The JMdictDB Project

Old news

New 2018-04-26: The JMdictDB web interface now provides a page that lets users change their saved settings (userid, name, email address, password). It is accessed by clicking one's user name after logging in. An "administrator" user privilege level has been added from which any user's settings can be changed.
New 2018-04-01: The templating system user by JMdictDB web interface was changed from SimpleTAL, an implementation of the TAL/TALES attribute language used in Zope, to Jinja2, a somewhat more readable and easier to use template language.
New 2015-08-19: The "Submissions" link at the top of each JMdictDB page now shows an index page with links to updates made "Today", "Yesterday", each day of this year grouped by month, and previous years. The apperance is very close to the databaseupdates.html that Jim Breen was maintaining. Formerly, the Submissions link showed a page of the entries that were updated "today" only.
New 2015-05-05: The contact email of the principle developer of JMdictDB has changed; the various JMdictDB web pages and forms have been updated with the new address in the footer.

New 2014-09-25: The EDRDG project's JMnedict Japanese names dictionary is now being maintained in the JMdictDB database alongside the JMdict dictionary. The official announcement is here.

New 2014-08-23: After a long discussion on the Edict mail list (here), new part-of-speech tags have been added to the words だ,くれる and [*]良い・いい allowing them to be correctly conjugated by the JMdictDB conjugator. Other minor tweaks have been made such as not showing the Conjugations link if there are no conjugations available.

Xrefs are now shown in a more consise way: there is only one "Cross References" section and the direction of each xref is show with an arrow: right for normal xref, left for a "reverse" xref, and double-headed arrow for bi-directional (xrefs on two entries, each pointing to the other).

New 2013-12-23: The JMdictDB code running on Jim Breen's wwwjdic servers has been updated to the latest version running under Python3. The new version contains some enhancements:

* Word conjugations
Like the [V] link in wwwjdict but a completely independent, data-driven implementation. Provides the conjugated forms in both kanji and kana. Conjugates adjectives and "da" in addition to verbs.
* Keyword expansions
Hoovering your mouse over keywords like 'ok' or 'pn' will now (on most browsers) show the long description ("out-dated or obsolete kana usage" or "pronoun" for those two examples).

New 2012-11-23: JMdictDB source code has been updated to run with Python-3.3. The last Python-2 compatible revision was tagged "py2maint" (2012-06-17). Because wxPython is still not available for Python-3, the two wxPython apps in JMdictDB (tools/ and python/ will not run until a Python-3 compatible version of wxPython is available.

New 2012-06-14: When the readings or kanji of an entry are reordered, xrefs in other entries that refer to those readings or kanji are now updated to refer to the reading/kanji in its new position. (Formerly the xrefs continue to point to whatever reading of kanji ended up where the old reading/kanji was.)

A warning is now shown on the pre-submission confirmation page when xrefs pointing to an edited entry will be deleted because the sense, reading or kanji they point to has been edited out of the entry.

Also fixed bug that caused reverse xrefs to sometimes disappear after an entry was edited.

New 2012-06-03: A lot of work on Python-3 migration was done in the last couple weeks and the conclusion was that the migration will not entail any major difficulty. The main holdup now is waiting for the last two prerequites: the release of Python-3.3 and a Python3 version of wxPython.

New 2012-04-25: A number of new "field" and "pos" tags were added by Jim Breen and the database tables updated accordingly.

New 2010-07-13: In this email on the Edict/JMdict list, Jim Breen announced that WWWjdic is now using JMdictDB for accepting corrections and new entries from WWWjdic users worldwide.

New 2010-06-02: Call for testers. In this email on the Edict/JMdict list, Jim Breen announced that the WWWjdic testbed at had been interfaced to the JMdictDB test database and submission pages. The WWWjdic Suggest button will submit corrections and new entries using JMdictDB. This is for testing only and changes will not go into the real WWWjdic. Caution, the WWWjdic testbed now updates the live JMdict database, see the 2010-06-15 news item.

New 2010-06-15: In this email on the Edict/JMdict list, Jim Breen announced that the WWWjdic testbed system now updates the live JMdictDB database, from which the JMdict XML, EDICT, WWWjdic and other EDRDG files are produced. List members are asked to try making real submissions for inclusion in WWWjdic and the EDRDG files.

New 2010-06-01: Call for testers. In this email on the Edict/JMdict list, Jim Breen requested testing of the JMdictDB database. URLs are:
  Search for an entry:
  Advanced Search (lots more options.)
  New Entry:
  Quick Overview
  Full Help File
Note that this is a test database and changes made will not go into the real WWWjdic database and may be periodically discarded.

New 2010-05-09: The JMdictDB database and web interface are now being used by Jim Breen as the primary repostitory for JMdict data. The distribution JMdict XML and related files are being produced from the database data, and new entry and amendment submissions from WWWjdic and processed into the database. See for more details.