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<upd_name>Mami Suzuki</upd_name>
<upd_email>...address hidden...</upd_email>
<upd_detl>I'm from WaniKani and our user requested to add "celibate" as the meaning of 独身, referring to jisho.

However, "celibate" appears to describe someone who refrains from marriage and sexual relations (独身主義者), rather than simply indicating an unmarried status or person. We request "celibate" to be removed from the meaning.

Also, 独身 is more commonly used as an adjective (as in "single" or "unmarried"), rather than "bachelorhood." So I recommend moving "bachelorhood" as the third meaning instead of the primary meaning.

Thank you for your time and consideration.</upd_detl>
<upd_refs>Built-in Dictionaries (J-J, J-E) on Mac
Japanese intuitions</upd_refs>
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@@ -22 +21 @@
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<upd_name>Jim Breen</upd_name>
<upd_email>...address hidden...</upd_email>
<upd_detl>Re the noun/adjective issue, this is often a struggle, as the dictionary examples indicate.  The n-grams indicate that noun usage is far less common than adjectival/prenominal, so I'd be comfortable with using adjective glosses and adjusting the POS accordingly.
Re the use of "celibate", as you can see it's in several dictionaries. I think its meaning in English has drifted a bit and  probably it's best omitted now.</upd_detl>
<upd_refs>GG5: celibacy; 〔男性の〕 bachelorhood; 〔女性の〕 spinsterhood.
独身の single; unmarried; celibate
中辞典: 独身の single; unmarried
ルミナス: [形] single; (未婚の) unmarried. [名] (男の独身者) bachelor; (女の) unmarried woman, spinster
独身	2234763
独身が	9773
独身を	23698
独身の	285128	  
独身で	154115	  
独身時代	146036	  
独身女性	135737	  
独身男性	111087</upd_refs>
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@@ -18 +18,0 @@
@@ -21 +20,0 @@
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<upd_name>Robin Scott</upd_name>
<upd_email>...address hidden...</upd_email>
<upd_detl>I agree re "celibate".</upd_detl>

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