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<entry id="1116568" stat="A" corpus="jmdict" type="jmdict">
<ent_corp type="jmdict">jmdict</ent_corp>
<s_inf>equiv. of ちょっと</s_inf>
<gloss>just a minute</gloss>
<gloss>short time</gloss>
<gloss>just a little</gloss>
<audit time="2009-05-24 00:00:00" stat="A">
<upd_detl>Entry created</upd_detl>
<audit time="2012-09-19 12:22:13" stat="D" unap="true">
<upd_detl>delete, or reduce to ちょう (somewhat dated ksb equiv to ちょっと)</upd_detl>
<audit time="2012-09-22 02:22:46" stat="A" unap="true">
<upd_name>Jim Breen</upd_name>
<upd_email>...address hidden...</upd_email>
<upd_detl>Not sure at all about deleting it, but certainly an entry for the kansaiben ちょう is appropriate. I think I'd be perplexed if I came across "ちょう待って", and having it explicit would be useful.</upd_detl>
<audit time="2012-09-22 03:43:14" stat="A" unap="true">
<upd_detl>many of the google hits for "ちょう待って" are actually ”超待ってた" 
etc. (but chou in hiragana) i.e. "I waited for so long!"</upd_detl>
<audit time="2012-11-01 03:58:05" stat="A" unap="true">
<upd_name>Jim Breen</upd_name>
<upd_email>...address hidden...</upd_email>
<upd_detl>Following Marcus's suggestion of reducing it to ちょう.</upd_detl>
<upd_diff>@@ -4,3 +4,0 @@
@@ -8,1 +5,1 @@
@@ -11,1 +8,2 @@
+&lt;s_inf&gt;equiv. of ちょっと&lt;/s_inf&gt;
@@ -13,1 +11,3 @@
-&lt;gloss&gt;Wait a minute&lt;/gloss&gt;
+&lt;gloss&gt;just a minute&lt;/gloss&gt;
+&lt;gloss&gt;short time&lt;/gloss&gt;
+&lt;gloss&gt;just a little&lt;/gloss&gt;</upd_diff>
<audit time="2012-11-04 12:20:35" stat="A">
<upd_name>Marcus Richert</upd_name>
<upd_email>...address hidden...</upd_email>

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