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<gloss>alpaca (Vicugna pacos)</gloss>
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+&lt;gloss&gt;alpaca (Vicugna pacos)&lt;/gloss&gt;</upd_diff>
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<upd_detl>Sheep + Camel = Alpaca. Nice.

ngrams are low, but if you google "羊駱駝" on regular google or image search, you'll see this gets a lot of play as kanji trivia. (much like the youtube link I gave).

These are the kinds of entries where I wouldn't want to [sK] them, as the kanji being visible is point.  When I came here from youtube to see if we agreed with the Japanese presenter, I was afraid it might be here as [sK] already.

The youtube video is a fun little watch if you have a spare 60 seconds.</upd_detl>
<upd_refs>アルパカ	50870	99.9%
羊駱駝	30	0.1%
Also on wikipedia, for your consideration:
羊駝	20	0.0%  // Youtube footnote, usually "llama": ^ 「羊駝」は日本では普通リャマ(ラマ)に当てられる。
羊駄	0	0.0%

"There is a kanji for alpaca" (1 minute)

1 ラクダ科の哺乳類。南米のアンデス山中で飼われ、毛をとる。
2 1の毛を紡いだ糸。また、それで織った織物。
[補説]1は「羊駱駝」とも書く。 &lt;------
アルパカ(羊駄[1]、羊駱駝[2]、羊駝[3][注 1]、西・英: alpaca、学名: Vicugna pacos)は</upd_refs>
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