Copyright (C) 2008 The Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group

Note: In June 2008 the entries in this file were combined with the full JMdict/EDICT file, and the terms or senses specific to information technology and telecommunications were tagged with "{comp}". The file is now simply a subset of the main EDICt file.

The COMPDIC file is a glossary of terms used in the computing and (tele)communications industries. It is in the "EDICT" format, and is intended for use as a generally available file for dictionary and WP software systems.

The following sources of information have been used to compile this file:

  1. the identifiable entries in the EDICT file itself;

  2. a large collection of material from the various JIS standards. This has been extensively edited and reformated. Many are rather old-fashioned (punched cards - forsooth), and many relate to OSI standards.

  3. an excellent glossary file of telecommunications and computing terms prepared by Paul Denisowski (pad@fns.com). This file was intended for separate release, put Paul has kindly agreed to fold it in.

  4. a file of terms sent to me by Jerry Suppan. (I lost all trace of who sent me the file. Then in July 2002 I bumped into Jerry in Tokyo, and he reminded me.)

  5. other terms I have collected along the way;
In preparing this file, I have used the following to help prepare & check entries: Many thanks to Jean-Jacques Labarthe for many corrections to the file. Thanks also to Paul Denisowski and Gururaj Rao for their valuable contributions.

Jim Breen
October 1997, November 2001, October 2002