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さいの目賽の目サイの目采の目 [sK]
1. [n]
▶ pip (spot on a die)
2. [n]
▶ small cube (esp. of food)
▶ die
▶ dice

3. A 2023-04-07 09:42:23  Jim Breen <...address hidden...>
2. A* 2023-04-06 16:42:14  Brian Krznarich <...address hidden...>
犀の目	1197	1.9% just because there are some rhino eyes mixed in here (サイの目 google image returns only rhinos, but that's because they are more interesting than dice. scroll and you'll find them)

さいの目	37860	59.5% (returns chopped vegetables)
賽の目	13866	21.8%
サイの目	8044	12.6%
さいのめ	2054	3.2%
--->采の目	585	0.9%
See notes on 賽 entry. 采 does not appear in sankoku for 賽・dice, nor does it get a mention in wikipedia except in a footnote. I can't deny its existence, but it looks more like a failed offshoot that I'd rather de-emphasize if possible for learners. Could make it [rK], but as I personally think it's "not worth learning", and it's under 1%, [sK] seems reasonable ([rK] if you prefer). 

賽の目 alone is 20x more common than 采の目, without even considering kana forms.
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1. A 2007-11-18 00:00:00 
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