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JMdict - Japanese Multi-lingual Dictionary

What's New

Mid 2006

From now on, the JMdict file, along with the EDICT and EDICT2 files, will be built and distributed daily from the source files. The date of the generation will be in a comment at the end of the DTD.

May 2005

Release to match the EDICT release. Several hundred new entries, and many merged entries.

June 2004

Apart from general growth, error-fixing, etc. the following changes have happened:

August 2003

Release to match the EDICT release at the same time. Several hundred new entries, and many merged entries.

June 2003

An increase in the number of entries, and additional Russian material.

February 2003

In addition to an increase in total entries, this release had the French glosses aligned with the English at the sense level. Additional Russian glosses were included.

July 2002

This release was issued to the Papillon Workshop in Tokyo. As well as a further increase in entries, it included additional French glosses, German glosses for an extra 40,000 entries taken from Ulrich Apel's WaDokuJT file, and a small number of Russian glosses from Oleg Volkov's Japanese-Russian file.

November 2001

Some releases were made in early 2001 (several as there were bugs which needed removing.)

9/10 July 2000

The new aspects this release are:

In addition, this release brought JMdict into line with the most recent EDICT releases.

Jim Breen
May 2005