [せいけんこうそう] /(n) planning a new government/plan for a new administration/
K政治工作 [せいじこうさく] /(n) political maneuvering/politicking/political machinations/
K政治抗争 [せいじこうそう] /(n) political strife (antagonism, conflict)/
K宴会政治 [えんかいせいじ] /(n) politicking by wining and dining/
K事前工作 [じぜんこうさく] /(n) preparatory operations/measure taken in advance/doing the groundwork/
K偽悪趣味 [ぎあくしゅみ] /(n) propensity to put oneself in as bad a light as possible; being prone to act bad/
K疑似恋愛 [ぎじれんあい] /(n) pseudo-romance/pseudo (mock) love affair/
K似非学者 [えせがくしゃ] /(n) pseudo-scholar/fake scholar/would-be expert/
K仲間喧嘩 [なかまげんか] /(n) quarrel among friends/quarrel among ourselves (themselves)/
K存廃問題 [そんぱいもんだい] /(n) question of maintenance or abolition (of an institution, organization, etc.)/
K成人指定 [せいじんしてい] /(n) rated for "adults only"/
K善後措置 [ぜんごそち] /(n) remedial measure/preventive measure/the best way to cope with (meet) the situation/
K正邪善悪 [せいじゃぜんあく] /(n) right and (or) wrong/
K興亡盛衰 [こうぼうせいすい] /(n) rise and fall/prosperity and decline/vicissitudes/
K盛衰興亡 [せいすいこうぼう] /(n) rise and fall/ups and downs/waxing and waning/prosperity and decline/vicissitudes/
K色恋沙汰 [いろこいざた] /(n) romantic entanglement/love affair/
K七五三縄 [しめなわ] /(n) rope used to cordon off consecrated areas or as a talisman against evil (Shinto)/
K瞞着手段 [まんちゃくしゅだん] /(n) ruse/trick/deception tactics/
K胡麻塩頭 [ごましおあたま] /(n) salt and pepper hair/dark hair streaked with gray/
K自力本願 [じりきほんがん] /(n) salvation by one's own efforts/self-reliance/
K自家本位 [じかほんい] /(n) self-centeredness/selfishness/egoism/egotism/egocentricity/
K自分本位 [じぶんほんい] /(n) self-centeredness/selfishness/egotism/egocentricity/
K自己保全 [じこほぜん] /(n) self-protection/self-preservation/
K自己犠牲 [じこぎせい] /(n) self-sacrifice/self-renunciation/
K自己満足 [じこまんぞく] /(n) self-satisfaction/(self-)complacency/
K金銭感覚 [きんせんかんかく] /(n) sense for (how to use) money/money sense/
K政治感覚 [せいじかんかく] /(n) sense of politics/feeling for politics/
K時世感覚 [じせいかんかく] /(n) sense of the times/sensitivity to the times/
K時勢感覚 [じせいかんかく] /(n) sense of the trend of the times/sensitivity to the changing times/
K庶民感覚 [しょみんかんかく] /(n) sensibilities (feelings, way of thinking) of the common people/popular sentiment/
K武家奉公 [ぶけぼうこう] /(n) service with a samurai family/serving in a samurai household (as a valet/chambermaid)/
K七分三分 [しちぶさんぶ] /(n) seven to three (chances)/(a proportion of) seven to three; (split) seventy-thirty/
K堅白同異 [けんぱくどうい] /(n) sophism/sophistry/quibbling/
K似非理屈 [えせりくつ] /(n) sophism/sophistry/spurious reasoning (argument)/
K利権団体 [りけんだんたい] /(n) special-interest group/
K時代精神 [じだいせいしん] /(n) spirit of an (the) age/a (the) Zeitgeist (German)/
K人心安定 [じんしんあんてい] /(n) stabilizing the feelings of the people/inspiring confidence among the people/
K抜足差足 [ぬきあしさしあし] /(n) stealthy footsteps/walking on tiptoe/
K仮名草子 [かなぞうし] /(n) story book written in kana (or in kana mixed with Chinese characters) in the early Edo period (primarily for the enlightenment and entertainment of women and children)/
K街談巷語 [がいだんこうご] /(n) street gossips and idle rumors/hearsay/
K大道演説 [だいどうえんぜつ] /(n) street (soapbox) oratory/stump oratory/
K学生気質 [がくせいかたぎ] /(n) student temperament/students' way of thinking./
K近郷近在 [きんごうきんざい] /(n) surrounding country/neighboring villages/
K事大思想 [じだいしそう] /(n) sycophancy/toadyism/following the powerful for self-protection/
K竹槍戦術 [たけやりせんじゅつ] /(n) tactics of fighting a technologically advanced adversary with primitive weapons/sole reliance on simple determination (naive spiritualism) in fighting an overwhelming foe/
K金剛力士 [こんごうりきし] /(n) the guardian gods (at a temple gate)/
K目先相場 [めさきそうば] /(n) the market trend in the near future/
K四肢五体 [ししごたい] /(n) the (one's) whole body/
K創氏改名 [そうしかいめい] /(n) the order forced on Koreans to change their names to Japanese ones/
K成金趣味 [なりきんしゅみ] /(n) the ostentation (bad taste) of the nouveau riche/air of vulgar prosperity/
K御目見得 [おめみえ] /(n) (the privilege to have) an audience (with one's lord, a dignitary, etc.)/an interview (with one's superior)/one's debut (first) appearance/a debut (of a new product, work of art, etc.)/trial service (of a servant)/
K稟議制度 [りんぎせいど] /(n) the system in government offices and business corporations in which draft proposals are prepared by someone in charge of the matter and circulated for collective deliberation and final approval by particular (designated) officials or executives/
K三文役者 [さんもんやくしゃ] /(n) third-rate actor/
K政界余聞 [せいかいよぶん] /(n) tidbits of political gossip/
K九尺二間 [くしゃくにけん] /(n) (tiny) house about nine feet wide and 12 feet deep/
K辛苦艱難 [しんくかんなん] /(n) trials and tribulations/adversities/suffering hardships and troubles/
K戦国乱世 [せんごくらんせい] /(n) turbulent (troubled) times/turbulent warlike age/
K相縁機縁 [あいえんきえん] /(n) uncanny relationship formed by a quirk of fate/a couple strangely but happily united/
K映像文化 [えいぞうぶんか] /(n) visual culture/culture of visual images/(screen) image culture/
K鍵穴趣味 [かぎあなしゅみ] /(n) voyeurism/
K掩護射撃 [えんごしゃげき] /(n,vs) (1) (providing) covering fire/(2) supporting (backing up) someone (in a debate (argument))/
K自己演出 [じこえんしゅつ] /(n,vs) an author directing (producing) his/her own play (film); staging oneself for effect/presenting oneself in a favorable light/
K一読呆然 [いちどくぼうぜん] /(n,vs) a (single) reading (a perusal) leaves one dumbfounded/
K論難攻撃 [ろんなんこうげき] /(n,vs) attacking by argument/denunciation/condemnation/heated controversy/
K呆然自失 [ぼうぜんじしつ] /(n,vs) becoming stupefied (stunned, petrified)/being dumbfounded/trance/stupor/standing aghast/
K理論武装 [りろんぶそう] /(n,vs) be prepared for a theoretical (ideological) argument/be armed with theoretical backing/
K拡大解釈 [かくだいかいしゃく] /(n,vs) broad (general) interpretation/stretching one's interpretation (of something) to suit oneself/
K偽装工作 [ぎそうこうさく] /(n,vs) diversionary tactics (maneuvering)/disguise/hide by camouflage/
K解釈改憲 [かいしゃくかいけん] /(n,vs) effecting de facto constitutional changes through creative interpretation of the existing constituion/
K翻然悔悟 [ほんぜんかいご] /(n,vs) feeling sudden remorse/
K御礼奉公 [おれいぼうこう] /(n,vs) free service after one has finished one's apprenticeship/
K分散恋愛 [ぶんさんれんあい] /(n,vs) (generally of a woman) loving two or more partners without favor or reliance on a particular one/
K厭世自殺 [えんせいじさつ] /(n,vs) killing oneself out of despair (disgust with life)/
K戦意喪失 [せんいそうしつ] /(n,vs) lose one's fighting spirit/lose the will to fight/lose heart/
K自信喪失 [じしんそうしつ] /(n,vs) loss of (self-)confidence/inferiority complex/
K相互理解 [そうごりかい] /(n,vs) mutual understanding/
K御無沙汰 [ごぶさた] /(n,vs) not writing or contacting for a while/neglecting (failing) to write (call, visit, etc.)/long silence/
K類推推理 [るいすいすいり] /(n,vs) reasoning by analogy/analogical inference/analogism/
K自己満悦 [じこまんえつ] /(n,vs) self-congratulation/
K書類送検 [しょるいそうけん] /(n,vs) sending papers pertaining to a (criminal) case to the Public Prosecutors Office/
K専守防衛 [せんしゅぼうえい] /(n,vs) strictly defensive (national) defenses/defense policy that does not take into consideration offensive measures as an option/
K翻然大悟 [ほんぜんたいご] /(n,vs) suddenly seeing the light/it suddenly dawning upon one/
K弱腰外交 [よわごしがいこう] /(n) weak foreign policy/weak-kneed diplomacy/
K文武兼備 [ぶんぶけんび] /(n) well up in both literary and military (martial) arts/well skilled in wielding both the sword and the pen/
K前言往行 [ぜんげんおうこう] /(n) words and deeds of the people of yore/
K花嫁御寮 [はなよめごりょう] /(n) a bride/
K虚無恬淡 [きょむてんたん] /(adj-na,adj-t,adv-to,n) rising above the trivia of life and remaining calm and selfless/
K恬淡虚無 [てんたんきょむ] /(adj-na,adj-t,n) rising above the trivia of life and remaining calm and selfless/
K一発回答 [いっぱつかいとう] /(n) first and final offer in labor-management negotiations/
K一発必中 [いっぱつひっちゅう] /(n) success on the first try (attempt)/
K一発勝負 [いっぱつしょうぶ] /(n) contest decided by a single round (bout)/contest decided by a single roll of dice/one-shot game (contest)/make-or-break game/
K実際問題 [じっさいもんだい] /(n-adv,n) practical question (problem)/(in) practical terms; (as) a matter of fact/practically speaking/The matter of fact is that.../
K弓矢八幡 [ゆみやはちまん] /(n) the God of War/the God of Arms/the Japanese Mars/
K原発銀座 [げんぱつぎんざ] /(n) area where a string of nuclear power plants are located/
K丁寧懇切 [ていねいこんせつ] /(n,adj-na) (an explanation, advice, etc. being) kind, careful, and thorough/thoughtful and scrupulous/
K閑寂枯淡 [かんじゃくこたん] /(n) an aesthetic sense in Japanese art emphasizing quiet simplicity and subdued refinement/
K自主独往 [じしゅどくおう] /(n) independent way of life/
K頑固親父 [がんこおやじ] /(n) stubborn (obstinate) father/pig-headed old man/
K役割分担 [やくわりぶんたん] /(n,vs) division (distribution) of roles/role-sharing/
K山猫戦術 [やまねこせんじゅつ] /(n) wildcat tactics/
K八百八町 [はっぴゃくやちょう] /(n) the whole enormous extent of Edo/from one side of Edo to the other/
K八重八重 [やえやえ] /(n,adj-no) multilayered/
K八百八寺 [はっぴゃくやでら] /(n) the large number of temples in Kyoto/
K八百八橋 [はっぴゃくやばし] /(n) the large number of bridges over canals and rivers in Naniwa (present-day Osaka)/
K八十八夜 [はちじゅうはちや] /(n) eighty-eighth day from the beginning of spring (about which time farmers become busy with their field work)/
K一発逆転 [いっぱつぎゃくてん] /(n,vs) turning things around with a home run/turning the tables with a single successful attack (move)/
K先取特権 [せんしゅとっけん] /(n) preferential (priority) right/prior claim/priority of claim/prior lien/
K免責特権 [めんせきとっけん] /(n) privilege of immunity from prosecution/privilege of exemption from liability/diplomatic immunity/
K屠蘇機嫌 [とそきげん] /(n,adj-no) feeling a little drunk with the New Year's sake/
K屠蘇気分 [とそきぶん] /(n) festive New Year's mood/
K素人判断 [しろうとはんだん] /(n) layperson's judgment (opinion)/
K当方負担 [とうほうふたん] /(n) (at) our expense/(on) our risk/
K素人療法 [しろうとりょうほう] /(n) home remedy/medical treatment by a layperson/
K素人細工 [しろうとざいく] /(n) amateurish work/
K頭脳流出 [ずのうりゅうしゅつ] /(n) brain drain/loss of highly trained or qualified people to other countries/
K八方円満 [はっぽうえんまん] /(n,adj-na) to the satisfaction of all parties/all sides being happy and satisfied/
K生気溌剌 [せいきはつらつ] /(adj-t,adv-to) full of vigor (vitality)/energetic/vigorous; vivacious/
K才気溌剌 [さいきはつらつ] /(adj-t,adv-to) resourceful and quick-witted/showing a flash of brilliance/have a keen (sparkling) intellect/
K有髪俗体 [うはつぞくたい] /(n) (a Buddhist monk or priest or nun) without head shaven and not wearing religious garb/
K問題発言 [もんだいはつげん] /(n) problematical statement/controversial statement/
K熊公八公 [くまこうはちこう] /(n) the average Joe/your average nice guy/Joe Blow/Joe Bloggs/
K八大地獄 [はちだいじごく] /(n) The Eight Greater (Buddhist) Hells/
K前人未発 [ぜんじんみはつ] /(n) unprecedented/unheard-of/never propounded (discovered, invented) by anyone before/
K腹八分目 [はらはちぶんめ] /(n) being moderate in eating/stopping short of stuffing oneself/
K美味佳肴 [びみかこう] /(n) delicacies/epicurean dishes/
K馬鹿丁寧 [ばかていねい] /(n,adj-na) overly polite/polite to a fault/
K爆弾発表 [ばくだんはっぴょう] /(n) bombshell announcement (statement)/
K爆弾発言 [ばくだんはつげん] /(n) bombshell announcement (statement)/
K各自負担 [かくじふたん] /(n) individuals being responsible for the payment of one's share of the purchase price, expense, etc./
K本人負担 [ほんにんふたん] /(n) paying for the purchase/expense out of one's own pocket; being responsible for the payment of one's share of the purchase price, expense, etc./
K自己負担 [じこふたん] /(n,vs) payment of one's own expenses/bearing one's own expenses/an individual's share of an expense/
K不安材料 [ふあんざいりょう] /(n) cause (grounds) for concern (anxiety)/reasons for uneasiness/
K四十八手 [しじゅうはって] /(n) the 48 basic sumo techniques/every trick in the book/
K大詔渙発 [たいしょうかんぱつ] /(n,vs) promulgation of an Imperial rescript/
K本領発揮 [ほんりょうはっき] /(n,vs) show (display) one's real ability/illustrate the distinctive character of (something)/
K書画骨董 [しょがこっとう] /(n) objects of art and curios/
K飽食暖衣 [ほうしょくだんい] /(n) being well fed and warmly clothed/
K女尊男卑 [じょそんだんぴ] /(n) placing women above men/respect for women at the expense of men/
K不良債権 [ふりょうさいけん] /(n) nonperforming loan/bad loan/
K砂塵朦々 [さじんもうもう] /(sajinmoumou) (adj-t,adv-to) big clouds of dust/haze of dust/
K甘辛両刀 [あまからりょうとう] /(n,adj-no) taste for both wines and sweets/having a liking for both alcoholic beverages and sweet things/
K甘辛両党 [あまからりょうとう] /(n) person who likes alcohol and sweets equally well/
K月給泥棒 [げっきゅうどろぼう] /(n) freeloader/slacker/lazy worker who does not deserve his salary/
K説教泥棒 [せっきょうどろぼう] /(n) preaching burglar/burglar who preaches at the victim about the methods of preventing similar crimes/
K三日月眉 [みかづきまゆ] /(n) arched eyebrows/
K菜種梅雨 [なたねづゆ] /(n) brief rainy season at rape-plant blossoming time (in early spring)/
K機嫌気褄 [きげんきづま] /(n) humor/temper/mood/
K半鐘泥棒 [はんしょうどろぼう] /(n) very tall person/
K泥棒稼業 [どろぼうかぎょう] /(n) professional thievery/
K泥水稼業 [どろみずかぎょう] /(n) working in the sex trade/making a living in the red-light district/
K泥棒根性 [どろぼうこんじょう] /(n) thievish nature (character)/thieving heart/cunning and greedy character/
K前時代的 [ぜんじだいてき] /(adj-na) premodern/old-fashioned/outmoded/antiquated/
K性的逸脱 [せいてきいつだつ] /(n) sexual deviation/sexual anomaly/
K木端役人 [こっぱやくにん] /(n) (a derogatory term for) petty (minor) official/
K滄海一滴 [そうかいいってき] /(n) a drop in the ocean (bucket)/
K短期決戦 [たんきけっせん] /(n) decisive battle of brief duration/quick (short) operation (campaign) for a decisive win/
K全面撤退 [ぜんめんてったい] /(n,vs) total (full-scale) withdrawal/complete pullout (pullback)/
K徹底究明 [てっていきゅうめい] /(n) thorough investigation/complete inquiry/
K不適任者 [ふてきにんしゃ] /(n) unqualified (incompetent) person/square peg in a round hole/
K無骨一徹 [ぶこついってつ] /(n,adj-na) rustic/boorish/uncouth/adamantly sticking to being boorish/
K甲骨文字 [こうこつもじ] /(n) ancient inscriptions of Chinese characters on oracle bones and carapaces/
K隠密行動 [おんみつこうどう] /(n) covert action (behavior)/espionage activities/
K金銭哲学 [きんせんてつがく] /(n) one's philosophy of making, saving, and spending money/
K動向把握 [どうこうはあく] /(n) grasping the trend/firmly understanding how the situation is developing/getting a good sense of how things are changing/
K第一義的 [だいいちぎてき] /(n,adj-na) basic/primary/fundamental/
K資性端正 [しせいたんせい] /(n,adj-na) being of an upright character/being of a noble nature/
K行動原理 [こうどうげんり] /(n) behavioral principle/principle (value) governing one's conduct/
K起居動作 [ききょどうさ] /(n) behavior/bearing/deportment/manners/demeanor/one's daily life/
K先端技術 [せんたんぎじゅつ] /(n) cutting-edge technology/state-of-the-art technology/
K御家騒動 [おいえそうどう] /(n) family trouble (quarrel)/domestic squabble/internal squabble (over headship rights) in a daimyo family in the Edo period/
K運動音痴 [うんどうおんち] /(n) having slow reflexes/being nonathletic/person who is not athletic/
K詩的正義 [してきせいぎ] /(n) poetic justice/retributive justice/
K霊的交感 [れいてきこうかん] /(n) spiritual sympathy/spiritual communion/
K隠蔽工作 [いんぺいこうさく] /(n,vs) (create) a cover-up/
K一徹短慮 [いってつたんりょ] /(n,adj-na) stubborn and short-tempered/
K特種記者 [とくだねきしゃ] /(n) scoop reporter/scoop artist/
K半端仕事 [はんぱしごと] /(n) odd job/
K霊的交流 [れいてきこうりゅう] /(n) spiritual sympathy/spiritual communion/
K短慮性急 [たんりょせいきゅう] /(n,adj-na) short-tempered and impatient/
K詩的破格 [してきはかく] /(n) poetic license/
K半永久的 [はんえいきゅうてき] /(adj-na) semipermanent/
K端役女優 [はやくじょゆう] /(n) bit-part actress/actress with a minor part/
K敵対関係 [てきたいかんけい] /(n) antagonism/a hostile relationship/
K首尾貫徹 [しゅびかんてつ] /(n,vs) (logical) consistency/coherence/unchanging from beginning to end/
K準備万端 [じゅんびばんたん] /(n) every preparation (arrangement)/all sorts of preparations/
K一坪運動 [ひとつぼうんどう] /(n) campaign to prevent a public construction work by acquiring a minuscule tract of land/
K相場動向 [そうばどうこう] /(n) market trend/stock movements/
K万事万端 [ばんじばんたん] /(n) everything/all things/all affairs/all matters/
K忠義一徹 [ちゅうぎいってつ] /(n,adj-na) staunch (steadfast, singlehearted) in one's devotion to his master (lord)/
K敵本主義 [てきほんしゅぎ] /(n) diversionary tactics/a feint/concealing one's true motives until the last moment/
K数的優勢 [すうてきゆうせい] /(n) superiority in number/numerical superiority/
K心的状態 [しんてきじょうたい] /(n) one's mental state/state of mind/mentality/
K上古以来 [じょうこいらい] /(n-t) from (since) ancient times/from time immemorial/
K諸事万端 [しょじばんたん] /(n) everything/all things/all affairs/all matters/
K挙措言動 [きょそげんどう] /(n) speech and behavior/words and deeds/
K一大鉄槌 [いちだいてっつい] /(n) dealing a hard (heavy, crushing) blow (to)/
K和気靄々 [わきあいあい] /(wakiaiai) (adj-na,adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) harmonious/peaceful/congenial/
K鉄拳制裁 [てっけんせいさい] /(n) punishment with a blow of the fist/
K各人各説 [かくじんかくせつ] /(exp,n) Everyone has his (her) own view/Different people, different opinions./
K鉄石心腸 [てっせきしんちょう] /(n) will of iron/
K七十古希 [しちじゅうこき] /(exp) Men seldom (Few people) live to be seventy. (Du Fu (c.712-c.770))/
K鳩首謀議 [きゅうしゅぼうぎ] /(n,vs) go into a huddle (over)/hold a secret conference (about)/put heads together and conspire/
K共同謀議 [きょうどうぼうぎ] /(n) conspiracy/
K慎重居士 [しんちょうこじ] /(n) very cautious (prudent, discreet) person/
K承知之助 [しょうちのすけ] /(exp) O.K./Sure./Yessir!/Okeydokey!/Understood./
K一天地六 [いってんちろく] /(exp,n) (1) die/(2) gambling with dice/playing hazard/(3) You can never tell what'll pop up./
K展望絶佳 [てんぼうぜっか] /(n,adj-na) scenic beauty/magnificent (spectacular) view/
K天下国家 [てんかこっか] /(n) the world and the nation/the state of the world/high affairs of state/
K電光一閃 [でんこういっせん] /(n) flash of lightning/
K電撃作戦 [でんげきさくせん] /(n) blitzkrieg tactics/
K天地長久 [てんちちょうきゅう] /(exp,n) Heaven and earth are eternal./
K天下多事 [てんかたじ] /(n,adj-no) eventful times for the nation (world)/the nation (world) being in turmoil/the storm clouds gathering in the land/
K天下無比 [てんかむひ] /(n,adj-no) peerless (unparalleled, matchless, unequaled) in the country/
K天下無類 [てんかむるい] /(n,adj-no) peerless (unparalleled, matchless, unequaled) in the country/
K天気次第 [てんきしだい] /(n) being dependent on what the weather is like/
K政治主導 [せいじしゅどう] /(n) initiative taken by politicians (in the formulation of a policy or bill) (rather than by bureaucrats)/
K雨天順延 [うてんじゅんえん] /(n) rescheduled in case of rain/to be postponed to the first subsequent fine day in case of rain/
K指導原理 [しどうげんり] /(n) ruling (guiding) principle/
K天神地祗 [てんじんちぎ] /(n) the gods of heaven and earth/
K天気具合 [てんきぐあい] /(n) the signs of the weather/weather conditions/the look of the sky/
K天手古舞 [てんてこまい] /(n,vs) whirl of busyness/flurry of activity/
K耽溺生活 [たんできせいかつ] /(n) a fast (dissolute) life/a life of follies/a life given to dissolute pleasures/
K天地鳴動 [てんちめいどう] /(n,vs) rumbling and shaking of the earth/
K天敵関係 [てんてきかんけい] /(n) relationship of being natural enemies/
K天上天下 [てんじょうてんげ] /(n-adv, n) the whole world/throughout heaven and earth/
K天下統一 [てんかとういつ] /(n,vs) unification of the whole country/
K天賦人権 [てんぷじんけん] /(n) natural (innate) human rights/
K天真流露 [てんしんりゅうろ] /(n) manifestation (revelation) of one's natural sincerity (naivete)/
K天地晦冥 [てんちかいめい] /(exp,n) The world is covered in darkness./All is plunged into darkness./
K天涯万里 [てんがいばんり] /(n,adj-no) very far away/the heavenly shores/
K総帆展帆 [そうはんてんぱん] /(n,vs) in full sail/decked out in full sail/
K弾丸飛雨 [だんがんひう] /(n) hail of bullets/heavy bombardment/
K百日天下 [ひゃくにちてんか] /(n) The Hundred Days (of Napoleon I)/very short-lived regime/
K一人天狗 [ひとりてんぐ] /(n) self-conceited person/ego tripper/swelled head/
K天地万物 [てんちばんぶつ] /(n) all things in heaven and earth/the whole of creation/
K天下万民 [てんかばんみん] /(n) the whole nation/all the people in the land/
K俯仰天地 [ふぎょうてんち] /(n) looking up and down, from heaven to earth (having nothing to be ashamed of)/swearing by Heaven and Earth (having done nothing to be ashamed of)/
K天候不順 [てんこうふじゅん] /(n) unseasonable weather/fickle weather/bad weather/
K天下周知 [てんかしゅうち] /(n,adj-no) common knowledge/widely known/known to everybody/
K世話女房 [せわにょうぼう] /(n) devoted and caring wife/
K女房天下 [にょうぼうてんか] /(n) husband being henpecked/a house where the wife is the boss; petticoat government/
K慎重吟味 [しんちょうぎんみ] /(n) scrutiny/careful (close) examination (investigation); careful inquiry/careful selection/
K天地有情 [てんちうじょう] /(n) the sentient world/all sentiment beings/
K女系天皇 [じょけいてんのう] /(n) matrilineal emperor (male or female) of Japan/emperor whose mother is (was) a member of the Imperial family but whose father is (was) not/
K女性天皇 [じょせいてんのう] /(n) female emperor of Japan/
K天気模様 [てんきもよう] /(n) the signs of the weather/weather conditions/the look of the sky/
K楽天主義 [らくてんしゅぎ] /(n) optimism/
K当代無比 [とうだいむひ] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) being unsurpassed (unparalleled) at present/
K空転国会 [くうてんこっかい] /(n) stalled session of the Diet (Japanese Parliament)/
K徳政一揆 [とくせいいっき] /(n) uprising (during the Muromachi period) demanding debt cancellation orders/
K難関突破 [なんかんとっぱ] /(n,vs) overcoming a difficulty/breaking through a barrier; clearing a hurdle/
K突貫作業 [とっかんさぎょう] /(n) rush work/crash program/working on a crash basis/working at top speed/
K大和撫子 [やまとなでしこ] /(n) Japanese woman (with all the traditional graces)/ideal Japanese woman/
K統一見解 [とういつけんかい] /(n) collective view (opinion)/
K突然変異 [とつぜんへんい] /(n) mutation/
K知徳円満 [ちとくえんまん] /(n,adj-na) having both (wide) knowledge and (high) virtue/
K道徳堅固 [どうとくけんご] /(n,adj-na) of strict morals (moral principles)/highly moral/
K前途多望 [ぜんとたぼう] /(n,adj-na) promising (rosy, bright) future/offering promising prospects/
K帯刀御免 [たいとうごめん] /(n) a non-samurai being granted the privilege of wearing a sword (during the Edo period)/
K隠遁生活 [いんとんせいかつ] /(n) a reclusive life/living secluded from the world/leading a sequestered life/
K西高東低 [せいこうとうてい] /(n) a weather pattern in which the high pressure area lies to the west and the low pressure area to the east/
K床屋談義 [とこやだんぎ] /(n) barbershop talk/
K気分転換 [きぶんてんかん] /(n) change of pace/change of mood/mental diversion; refreshment of the spirit/a break/
K人倫道徳 [じんりんどうとく] /(n) ethics and morality/
K当選圏内 [とうせんけんない] /(n) (having a) good chance of being elected (winning) (in an election)/
K根気仕事 [こんきしごと] /(n) laborious task/work that requires a lot of patience/
K逃亡生活 [とうぼうせいかつ] /(n) life on the run/
K遁世生活 [とんせいせいかつ] /(n) (living) retired (in seclusion) (from the world)/
K掃討作戦 [そうとうさくせん] /(n) mopping-up operation/search-and-destroy operation/
K東西南北 [とうざいなんぼく] /(n) north, south, east and west (Literally: east, west, south and north)/the four cardinal points of the compass/all directions/
K得意分野 [とくいぶんや] /(n) one's field of expertise/
K玄人気質 [くろうとかたぎ] /(n) professionalism/the temperament of a professional/
K韜晦趣味 [とうかいしゅみ] /(n) propensity to efface oneself/being prone to conceal one's talent/
K該当事項 [がいとうじこう] /(n) relevant (applicable) information (items)/
K又従兄弟 [またいとこ] /(n) second cousin/
K一大転機 [いちだいてんき] /(n) significant turning point/
K腰掛仕事 [こしかけしごと] /(n) stopgap job/just a temporary job while looking for a better job/work just to kill time/
K岩戸景気 [いわとけいき] /(n) the economic boom of 1958-1961/
K当該人物 [とうがいじんぶつ] /(n) the said person/
K知徳合一 [ちとくごういつ] /(n) the unity of knowledge and virtue/
K当世気質 [とうせいかたぎ] /(n) the way of the world in our time/the frame of mind of the people nowadays/
K古今無類 [ここんむるい] /(n) unequaled in history/
K方向転換 [ほうこうてんかん] /(n,vs) change of course/change of direction/turnabout/about-face/
K自己韜晦 [じことうかい] /(n, vs) concealing one's talents (position, status, intentions, etc.)/self-effacement/
K整理整頓 [せいりせいとん] /(n,vs) keeping things tidy and in order/
K脇見運転 [わきみうんてん] /(n,vs) looking aside while driving/taking one's eyes off the road ahead while driving/
K自己陶酔 [じことうすい] /(n,vs) narcissism/self-absorption/self-intoxication/
K善戦苦闘 [ぜんせんくとう] /(n,vs) putting up a good fight against some odds/
K整理統合 [せいりとうごう] /(n,vs) reorganization and unification/reorganize by consolidating (merging) units/
K整理淘汰 [せいりとうた] /(n,vs) reorganize an enterprise and weed out redundant workers; reorganize an industry and weed out redundant enterprises/
K自己撞着 [じこどうちゃく] /(n,vs) self-contradiction/self-inconsistency/
K前後撞着 [ぜんごどうちゃく] /(n,vs) self-contradiction/self-inconsistency/
K形勢逆転 [けいせいぎゃくてん] /(n,vs) the situation reverses itself/the table is turned/the shoe is on the other foot/
K運気好転 [うんきこうてん] /(n,vs) turn (stroke) of good fortune/one's fortune turning for the better/
K手間仕事 [てましごと] /(n) work that requires a lot of time and effort/tedious work; piecework/odd job/
K仕事一途 [しごといちず] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) singlemindedly devoted to work/
K唐突千万 [とうとつせんばん] /(adj-na) very sudden/very abrupt/
K東西古今 [とうざいここん] /(n-adv,n) all times and places/everywhen and everywhere/
K仕事人間 [しごとにんげん] /(n) fiend for work/workaholic/career-minded person/
K殿様仕事 [とのさましごと] /(n) work done in carefree mood without regard to time or expenses/
K仕事一筋 [しごとひとすじ] /(n) living only for one's work/a life with no other interest than one's work/
K転生輪廻 [てんしょうりんね] /(n,vs) all things being in flux through the endless circle of birth, death, and rebirth/the circle of transmigration/
K低頭平身 [ていとうへいしん] /(n,vs) throwing oneself at a person's feet/going down to one's knees/kowtowing/
K殿様商法 [とのさましょうほう] /(n) amateurish (dilettantish) way of doing business/
K殿様商売 [とのさましょうばい] /(n) amateurish (dilettantish) business/
K野良仕事 [のらしごと] /(n) farm work (labor)/work(ing) in the fields/
K無党派層 [むとうはそう] /(n) independent voters/voters with no party affiliation/
K道徳退廃 [どうとくたいはい] /(n) moral decadence (decline, corruption)/
K党派根性 [とうはこんじょう] /(n) partisan spirit (prejudice)/partisanship/factionalism/
K身元不明 [みもとふめい] /(n,adj-no) (a person or body being) unidentifiable (unidentified)/
K撞着矛盾 [どうちゃくむじゅん] /(n,vs) self-contradiction/
K急転悪化 [きゅうてんあっか] /(n) suddenly turning for the worse/sudden deterioration/
K東夷西戎 [とういせいじゅう] /(n) barbarians to the east and to the west (from the perspective of old China)/
K昼夜逆転 [ちゅうやぎゃくてん] /(n,vs) one's days and nights being reversed/
K二重三重 [にじゅうさんじゅう] /(n) twofold and threefold/doubled and redoubled/
K擬古主義 [ぎこしゅぎ] /(n) archaism/classicism/pseudoarchaism/pseudoclassicism/
K退嬰主義 [たいえいしゅぎ] /(n) backward-looking philosophy (ideology)/conservatism/
K店主敬白 [てんしゅけいはく] /(exp) Store owner, at your service./Yours truly, the Store Owner./
K逆転優勝 [ぎゃくてんゆうしょう] /(n,vs) upset victory/come-from-behind victory/
K外様大名 [とざまだいみょう] /(n) non-Tokugawa daimyo/daimyo who was not a hereditary vassal of the Tokugawa family/
K損得勘定 [そんとくかんじょう] /(n) profit-and-loss arithmetic/calculating profit and loss; mercenary point of view/
K停頓状態 [ていとんじょうたい] /(n) standstill/deadlock/stalemate/doldrums/stagnant conditions/
K強硬手段 [きょうこうしゅだん] /(n) tough measure/firm step/strong measure/
K悪徳商法 [あくとくしょうほう] /(n) unscrupulous (crooked, fraudulent) business practices; pernicious sales methods/
K自重自愛 [じちょうじあい] /(n,vs) taking cafe of (looking after) oneself/
K局面一転 [きょくめんいってん] /(n) sudden reversal in the tide of events/the situation taking a new turn/
K隠居仕事 [いんきょしごと] /(n) postretirement job/work done by a retired person where earning an income is not a primary concern/
K役所仕事 [やくしょしごと] /(n) red tape/red-tapism/officialism/bureaucratic bungling/
K人材登用 [じんざいとうよう] /(n) selecting of fit (talented) persons for higher positions/
K時刻到来 [じこくとうらい] /(exp,n) The time has come (for/to/when...)/Now is the time./
K道楽仕事 [どうらくしごと] /(n) work done for enjoyment (as a diversion)/dilettante work/
K白話小説 [はくわしょうせつ] /(n) novel written in colloquial Chinese/
K熱血教師 [ねっけつきょうし] /(n) enthusiastic schoolteacher/
K一昨々年 [いっさくさくねん] /(sakiototoshi/issakusakunen) (n-adv,n-t) two years before last (year)/three years back (ago)/
K炎熱地獄 [えんねつじごく] /(n) burning hell/roaring inferno/flames of hell/
K年齢相応 [ねんれいそうおう] /(n,adj-no) (appropriate for) one's age/
K年季奉公 [ねんきぼうこう] /(n) apprenticeship/service under indentures/
K千年一日 [せんねんいちじつ] /(n) without intermission for many years/with constancy of purpose for many years/in the same old rut for years on end/
K年増美人 [としまびじん] /(n) woman of mature beauty/
K年末年始 [ねんまつねんし] /(n) the New Year's holiday/the period encompassing the close of the old year and the start of the new year/
K万年青年 [まんねんせいねん] /(n) man of perennial youth/man who never loses his youthful vigor/
K熟年離婚 [じゅくねんりこん] /(n,vs) divorce of a couple who have been married for a long time (often brought on by retirement of the husband)/
K青年客気 [せいねんかっき] /(n,adj-no) youthful ardor/rash impulse of an inexperienced youth/
K年少客気 [ねんしょうかっき] /(n,adj-no) youthful ardor/rash impulse of an inexperienced youth/
K不良老年 [ふりょうろうねん] /(n) old sinner/elderly man-about-town/older person who enjoys free and easy lifestyle unfettered by social taboos/
K年中無休 [ねんじゅうむきゅう] /(n) open every day of the year/open all year long/
K重要案件 [じゅうようあんけん] /(n) important matter (for discussion (deliberations))/
K一年有半 [いちねんゆうはん] /(n) one year and a half/
K焦熱地獄 [しょうねつじごく] /(n) burning hell/inferno/
K年少気鋭 [ねんしょうきえい] /(n,adj-no) being young and spirited/being young and full of go/
K高位高官 [こういこうかん] /(n) (person of) high rank and office (exalted station)/persons in high positions/
K灰色高官 [はいいろこうかん] /(n) high official suspected of corruption/
K狼狽気味 [ろうばいぎみ] /(n,adj-na) being rather confused/looking somewhat dismayed (perturbed)/
K弧影悄然 [こえいしょうぜん] /(adj-na,adj-t,adv-to) lonely and crestfallen/lonely and heavy-hearted figure/
K心悸亢進 [しんきこうしん] /(n) palpitation(s) (of the heart)/
K小刀細工 [こがたなざいく] /(n) (1) carving done with a knife/(2) cheap trick/simple trickery/petty strategem/
K夫婦円満 [ふうふえんまん] /(n) good marital relations/harmonious marriage/
K浅学寡聞 [せんがくかぶん] /(n) shallow learning and limited information/ignorant and badly informed/
K生死輪廻 [せいしりんね] /(n,vs) all things being in flux through the endless circle of birth, death, and rebirth/the circle of transmigration/
K便宜主義 [べんぎしゅぎ] /(n) opportunism/expediency/timeserving/
K振替休日 [ふりかえきゅうじつ] /(n) compensatory holiday/substitute (transferred) national holiday/
K学業不振 [がくぎょうふしん] /(n) poor academic performance/underachievement/
K産学協同 [さんがくきょうどう] /(n) cooperation between industrial enterprises and universities/
K関係省庁 [かんけいしょうちょう] /(n) the concerned government agencies/the ministries and agencies that are relevant to the matter at hand/the relevant authorities/
K事実関係 [じじつかんけい] /(n) all the facts (essentials, circumstances) of a (particular) case/
K血縁関係 [けつえんかんけい] /(n) blood relationship/blood relations/being genetically related/
K因果関係 [いんがかんけい] /(n) cause-and-effect relationship/causality/
K内縁関係 [ないえんかんけい] /(n) common-law (de facto) marriage/living together as common-law husband and wife/
K内輪喧嘩 [うちわげんか] /(n) family quarrel/internal squabble/fight among ourselves (themselves)/
K類縁関係 [るいえんかんけい] /(n) (having) a close relationship (with)/
K人間関係 [にんげんかんけい] /(n) human (personal) relations (relationships)/
K前後関係 [ぜんごかんけい] /(n) the context (of a passage)/
K対等関係 [たいとうかんけい] /(n) relationship of equality/(being) on an equal footing/
K関係当局 [かんけいとうきょく] /(n) the authorities concerned/the competent authorities/
K交友関係 [こうゆうかんけい] /(n) one's (friendly) relationships/the people one knows (goes around with)/
K共犯関係 [きょうはんかんけい] /(n) complicity (in a crime)/collusion/
K勢力関係 [せいりょくかんけい] /(n) power relations/balance of power (between)/
K信頼関係 [しんらいかんけい] /(n) relationship of mutual trust/trusting each other deeply/
K背後関係 [はいごかんけい] /(n) background (of an episode/to a case)/circumstances leading up to (an incident)/
K各種学校 [かくしゅがっこう] /(n) vocational school/trade school/school for nonacademic subjects/
K土左衛門 [どざえもん] /(n) drowned person (body)/
K寸借詐欺 [すんしゃくさぎ] /(n) swindling someone (a stranger) by borrowing money with no intention of returning it/
K閉門蟄居 [へいもんちっきょ] /(n) house arrest/being placed in confinement at home/
K変通自在 [へんつうじざい] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) freely adaptable, very flexible, nimble in adaptation/
K屁理屈屋 [へりくつや] /(n) quibbler/sophist/
K平安無事 [へいあんぶじ] /(n,adj-na) peace and quiet/safe and peaceful/tranquil and uneventful/
K無事平穏 [ぶじへいおん] /(n,adj-na) peace and quiet/safe and peaceful/tranquil and uneventful/
K無事太平 [ぶじたいへい] /(n,adj-na) peace and quiet/safe and peaceful/tranquil and uneventful/
K碧眼紅毛 [へきがんこうもう] /(n) blue eyes and red hair/a Westerner/
K俗談平話 [ぞくだんへいわ] /(n) conversation on worldly affairs/chat about everyday life (business)/
K恋愛遍歴 [れんあいへんれき] /(n) history of one's love affairs/
K兵法指南 [へいほうしなん] /(n) instruction in martial arts/
K変身願望 [へんしんがんぼう] /(n) obsession with changing one's appearance/desire to change/
K和平工作 [わへいこうさく] /(n) peace (overtures, initiative, moves)/maneuvering for peace; putting out peace feelers/
K政界再編 [せいかいさいへん] /(n) political realignment/a realignment of political parties/
K劈頭第一 [へきとうだいいち] /(n) at the outset/at the very beginning/in the first place/to begin (start) with/first and foremost/
K返答次第 [へんとうしだい] /(n) depending on the answer/hinging on the reply/
K兵隊勘定 [へいたいかんじょう] /(n) Dutch treat/going Dutch/
K優々閑々 [ゆうゆうかんかん] /(adj-t,adv-to) composed and unhurried/easygoing and leisurely; in indolence/
K悠々閑々 [ゆうゆうかんかん] /(adj-t,adv-to) composed and unhurried/easygoing and leisurely; in indolence/
K姦夫姦婦 [かんぷかんぷ] /(n) adulterer and adulteress/adulterous couple/
K一大旋風 [いちだいせんぷう] /(n) great sensation/taking something by storm/making a splash/
K留守家族 [るすかぞく] /(n) family members left at home/
K政略結婚 [せいりゃくけっこん] /(n) (political) marriage of convenience/marriage forced by political expediency/
K留意事項 [りゅういじこう] /(n) points to note/points of concern/matters to keep in mind; matters that require attention/
K処士横議 [しょしおうぎ] /(n) wayward (irresponsible) criticisms of political matters by private citizens/
K体外離脱 [たいがいりだつ] /(n) out-of-body experience/
K筋骨隆々 [きんこつりゅうりゅう] /(adj-na,adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) muscular/strong-muscled/
K露悪趣味 [ろあくしゅみ] /(n) being apt to make a show of one' faults/penchant for boasting of one's faults/pretending to be worse than one really is/
K労使双方 [ろうしそうほう] /(n) both labor and management/both the workers and the employers/
K艱難苦労 [かんなんくろう] /(n) trials and tribulations/adversities/suffering hardships and troubles/
K露天風呂 [ろてんぶろ] /(n) open-air bath/hot spring bath set in the open/
K肉体関係 [にくたいかんけい] /(n) sexual (intimate) relations/sexual (physical) relationship; (having) intimate relations/
K御披露目 [おひろめ] /(n) formal (public) announcement (of a wedding, the succession to a stage name, etc.)/unveiling (of a new singer, etc.)/debut (of a new geisha, etc.)/
K暴露戦術 [ばくろせんじゅつ] /(n) exposure tactics/muckraking tactics/
K露地栽培 [ろじさいばい] /(n,vs) raising flowers and vegetables outdoors without using a greenhouse or a cold frame/garden farming/open-field culture/
K労使紛争 [ろうしふんそう] /(n) labor-management dispute/industrial strife/
K運勢隆々 [うんせいりゅうりゅう] /(adj-t,adv-to) one's prosperity being on the rise/one's fortune reaching its culmination/
K労使交渉 [ろうしこうしょう] /(n) labor-management negotiation/
K心情吐露 [しんじょうとろ] /(n) expression of one's feelings/pouring out one's heart/
K士気旺盛 [しきおうせい] /(n,adj-na) morale being very high/heightened fighting spirit/
K武士気質 [ぶしかたぎ] /(n) samurai spirit/the common ethos of the samurai/the straitlaced temperament of a samurai/
K士気阻喪 [しきそそう] /(n,vs) demoralization/collapse of morale/one's morale being shaken/
K仁義道徳 [じんぎどうとく] /(n) humanity and justice/benevolence and righteousness/
K親戚故旧 [しんせきこきゅう] /(n) relatives and old friends/
K仁義忠孝 [じんぎちゅうこう] /(n) humanity, justice, loyalty, and filial piety/
K宣伝路線 [せんでんろせん] /(n) (adopting) a publicity (an advertising) policy/a propaganda line/
K現実路線 [げんじつろせん] /(n) (following) a pragmatic (policy) line (approach)/
K無知愚昧 [むちぐまい] /(n,adj-na) unenlightened/in the darkest ignorance/not knowing from A to B/
K既定路線 [きていろせん] /(n) established (existing) policy (procedure(s))/
K拡大路線 [かくだいろせん] /(n) expansion policy/road to expansion/
K純愛路線 [じゅんあいろせん] /(n) (going) the pure love stories route (in movie making)/
K穏健路線 [おんけんろせん] /(n) moderate line/middle-of-the-road line (in politics)/
K対話路線 [たいわろせん] /(n) policy of using dialogue instead of confrontation/
K軟弱路線 [なんじゃくろせん] /(n) weak-hearted approach/soft line/easier way (route)/
K路線転換 [ろせんてんかん] /(n,vs) policy change (reversal)/
K路線変更 [ろせんへんこう] /(n,vs) (1) change in a bus route/(2) change in policy/policy change (reversal)/
K一路順風 [いちろじゅんぷう] /(n) sailing before the wind/everything is going well/
K中道路線 [ちゅうどうろせん] /(n) moderate line/middle-of-the-road policy line/
K柔軟路線 [じゅうなんろせん] /(n) (taking) a flexible approach (to)/
K路上強盗 [ろじょうごうとう] /(n) mugging/mugger/
K融和路線 [ゆうわろせん] /(n) policy of reconciliation/
K強硬路線 [きょうこうろせん] /(n) firm (strong) stand/hard (tough) line/
K路上生活 [ろじょうせいかつ] /(n,vs) living on the street/life on the streets/homelessness/
K没風流漢 [ぼつふうりゅうかん] /(n) prosaic person/person of an unromantic turn of mind; philistine/
K流転生死 [るてんしょうじ] /(n,vs) all things being in flux through the endless circle of birth, death, and rebirth/the circle of transmigration/
K生々流転 [しょうじょうるてん] /(n,vs) (shoujouruten/seiseiruten)all things being in flux through the endless circle of birth, death, and rebirth/the circle of transmigration/
K不正流用 [ふせいりゅうよう] /(n,vs) misappropriation (of funds, goods, etc.)/
K流血沙汰 [りゅうけつざた] /(n) bloodshed/bloody event/
K枕流漱石 [ちんりゅうそうせき] /(n) a sore loser stubbornly refusing to admit being wrong and adhering to the far-fetched argument/
K確固不動 [かっこふどう] /(n) being firm and unshakable (unwavering, unswerving, steadfastly resolute)/
K百慮一得 [ひゃくりょいっとく] /(exp,n) Even a fool may sometimes give good counsel./
K深慮遠謀 [しんりょえんぼう] /(n) deep design and forethought/a farsighted and deeply-laid plan/
K遠慮気味 [えんりょぎみ] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) somewhat reserved (diffident)/shyly/timidly; retiringly/in a retiring (reserved) manner/
K軍紀漏洩 [ぐんきろうえい] /(n) disclosure (leakage, betrayal) of military secrets/
K国際力学 [こくさいりきがく] /(n) dynamics of international (foreign) relations/
K政治力学 [せいじりきがく] /(n) political dynamics/dynamics of political forces/the balance of political power/
K派閥力学 [はばつりきがく] /(n) factional dynamics/power relationships among factions; factional power politics/
K旧婚旅行 [きゅうこんりょこう] /(n) second honeymoon/
K遊説旅行 [ゆうぜいりょこう] /(n) stumping (electioneering) tour/
K大名旅行 [だいみょうりょこう] /(n) traveling in grand style/traveling luxuriously/going on a junket/
K勢力拡大 [せいりょくかくだい] /(n) expansion of one's sphere of influence/increase in one's power (strength, influence)/
K無銭旅行 [むせんりょこう] /(n) traveling without money/going on a penniless journey/
K更始一新 [こうしいっしん] /(n,vs) undergo a complete change/turn over a new leaf/
K白刃一閃 [はくじんいっせん] /(n-adv,n) (with) a flash of a drawn sword/
K人馬一体 [じんばいったい] /(n) unity of rider and horse/
K協力一致 [きょうりょくいっち] /(n,vs) combined (concerted) efforts/solidarity/joining forces (with)/
K勢力範囲 [せいりょくはんい] /(n) sphere of influence/one's territory/
K縁故採用 [えんこさいよう] /(n,vs) employment of workers through (personal) connections; getting a job through one's personal connection/
K故事成語 [こじせいご] /(n) idiom derived from historical events or classical literature of China/
K無事終了 [ぶじしゅうりょう] /(n,vs) ending without incident/being successfully brought to completion/finishing something without a hitch/
K了解事項 [りょうかいじこう] /(n) something that is understood between the parties/an understood item/
K体質改善 [たいしつかいぜん] /(n) improvement of one's physical constitution/internal reform; revamping/
K癒着体質 [ゆちゃくたいしつ] /(n) tendency to form collusive ties/predisposition to generate cozy (collusive) relationships/
K一行知識 [いちぎょうちしき] /(n) one-line fact/one-line information/information (explanation) provided in a few scanty words/
K才知縦横 [さいちじゅうおう] /(n,adj-na) resourceful and quick-witted/showing a flash of brilliance/have a keen (sparkling) intellect/
K官僚主導 [かんりょうしゅどう] /(n) initiative taken by bureaucrats in the drafting of government policies and bills (rather than by politicians)/
K一挙両全 [いっきょりょうぜん] /(n) killing two birds with one stone/serving two ends/
K目許千両 [めもとせんりょう] /(n) beautiful eyes/bright-eyed/there being a sublime charm about one's eyes/
K一両日中 [いちりょうじつちゅう] /(n) in a day or two/within the next couple of days/
K両面価値 [りょうめんかち] /(n) ambivalence/
K明暗両面 [めいあんりょうめん] /(n) (both) the bright and dark sides/
K千両役者 [せんりょうやくしゃ] /(n) great actor/eminent star/prima donna/leading (popular) figure/
K両面作戦 [りょうめんさくせん] /(n) operations (a strategy) on two fronts/two-pronged strategy/
K度胸千両 [どきょうせんりょう] /(n) being bold/daring/plucky/having a lot of guts/being quite nerveless/
K人馬往来 [じんばおうらい] /(n) the passage of people and horses/coming and going of people and horses/
K失地回復 [しっちかいふく] /(n) the recovery of lost territory/recovering (regaining) lost ground (one' former position)/fence-mending/
K仮面浪人 [かめんろうにん] /(n) college student who is merely marking time to get into a better college/
K放浪生活 [ほうろうせいかつ] /(n) (leading) a vagabond life/(leading) a wandering existence/
K地下工作 [ちかこうさく] /(n) underground activities/secret maneuvering/
K浪花節的 [なにわぶしてき] /(adj-na) of the old feeling of naniwa-bushi/marked by the dual themes of obligation and compassion that distinguish the naniwa-bushi ballads/
K交際場裡 [こうさいじょうり] /(n) social circles/the arena of (fashionable) society/
K国際場裡 [こくさいじょうり] /(n) the international arena/
K競争場裡 [きょうそうじょうり] /(n) an (the) arena of competition/
K気力旺盛 [きりょくおうせい] /(n,adj-na) being full of energy (drive, motivation, vitality)/
K気力横溢 [きりょくおういつ] /(n) being full of vitality (energy)/in exuberant spirits; effervescent/ebullient/
K容赦会釈 [ようしゃえしゃく] /(n) pardon/forgiveness/mercy/making allowances/
K農民一揆 [のうみんいっき] /(n) peasants' uprising/
K黒物家電 [くろものかでん] /(n) black goods/consumer electronics products/
K白物家電 [しろものかでん] /(n) white goods/large household appliances/
K夏山冬里 [なつやまふゆさと] /(n) pasturing cattle in summer and feeding them indoors during winter/
K態度物腰 [たいどものごし] /(n) attitude and demeanor/
K明朗会計 [めいろうかいけい] /(n) clear accounting/honest accounting (billing)/transparent billing practices (in restaurant and bar charges, etc.)/
K大勢順応 [たいせいじゅんのう] /(n) conformism/following the crowd/swimming with the tide; me-tooism/
K喉元思案 [のどもとじあん] /(n) superficial (shortsighted) way of thinking/half-baked (foolish, ill-advised) idea/
K雲煙万里 [うんえんばんり] /(n) limitless expanse of clouds and smoke/
K昨日今日 [きのうきょう] /(n) 1 yesterday and today/2 (something that happened) only yesterday (just recently)/
K離村傾向 [りそんけいこう] /(n) trend to move away from rural areas/rural depopulation/
K幽体離脱 [ゆうたいりだつ] /(n) out-of-body experience/
K一家離散 [いっかりさん] /(n,vs) the breakup (dispersal) of a family/
K神仏分離 [しんぶつぶんり] /(n) separation of Buddhism and Shintoism/
K至近距離 [しきんきょり] /(n) close range/point-blank range/
K成田離婚 [なりたりこん] /(n) Narita divorce/divorce case of a newlywed couple breaking up upon their return to Narita Airport from their honeymoon abroad/
K祭政分離 [さいせいぶんり] /(n) separation of church and state/separation of religious ritual and government administration/
K知育偏重 [ちいくへんちょう] /(n) too much intellectual training/overemphasis on intellectual education/
K離散集合 [りさんしゅうごう] /(n,vs) meeting and parting/gathering and scattering/alignment and realignment/alternating alliance and rupture/alternating cooperation and defection/
K政教分離 [せいきょうぶんり] /(n) separation of church and state/
K反目嫉視 [はんもくしっし] /(n,vs) jealousy and enmity/being jealous of and at odds with (each other)/
K反骨精神 [はんこつせいしん] /(n) rebellious (unyielding) spirit/spirit of defiance; antiestablishment mindset/
K面白半分 [おもしろはんぶん] /(n,adj-na) for fun/half in jest/just for the fun of it/
K博識多才 [はくしきたさい] /(n,adj-na) wide knowledge and versatile talents/profound learning and varied attainments/
K博覧多識 [はくらんたしき] /(n,adj-no) erudition and extensive knowledge/widely-read and well-informed/
K内部犯行 [ないぶはんこう] /(n) an inside job/
K反俗精神 [はんぞくせいしん] /(n) anticonventional spirit/spirit of resisting convention/
K一字半句 [いちじはんく] /(n) a single word/(not even) a word/(not even) a syllable/
K価格破壊 [かかくはかい] /(n) collapse in prices/market-destructive price-slashing (tactics)/
K二枚目半 [にまいめはん] /(n) comedian who plays a lover's part/
K人倫退廃 [じんりんたいはい] /(n) decline (decay, corruption) of ethical standards/
K博学多識 [はくがくたしき] /(n) erudition and extensive knowledge/
K姓名判断 [せいめいはんだん] /(n) fortunetelling based on writing or pronunciation of one's name/onomancy/
K運勢判断 [うんせいはんだん] /(n) fortune-tellling/
K鼻先思案 [はなさきしあん] /(n) (hanazakijian/hanasakishian)superficial (shortsighted) way of thinking/half-baked (foolish, ill-advised) idea/
K破廉恥罪 [はれんちざい] /(n) infamous crime/disgraceful offense/
K花形役者 [はながたやくしゃ] /(n) leading actor/star actress/top-billed performer/
K太陰崇拝 [たいいんすうはい] /(n) moon worship/
K顔面蒼白 [がんめんそうはく] /(n) one's face turning pale (ashen)/the color being drained from one's face/
K四半世紀 [しはんせいき] /(n) quarter of a century/quarter century/
K廃合整理 [はいごうせいり] /(n) reorganization/restructuring/
K六波羅蜜 [ろくはらみつ] /(n) (rokuharamitsu/ropparamitsu)the six virtues (perfections) a Buddha Elect practices to attain supreme enlightenment/
K軽薄才子 [けいはくさいし] /(n) shallow, glib and obsequious person/
K破廉恥漢 [はれんちかん] /(n) shameless man/knave/
K線香花火 [せんこうはなび] /(n) small sparklers which resemble incense sticks/something that flickers and fizzles out/flash in the pan/
K破壊工作 [はかいこうさく] /(n) subversive activities/
K破壊分子 [はかいぶんし] /(n) subversive/subversive element/
K指名手配 [しめいてはい] /(n,vs) search for a named suspect/
K再従兄弟 [はとこ] /(n) second cousin/
K早口言葉 [はやくちことば] /(n) tongue twister/speaking rapidly/
K大陸浪人 [たいりくろうにん] /(n) prewar Japanese adventurer (political activist) in mainland China/
K刃物三昧 [はものざんまい] /(n,vs) engaging in a knife fight/creating a ruckus using an edged tool/
K箱物行政 [はこものぎょうせい] /(n) government (public policy) focusing on the construction of public (community) buildings/
K廃藩置県 [はいはんちけん] /(n) abolition of feudal domains and establishment of prefectures (1871)/
K背反行為 [はいはんこうい] /(n) act of disobedience (betrayal)/violation/breach; infraction/infringement/
K半睡半醒 [はんすいはんせい] /(n) half asleep and half awake/
K半知半解 [はんちはんかい] /(n) superficial knowledge/half knowledge/smattering/
K派閥均衡 [はばつきんこう] /(n) balance of power among factions (within a political party); factional balance/
K派閥抗争 [はばつこうそう] /(n) factional infighting (conflict)/antagonism between factions/
K派閥人事 [はばつじんじ] /(n) faction-based personnel appointment/
K一番風呂 [いちばんぶろ] /(n) freshly drawn bath/(taking) a bath before anyone else/
K鼻先分別 [はなさきふんべつ] /(n) superficial (shortsighted) way of thinking/half-baked (foolish, ill-advised) idea/
K半跏趺坐 [はんかふざ] /(n) (sitting in) the half lotus position (in Zen meditation)/
K白昼堂々 [はくちゅうどうどう] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) openly (unashamedly) in broad daylight/
K白昼公然 [はくちゅうこうぜん] /(adj-t,adv-to) openly and in broad daylight/
K随伴現象 [ずいはんげんしょう] /(n) a concomitant (an accompanying) phenomenon/
K反省材料 [はんせいざいりょう] /(n) matters (issues) that need be reconsidered (reflected on)/
K破顔大笑 [はがんたいしょう] /(n,vs) break into a hearty laugh/
K反対勢力 [はんたいせいりょく] /(n) forces of opposition/opposing forces/counterforce/
K迫力満点 [はくりょくまんてん] /(n) full impact/packing a punch/
K波乱曲折 [はらんきょくせつ] /(n) very involved and troublesome situation/complicated twists and turns/
K五言律詩 [ごごんりっし] /(n) poem of eight lines, each of five (Chinese) characters/
K七言律詩 [しちごんりっし] /(n) poem of eight lines, each of seven (Chinese) characters/
K馬鹿律儀 [ばかりちぎ] /(n,adj-na) honest and straightforward to a fault/
K飛石連休 [とびいしれんきゅう] /(n) a series of holidays with one or two workdays in between/
K連立政権 [れんりつせいけん] /(n) coalition government (cabinet)/
K連綿不断 [れんめんふだん] /(n,adj-no) long and uninterrupted (unbroken)/
K対立感情 [たいりつかんじょう] /(n) feeling of antipathy (rivalry)/antagonistic sentiment/
K対立概念 [たいりつがいねん] /(n) the exact opposite concept (idea)/the antithesis/
K内部対立 [ないぶたいりつ] /(n) internal strife/internal struggle/
K立会演説 [たちあいえんぜつ] /(n) (public) debate (between candidates)/
K立身栄達 [りっしんえいたつ] /(n,vs) success in life/advancement in life/rising in the world/
K対立関係 [たいりつかんけい] /(n) confrontational relationship/(being) at loggerheads (with); antagonism/
K不羈独立 [ふきどくりつ] /(n) free and independent/
K対立意見 [たいりついけん] /(n) conflicting (opposite, contrasting) opinion/antagonistic view/
K絶対安静 [ぜったいあんせい] /(n) complete bed rest/complete rest and quiet/
K乱脈経営 [らんみゃくけいえい] /(n) chaotic (irresponsible) management of a company/
K神経過敏 [しんけいかびん] /(n,adj-na) oversensitive/high-strung/jumpy/being all nerves/
K対外関係 [たいがいかんけい] /(n) foreign (international) relations/diplomacy/external affairs/
K軍紀弛緩 [ぐんきちかん] /(n) lack of (slackness in) military discipline/demoralization/
K満面笑顔 [まんめんえがお] /(n) with one's face beaming with joy/smiling from ear to ear/
K笑顔千両 [えがおせんりょう] /(n) beautiful smile/there being a great charm about one's smile/
K反対給付 [はんたいきゅうふ] /(n) benefit in return (for)/a consideration/compensation (for)/quid pro quo/
K時差出勤 [じさしゅっきん] /(n) staggered working hours/flextime/flexitime/
K帯出禁止 [たいしゅつきんし] /(exp,n) Not to be taken out./Reference Only./
K同伴出勤 [どうはんしゅっきん] /(n,vs) (a bar hostess) coming to work accompanied by a customer/
K重役出勤 [じゅうやくしゅっきん] /(n,vs) flexible working hours of the higher-ups/(humorously or sarcastically) go (come) to work late as if one were an executive/
K対決姿勢 [たいけつしせい] /(n) confrontational attitude (stance, posture)/
K全面対決 [ぜんめんたいけつ] /(n,vs) all-out (frontal, total) confrontation/
K励声叱咤 [れいせいしった] /(n,vs) cries of encouragement/shouting encouragement/
K整形美人 [せいけいびじん] /(n) a plastic-surgery beauty/
K学者貧乏 [がくしゃびんぼう] /(n,exp) Good scholars are seldom rich./
K王手飛車 [おうてびしゃ] /(n) forking the rook while checking the king/
K散歩日和 [さんぽびより] /(n) ideal weather for a walk/
K豊作貧乏 [ほうさくびんぼう] /(n) impoverishment of farmers because of a bumper harvest; decline in farmers' income caused by the sharply lower farm prices as a result of bumper harvests/
K官紀紊乱 [かんきびんらん] /(n) laxity in official discipline/civil service corruption/
K綱紀紊乱 [こうきびんらん] /(n) laxity in official discipline/public order being in disarray/
K字引学問 [じびきがくもん] /(n) merely knowing the meanings of a large number of individual words/superficial learning/
K縁者贔屓 [えんじゃびいき] /(n) nepotism/
K恵比寿顔 [えびすがお] /(n) smiling (beaming) face/
K性格美人 [せいかくびじん] /(n) woman with a wonderful personality/
K性格描写 [せいかくびょうしゃ] /(n) character portrayal/characterization/
K男女平等 [だんじょびょうどう] /(n) equality of (between) the sexes/
K貧乏所帯 [びんぼうじょたい] /(n) needy household/small housekeeping/establishment experiencing rough going financially/
K病気見舞 [びようきみまい] /(n) get-well card (gift, letter)/visit to (inquiry after) a sick person/
K経国済民 [けいこくさいみん] /(n) governing a nation and providing relief to people/
K登校拒否 [とうこうきょひ] /(n,vs) refusal to go to school/school rejection syndrome; schoolphobia/
K対抗意識 [たいこういしき] /(n) (a sense of) rivalry/competitive spirit/
K善後対策 [ぜんごたいさく] /(n) remedial measure/preventive measure/the best way to cope with (meet) the situation/
K火事見舞 [かじみまい] /(n) post-fire visit to express sympathy/expressing one's sympathy after a fire/
K無双仕立 [むそうじたて] /(n) making a piece of clothing with the same cloth inside and out/making a kimono with lining of the same fabric/
K学歴偏重 [がくれきへんちょう] /(n) overstressing academic background/
K引込思案 [ひっこみじあん] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) reserved/withdrawn/introvert/reticent/
K後手必敗 [ごてひっぱい] /(exp,n) Defeat is inevitable for one who goes second./Being slow to take action inevitably leads to defeat./
K文武百官 [ぶんぶひゃっかん] /(n) all the officials, both military and civil/
K武芸百般 [ぶげいひゃっぱん] /(n) every martial art/all the martial arts/
K百人一首 [ひゃくにんいっしゅ] /(n) One Hundred Tanka Poems by One Hundred Celebrated Poets; (playing) cards of one hundred famous poems/
K非難合戦 [ひなんかっせん] /(n,vs) (engage in a round of) mutual criticism/repeatedly attack each other/
K必須条件 [ひっすじょうけん] /(n) necessary (essential) condition/sine qua non/indispensable requirement/
K必勝不敗 [ひっしょうふはい] /(n) certain victory/sure victory/invincibility/
K秘密結社 [ひみつけっしゃ] /(n) secret society/underground organization/
K貧血気味 [ひんけつぎみ] /(n) tending to anemia/being somewhat anemic/
K必要次第 [ひつようしだい] /(n,adv) as necessary (needed)/if necessary (needed)/
K必要条件 [ひつようじょうけん] /(n) necessary condition/sine qua non/necessary requirement/
K悪逆非道 [あくぎゃくひどう] /(n,adj-na) heinous/treacherous/atrocious/diabolic/fiendish; inhuman/
K品性下劣 [ひんせいげれつ] /(n,adj-na) of low (mean, inferior) character/
K守秘義務 [しゅひぎむ] /(n) duty of confidentiality/confidentiality (secrecy) obligation/
K造言飛語 [ぞうげんひご] /(n) false rumors/wild rumors/groundless rumors/
K百点満点 [ひゃくてんまんてん] /(n) (getting a) perfect score/scoring 100/grading students on a scale of one hundred/doing perfectly (in a test)/leaving nothing to be desired/
K貴賤貧富 [きせんひんぷ] /(n) high and low, and rich and poor/
K自己肥大 [じこひだい] /(n) self-aggrandizement/self-glorification/something becoming large by feeding upon itself/
K全面否定 [ぜんめんひてい] /(n,vs) complete (total) denial/denying totally (flatly, outright)/
K人手不足 [ひとでぶそく] /(n) labor shortage/
K一人相撲 [ひとりずもう] /(n) fighting (tilting at) windmills/working oneself up even though there really isn't anything to fight at/
K一人舞台 [ひとりぶたい] /(n) performing solo (by oneself)/having the stage to oneself; being in sole command/eclipsing (outshining) the others/field of activity in which one is unrivaled/
K二百十日 [にひゃくとおか] /(n) the 210th day (from the first day of spring according to the lunar calendar)/the "storm day"/
K一人一人 [ひとりひとり] /(hitorihitori/hitoribitori) (n-adv,n-t) one by one/one at a time/one after another/from person to person/depending on the individual/each and every person/
K一齣一齣 [ひとこまひとこま] /(n-adv,n) frame by frame/every frame/
K一人二役 [ひとりふたやく] /(n) double role/one person playing two roles/wearing two hats/
K日毎夜毎 [ひごとよごと] /(n-adv,n-t) every day and every night/day after day/daily/
K貧富貴賤 [ひんぷきせん] /(n) rich and poor, high and low/people of all ranks/
K悲恋物語 [ひれんものがたり] /(n) tragic love story/tale of tragic love/
K是非判断 [ぜひはんだん] /(n) discrimination of right and wrong/distinguishing between right and wrong/
K拒否反応 [きょひはんのう] /(n) adverse reaction/negative response to/strong reaction (against)/
K批判材料 [ひはんざいりょう] /(n) elements deserving criticism/material used to criticize someone (something)/
K贔屓贔屓 [ひいきびいき] /(n) each person supporting (patronizing) his (her) own favorite/
K誹謗中傷 [ひぼうちゅうしょう] /(n,vs) slander/calumny/
K剽悍無比 [ひょうかんむひ] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) as fierce and nimble as any/daring and agile without equal/
K百姓一揆 [ひゃくしょういっき] /(n) peasants' uprising/
K疑問氷解 [ぎもんひょうかい] /(n) one's doubts being cleared away (dispelled, resolved)/
K表敬訪問 [ひょうけいほうもん] /(n,vs) courtesy call (visit)/
K費用一切 [ひよういっさい] /(n) all expenses/
K左右対称 [さゆうたいしょう] /(n,adj-no) bilateral symmetry/
K艶笑小話 [えんしょうこばなし] /(n) amorous anecdote (conte)/
K対人感覚 [たいじんかんかく] /(n) feelings toward other people/sensitivity to other people's feelings/feelings one gives to other people through interpersonal relationships/
K神経衰弱 [しんけいすいじゃく] /(n) nervous (emotional) breakdown/
K対人関係 [たいじんかんけい] /(n) personal relations (relationships)/relation(ship)s with (other) people/interpersonal relation(ship)s/interhuman relations/
K歳々年々 [さいさいねんねん] /(n,adv) annually/every year/year in and year out/from year to year/
K猛烈社員 [もうれつしゃいん] /(n) gung-ho organization (corporate) man (woman)/go-getter worker/hard-driving worker/
K藍衣社員 [らんいしゃいん] /(n) blue-collar/blue-collar worker (employee)/
K幽霊社員 [ゆうれいしゃいん] /(n) bogus (phantom) employee/
K養子縁組 [ようしえんぐみ] /(n) adoption/
K心外千万 [しんがいせんばん] /(adj-na) be totally upset (by)/be completely nonplused (by)/be mortified (at)/feel aggrieved (at)/find (it) highly regrettable/
K無礼千万 [ぶれいせんばん] /(adj-na) extremely rude (impertinent, impolite)/
K奇怪千万 [きかいせんばん] /(adj-na) (kikaisenban/kikkaisenban)very strange (mysterious, weird)/bizarre/monstrous; outrageous/
K乱売合戦 [らんばいかっせん] /(n) price war/cutthroat competition/
K効果抜群 [こうかばつぐん] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) exceptionally effective/exceptional effectiveness/
K人気抜群 [にんきばつぐん] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) outstandingly popular/overwhelming popularity/
K馬鹿野郎 [ばかやろう] /(int,n) (You) idiot! (stupid!)/idiot/fool/moron/stupid/
K地盤沈下 [じばんちんか] /(n) (1) land subsidence/(2) a decline in influence, popularity, etc./
K売名行為 [ばいめいこうい] /(n) act of self-advertisement/publicity stunt/
K馬鹿慇懃 [ばかいんぎん] /(n,adj-na) overdone politeness/polite to a fault/feigned politeness/
K総花政策 [そうばなせいさく] /(n) all-around policy/please-everyone policy/
K爆弾宣言 [ばくだんせんげん] /(n) bombshell announcement (declaration)/
K五人囃子 [ごにんばやし] /(n) five court-musician dolls at the Girls' Festival (March 3)/
K役者馬鹿 [やくしゃばか] /(n) good actor who is inept in all other matters/demon for acting who is utterly indifferent to all other concerns and knows but little of the ways ofperson who excels in one occupation (profession) but lacks simple common sense/person who excels in one occupation (profession) but lacks simple common sense/
K大馬鹿者 [おおばかもの] /(n) great (utter) fool/complete idiot/absolute moron/
K裁判沙汰 [さいばんざた] /(n) law suit/litigation/court fight/legal wangle/
K支持基盤 [しじきばん] /(n) one's support (power) base/the base of one's support in an electorate/
K専門馬鹿 [せんもんばか] /(n) person who is ignorant outside his field/
K千古万古 [せんこばんこ] /(n) remote antiquity/ancient times/the remote past/
K馬鹿高値 [ばかたかね] /(n) ridiculously high price/
K馬鹿安値 [ばかやすね] /(n) ridiculously low price/
K学者馬鹿 [がくしゃばか] /(n) scholar who knows but little of the ways of the world/
K機械馬鹿 [きかいばか] /(n) skilled engineer (mechanic) who is clumsy in all other matters/person who gets a great kick out of tinkering with anything mechanical/
K雨傘番組 [あまがさばんぐみ] /(n) substitute for a scheduled live broadcast of a sporting event that was rained out/
K四方山話 [よもやまばなし] /(n) talk about various topics/chatting about all sorts of things/
K此処一番 [ここいちばん] /(n) the crucial moment/the moment of truth/a do-or-die situation/a crucial juncture (stage)/
K場外取引 [ばがいとりひき] /(n) over-the-counter trading (transactions)/OTC trading/
K黒田売買 [くろたばいばい] /(n) dealing in rice speculating on the year's harvest before seedlings are set out/
K白田売買 [しろたばいばい] /(n) dealing in rice speculating on the year's harvest while the paddies are still covered with snow/
K青田売買 [あおたばいばい] /(n) dealing in unharvested rice crop/
K買収工作 [ばいしゅうこうさく] /(n) bribery scheme/acquisition maneuver/
K相場操縦 [そうばそうじゅう] /(n) market manipulation/market rigging/
K捨万求一 [しゃばんきゅういつ] /(n,vs) pursuing one overriding objective while forsaking all the others/
K総花主義 [そうばなしゅぎ] /(n) the principle of pleasing everyone/make-everybody-happy policy/
K万国共通 [ばんこくきょうつう] /(n,adj-no) worldwide/common to the whole world/universal/
K千態万状 [せんたいばんじょう] /(n) an endless variety of forms/multifariousness/
K一番勝負 [いちばんしょうぶ] /(n) contest decided by a single round (bout)/contest decided by a single roll of dice/one-shot game (contest)/make-or-break game/
K算盤勘定 [そろばんかんじょう] /(n) counting on the abacus/cost-benefit (profitability) calculation/
K地場産業 [じばさんぎょう] /(n) local industry/
K三番勝負 [さんばんしょうぶ] /(n) three-game match/three-bout contest/a rubber (in a card game)/
K伴食大臣 [ばんしょくだいじん] /(n) incompetent cabinet minister/figurehead minister/
K千種万様 [せんしゅばんよう] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) an infinite variety/multifarious/being extremely varied and wide-ranging/
K千態万様 [せんたいばんよう] /(n) an endless variety of forms/multifariousness/
K舌禍事件 [ぜっかじけん] /(n) scandal (trouble) caused by a slip of the tongue/
K杓子果報 [しゃくしかほう] /(n,adj-na) coming by ample servings of delicious food/being blessed with good fortune/
K筆禍事件 [ひっかじけん] /(n) troubles brought on by what one has written/incident occasioned by a serious slip of the pen/
K接客業務 [せっきゃくぎょうむ] /(n) customer relations/serving (helping, attending to, waiting on) customers/
K前衛芸術 [ぜんえいげいじゅつ] /(n) avant-garde art/
K会社人間 [かいしゃにんげん] /(n) company (organization) man (person)/corporate soldier/
K臣籍降下 [しんせきこうか] /(n) (of members of the Imperial family) becoming a commoner/to be reduced from royal status to that of a commoner/
K拝金主義 [はいきんしゅぎ] /(n) money worship/mammonism/
K社交上手 [しゃこうじょうず] /(n,adj-na) social ease (facility, skills)/being a good mixer/
K尋常茶飯 [じんじょうさはん] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) everyday occurrence/commonplace of life; nothing out of the ordinary/
K様子次第 [ようすしだい] /(n) according to circumstances/depending on the state of things/according to how the situation develops/
K突貫工事 [とっかんこうじ] /(n) rush work/crash job/construction at top speed/
K不可能事 [ふかのうじ] /(n) an impossibility/
K退勢挽回 [たいせいばんかい] /(n) restoring the declining fortunes/recovering from the discouraging situation/reversing the downward trend/
K不穏分子 [ふおんぶんし] /(n) disruptive element/troublemaker/dissident/
K役者稼業 [やくしゃかぎょう] /(n) stage career/acting career/
K行楽日和 [こうらくびより] /(n) ideal weather for an outing/
K風味絶佳 [ふうみぜっか] /(n,adj-na) delicious flavor/superb taste/
K風光絶佳 [ふうこうぜっか] /(n,adj-na) scenic beauty/scenery being beautiful beyond description/
K話題沸騰 [わだいふっとう] /(n) being much talked about/creating a stir/being the talk of town/
K議論沸騰 [ぎろんふっとう] /(n,vs) discussion (argument) becoming heated/debate being in a ferment/
K人気沸騰 [にんきふっとう] /(n,vs) (enjoy) tumultuous (tremendous, overwhelming) popularity/
K善悪不二 [ぜんあくふに] /(exp,n) Good and evil are but two faces of the same coin./
K譜代相伝 [ふだいそうでん] /(n) hereditary succession/
K父祖伝来 [ふそでんらい] /(n,adj-no) hereditary/patrimonial/handed down from generation to generation/
K複雑奇怪 [ふくざつきかい] /(n,adj-na) complex and mysterious (bizarre)/complicated and inscrutable/
K一日二日 [いちにちふつか] /(n,adv) a day or two/
K複雑微妙 [ふくざつびみょう] /(n,adj-na) complex and subtle (delicate)/
K複雑多様 [ふくざつたよう] /(n,adj-na) complex and multifarious/
K分不相応 [ぶんふそうおう] /(n,adj-na) inappropriate to one's lot in life/beyond one's means or position/above one's station (circumstances)/
K形勢不利 [けいせいふり] /(n,adj-na) situation (turn of events) being unfavorable (disadvantageous)/
K狷介不羈 [けんかいふき] /(n,adj-na) stubbornly sticking to one's own convictions/being stubbornly independent/
K論旨不明 [ろんしふめい] /(n,adj-na) the point of an argument being unclear/the tenor of an argument being poorly reasoned/
K千古不滅 [せんこふめつ] /(n,adj-no) everlasting/eternal/immortal/unchangeable/
K千載不磨 [せんざいふま] /(n,adj-no) still remaining after a thousand years/immortal/
K一文不知 [いちもんふち] /(n,adj-no) total illiteracy/
K社内不倫 [しゃないふりん] /(n) adulterous love affair with someone at work/
K興奮気味 [こうふんぎみ] /(n) being somewhat excited (agitated)/
K気候風土 [きこうふうど] /(n) climate and natural features (of a region)/
K風土気候 [ふうどきこう] /(n) climate and natural features (of a region)/
K真偽不明 [しんぎふめい] /(n) dubious/doubtful/of unknown authenticity/
K安否不明 [あんぴふめい] /(n) fate (safety) of a person (persons) being unknown/
K鴛鴦夫婦 [おしどりふうふ] /(n) loving couple/happily married couple (who are always together)/
K千古不磨 [せんこふま] /(n) permanence/immortality/eternity/
K不倫相手 [ふりんあいて] /(n) person with whom one is having an illicit love affair/
K政治風土 [せいじふうど] /(n) political climate/
K巫山雲雨 [ふざんうんう] /(n) sexual liaison/
K役者風情 [やくしゃふぜい] /(n) (the likes of) a mere actor/
K精神風土 [せいしんふうど] /(n) the spiritual climate/
K台風銀座 [たいふうぎんざ] /(n) the typhoon Ginza/the area (of Japan) where typhoons frequently pass/
K畏怖嫌厭 [いふけんえん] /(n,vs) feelings of dread and aversion/
K付和随行 [ふわずいこう] /(n,vs) participating in something by merely following the leaders/
K二言三言 [ふたことみこと] /(n) a few words/
K二従兄弟 [ふたいとこ] /(n) second cousin/
K不届千万 [ふとどきせんばん] /(adj-na) very rude (insolent)/extremely reprehensible/outrageous/
K不平分子 [ふへいぶんし] /(n) discontented element/discontented (grumbling) member/
K不平不満 [ふへいふまん] /(n) discontent and grumbling/complaints/gripes/dissatisfaction/
K俗気芬々 [ぞくけふんぷん] /(adj-t,adv-to) of low (vulgar) taste/lacking class/
K風紀退廃 [ふうきたいはい] /(n) decay (decline, corruption) of public morals/moral decadence/
K不和反目 [ふわはんもく] /(n) discord and hostility/feud/
K風俗犯罪 [ふうぞくはんざい] /(n) offense against public morals/morals offense/vice crime/
K奮起一番 [ふんきいちばん] /(n) bracing oneself up to action, being inspired by something; getting down to work, putting heart and sotackling (a job) with gusto/tackling (a job) with gusto/
K節目節目 [ふしめふしめ] /(n) critical juncture/turnning point/new phase (of one's life)/
K風俗画風 [ふうぞくがふう] /(n) (of the) genre painting style/(of the) style of painting that depicts people's customs and manners/(of the) type of painting that denotes the life of ordinary people/
K夫婦養子 [ふうふようし] /(n) adopting a married couple/a married couple adopted into the family/
K不定愁訴 [ふていしゅうそ] /(n) general malaise/unidentified complaint/
K風俗習慣 [ふうぞくしゅうかん] /(n) manners and customs/customs and habits/
K不法侵入 [ふほうしんにゅう] /(n,vs) intrusion/forcible entry/trespassing/
K譜代大名 [ふだいだいみょう] /(n) daimyo in hereditary vassalage to the Tokugawas/hereditary daimyo (whose ancestors supported Tokugawa Ieyasu prior to the battle of Sekigahara)/
K不良仲間 [ふりょうなかま] /(n) gang of hoodlums (hooligans)/bad company/companion in gang activities/
K風俗小説 [ふうぞくしょうせつ] /(n) light novel depicting social customs and manners of the day/
K福祉商法 [ふくししょうほう] /(n) (unscrupulous) business practices based on an appeal to one's social conscience/(unscrupulous) sales methods used by someone falsely claiming to represent a charitable (social welfare) organization/
K不良交友 [ふりょうこうゆう] /(n) getting mixed up with the wrong people/getting into bad company/
K不器用者 [ぶきようもの] /(n) clumsy person/bungler/botcher/person with no particular talents/
K役者気質 [やくしゃかたぎ] /(n) characteristic temperament (spirit) of an actor/
K不義密通 [ふぎみっつう] /(n) adultery/infidelity/
K不許複製 [ふきょふくせい] /(exp) All rights reserved./Duplication (Copying) prohibited./
K行儀見習 [ぎょうぎみならい] /(n) learning good manners through apprenticeship (to an upper-class family)/
K待遇改善 [たいぐうかいぜん] /(n) improvement of labor (working) conditions/a salary increase/
K不屈不撓 [ふくつふとう] /(n) indefatigability/indomitableness/with unremitting tenacity/
K不遇時代 [ふぐうじだい] /(n) one's dark days/the period during which one suffered misfortune and obscurity/
K政策不況 [せいさくふきょう] /(n) policy-induced slump/stagnation resulting from poor economic policies/
K人気稼業 [にんきかぎょう] /(n) popular occupation/occupation largely dependent on public favor/
K浮草稼業 [うきぐさかぎょう] /(n) precarious trade/unstable occupation/itinerant trade/
K漸落市況 [ぜんらくしきょう] /(n) sagging market/
K少壮血気 [しょうそうけっき] /(n,adj-no) young and hot-blooded (impetuous)/
K白紙還元 [はくしかんげん] /(n,vs) be returned (sent back) to the drawing board/
K待合政治 [まちあいせいじ] /(n) teahouse politics/back-room political dealings/
K壮行試合 [そうこうじあい] /(n) send-off game (match)/
K都合次第 [つごうしだい] /(n) depending on the (one's) situation (circumstances)/at one's pleasure/
K股座膏薬 [またぐらごうやく] /(n) a double-dealer/a timeserver/moving back and forth between two sides in a conflict/
K人間不在 [にんげんふざい] /(n) being devoid of consideration for human beings/
K実力行使 [じつりょくこうし] /(n,vs) use (employment) of force/recourse to arms/resort to violence/
K役者子供 [やくしゃこども] /(n) skilled actor who is like a child offstage/good actor who knows but little of the ways of the world/
K七不思議 [ななふしぎ] /(n) the seven wonders/
K悪行三昧 [あくぎょうざんまい] /(n) committing every evil/being given to evil ways/following the path of evil/
K酷寒猛暑 [こっかんもうしょ] /(n) bitter cold and fierce heat/
K一所不住 [いっしょふじゅう] /(n) vagrancy/transient lifestyle/itinerant life/being without a fixed abode/
K不純分子 [ふじゅんぶんし] /(n) dissident (discontented) element/
K場外市場 [ばがいしじょう] /(n) over-the-counter market/OTC market/
K姓名不詳 [せいめいふしょう] /(n,adj-no) unidentified/name unknown/
K不祥事件 [ふしょうじけん] /(n) disgraceful incident/scandalous affair/untoward (deplorable) event/
K行商稼業 [ぎょうしょうかぎょう] /(n) the peddling trade/
K大尽振舞 [だいじんぶるまい] /(n,vs) royal treatment/entertain someone extravagantly/
K半身不随 [はんしんふずい] /(n) paralyzed on one side/partial paralysis/hemiplegia/
K不真面目 [ふまじめ] /(n,adj-na) lack of sincerity (seriousness)/insincere/flippant/
K不審人物 [ふしんじんぶつ] /(n) a suspicious character (person, figure)/
K人間不信 [にんげんふしん] /(n) distrust of (other) human beings/
K不心得者 [ふこころえもの] /(n) imprudent fellow/misguided person/wrongheaded people/
K成績不振 [せいせきふしん] /(n) poor (academic) performance/poor (business) results (showing)/
K政治不信 [せいじふしん] /(n) (public) distrust of politics/loss of faith in politics (politicians)/estrangement from politics/
K不審尋問 [ふしんじんもん] /(n,vs) police questioning (of a suspicious person)/
K一杯一杯 [いっぱいいっぱい] /(adj-na,n-adv,n) 1 one cup after another/cup by cup/2 to the limit/to the fullest extent/absolutely the limit/the best one can do/be breaking even/
K春花秋月 [しゅんかしゅうげつ] /(n) spring flowers and the autumn moon/beauty of nature as it changes from season to season/
K万葉仮名 [まんようがな] /(n) early Japanese syllabary composed of Chinese characters used phonetically/
K一杯機嫌 [いっぱいきげん] /(n,adj-no) be a little drunk/be tipsy/
K存在意義 [そんざいいぎ] /(n) meaning of life/meaning of one's existence/
K善意銀行 [ぜんいぎんこう] /(n) center for collecting charitable contributions (money, goods, and/or services) and distributing them to people in need/
K怠業戦術 [たいぎょうせんじゅつ] /(n) slowdown strategy/go-slow tactics (of workers in a labor dispute)/
K婉曲迂遠 [えんきょくうえん] /(n,adj-na) euphemistic and circumlocutory/roundabout and circuitous/
K意見具申 [いけんぐしん] /(n,vs) offering one's opinion (to someone on something)/
K戦意高揚 [せんいこうよう] /(n) raising one's (the soldiers') fighting spirit/
K媚眼秋波 [びがんしゅうは] /(n) casting a coquettish (an amorous) glance (at a man)/
K引責辞任 [いんせきじにん] /(n,vs) take responsibility by resigning/resign to take the blame/resign after accepting responsibility/
K劣弱意識 [れつじゃくいしき] /(n) inferiority complex/a sense of inferiority/
K苦手意識 [にがていしき] /(n) awareness that somebody (something) is (will be) hard to deal with/awareness that one is not good at something/
K仲間意識 [なかまいしき] /(n) feeling of fellowship/sense of camaraderie/peer consciousness/
K選民意識 [せんみんいしき] /(n) sense of being the chosen people/
K使命意識 [しめいいしき] /(n) sense of (one's) mission/awareness of one's duty (calling)/
K身分意識 [みぶんいしき] /(n) status consciousness/perception of one's social status/
K意識転換 [いしきてんかん] /(n,vs) change in mentality/changing one's way of thinking; adjusting psychologically to shifting circumstances/
K意識変革 [いしきへんかく] /(n,vs) radical change in mentality/radically changing one's way of thinking/radical change in consciousness/
K学閥意識 [がくばついしき] /(n) strong feelings of loyalty to one's old school/the old school tie/
K意識不明 [いしきふめい] /(n) unconscious/senseless/in a coma/
K贖罪意識 [しょくざいいしき] /(n) a sense of atonement/
K玉砕主義 [ぎょくさいしゅぎ] /(n) the principle (ideology) of honorable death and no surrender/
K春秋戦国 [しゅんじゅうせんごく] /(n) the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period (Chinese history)/
K注意人物 [ちゅういじんぶつ] /(n) marked person/blacklisted person/dangerous (suspicious) character/
K無為無聊 [むいぶりょう] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) boredom/ennui/tedium/wearisomeness/
K神武以来 [じんむいらい] /(jinmuirai/jinmukonokata) (adv-no,n-adv,n-t) since the era of the Emperor Jinmu/(first ever) since the dawn of Japan's history/unprecedented/
K無縁墓地 [むえんぼち] /(n) cemetery for those who died leaving no relatives to tend the graves/potter's field/
K無益有害 [むえきゆうがい] /(n,adj-na) useless and harmful/
K無学無知 [むがくむち] /(n,adj-na) illiterate and ignorant/
K純粋無垢 [じゅんすいむく] /(n,adj-na) pure and innocent/immaculate/
K無垢清浄 [むくせいじょう] /(n,adj-na) pure and innocent/immaculate/
K神武景気 [じんむけいき] /(n) the economic boom of the mid-1950s/
K夢幻泡沫 [むげんほうまつ] /(n) transient/ephemeral/fleeting/evanescent/
K無策無為 [むさくむい] /(n) donothingism/do-nothing, plan-nothing (government, etc.); being an idle onlooker taking no steps to meet the situation/
K公正無私 [こうせいむし] /(n,adj-na) fair and impartial/just and unselfish/
K御邪魔虫 [おじゃまむし] /(n) someone who gets in the way without serving any useful purpose/fly in the ointment/buttinsky/third wheel/
K三無主義 [さんむしゅぎ] /(n) the "three no principle" of no drive (indolence), no interest (indifference), and no sense of responsibility (irresponsibility), the term describing the temperament of the Japanese youth of the 1970s/
K前後矛盾 [ぜんごむじゅん] /(n,vs) self-contradiction/self-inconsistency/
K火宅無常 [かたくむじょう] /(exp,n) This world is uncertain (cruel) like a burning house/
K怪力無双 [かいりきむそう] /(n,adj-no) (a person of) unrivaled physical strength/
K遺恨十年 [いこんじゅうねん] /(n,adv) grudge of ten years' standing/harboring a grudge for many years/
K難問山積 [なんもんさんせき] /(n) mountain (pile) of difficult problems/
K三割自治 [さんわりじち] /(n) the "thirty-percent autonomy" of local governments/
K先祖代々 [せんぞだいだい] /(adj-no,n-adv) ancestral/hereditary/generation after generation/
K貫禄十分 [かんろくじゅうぶん] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) having great (impressive, commanding) presence/having an air of importance/having enough gravity for (a position)/
K衆目一致 [しゅうもくいっち] /(exp,n) The consensus of opinion is that .../It is widely agreed (admitted) that.../
K落人伝説 [おちゅうどでんせつ] /(n) legend concerning a fugitive clan/
K喪中欠礼 [もちゅうけつれい] /(exp,n) refraining from offering the (New Year's) greetings during the period of mourning/
K鳩首密議 [きゅうしゅみつぎ] /(n,vs) going into a huddle (over)/holding secret (closed-door) conference (about)/laying heads together in secret consultation/
K永久欠番 [えいきゅうけつばん] /(n) retired (uniform) number/
K忠義一途 [ちゅうぎいちず] /(n,adj-na) staunch (steadfast, singlehearted) in one's devotion to his master (lord)/
K学士入学 [がくしにゅうがく] /(n) admission of university graduates to an undergraduate program/
K柔軟思考 [じゅうなんしこう] /(n) a flexible way of thinking/
K世間周知 [せけんしゅうち] /(n) (a matter of) common knowledge/widely known/known to everybody/
K四十九日 [しじゅうくにち] /(n) a period of morning lasting seven weeks/the forty-ninth day (after someone's death)/memorial service held on the forty-ninth day after the death of someone/
K注文相撲 [ちゅうもんずもう] /(n) a sumo bout that goes according to a wrestler's strategy/a match that goes according to one's plan/
K内剛外柔 [ないごうがいじゅう] /(n) being gentle on the outside but tough on the inside/an iron hand in a velvet glove/
K十字砲火 [じゅうじほうか] /(n) cross fire/(drawing) a barrage of (flak, criticism) (from)/
K訴求効果 [そきゅうこうか] /(n) customer appeal/the power to appeal to customers/
K女中奉公 [じょちゅうぼうこう] /(n) domestic service/working as a housemaid/
K一芸入試 [いちげいにゅうし] /(n) entrance exam for a university giving preference to persons who excel in one special field (skill)/one-talent oriented entrance examination/
K成功報酬 [せいこうほうしゅう] /(n) fee contingent upon success/contingency fee/completion bonus/
K四柱推命 [しちゅうすいめい] /(n) Four Pillar astrology/originally Chinese method of fortune-telling based on the time, date, month and year of a person's birth/
K困苦窮乏 [こんくきゅうぼう] /(n) hardships and privations/
K中道左派 [ちゅうどうさは] /(n) left-of-center faction (group)/
K嫁入道中 [よめいりどうちゅう] /(n) nuptial procession/
K人道蹂躙 [じんどうじゅうりん] /(n) outrage against humanity/
K花魁道中 [おいらんどうちゅう] /(n) parade of oiran (licensed high-class prostitutes) in the Yoshikawa pleasure district of Edo/
K真相究明 [しんそうきゅうめい] /(n) probe into the truth (of the matter)/dig into the real facts of the case/get at the root of a matter/
K奥山放獣 [おくやまほうじゅう] /(n) relocation of wild animals to a remote location/
K中道右派 [ちゅうどううは] /(n) right-of-center faction (group)/
K道中無事 [どうちゅうぶじ] /(n) safe journey/
K牛歩戦術 [ぎゅうほせんじゅつ] /(n) snail's-pace tactics/snail's-pace shuffling walk adopted by opposition members of the Diet (parliament) as a tactic for stalling a vote/
K二十四気 [にじゅうしき] /(n) the 24 seasonal divisions of a year in the old lunar calendar/
K五十音順 [ごじゅうおんじゅん] /(n) the order of the Japanese syllabary/kana order/(in) a-i-u-e-o order/
K外剛内柔 [がいごうないじゅう] /(n) tough on the outside but soft at heart/faint-hearted person pretending to be brave/
K下方修正 [かほうしゅうせい] /(n,vs) downward adjustment/downward revision/
K措置入院 [そちにゅういん] /(n,vs) involuntary admission (commitment) (to a mental hospital)/
K軌道修正 [きどうしゅうせい] /(n,vs) orbital adjustment/mid-course correction/modification (of a planned course of action)/changing horses midstream/
K周到綿密 [しゅうとうめんみつ] /(n,adj-na) extremely complete (thorough, careful) and detailed/
K因習道徳 [いんしゅうどうとく] /(n) conventional morality (morals)/
K旧弊打破 [きゅうへいだは] /(n) breaking down antiquated notions/abandoning old-time ways; correcting long- standing abuses/
K旧幕時代 [きゅうばくじだい] /(n) the shogunate period/the days of the shogunate regime/
K弓馬刀槍 [きゅうばとうそう] /(n) archery, horsemanship, spearsmanship, and swordsmanship; martial arts in general/
K恒久不変 [こうきゅうふへん] /(n) permanent and immutable/
K臭気芬芬 [しゅうきふんぷん] /(adj-t,adv-to) giving off a foul odor/the air being heavy with an offensive smell/
K俗臭芬々 [ぞくしゅうふんぷん] /(adj-t,adv-to) of low (vulgar) taste/lacking class/
K秋風落莫 [しゅうふうらくばく] /(n) forlorn and helpless/lonely and desolate/
K集中砲火 [しゅうちゅうほうか] /(n) concentrated fire/(drawing) intensive fire (flak, criticism) (from)/
K鳩首協議 [きゅうしゅきょうぎ] /(n,vs) put heads together and confer/convene and discuss/go into a huddle (over)/
K十分条件 [じゅうぶんじょうけん] /(n) a sufficient condition/
K精神修養 [せいしんしゅうよう] /(n,vs) moral (spiritual) improvement/practice mental training; cultivate one's mind (soul)/
K巻土重来 [けんどじゅうらい] /(n) (kendojuurari/kendochourai)recouping one's strength for a renewed attack (on)/making another attempt with redoubled efforts/
K各種各様 [かくしゅかくよう] /(n) individual (different) ways of doing things/being different (varied) for each item (type)/
K減点主義 [げんてんしゅぎ] /(n) demerit (points-off) system/
K漸進主義 [ぜんしんしゅぎ] /(n) gradualism/incrementalism/the "slow and steady" approach (principle)/
K大国主義 [たいこくしゅぎ] /(n) policy favoring major powers/policy of the Great Powers that is favorable to themselves/
K三猿主義 [さんえんしゅぎ] /(n) the principle (philosophy) of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil/the policy of "see-not, hear-not, and speak-not"/
K名目主義 [めいもくしゅぎ] /(n) tokenism/
K建前主義 [たてまえしゅぎ] /(n) tokenism/appearance for appearance's sake/
K伸縮自在 [しんしゅくじざい] /(adj-na) elastic/flexible/telescoping/expandable/
K取捨分別 [しゅしゃふんべつ] /(n,vs) make a choice among many/select the good (desirable, necessary, relevant) and discard the rest/decision to adopt or reject/
K種々様々 [しゅじゅさまざま] /(n,adj-na) a great variety of/all sorts or kinds of/multifarious/
K選手生命 [せんしゅせいめい] /(n) player's career/one's career in sport/one's career as an athlete/
K上下関係 [じょうげかんけい] /(n) a relationship of higher and lower/(a relationship of) rank/hyponymy/
K上下左右 [じょうげさゆう] /(n) up and down (top and bottom), left and right/
K軟弱外交 [なんじゃくがいこう] /(n) weak foreign policy/weak-kneed diplomacy/
K時代感覚 [じだいかんかく] /(n) sense of the times/sensitivity to the times/trend of the times/
K弱気相場 [よわきそうば] /(n) weak (bear(ish)) market/
K永代供養 [えいたいくよう] /(n) services performed in perpetuity by a Buddhist temple for the repose of a departed soul/
K前後左右 [ぜんごさゆう] /(n) forward(s) and backward(s) and left and right/in all directions/
K到着次第 [とうちゃくしだい] /(n-adv) upon arrival of an item (items)/as soon as one arrives/
K上昇気流 [じょうしょうきりゅう] /(n) (1) ascending air current/updraft/(2) upward trend/rise in popularity, influence, etc./being on a rise/
K唯一無比 [ゆいいつむひ] /(n,adj-no) one and only/unique/
K唯一不二 [ゆいいつふじ] /(n,adj-no) one and only/unique/
K雄大無比 [ゆうだいむひ] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) unparalleled grandeur/the grandest/the most spectacular/
K勇気凛々 [ゆうきりんりん] /(adj-t,adv-to) full of spirit/brimming with courage; high-spirited/mettlesome/
K左右一対 [さゆういっつい] /(n) left-and-right pair/symmetrical pair/
K自由勝手 [じゆうかって] /(n,adj-na) free/unfettered/according to one's own whims/doing as one likes/
K誘致合戦 [ゆうちかっせん] /(n) rivalry over winning the right to host an event/competition to lure (attract, invite) (institutions, manufacturing facilities, foreign tourists, etc.) to a locality/
K有志一同 [ゆうしいちどう] /(exp,n) all those interested (in the matter)/all those willing; (from) all of us/(from) everyone concerned/
K武勇絶倫 [ぶゆうぜつりん] /(n,adj-no) peerless bravery/matchless valor (in arms)/
K自由気儘 [じゆうきまま] /(n,adj-na) free/unfettered/according to one's own whims/doing as one likes/
K自由三昧 [じゆうざんまい] /(n,adj-na) free/unfettered/according to one's own whims/doing as one likes/
K形勢有利 [けいせいゆうり] /(n,adj-na) situation (turn of events) being favorable (advantageous)/
K剛勇無比 [ごうゆうむひ] /(n,adj-no) unparalleled for valor/unmatched for bravery/
K有名無名 [ゆうめいむめい] /(n,adj-no) well-known and unknown/somebodies and nobodies/both famous and humble/
K自由放題 [じゆうほうだい] /(n) as freely as one pleases/at will/to one' heart's content/
K勇敢無比 [ゆうかんむひ] /(n) being unmatched (unparalleled) for bravery/
K幽霊会社 [ゆうれいがいしゃ] /(n) bogus (dummy) company (corporation, firm)/
K幽霊人口 [ゆうれいじんこう] /(n) ghost (bogus) population/fraudulently registered population/
K恋愛遊戯 [れんあいゆうぎ] /(n) playing at love relationships/trifling with a person's affections/
K存在理由 [そんざいりゆう] /(n) reason for being/justification for existence/a raison d'etre/
K慨世憂国 [がいせいゆうこく] /(n) worrying about the conditions of the country out of sheer patriotism/
K憂国慨世 [ゆうこくがいせい] /(n) worrying about the conditions of the country out of sheer patriotism/
K有益無害 [ゆうえきむがい] /(n,adj-na) beneficial and harmless/
K勇将弱卒 [ゆうしょうじゃくそつ] /(exp,n) there are no cowardly soldiers under a brave general/
K自由裁量 [じゆうさいりょう] /(n) latitude/(at one's) discretion/discretionary powers/a free hand/
K有力候補 [ゆうりょくこうほ] /(n) major contender/strong (leading) candidate/front runner/
K有史以来 [ゆうしいらい] /(n-t) since the dawn of history/within recorded history/
K行方不明 [ゆくえふめい] /(n,adj-no) missing/lost/unaccounted for/one's whereabouts being unknown/
K六号記事 [ろくごうきじ] /(n) (space) filler/fill-in (in magazines, newspapers, etc.)/
K暑中見舞 [しょちゅうみまい] /(n) summer greeting card/inquiry after someone's health in the hot season/
K陣中見舞 [じんちゅうみまい] /(n) visiting soldiers at the front to provide comfort/visit to (gift for) persons hard at work as a sign of support/
K寒中見舞 [かんちゅうみまい] /(n) winter greeting card/inquiring after someone's health in the cold season/
K三号雑誌 [さんごうざっし] /(n) short-lived magazine (periodical)/
K自己中心 [じこちゅうしん] /(n) self-centeredness/selfishness/egoism/egotism/egocentricity/
K清浄潔白 [せいじょうけっぱく] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) upright and clean-handed/pure in heart and with a clean conscience/
K先刻承知 [せんこくしょうち] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) being already (well) aware/
K興味本位 [きょうみほんい] /(adj-na,adj-no,n ) just out of curiosity/merely for amusing; light (entertaining/sensational) treatment (of a topic)/
K満場騒然 [まんじょうそうぜん] /(adj-t,adv-to) the whole house (assembly, audience) being in uproar/
K寵愛一身 [ちょうあいいっしん] /(n) standing highest in one's master's favor/monopolizing the affection (favor) of the lord/being the lord's favorite lady/
K政教一致 [せいきょういっち] /(n) unity of church and state/
K後生一生 [ごしょういっしょう] /(n) extremely important or once in a lifetime (request)/only once in one's lifetime/
K強圧手段 [きょうあつしゅだん] /(n) coercive (high-handed) measure/strong-arm method/
K情実人事 [じょうじつじんじ] /(n) personnel changes through favoritism/
K今日明日 [きょうあす] /(n) 1 today and tomorrow/today or tomorrow/in a day or two/2 (something that may happen) very soon (any day now)/
K精妙巧緻 [せいみょうこうち] /(n,adj-na) exquisite and elaborate/
K交際上手 [こうさいじょうず] /(n,adj-na) good at socializing/sociability/being a good mixer/
K強情頑固 [ごうじょうがんこ] /(n,adj-na) headstrong/obstinate/bullheaded/
K自信過剰 [じしんかじょう] /(n,adj-na) overconfidence/
K慇懃丁重 [いんぎんていちょう] /(n,adj-na) polite and courteous/
K小心姑息 [しょうしんこそく] /(n,adj-na) timid and evasive (person)/timid and makeshift (approach, measure, etc.)/
K女房孝行 [にょうぼうこうこう] /(n,adj-no) being devoted to one's wife/uxorious/
K強情我慢 [ごうじょうがまん] /(n,adj-no) obstinate and self-assertive/
K点検商法 [てんけんしょうほう] /(n) an unscrupulous business practice of making sales by posing as an inspector and declaring the need for replacing items/
K三本勝負 [さんぼんしょうぶ] /(n) a set of three bouts/three-game match/three-bout contest/
K放心状態 [ほうしんじょうたい] /(n) being in abstraction/being dazed/being absentminded; stargazing/
K冗談気味 [じょうだんぎみ] /(n) being somewhat (half) joking/half seriously/half in jest; in a jocular vein/
K役人根性 [やくにんこんじょう] /(n) bureaucratism/officialism/typical mentality of a (petty) bureaucrat/
K三文小説 [さんもんしょうせつ] /(n) cheap (dime) novel/
K世態人情 [せたいにんじょう] /(n) (contemporary) customs and behavior/the picture of people's life in the contemporary world/
K戦国大名 [せんごくだいみょう] /(n) daimyo (provincial lord) in the Warring States period/
K権限委譲 [けんげんいじょう] /(n) delegation of authority (power)/devolution/empowerment/
K割前勘定 [わりまえかんじょう] /(n) each paying for his own account/sharing the expenses/Dutch treat/
K造形教育 [ぞうけいきょういく] /(n) education in art and design/education in drawing and manual arts/
K淫祠邪教 [いんしじゃきょう] /(n) evil heresies/
K身分詐称 [みぶんさしょう] /(n) false personation/misrepresentation of one's social position/
K学歴詐称 [がくれきさしょう] /(n) false statement (misrepresentation) of one's academic career/
K縁日商人 [えんにちしょうにん] /(n) festival vendor/keeper of a street stall at a temple (shrine) fair/
K第一印象 [だいいちいんしょう] /(n) first impression/initial impression/
K霊視商法 [れいししょうほう] /(n) fraudulent sale of exorcism services (to people led to believe that they are possessed by evil spirits)/
K霊感商法 [れいかんしょうほう] /(n) fraudulent sale of goods or services claimed to bring good luck to the purchaser/
K専業主夫 [せんぎょうしゅふ] /(n) full-time house-husband/stay-at-home dad/
K専業主婦 [せんぎょうしゅふ] /(n) full-time housewife/
K艶笑文学 [えんしょうぶんがく] /(n) humorous erotic literature/
K机上空論 [きじょうくうろん] /(n) impractical desktop theory (proposition)/unworkable idea; an idea that isn't worth the paper it's written on/
K刃傷沙汰 [にんじょうざた] /(n) incident of bloodshed/
K満空情報 [まんくうじょうほう] /(n) information on space availability in a parking lot/
K島国根性 [しまぐにこんじょう] /(n) insularism/insularity/island country mentality/
K乞食根性 [こじきこんじょう] /(n) mercenary (mean) spirit/greediness/covetous disposition; base (mean) spirit of seeking freeloading (cadging) opportunities wherever possible/
K機嫌上戸 [きげんじょうご] /(n) merry drinker/
K文章作法 [ぶんしょうさほう] /(n) methods of writing/rules of good writing/writing style guide/
K経歴詐称 [けいれきさしょう] /(n) misrepresentation (falsification) of one's past record (personal history)/
K狂言自殺 [きょうげんじさつ] /(n) mock (sham, fake) suicide/
K視野狭窄 [しやきょうさく] /(n) narrowing of visual field/narrow-mindedness/lack of vision/
K思想信条 [しそうしんじょう] /(n) one's thought and beliefs/
K舞台度胸 [ぶたいどきょう] /(n) on-stage composure/confidence on stage/
K挟撃作戦 [きょうげきさくせん] /(n) pincer operation (tactic)/
K前提条件 [ぜんていじょうけん] /(n) precondition/prerequisite/premise/
K雲助根性 [くもすけこんじょう] /(n) predatory nature/rapacious disposition/
K手前定規 [てまえじょうぎ] /(n) self-serving logic/
K奴隷根性 [どれいこんじょう] /(n) servile character (disposition)/
K行政手腕 [ぎょうせいしゅわん] /(n) skill at administration/one's administrative skills/
K膠着状態 [こうちゃくじょうたい] /(n) state of deadlock/standstill/stalemate/
K錯乱状態 [さくらんじょうたい] /(n) state of (mental) confusion (agitation)/
K籠城作戦 [ろうじょうさくせん] /(n) strategy of holing oneself up in a castle (house, building)/
K相乗効果 [そうじょうこうか] /(n) synergy/combined effect/
K親藩大名 [しんぱんだいみょう] /(n) the daimyo of a feudal domain owned by a Tokugawa family branch/
K昭和元禄 [しょうわげんろく] /(n) the flourishing mid-Showa period (1960s and early 1970s) of peace, rapid economic growth, and life of ease/
K役者冥利 [やくしゃみょうり] /(n) the happiness (good fortune) of being an actor/feeling blessed for being an actor/
K原野商法 [げんやしょうほう] /(n) the selling of waste land (worthless property) by unscrupulous real-estate developers/
K乱診乱療 [らんしんらんりょう] /(n) unnecessary medical tests and treatments/overprescription of drugs/
K史上空前 [しじょうくうぜん] /(n) unprecedented in history/unheard-of/epoch-making/
K問題商法 [もんだいしょうほう] /(n) unscrupulous (crooked, fraudulent) business practices; pernicious sales methods/
K満願成就 [まんがんじょうじゅ] /(n,vs) fulfillment of a vow/one's earnest prayer being answered/
K本懐成就 [ほんかいじょうじゅ] /(n,vs) realization of a great ambition/attainment of one's most cherished desire/one's earnest prayer being answered/
K強行突破 [きょうこうとっぱ] /(n,vs) force (bulldoze) one's way through/
K狂言強盗 [きょうげんごうとう] /(n) fake (staged) robbery/
K名字帯刀 [みょうじたいとう] /(n) right to bear a surname and to wear a sword (during the Edo period)/
K常套表現 [じょうとうひょうげん] /(n) conventional (stock) phrase/hackneyed expression; platitude/cliche/
K上手下手 [じょうずへた] /(n) differences in skill/
K罪状明白 [ざいじょうめいはく] /(n,adj-na) be proven guilty of a crime/have one's guilt for a crime made clear/the nature of offense being (becoming) clear/
K冗談半分 [じょうだんはんぶん] /(n) being somewhat (half) joking/half seriously/half in jest; in a jocular vein/
K小身微禄 [しょうしんびろく] /(n,adj-no) (in) a humble position with a small stipend/
K大漁貧乏 [たいりょうびんぼう] /(n) impoverishment of fishermen because of a bumper catch; decline in fishermen's income caused by the sharply lower fish prices as a result of an overabundant catch/
K目玉商品 [めだましょうひん] /(n) loss leader/price leader/eye-catcher/come-on/
K現状否定 [げんじょうひてい] /(n) refusal to accept the present situation/denial of the existing situation/negation of the status quo/
K昭和一桁 [しょうわひとけた] /(n) (member of the generation born in) the first nine years of the Showa period (from 1926 to 1934)/
K世上万般 [せじょうばんぱん] /(n) all the worldly (mundane) matters/everything in this world/
K千状万態 [せんじょうばんたい] /(n) an endless variety of forms/multifariousness/
K商売気質 [しょうばいかたぎ] /(n) mercantile mind-set/mercenary spirit/being intent on making a profit/
K人気商売 [にんきしょうばい] /(n) popular business/entertainment business/occupation (business) largely dependent on public favor/
K商売繁盛 [しょうばいはんじょう] /(n,vs) thriving (prosperous) business/rush of business/
K商売上手 [しょうばいじょうず] /(n,adj-na) good at business/having a good head for business; businesslike/
K商売往来 [しょうばいおうらい] /(n) business handbook (with glossary) of Edo period/
K死生不知 [ししょうふち] /(n,adj-no) daredevil/reckless/thinking nothing of one's death/
K正体不明 [しょうたいふめい] /(n,adj-no) unidentifiable/unidentified/
K心象風景 [しんしょうふうけい] /(n) imagined landscape/scenery in one's mind's eye/
K政情不安 [せいじょうふあん] /(n) the instability of a political situation/political instability/
K消息不明 [しょうそくふめい] /(n) untraceable/long lost/one's whereabouts being unknown/
K有情無情 [うじょうむじょう] /(n) sentient and nonsentient beings/
K罪状糾明 [ざいじょうきゅうめい] /(n) closely examining (questioning) the concrete circumstances of a crime/
K上方修正 [じょうほうしゅうせい] /(n,vs) upward adjustment/upward revision/
K常住不滅 [じょうじゅうふめつ] /(n,adj-no) everlasting/forever unchanging/undying/
K温情主義 [おんじょうしゅぎ] /(n) paternalism/philosophy of dealing with others benignly/
K史上唯一 [しじょうゆいいつ] /(n) the first in history/only once in history/
K少壮有為 [しょうそうゆうい] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) young, talented, and promising/
K狂言誘拐 [きょうげんゆうかい] /(n) fake (staged) kidnapping/
K全勝優勝 [ぜんしょうゆうしょう] /(n,vs) winning a championship without losing a single match; undefeated championship/
K人心恟々 [じんしんきょうきょう] /(adj-t,adv-to) The people being panic-stricken (in alarm)/
K恐々謹言 [きょうきょうきんげん] /(exp) Very truly yours (a complimentary close used in a letter written in an old epistolary style)/
K生々世々 [しょうじょうぜぜ] /(n-adv,n) eternity/forever/through all eternity/
K商人根性 [しょうにんこんじょう] /(n) mercenary spirit/commercial motives/a nose for profit; moneygrubbing disposition/
K前兆現象 [ぜんちょうげんしょう] /(n) precursor/premonitory phenomena/telltale signs/advance warnings/
K扇情小説 [せんじょうしょうせつ] /(n) sultry novel/suggestive story/
K揶揄嘲笑 [やゆちょうしょう] /(n,vs) ridicule and sneer/(cast) ridicule and scorn (upon)/
K状況判断 [じょうきょうはんだん] /(n) one's assessment of the situation/judging according to the circumstances/circumstantial judgment/
K情況証拠 [じょうきょうしょうこ] /(n) circumstantial evidence/
K強力無比 [きょうりょくむひ] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) being the strongest/being powerful (mighty) without equal/
K協力態勢 [きょうりょくたいせい] /(n) readiness to cooperate/framework for cooperation/
K従容自若 [しょうようじじゃく] /(adj-t,adv-to) having presence of mind/imperturbable/calm and self-possessed/with serenity/
K常用手段 [じょうようしゅだん] /(n) one's usual practice/one's old trick/one's usual modus operandi/the same old tactic/
K至上要求 [しじょうようきゅう] /(n) overriding necessity/absolute requirement/an absolute must/
K教養小説 [きょうようしょうせつ] /(n) novel of education (formation)/novel which traces the intellectual, spiritual, moral, psychological, or social development and growtBildungsroman (German)/Bildungsroman (German)/
K享楽気分 [きょうらくきぶん] /(n) enjoyable (pleasant) feeling (atmosphere)/
K弧城落月 [こじょうらくげつ] /(n) feeling apprehensive/feeling (looking) lone and helpless; being down-and-out (ruined)/helplessness of those in reduced circumstances/
K享楽生活 [きょうらくせいかつ] /(n) leading a life of pleasure/pleasure-seeking lifestyle/
K衣装道楽 [いしょうどうらく] /(n) love of fine clothing/weakness for fine clothes/being extravagant in clothing/
K荒涼落莫 [こうりょうらくばく] /(adj-na,adj-t,adv-to) scene looking desolate and forlorn/
K快食快便 [かいしょくかいべん] /(n) good appetite and good bowel movements/enjoying one's food and having regular stools/
K戦力拮抗 [せんりょくきっこう] /(n,vs) struggle for supremacy between evenly-matched armies (teams)/
K勢力拮抗 [せいりょくきっこう] /(n,vs) struggle for supremacy between evenly-matched forces (parties)/
K千人千色 [せんにんせんしょく] /(exp,n) So many people, so many minds/Everyone has his own ideas and tastes./It takes all sorts to make a world./To each his (her) own./
K植物人間 [しょくぶつにんげん] /(n) comatose person/person in a vegetative state/
K飽食時代 [ほうしょくじだい] /(n) age of plentiful food/current era of excessive eating/
K暴力沙汰 [ぼうりょくざた] /(n) (committing/resorting to) an act of violence/
K快食快眠 [かいしょくかいみん] /(n) good appetite and pleasant sleep/enjoying one's food and sleeping well/
K歌舞音曲 [かぶおんきょく] /(n) public music and dancing/performance of song and dance entertainment/
K腕力沙汰 [わんりょくざた] /(n) resorting (coming) to fisticuffs/coming to blows/
K和食回帰 [わしょくかいき] /(n) revival of Japanese food/
K職人気質 [しょくにんかたぎ] /(n) (shokuninkatagi/shokuninkishitsu)the spirit of a true artisan/(a craftsman's) pride in one's work/
K勢力分野 [せいりょくぶんや] /(n) the respective (relative) strength of political parties; distribution of the number of parliamentary seats held by each of the political parties/
K暴力手段 [ぼうりょくしゅだん] /(n) violent means/
K円満退職 [えんまんたいしょく] /(n,vs) amicable resignation (retirement)/resigning (retiring) from one's job of one's free will/
K無銭飲食 [むせんいんしょく] /(n,vs) leave a restaurant without paying one's bill/skip out on a restaurant bill/
K勢力圏内 [せいりょくけんない] /(n) within the sphere of influence (of)/
K努力奮励 [どりょくふんれい] /(n,vs) making strenuous efforts/exerting oneself/
K職務質問 [しょくむしつもん] /(n,vs) ex-officio questioning/police questioning (of a suspicious person)/a police checkup/
K職務尋問 [しょくむじんもん] /(n,vs) ex-officio questioning/police questioning (of a suspicious person)/a police checkup/
K国色無双 [こくしょくむそう] /(n,adj-no) (a woman of) unparalleled beauty/(a woman's beauty being) matchless throughout the land/
K職務怠慢 [しょくむたいまん] /(n) neglect (dereliction) of duty/negligence/
K職住一体 [しょくじゅういったい] /(n) having one's workplace at home/living and working at the same location (independent farmers, home workers, storekeepers, etc.)/
K職住近接 [しょくじゅうきんせつ] /(n) having one's workplace near one's home/
K食傷気味 [しょくしょうぎみ] /(n,adj-na) being sick and tired (of)/being fed up (with); having one's fill (of)/
K内職商法 [ないしょくしょうほう] /(n) homeworking scheme (scam)/
K職人根性 [しょくにんこんじょう] /(n) the spirit of a true artisan/(a craftsman's) pride in one's work/
K体力勝負 [たいりょくしょうぶ] /(n) trial of strength/test of one's strength (stamina)/
K徐行戦術 [じょこうせんじゅつ] /(n) go-slow tactics (of Japanese railway workers)/
K名所古跡 [めいしょこせき] /(n) scenic sites and historic places/places of natural beauty and historic interest/
K援助交際 [えんじょこうさい] /(n,vs) dating with compensation (payments, financial support, etc.) (euphemism for a type of (teen) prostitution)/
K諸国漫遊 [しょこくまんゆう] /(n,vs) tour round the country (Japan) (visiting from province to province)/
K所々方々 [しょしょほうぼう] /(n) (shoshohoubou)everywhere/far and near/
K虚心平気 [きょしんへいき] /(adj-na,adj-no,n) with an open and calm mind/without reserve; with utmost candor/with no preconceived notions/
K諸子百家 [しょしひゃっか] /(n) the general term for the large number of scholars and controversialists, and their respective schools, that flourished during the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period in Chinese history/
K進退去就 [しんたいきょしゅう] /(n) one's course of action/deciding what to do with oneself, whether staying in the present position or leaving it/
K女性遍歴 [じょせいへんれき] /(n) one's history of love affairs with women/
K処世上手 [しょせいじょうず] /(n,adj-na) knowing how to get on in the world/knowing the secret of success in life/
K拒絶反応 [きょぜつはんのう] /(n) rejection (symptom)/strong reaction (against)/
K所属不明 [しょぞくふめい] /(n) of unknown affiliation/
K寄合所帯 [よりあいじょたい] /(n) congeries of many households/scratch (combined) team; hodgepodge of parties/
K大海一滴 [たいかいいってき] /(n) a drop in the ocean (bucket)/
K大権干犯 [たいけんかんぱん] /(n) infringing on the power of the sovereign/
K雪隠大工 [せっちんだいく] /(n) lousy carpenter/
K日曜大工 [にちようだいく] /(n) do-it-yourself carpenter/weekend carpenter/do-it-yourselfer/
K大和島根 [やまとしまね] /(n) the island country of Japan/the Japanese Isles/(the land of) Yamato/
K事大根性 [じだいこんじょう] /(n) slavish submission to power/sycophancy/flunkeyism/toadyism/
K大衆団交 [たいしゅうだんこう] /(n) mass (labor) negotiation/mass bargaining session/public negotiation/
K大衆路線 [たいしゅうろせん] /(n) (adopting) a popular line/(taking) a populist line/
K大衆文化 [たいしゅうぶんか] /(n) mass culture/popular culture/pop culture/
K縁故募集 [えんこぼしゅう] /(n) (1) recruiting (inviting application for) through personal connections/(2) private (stock) offering (subscription)/
K主従関係 [しゅじゅうかんけい] /(n) the relation of master to servant/
K餓鬼大将 [がきだいしょう] /(n) leader of a group of children/leader of a gang of little rascals (in the neighborhood)/the most domineering child in a group of children/
K足軽大将 [あしがるたいしょう] /(n) samurai in command of a troop of foot soldiers/
K瞑目合掌 [めいもくがっしょう] /(n,vs) closing one's eyes and joining one's hands together in prayer/
K大真面目 [おおまじめ] /(adj-na) dead(ly) serious/dead(ly) earnest/
K処々方々 [しょしょほうぼう] /(n) (shoshohoubou)everywhere/far and near/
K心配無用 [しんぱいむよう] /(exp,n) Don't worry about it./There is nothing to fear./There is no need for anxiety./Everything is under control./
K模様次第 [もようしだい] /(n) according to circumstances/dependent on the state of things/
K御用組合 [ごようくみあい] /(n) a company union/a sweetheart union/a company-run labor (trade) union/
K御用学者 [ごようがくしゃ] /(n) a scholar beholden to the government/scholar who curries favor with persons in power/self-serving academic/
K人間模様 [にんげんもよう] /(n) fabric (pattern) of human relationships/
K人生模様 [じんせいもよう] /(n) facets (aspects) of (human) life/the pattern of (one's) life/
K気分高揚 [きぶんこうよう] /(n) feeling exhilarated/
K栄養満点 [えいようまんてん] /(n) highly nourishing (nutritious)/earning top marks nutrition-wise/
K交互作用 [こうごさよう] /(n) (mutual) interaction/reciprocal action/interplay/
K相互作用 [そうごさよう] /(n) (mutual) interaction/reciprocal action/interplay/
K御用新聞 [ごようしんぶん] /(n) newspaper that follows the government line/newspaper that curries favor with the government/
K精神作用 [せいしんさよう] /(n) operation (working) of the mind/
K人権擁護 [じんけんようご] /(n) protection of human rights/safeguarding (defending) human rights/
K時雨模様 [しぐれもよう] /(n) showery sky/(it is) looking showery/
K今日昨日 [きようきのう] /(n) 1 today and yesterday/2 (something that happened) only yesterday (just recently)/
K御用繁多 [ごようはんた] /(n,adj-na) being busy with many things/extreme busyness due to pressure of business (often used humorously)/
K慣用表現 [かんようひょうげん] /(n) idiomatic expression/idiom/
K御用商人 [ごようしょうにん] /(n) purveyor to the government/merchant who enjoys government patronage/
K要所要所 [ようしょようしょ] /(n) every important point/points of strategic importance/all the right places/
K意欲満満 [いよくまんまん] /(adj-no,adj-t,adv-to) full of zeal/highly motivated/very eager/
K禁欲生活 [きんよくせいかつ] /(n) an ascetic existence/(leading) a continent life/abstinence/
K私怨私欲 [しえんしよく] /(n) personal grudges and selfish desires/
K自己抑制 [じこよくせい] /(n,vs) self-restraint/self-control/self-repression; abstinence/self-inhibition/autogenic inhibition/autogenous suppression/
K創作意欲 [そうさくいよく] /(n) will (urge) to create/creative urge/appetite for writing/
K強欲非道 [ごうよくひどう] /(n,adj-na) abnormally and inhumanly greedy/cruel and rapacious/
K耐乏予算 [たいぼうよさん] /(n) austerity (belt-tightening) budget/
K小夜時雨 [さよしぐれ] /(n) light shower on a night in late autumn and early winter/
K宇宙開闢 [うちゅうかいびゃく] /(n) (since) the beginning of the universe/(since) the dawn of time/
K舌先三分 [したさきさんぶ] /(n) a glib tongue (with fair words)/fluent talk designed to deceive/talk something away/
K胸先三寸 [むなさきさんずん] /(n) one's mind/one's inner feelings/(a decision hinging on) how someone feels about it/
K粉飾決算 [ふんしょくけっさん] /(n) window-dressing account settlements/fudging financial statements by window dressing/
K出来次第 [できしだい] /(n-adv,n-t) as soon as something is ready (done, available); depending on the result (performance, workmanship) of something/
K呈示次第 [ていじしだい] /(n-adv) at (upon) presentation/when presented/
K便乗商法 [びんじょうしょうほう] /(n) piggybacking marketing/the method of making sales by jumping on a bandwagon (like that of a boom, popularity, disaster, etc.)/
K生活信条 [せいかつしんじょう] /(n) one's philosophy of life/
K家事見習 [かじみならい] /(n) apprenticeship in the running of a household/prospective bride who undertakes an apprenticeship to learn housekeeping/
K来世信仰 [らいせしんこう] /(n) belief in the next world/belief in the hereafter/
K白川夜舟 [しらかわよふね] /(exp) (shirakawayofune/shirakawayobune)(1) being sound asleep (and totally unaware of what is going on around one)/(2) know-it-all manner/
K落涙滂沱 [らくるいぼうだ] /(adj-t,adv-to) tears streaming down one's cheeks/shedding copious tears/
K道楽仲間 [どうらくなかま] /(n) companion in one's pleasures/companion in hobby activities/
K籠絡手段 [ろうらくしゅだん] /(n) means of cajolement (trickery)/
K堕落腐敗 [だらくふはい] /(n) debasement/corruption/degradation/
K道楽息子 [どうらくむすこ] /(n) prodigal son/profligate son/
K洛中洛外 [らくちゅうらくがい] /(n) in and around the city of Kyoto/
K極楽極楽 [ごくらくごくらく] /(exp) It's absolute heaven./It's sheer bliss./
K裏口入学 [うらぐちにゅうがく] /(n,vs) getting into a school by the back door/buy one's way into (a university, etc.)/backdoor admission/
K彼方此方 [あちらこちら] /(n,adv) (achikochi/achirakochira/acchikocchi/kanatakonata)here and there/everywhere/all over (the place); throughout/sporadically/
K悪戯小僧 [いたずらこぞう] /(n) mischievous boy/
K身柄拘束 [みがらこうそく] /(n,vs) taking someone into custody/detaining someone/physical restraint/
K身柄送検 [みがらそうけん] /(n,vs) turning a suspect over to the public prosecutor's office; committing a suspect to trial/
K礼儀作法 [れいぎさほう] /(n) good manners/civility and rules of etiquette/decorum/arts of gracious etiquette/
K礼儀感覚 [れいぎかんかく] /(n) sense of decorum/attention to the common civilities of life/
K役割演技 [やくわりえんぎ] /(n) role-playing/
H臨終正念 [りんじゅうしょうねん] /(n) (Buddh) holding the proper state of mindfulness at the moment of death/
H落花啼鳥 [らっかていちょう] /(exp) (obsc) the poetic feeling of a late spring scene (with flowers scattering and birds chirping)/
H傷弓之鳥 [しょうきゅうのとり] /(exp,n) (id) (person who is) once bitten twice shy/someone who has become overly cautious due to a bad experience/
H兎角亀毛 [とかくきもう] /(exp) (Buddh) (obsc) horns on rabbits and fur on turtles (used as a metaphor for things that do not exist)/
H狡兎良狗 [こうとりょうく] /(exp) When the enemy is defeated, the victorious soldiers can be killed off/
H涅槃寂静 [ねはんじゃくじょう] /(exp) (Buddh) enlightenment leads to serenity/
H黄粱一炊 [こうりょういっすい] /(n) fleeting nature of riches and honour (honor)/
H印象批評 [いんしょうひひょう] /(n) impressionistic criticism/
H常在戦場 [じょうざいせんじょう] /(n) always conducting oneself as though one were on a battlefield/being combat ready at all times (of a person)/

Batch 2 - not in JMdict/EDICT or not marked as yoji.
HKES女人禁制 [にょにんきんせい] /(n) (nyoninkinzei/nyoninkinsei)No women admitted/not admitting women to hallowed ground/
HES隔岸観火 [かくがんかんか]
HES零丁孤苦 [れいていこく]
HES飲水思源 [いんすいしげん]
HES顔厚忸怩 [がんこうじくじ]
HES軽諾寡信 [けいだくかしん]
HES行尸走肉 [こうしそうにく]
HES山河襟帯 [さんがきんたい]
HES肉山脯林 [にくざんほりん]
HES麟子鳳雛 [りんしほうすう]
HES鴉巣生鳳 [あそうせいほう]
HES一言芳恩 [いちごんほうおん]
HES海誓山盟 [かいせいさんめい]
HES開心見誠 [かいしんけんせい]
HES内清外濁 [ないせいがいだく]
HES方底円蓋 [ほうていえんがい]
HES洽覧深識 [こうらんしんしき]
HES安車蒲輪 [あんしゃほりん]
HES迷者不問 [めいしゃふもん]
HES恩威並行 [おんいへいこう]
HES並駕斉駆 [へいがせいく]
HES無駄方便 [むだほうべん]
HES陽関三畳 [ようかんさんじょう]
HES高材疾足 [こうざいしっそく]
HES雲心月性 [うんしんげっせい]
HES光芒一閃 [こうぼういっせん]
HES鱗次櫛比 [りんじしっぴ]
HES末法末世 [まっぽうまっせ]
HES蟄居屏息 [ちっきょへいそく]
HES銘肌鏤骨 [めいきるこつ]
HES名存実亡 [めいそんじつぼう]
HES名実一体 [めいじついったい]
HES追根究底 [ついこんきゅうてい]
HES面張牛皮 [めんちょうぎゅうひ]
HES通暁暢達 [つうぎょうちょうたつ]
HES山高水長 [さんこうすいちょう]
HES摩頂放踵 [まちょうほうしょう]
HES嚢中之錐 [のうちゅうのきり]
HES発憤興起 [はっぷんこうき]
HES発憤忘食 [はっぷんぼうしょく]
HES英華発外 [えいかはつがい]
HES衣鉢相伝 [いはつそうでん]
HES虚静恬淡 [きょせいてんたん]
HES驢鳴犬吠 [ろめいけんばい]
HES短褐穿結 [たんかつせんけつ]
HES轍鮒之急 [てっぷのきゅう]
HES滴水成氷 [てきすいせいひょう]
HES磨穿鉄硯 [ませんてっけん]
HES蛍雪之功 [けいせつのこう]
HES一日之長 [いちじつのちょう]
HES髀肉之嘆 [ひにくのたん]
HES犬馬之労 [けんばのろう]
HES管鮑之交 [かんぽうのまじわり]
HES三顧之礼 [さんこのれい]
HES糟糠之妻 [そうこうのつま]
HES滄桑之変 [そうそうのへん]
HES烏合之衆 [うごうのしゅう]
HES背水之陣 [はいすいのじん]
HES竹馬之友 [ちくばのとも]
HES漁夫之利 [ぎょふのり]
HES呑舟之魚 [どんしゅうのうお]
HES宋襄之仁 [そうじょうのじん]
HES雨過天晴 [うかてんせい]
HES箪食瓢飲 [たんしひょういん]
HES牽衣頓足 [けんいとんそく]
HES陶犬瓦鶏 [とうけんがけい]
HES鉛刀一割 [えんとういっかつ]
HES図南鵬翼 [となんほうよく]
HES熱願冷諦 [ねつがんれいてい]
HES温柔敦厚 [おんじゅうとんこう]
HES平談俗語 [へいだんぞくご]
HES放辟邪侈 [ほうへきじゃし]
HES辺幅修飾 [へんぷくしゅうしょく]
HES風餐露宿 [ふうさんろしゅく]
HES報本反始 [ほうほんはんし]
HES撥乱反正 [はつらんはんせい]
HES破戒無慙 [はかいむざん]
HES魯魚亥豕 [ろぎょがいし]
HES哀毀骨立 [あいきこつりつ]
HES対牛弾琴 [たいぎゅうだんきん]
HES勤倹尚武 [きんけんしょうぶ]
HES夷険一節 [いけんいっせつ]
HES応病与薬 [おうびょうよやく]
HES膏火自煎 [こうかじせん]
HES百川帰海 [ひゃくせんきかい]
HES慈烏反哺 [じうはんぽ]
HES錦衣玉食 [きんいぎょくしょく]
HES南蛮鴃舌 [なんばんげきぜつ]
HES池魚籠鳥 [ちぎょろうちょう]
HES英俊豪傑 [えいしゅんごうけつ]
HES殷鑑不遠 [いんかんふえん]
HES運斤成風 [うんきんせいふう]
HES一字不説 [いちじふせつ]
HES香囲粉陣 [こういふんじん]
HES老驥伏櫪 [ろうきふくれき]
HES禍福倚伏 [かふくいふく]
HES猛虎伏草 [もうこふくそう]
HES慈母敗子 [じぼはいし]
HES損者三友 [そんしゃさんゆう]
HES春蛙秋蝉 [しゅんあしゅうぜん]
HES夢幻泡影 [むげんほうよう]
HES無慙無愧 [むざんむき]
HES無私無偏 [むしむへん]
HES解衣推食 [かいいすいしょく]
HES明珠暗投 [めいしゅあんとう]
HES錦心繍口 [きんしんしゅうこう]
HES偃武修文 [えんぶしゅうぶん]
HES旧雨今雨 [きゅううこんう]
HES九夏三伏 [きゅうかさんぷく]
HES安分守己 [あんぶんしゅき]
HES老成円熟 [ろうせいえんじゅく]
HES英雄欺人 [えいゆうぎじん]
HES約法三章 [やくほうさんしょう]
HES三綱五常 [さんこうごじょう]
HES老成持重 [ろうせいじちょう]
HES日常坐臥 [にちじょうざが]
HES城狐社鼠 [じょうこしゃそ]
HES全豹一斑 [ぜんぴょういっぱん]
HES因小失大 [いんしょうしつだい]
HES一場春夢 [いちじょうのしゅんむ]
HES名詮自性 [みょうせんじしょう]
HES大器小用 [たいきしょうよう]
HES名聞利養 [みょうもんりよう]
HES綾羅錦繍 [りょうらきんしゅう]
HES蘭摧玉折 [らんさいぎょくせつ]
HES目食耳視 [もくしょくじし]
HES食前方丈 [しょくぜんほうじょう]
HES鷹視狼歩 [ようしろうほ]
HES安居楽業 [あんきょらくぎょう]
KES旗鼓堂堂 [きこどうどう] /(adj-t,adv-to) with colors flying and band playing; triumphantly/in splendid array/
KES是非曲直 [ぜひきょくちょく] /(n) rights and wrongs/the relative merits (of a case)/propriety/
KES一路平安 [いちろへいあん] /(n) (wishing someone) bon voyage/safe (uneventful, smooth) voyage/
KES光彩陸離 [こうさいりくり] /(adj-t,adv-to) dazzling/brilliant/
KES千紫万紅 [せんしばんこう] /(n) an exuberance (a dazzling variety) of beautiful flowers/
KE鶏群一鶴 [けいぐんいっかく] /(n) a swan among ducklings/a diamond among stones/a great figure among the common run of men/
KE悪鬼羅刹 [あっきらせつ] /(n) man-eating fiend/
KE残虐無道 [ざんぎゃくむどう] /(n,adj-na) inhumanity/atrocity/abominable cruelty/
KE大慶至極 [たいけいしごく] /(n,adj-na) great happiness/great joy (pleasure)/
KE懇切丁寧 [こんせつていねい] /(n,adj-na) (an explanation, advice, etc. being) kind, careful, and thorough/thoughtful and scrupulous/
KE徹底抗戦 [てっていこうせん] /(n) do-or-die (all-out) resistance/resistance to the bitter end/
KE用意万端 [よういばんたん] /(n) every preparation possible/all aspects of the preparation; everything being fully prepared/
KE旱天慈雨 [かんてんじう] /(n) a welcome (beneficial) rain in a drought/realization of something eagerly looked for/a welcome relief/
KE西方浄土 [さいほうじょうど] /(n) Buddhist paradise/the Western Pure Land/
KE尽未来際 [じんみらいさい] /(n-adv,n) to the end of time/to the crack of doom/for ever and ever/
HE安閑恬静 [あんかんてんせい]
HE間雲孤鶴 [かんうんこかく]
HE愛多憎生 [あいたぞうせい]
HE煙霞痼疾 [えんかこしつ]
HE暴戻恣雎 [ぼうれいしき]
HE曼理皓歯 [まんりこうし]
HE遠水近火 [えんすいきんか]
HE寡聞浅学 [かぶんせんがく]
HE蓋棺事定 [がいかんじてい]
HE走尸行肉 [そうしこうにく]
HE滄海遺珠 [そうかいいしゅ]
HE雨後春筍 [うごしゅんじゅん]
HE円木警枕 [えんぼくけいちん]
HE延頸鶴望 [えんけいかくぼう]
HE外寛内明 [がいかんないめい]
HE形影相同 [けいえいそうどう]
HE恒産恒心 [こうさんこうしん]
HE三段論法 [さんだんろんぽう]
HE蜂目豺声 [ほうもくさいせい]
HE臨淵羨魚 [りんえんせんぎょ]
HE令聞令望 [れいぶんれいぼう]
HE他山之石 [たざんのいし]
HE一世木鐸 [いっせいのぼくたく]
HE一片氷心 [いっぺんのひょうしん]
HE燃犀之明 [ねんさいのめい]
HE燃眉之急 [ねんびのきゅう]
HE孟母断機 [もうぼだんき]
HE忍之一字 [にんのいちじ]
HE痛定思痛 [つうていしつう]
HE口蜜腹剣 [こうみつふくけん]
HE胡蝶之夢 [こちょうのゆめ]
HE朝盈夕虚 [ちょうえいせききょ]
HE白眼青眼 [はくがんせいがん]
HE按図索駿 [あんずさくしゅん]
HE迂直之計 [うちょくのけい]
HE酒嚢飯袋 [しゅのうはんたい]
HE猫鼠同眠 [びょうそどうみん]
HE閉戸先生 [へいこせんせい]
HE洒掃薪水 [さいそうしんすい]
HE合水和泥 [がっすいわでい]
HE泥中之蓮 [でいちゅうのはす]
HE甘井先竭 [かんせいせんけつ]
HE涸轍鮒魚 [こてつのふぎょ]
HE氷炭相愛 [ひょうたんそうあい]
HE按兵不動 [あんぺいふどう]
HE寸鉄殺人 [すんてつさつじん]
HE百薬之長 [ひゃくやくのちょう]
HE風樹之嘆 [ふうじゅのたん]
HE舐犢之愛 [しとくのあい]
HE蟷螂之斧 [とうろうのおの]
HE屠所之羊 [としょのひつじ]
HE君側之悪 [くんそくのあく]
HE阿吽之息 [あうんのいき]
HE累卵之危 [るいらんのき]
HE隔世之感 [かくせいのかん]
HE犬猿之仲 [けんえんのなか]
HE鴛鴦之契 [えんおうのちぎり]
HE惻隠之心 [そくいんのこころ]
HE金石之交 [きんせきのまじわり]
HE冥冥之志 [めいめいのこころざし]
HE傾危之士 [けいきのし]
HE屋烏之愛 [おくうのあい]
HE記問之学 [きもんのがく]
HE口耳之学 [こうじのがく]
HE盈満之咎 [えいまんのとが]
HE秘中之秘 [ひちゅうのひ]
HE狗馬之心 [くばのこころ]
HE莫逆之友 [ばくぎゃくのとも]
HE風前之灯 [ふうぜんのともしび]
HE麻中之蓬 [まちゅうのよもぎ]
HE座右之銘 [ざゆうのめい]
HE焦眉之急 [しょうびのきゅう]
HE無用之用 [むようのよう]
HE青天霹靂 [せいてんへきれき]
HE用管窺天 [ようかんきてん]
HE暗黒時代 [あんこくじだい]
HE回心転意 [かいしんてんい]
HE報恩謝徳 [ほうおんしゃとく]
HE懸頭刺股 [けんとうしこ]
HE二桃三士 [にとうさんし]
HE水到渠成 [すいとうきょせい]
HE萍水相逢 [へいすいそうほう]
HE温和怜悧 [おんわれいり]
HE草廬三顧 [そうろさんこ]
HE飛竜乗雲 [ひりゅうじょううん]
HE烏白馬角 [うはくばかく]
HE採薪汲水 [さいしんきゅうすい]
HE稗官野史 [はいかんやし]
HE独立不撓 [どくりつふとう]
HE立錐之地 [りっすいのち]
HE歳月不待 [さいげつふたい]
HE横眉怒目 [おうびどもく]
HE曳尾塗中 [えいびとちゅう]
HE鮮美透涼 [せんびとうりょう]
HE披星戴月 [ひせいたいげつ]
HE百聞一見 [ひゃくぶんいっけん]
HE矮子看戯 [わいしかんぎ]
HE有智高才 [うちこうさい]
HE載籍浩瀚 [さいせきこうかん]
HE池魚之殃 [ちぎょのわざわい]
HE毫毛斧柯 [ごうもうふか]
HE繋風捕影 [けいふうほえい]
HE磨斧作針 [まふさくしん]
HE悪婦破家 [あくふはか]
HE六菖十菊 [りくしょうじゅうぎく]
HE破鏡不照 [はきょうふしょう]
HE荊妻豚児 [けいさいとんじ]
HE水清無魚 [すいせいむぎょ]
HE縁木求魚 [えんぼくきゅうぎょ]
HE群集心理 [ぐんしゅうしんり]
HE山窮水尽 [さんきゅうすいじん]
HE六十耳順 [ろくじゅうじじゅん]
HE薬籠中物 [やくろうちゅうのもの]
HE雲中白鶴 [うんちゅうはっかく]
HE秋高馬肥 [しゅうこうばひ]
HE刻舟求剣 [こくしゅうきゅうけん]
HE花顔柳腰 [かがんりゅうよう]
HE猿猴取月 [えんこうしゅげつ]
HE山光水色 [さんこうすいしょく]
HE開門揖盗 [かいもんゆうとう]
HE有終完美 [ゆうしゅうかんび]
HE饒舌多弁 [じょうぜつたべん]
HE笑比河清 [しょうひかせい]
HE生死不定 [しょうじふじょう]
HE口尚乳臭 [こうしょうにゅうしゅう]
HE温良恭倹 [おんりょうきょうけん]
HE郢書燕説 [えいしょえんせつ]
HE曲眉豊頬 [きょくびほうきょう]
HE梧桐一葉 [ごどういちよう]
HE黄絹幼婦 [こうけんようふ]
HE庸中佼佼 [ようちゅうのこうこう]
HE落月屋梁 [らくげつおくりょう]
HS多蔵厚亡 [たぞうこうぼう]
HS多謀善断 [たぼうぜんだん]
HS知足安分 [ちそくあんぶん]
HS春和景明 [しゅんわけいめい]
HS暴言多罪 [ぼうげんたざい]
HS同声異俗 [どうせいいぞく]
HS心満意足 [しんまんいそく]
HS狐仮虎威 [こかこい]
HS桑弧蓬矢 [そうこほうし]
HS孤苦零丁 [こくれいてい]
HS思索生知 [しさくせいち]
HS先義後利 [せんぎこうり]
HS観感興起 [かんかんこうき]
HS三思後行 [さんしこうこう]
HS七難九厄 [しちなんくやく]
HS尽善尽美 [じんぜんじんび]
HS滞言滞句 [たいげんたいく]
HS提耳面命 [ていじめんめい]
HS綿裏包針 [めんりほうしん]
HS擲果満車 [てきかまんしゃ]
HS螻蟻潰堤 [ろうぎかいてい]
HS鴉雀無声 [あじゃくむせい]
HS魚目燕石 [ぎょもくえんせき]
HS吹影鏤塵 [すいえいろうじん]
HS大快人心 [たいかいじんしん]
HS南郭濫吹 [なんかくらんすい]
HS放言高論 [ほうげんこうろん]
HS大処着墨 [たいしょちゃくぼく]
HS孫康映雪 [そんこうえいせつ]
HS続短断長 [ぞくたんだんちょう]
HS聯袂辞職 [れんべいじしょく]
HS格致日新 [かくちにっしん]
HS接見応対 [せっけんおうたい]
HS節倹力行 [せっけんりっこう]
HS一筆抹殺 [いっぴつまっさつ]
HS一敗塗地 [いっぱいとち]
HS一寸光陰 [いっすんのこういん]
HS玉昆金友 [ぎょっこんきんゆう]
HS一寸丹心 [いっすんのたんしん]
HS走馬看花 [そうばかんか]
HS群軽折軸 [ぐんけいせつじく]
HS察言観色 [さつげんかんしき]
HS雪月風花 [せつげつふうか]
HS曠日弥久 [こうじつびきゅう]
HS乱雑無章 [らんざつむしょう]
HS明目張胆 [めいもくちょうたん]
HS頽堕委靡 [たいだいび]
HS一朝富貴 [いっちょうのふうき]
HS敗柳残花 [はいりゅうざんか]
HS朝生暮死 [ちょうせいぼし]
HS朝過夕改 [ちょうかせきかい]
HS寸田尺宅 [すんでんしゃくたく]
HS四鳥別離 [しちょうべつり]
HS万古長青 [ばんこちょうせい]
HS籠鳥檻猿 [ろうちょうかんえん]
HS青松落色 [せいしょうらくしょく]
HS形単影隻 [けいたんえいせき]
HS霖雨蒼生 [りんうそうせい]
HS吐故納新 [とこのうしん]
HS枕戈待旦 [ちんかたいたん]
HS淡粧濃抹 [たんしょうのうまつ]
HS頭髪上指 [とうはつじょうし]
HS大味必淡 [たいみひったん]
HS薪尽火滅 [しんじんかめつ]
HS三者鼎談 [さんしゃていだん]
HS慧可断臂 [えかだんぴ]
HS氾愛兼利 [はんあいけんり]
HS大驚失色 [たいきょうしっしょく]
HS水魚之交 [すいぎょのまじわり]
HS尾生之信 [びせいのしん]
HS抱薪救火 [ほうしんきゅうか]
HS銅牆鉄壁 [どうしょうてっぺき]
HS精衛填海 [せいえいてんかい]
HS体貌閑雅 [たいぼうかんが]
HS海闊天空 [かいかつてんくう]
HS重見天日 [ちょうけんてんじつ]
HS党同伐異 [とうどうばつい]
HS国色天香 [こくしょくてんこう]
HS天姿国色 [てんしこくしょく]
HS覧古考新 [らんここうしん]
HS円頭方足 [えんとうほうそく]
HS巧言乱徳 [こうげんらんとく]
HS土階三等 [どかいさんとう]
HS低頭傾首 [ていとうけいしゅ]
HS寡頭政治 [かとうせいじ]
HS刀光剣影 [とうこうけんえい]
HS得魚忘筌 [とくぎょぼうせん]
HS家徒四壁 [かとしへき]
HS凍解氷釈 [とうかいひょうしゃく]
HS徳高望重 [とくこうぼうじゅう]
HS幽愁暗恨 [ゆうしゅうあんこん]
HS等量斉視 [とうりょうせいし]
HS蹈常襲故 [とうじょうしゅうこ]
HS君子万年 [くんしばんねん]
HS十年一剣 [じゅうねんいっけん]
HS冷嘲熱罵 [れいちょうねつば]
HS困知勉行 [こんちべんこう]
HS目指気使 [もくしきし]
HS弊帚千金 [へいそうせんきん]
HS偏袒扼腕 [へんたんやくわん]
HS草木皆兵 [そうもくかいへい]
HS変態百出 [へんたいひゃくしゅつ]
HS片利共生 [へんりきょうせい]
HS群疑満腹 [ぐんぎまんぷく]
HS知略縦横 [ちりゃくじゅうおう]
HS辛労辛苦 [しんろうしんく]
HS一労永逸 [いちろうえいいつ]
HS刻露清秀 [こくろせいしゅう]
HS露往霜来 [ろおうそうらい]
HS雲蒸竜変 [うんじょうりょうへん]
HS送故迎新 [そうこげいしん]
HS軽慮浅謀 [けいりょせんぼう]
HS知小謀大 [ちしょうぼうだい]
HS知崇礼卑 [ちすうれいひ]
HS一団和気 [いちだんのわき]
HS属毛離裏 [ぞくもうりり]
HS分崩離析 [ぶんぽうりせき]
HS生離死別 [せいりしべつ]
HS寸歩不離 [すんぽふり]
HS造反無道 [ぞうはんむどう]
HS斉紫敗素 [せいしはいそ]
HS背信棄義 [はいしんきぎ]
HS白雲孤飛 [はくうんこひ]
HS爬羅剔抉 [はらてきけつ]
HS白首窮経 [はくしゅきゅうけい]
HS廃寝忘食 [はいしんぼうしょく]
HS百錬成鋼 [ひゃくれんせいこう]
HS事上磨錬 [じじょうまれん]
HS当機立断 [とうきりつだん]
HS微言大義 [びげんたいぎ]
HS怨親平等 [おんしんびょうどう]
HS言笑自若 [げんしょうじじゃく]
HS随感随筆 [ずいかんずいひつ]
HS筆耕硯田 [ひっこうけんでん]
HS百下百全 [ひゃっかひゃくぜん]
HS百依百順 [ひゃくいひゃくじゅん]
HS妄評多罪 [もうひょうたざい]
HS双宿双飛 [そうしゅくそうひ]
HS疾風勁草 [しっぷうけいそう]
HS曲突徙薪 [きょくとつししん]
HS巣林一枝 [そうりんいっし]
HS喪家之狗 [そうかのいぬ]
HS苦口婆心 [くこうばしん]
HS馬牛襟裾 [ばぎゅうきんきょ]
HS包蔵禍心 [ほうぞうかしん]
HS尋章摘句 [じんしょうてきく]
HS毛骨悚然 [もうこつしょうぜん]
HS応接不暇 [おうせつふか]
HS上行下効 [じょうこうかこう]
HS哀哀父母 [あいあいふぼ]
HS忘恩負義 [ぼうおんふぎ]
HS飽経風霜 [ほうけいふうそう]
HS風霜高潔 [ふうそうこうけつ]
HS風清弊絶 [ふうせいへいぜつ]
HS一毛不抜 [いちもうふばつ]
HS南山不落 [なんざんふらく]
HS永垂不朽 [えいすいふきゅう]
HS倒行逆施 [とうこうぎゃくし]
HS轗軻不遇 [かんかふぐう]
HS敗軍之将 [はいぐんのしょう]
HS摂取不捨 [せっしゅふしゃ]
HS不失正鵠 [ふしつせいこく]
HS用行舎蔵 [ようこうしゃぞう]
HS不将不迎 [ふしょうふげい]
HS知足不辱 [ちそくふじょく]
HS暮雲春樹 [ぼうんしゅんじゅ]
HS逆取順守 [ぎゃくしゅじゅんしゅ]
HS春愁秋思 [しゅんしゅうしゅうし]
HS三界無安 [さんがいむあん]
HS永永無窮 [えいえいむきゅう]
HS兼愛無私 [けんあいむし]
HS刑故無小 [けいこむしょう]
HS有無相生 [うむそうせい]
HS家給人足 [かきゅうじんそく]
HS慎始敬終 [しんしけいしゅう]
HS晴雲秋月 [せいうんしゅうげつ]
HS昼想夜夢 [ちゅうそうやむ]
HS愁苦辛勤 [しゅうくしんきん]
HS夏虫疑氷 [かちゅうぎひょう]
HS十全十美 [じゅうぜんじゅうび]
HS守株待兎 [しゅしゅたいと]
HS上下一心 [しょうかいっしん]
HS右文左武 [ゆうぶんさぶ]
HS邑犬群吠 [ゆうけんぐんばい]
HS有口無行 [ゆうこうむこう]
HS野戦攻城 [やせんこうじょう]
HS小利大損 [しょうりだいそん]
HS肝胆相照 [かんたんそうしょう]
HS作文三上 [さくぶんさんじょう]
HS夜雨対牀 [やうたいしょう]
HS寡聞少見 [かぶんしょうけん]
HS紙上談兵 [しじょうだんぺい]
HS日陵月替 [にちりょうげったい]
HS胸襟秀麗 [きょうきんしゅうれい]
HS精金良玉 [せいきんりょうぎょく]
HS量才録用 [りょうさいろくよう]
HS屋梁落月 [おくりょうらくげつ]
HS炊金饌玉 [すいきんせんぎょく]
HS堆金積玉 [たいきんせきぎょく]
HS玉石同砕 [ぎょくせきどうさい]
HS心織筆耕 [しんしょくひっこう]
HS延頸挙踵 [えんけいきょしょう]
HS男耕女織 [だんこうじょしょく]
HS合歓綢繆 [ごうかんちゅうびゅう]
HS用和為貴 [ようわいき]
HS装模作様 [そうもさくよう]
HS蒼蠅驥尾 [そうようきび]
HS亡羊補牢 [ぼうようほろう]
HS三釁三浴 [さんきんさんよく]
HS大欲非道 [たいよくひどう]
HS往古来今 [おうこらいこん]
HS一往一来 [いちおういちらい]
HS落穽下石 [らくせいかせき]
ES夏雲奇峰 [かうんきほう]
ES家鶏野鶩 [かけいやぼく]
ES改過自新 [かいかじしん]
ES至大至剛 [しだいしごう]
ES唇歯輔車 [しんしほしゃ]
ES飲灰洗胃 [いんかいせんい]
ES見賢思斉 [けんけんしせい]
ES口耳講説 [こうじこうせつ]
ES西施捧心 [せいしほうしん]
ES奢侈淫佚 [しゃしいんいつ]
ES累世同居 [るいせいどうきょ]
ES心神耗弱 [しんしんこうじゃく]
ES異域之鬼 [いいきのき]
ES狗尾続貂 [くびぞくちょう]
ES只管打坐 [しかんたざ]
ES土豪劣紳 [どごうれっしん]
ES末法思想 [まっぽうしそう]
ES迷悟一如 [めいごいちにょ]
ES一饋十起 [いっきじっき]
ES光彩奪目 [こうさいだつもく]
ES一紙半銭 [いっしはんせん]
ES一碧万頃 [いっぺきばんけい]
ES断簡零墨 [だんかんれいぼく]
ES翠帳紅閨 [すいちょうこうけい]
ES凄凄切切 [せいせいせつせつ]
ES孤峰絶岸 [こほうぜつがん]
ES開物成務 [かいぶつせいむ]
ES鬼出電入 [きしゅつでんにゅう]
ES悶絶躄地 [もんぜつびゃくじ]
ES文質彬彬 [ぶんしつひんぴん]
ES実事求是 [じつじきゅうぜ] /(n) practical search for the truth/
ES九腸寸断 [きゅうちょうすんだん]
ES青雲之志 [せいうんのこころざし]
ES残山剰水 [ざんざんじょうすい]
ES帰命頂礼 [きみょうちょうらい]
ES懸腕直筆 [けんわんちょくひつ] /(n) calligraphy technique of holding the brush perpendicularly, lower arm raised, and elbow held away from the body/
ES訥言敏行 [とつげんびんこう]
ES九鼎大呂 [きゅうていたいりょ]
ES削足適履 [さくそくてきり]
ES出藍之誉 [しゅつらんのほまれ]
ES眼中之釘 [がんちゅうのくぎ]
ES黔驢之技 [けんろのぎ]
ES遼東之豕 [りょうとうのいのこ]
ES天然自然 [てんねんしぜん]
ES弾丸黒子 [だんがんこくし]
ES亀毛兎角 [きもうとかく]
ES白日昇天 [はくじつしょうてん]
ES幕天席地 [ばくてんせきち]
ES跼天蹐地 [きょくてんせきち]
ES剛毅木訥 [ごうきぼくとつ]
ES回山倒海 [かいざんとうかい]
ES堂塔伽藍 [どうとうがらん]
ES南都北嶺 [なんとほくれい]
ES改頭換面 [かいとうかんめん]
ES竹頭木屑 [ちくとうぼくせつ]
ES稲麻竹葦 [とうまちくい]
ES転迷開悟 [てんめいかいご]
ES甜言蜜語 [てんげんみつご]
ES交頭接耳 [こうとうせつじ]
ES妖姿媚態 [ようしびたい]
ES夏下冬上 [かかとうじょう]
ES環堵蕭然 [かんとしょうぜん]
ES河図洛書 [かとらくしょ]
ES韻鏡十年 [いんきょうじゅうねん]
ES孤影悄然 [こえいしょうぜん]
ES抱関撃柝 [ほうかんげきたく]
ES斗折蛇行 [とせつだこう]
ES堅甲利兵 [けんこうりへい]
ES感奮興起 [かんぷんこうき]
ES採菓汲水 [さいかきっすい]
ES飛兎竜文 [ひとりゅうぶん]
ES竜頭鷁首 [りゅうとうげきしゅ]
ES竜騰虎闘 [りゅうとうことう]
ES竜蟠虎踞 [りゅうばんこきょ]
ES竜驤虎視 [りゅうじょうこし]
ES竜章鳳姿 [りゅうしょうほうし]
ES竜攘虎搏 [りゅうじょうこはく]
ES雲竜井蛙 [うんりゅうせいあ]
ES安宅正路 [あんたくせいろ]
ES槐門棘路 [かいもんきょくろ]
ES拓落失路 [たくらくしつろ]
ES随波逐流 [ずいはちくりゅう]
ES衍曼流爛 [えんまんりゅうらん]
ES曲水流觴 [きょくすいりゅうしょう]
ES確固不抜 [かっこふばつ]
ES海市蜃楼 [かいししんろう]
ES一葉知秋 [いちようちしゅう]
ES一口両舌 [いっこうりょうぜつ]
ES呉下阿蒙 [ごかのあもう]
ES魚網鴻離 [ぎょもうこうり]
ES不知案内 [ふちあんない]
ES破邪顕正 [はじゃけんしょう]
ES二河白道 [にがびゃくどう]
ES沙羅双樹 [さらそうじゅ]
ES蹇蹇匪躬 [けんけんひきゅう]
ES画脂鏤氷 [がしろうひょう]
ES煙波縹渺 [えんぱひょうびょう]
ES脚下照顧 [きゃっかしょうこ]
ES南蛮北狄 [なんばんほくてき]
ES抜苦与楽 [ばっくよらく]
ES万馬奔騰 [ばんばほんとう]
ES幸災楽禍 [こうさいらくか]
ES雲行雨施 [うんこううし]
ES密雲不雨 [みつうんふう]
ES浮石沈木 [ふせきちんぼく]
ES君子不器 [くんしふき]
ES禹行舜趨 [うこうしゅんすう]
ES意気自如 [いきじじょ]
ES婉娩聴従 [えんべんちょうじゅう]
ES一意攻苦 [いちいこうく]
ES杯水車薪 [はいすいしゃしん]
ES雲合霧集 [うんごうむしゅう]
ES無声無臭 [むせいむしゅう]
ES黄中内潤 [こうちゅうないじゅん]
ES磨揉遷革 [まじゅうせんかく]
ES修身斉家 [しゅうしんせいか]
ES十万億土 [じゅうまんおくど]
ES救世済民 [きゅうせいさいみん]
ES縦塗横抹 [じゅうとおうまつ]
ES軽裘肥馬 [けいきゅうひば]
ES秋風索莫 [しゅうふうさくばく]
ES載舟覆舟 [さいしゅうふくしゅう]
ES秀外恵中 [しゅうがいけいちゅう]
ES牛溲馬勃 [ぎゅうしゅうばぼつ]
ES忠勇義烈 [ちゅうゆうぎれつ]
ES入境問禁 [にゅうきょうもんきん]
ES鳩居鵲巣 [きゅうきょじゃくそう]
ES開巻有益 [かいかんゆうえき]
ES雄心勃勃 [ゆうしんぼつぼつ]
ES優游涵泳 [ゆうゆうかんえい]
ES和羹塩梅 [わこうあんばい]
ES挙案斉眉 [きょあんせいび]
ES科挙圧巻 [かきょあっかん]
ES浅酌低唱 [せんしゃくていしょう]
ES嚆矢濫觴 [こうしらんしょう]
ES易往易行 [いおういぎょう]
ES賢良方正 [けんりょうほうせい]
ES後生菩提 [ごしょうぼだい]
ES雲壌月鼈 [うんじょうげつべつ]
ES迦陵頻伽 [かりょうびんが]
ES見性成仏 [けんしょうじょうぶつ]
ES妙法一乗 [みょうほういちじょう]
ES金声玉振 [きんせいぎょくしん]
ES舞文曲筆 [ぶぶんきょくひつ] /(n) twisting of the truth in one's writing/playing with text to distort the truth/
ES瑶林瓊樹 [ようりんけいじゅ]
ES抑揚頓挫 [よくようとんざ]
ES参差錯落 [しんしさくらく]
ES落筆点蠅 [らくひつてんよう]
ES洛陽紙価 [らくようのしか]
ES千秋万歳 [せんしゅうばんざい]
K混迷状態 [こんめいじょうたい] /(n) befuddled (bewildered, confused) state/stupor/
K駅弁大学 [えきべんだいがく] /(n) minor local college/small-time (two-bit) university; jerkwater college/
K一字一句 [いちじいっく] /(n) word for word/verbatim/a single word and a single phrase/
K至極御尤 [しごくごもっとも] /(exp) You are quite right./Quite so./What you say is sensible enough./
K一夫一妻 [いっぷいっさい] /(n) monogamy/
K割鶏牛刀 [かっけいぎゅうとう] /(n) using a meat ax when a knife would suffice/taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut/using a grand-scale measure (a massive instrument) to deal with an insignificant problem/
K任手相場 [してそうば] /(n) speculators' (speculative) market/
K失礼至極 [しつれいしごく] /(adj-na) extremely rude (impertinent, impolite)/
K活字文化 [かつじぶんか] /(n) (the culture of) the printed word/book culture/
K十把一絡 [じっぱひとからげ] /(n) (jippahitokarage/juppahitokarage)lumping together all sorts of things/making sweeping generalizations/dealing with various things under one head/
K懸軍長躯 [けんぐんちょうく] /(n,vs) (conduct a) military expedition deep into enemy territory/
K懸軍長駆 [けんぐんちょうく] /(n,vs) (conduct a) military expedition deep into enemy territory/
K散漫冗長 [さんまんじょうちょう] /(n,adj-na) diffuse and verbose (writing)/
K忘恩行為 [ぼうおんこうい] /(n) act of ingratitude/
K気宇広濶 [きうこうかつ] /(n,adj-na) magnanimous in one's attitude of mind/grand in one's idea or mind-set/
K大胆至極 [だいたんしごく] /(n,adj-na) the height of daring/very courageous (reckless), extremely audacious/
K安眠妨害 [あんみんぼうがい] /(n) disturbance of sleep/nuisance in the middle of the night/
K機嫌奉伺 [きげんほうし] /(n) inquiring into the health (frame of mind) of someone/paying one's respects to someone/
K下司野郎 [げすやろう] /(n) low (crude/coarse) man/boor/
K戒告処分 [かいこくしょぶん] /(n) punishment by formal warning/punishing someone by a reprimand/
K在野精神 [ざいやせいしん] /(n) spirit of defiance of the opposition party; antiestablishment mindset/
K南無八幡 [なむはちまん] /(exp,int) O Great God of Arms, I beseech your aid against my enemy! (short for 南無八幡大菩薩 (なむはちまんだいぼさつ))/
K強権発動 [きょうけんはつどう] /(n) invoking the (coercive) power of the state/calling upon the (strong) power of the state/
K内心閉口 [ないしんへいこう] /(n,vs) being fed up with (something) deep down in one's heart; being secretly nonplussed over (something)/
K木端微塵 [こっぱみじん] /(n) fragments and splinters/smithereens (atoms, bits)/
K外的生活 [がいてきせいかつ] /(n) material life/material aspects of life/
K天下御免 [てんかごめん] /(n,adj-no) licensed/chartered/officially allowed/
K枠外採用 [わくがいさいよう] /(n) hiring someone beyond the limits of the employment quota/
K拉致監禁 [らちかんきん] /(n,vs) abduction and (unlawful) confinement/
K重畳至極 [ちょうじょうしごく] /(n,adj-na) very pleasant/extremely delightful/exquisite/superb/
K委細承知 [いさいしょうち] /(exp,n,vs) details (particulars, the total situation) being fully understood/Understood./Agreed./
K陣笠議員 [じんがさぎいん] /(n) backbench member (of Parliament, Congress, the Diet); backbencher/minor politician/
K可否両説 [かひりょうせつ] /(n) arguments for and against/
K可否両論 [かひりょうろん] /(n) arguments for and against/
K酷薄無情 [こくはくむじょう] /(n,adj-na) cold-hearted/callous/merciless/implacable/ruthless/
K士分取立 [しぶんとりたて] /(n) raising someone to the status of samurai/
K味覚音痴 [みかくおんち] /(n) having no sense of taste/person who has no sense of taste/
K飛雪紛々 [ひせつふんぷん] /(adj-t,adv-to) snowflakes dancing in the air/
K一幕見席 [ひとまくみせき] /(n) special seats and standing-only space in the galley for people who only intend to see one act of a Kabuki play/
K可否検討 [かひけんとう] /(n,vs) considering the pros and cons of/examining the arguments for and against/
K万事解決 [ばんじかいけつ] /(n,vs) everything turning out fine/the whole thing (mess) being settled/
K万事承知 [ばんじしょうち] /(n,vs) being well aware of/knowing something full well/knowing exactly what one is doing/going into something with one's eyes open/
K片言英語 [かたことえいご] /(n) halting (broken) English/
K仮面夫婦 [かめんふうふ] /(n) couple who only go through the motions of being husband and wife/
K意向打診 [いこうだしん] /(n) sounding out the intensions or wishes of someone/
K意向尊重 [いこうそんちょう] /(n) respecting the intentions or wishes of someone/
K意向無視 [いこうむし] /(n) ignoring or overriding the intentions or wishes of someone/
K遺恨試合 [いこんしあい] /(n) grudge match/
K懐柔作戦 [かいじゅうさくせん] /(n) operation to win over someone by using a tactic of gentle persuasion/
K道中安泰 [どうちゅうあんたい] /(n) safe journey/
K持久作戦 [じきゅうさくせん] /(n) strategy of engaging in position warfare/strategy of turning a game into an endurance contest/playing a waiting game/
K互角勝負 [ごかくしょうぶ] /(n) equal contest/close game/well-matched game/even match/
K人外魔境 [じんがいまきょう] /(n) ominous place outside the human world/mysterious place where no human being lives/uninhabited area/
K常識判断 [じょうしきはんだん] /(n) commonsense judgment/
K女工哀史 [じょこうあいし] /(n) sad (tragic, pathetic) story (history) of factory girls in pre-WWII Japan/
H赤心奉国 [せきしんほうこく]
H財多命殆 [ざいためいたい]
H迂疎空闊 [うそくうかつ]
H先花後果 [せんかごか]
H山藪蔵疾 [さんそうぞうしつ]
H疑雲猜霧 [ぎうんさいむ]
H阿爺下頷 [あやあがん]
H崎嶇坎軻 [きくかんか]
H指鹿為馬 [しろくいば]
H有財餓鬼 [うざいがき]
H騏驥過隙 [ききかげき]
H阿轆轆地 [あろくろくじ]
H愚公移山 [ぐこういさん]
H孤雲野鶴 [こうんやかく]
H孤論難持 [ころんなんじ]
H孤陋寡聞 [ころうかぶん]
H左提右挈 [さていうけつ]
H自作自受 [じさくじじゅ]
H対驢撫琴 [たいろぶきん]
H放虎帰山 [ほうこきざん]
H狼子野心 [ろうしやしん]
H以身殉利 [いしんじゅんり]
H一縷千鈞 [いちるせんきん]
H円頓止観 [えんどんしかん]
H危言覈論 [きげんかくろん]
H区聞陬見 [くぶんすうけん]
H五蘊皆空 [ごうんかいくう]
H口耳四寸 [こうじよんすん]
H恒河沙数 [ごうがしゃすう]
H綱挙網疏 [こうきょもうそ]
H国歩艱難 [こくほかんなん]
H左建外易 [さけんがいえき]
H彩鳳随鴉 [さいほうずいあ]
H三舎退避 [さんしゃたいひ]
H三人成虎 [さんにんせいこ]
H山雀利根 [やまがらりこん]
H詩人蛻骨 [しじんぜいこつ]
H深根固柢 [しんこんこてい]
H積土成山 [せきどせいざん]
H浅瀬仇波 [あさせあだなみ]
H聡明叡智 [そうめいえいち]
H草茅危言 [そうぼうきげん]
H草満囹圄 [そうまんれいご]
H忘身忘家 [ぼうしんぼうか]
H名声過実 [めいせいかじつ]
H冷土荒堆 [れいどこうたい]
H甕裏醯鶏 [おうりけいけい]
H瞑目沈思 [めいもくちんし]
H脣亡歯寒 [しんぼうしかん]
H栄諧伉儷 [えいかいこうれい]
H孔孟老荘 [こうもうろうそう]
H三人文殊 [さんにんもんじゅ]
H心堅石穿 [しんけんせきせん]
H積水成淵 [せきすいせいえん]
H先声後実 [せんせいこうじつ]
H千般計較 [せんぱんけいこう]
H怠慢忘身 [たいまんぼうしん]
H程孔傾蓋 [ていこうけいがい]
H淵広魚大 [えんこうぎょだい]
H随類応同 [ずいるいおうどおう]
H同悪相助 [どうあくあいたすく]
H岸芷汀蘭 [がんしていらん]
H山肴野蔌 [さんこうやそく]
H痩身矮軀 [そうしんわいく]
H季布一諾 [きふのいちだく]
H无何之郷 [むかのきょう]
H麟角鳳嘴 [りんかくほうし]
H截趾適屨 [せっしてきく]
H軽便信用 [けいべんしんよう]
H同音異義 [どうおんいぎ]
H循規蹈矩 [じゅんきとうく]
H俛仰之間 [ふぎょうのかん]
H幽明異境 [ゆうめいいきょう]
H杞人之憂 [きじんのゆう]
H即時一杯 [そくじいっぱい]
H形名参同 [げんこういっち]
H高談闊歩 [こうだんかっぽ]
H灰身滅智 [けしんめっち]
H咬牙切歯 [こうがせっし]
H一壺千金 [いっこせんきん]
H沐猴而冠 [もっこうじかん]
H活剥生呑 [かっぱくせいどん]
H折檻諫言 [せっかんかんげん]
H烈士徇名 [れっしじゅんめい]
H英明闊達 [えいめいかったつ]
H脱兎之勢 [だっとのいきおい]
H能鷹隠爪 [のうよういんそう]
H柔能制剛 [じゅうよ]
H冒雨剪韮 [ぼううせんきゅう]
H達人大観 [たつじんたいかん]
H雪魄氷姿 [せっぱくひょうし]
H赤貧如洗 [せきひんじょせん]
H三跪九叩 [さんききゅうこう]
H雪中四友 [せっちゅうのしゆう]
H殺妻求将 [さっさいきゅうしょう]
H大智如愚 [だいちじょぐ]
H光陰如箭 [こういんじょせん]
H断根枯葉 [だんこんこよう]
H活計歓楽 [かっけいかんらく]
H死灰復燃 [しかいふくねん]
H老莱斑衣 [ろうらいはんい]
H横説竪説 [おうせつじゅせつ]
H空谷跫音 [くうこくのきょうおん]
H氷肌玉骨 [ひょうきぎょっこつ]