A compilation of 64,776 potential Japanese compound verbs (複合動詞) identified in a study carried out in 2009 is now released to the public. A full report on the study can be found at: http://www.edrdg.org/~jwb/paperdir/jcv.pdf or via the ALTA 2009 site.

The list is released under the CC-SA licence (Creative Commons - Attribution, Share-Alike). See the: licence details.

The full list can be downloaded here as a UTF8 encoded text file. What follows is a table containing the first 100 potential verbs.

The potential verbs were identified using two processes:

  1. a synthesis method in which V1 and V2 components were put together in combinations and then the base and common inflected forms were tested in the Google n-gram corpus. This yielded 21,232 potential verbs. Of these 4,771 were matched in one or more reference lexicons (see below);
  2. a search approach in which the kanji/kana patterns making up a typical compound verb were matched against the Google n-gram corpus. This yielded 64,776 potential verbs which included all 21,232 from the synthesis method. 6,175 of these potential verbs matched in one or more reference lexicons.

As discussed in the report, the synthesis method was demonstrated to achieve a high level of precision. The precision of the search method was significantly lower, as many of the additional potential verbs identified are clearly forms of adjectives, etc. The recall of this method was somewhat higher.

The columns in the table are as follows:

Jim Breen
October 2017

Verb Synth/Search N-gram Count Verb type References
絞り込む SYNTH 41350741 a-v5m EDGJK
書き込む SYNTH 9265034 a-v5m EDGJK
思い出す SYNTH 8428956 a-v5s EDGJK
落ち着く SYNTH 8371628 a-v5k EDGJK
取り組む SYNTH 6975184 a-v5m EDGJK
落ち着いる SRCH 6709818 a-v1 -
組み合わせる SYNTH 6443912 a-v1 EDGJ
繰り返す SYNTH 5202046 a-v5s EDGJK
取り扱う SYNTH 4776072 a-v5u EDGJK
並び替える SYNTH 4563441 a-v1 G
受け取る SYNTH 4511438 a-v5r EDGJK
受け付ける SYNTH 4472511 a-v1 EDGJK
盛り上がる SYNTH 4303045 a-v5r EDGJK
振り返る SYNTH 3571875 a-v5r EDGJK
付き合う SYNTH 3455371 a-v5u EDGJK
取り扱つ SRCH 3395577 a-v5t -
生み出す SYNTH 3255849 a-v5s EDGJK
取り入れる SYNTH 2959125 a-v1 EDGJK
読み取る SYNTH 2825559 a-v5r EDGJK
問い合わせる SYNTH 2799554 a-v1 EDGJ
組み立る SRCH 2735073 a-v1 -
貼り付ける SYNTH 2684332 a-v1 EDGJK
取り上げる SYNTH 2653542 a-v1 EDGJK
読み込む SYNTH 2643977 a-v5m EDGJK
付き合つ SRCH 2520586 a-v5t -
付き合る SRCH 2520499 a-v5r -
受け入れる SYNTH 2406596 a-v1 EDGJK
申し上げる SYNTH 2378108 a-v1 EDGJK
突っ込む SYNTH 2291771 a-v5m EDGJK
有り難う SRCH 2274621 c-v5u EDJK
取り揃える SYNTH 2261137 a-v1 EDGJK
引っ張る SYNTH 2172761 a-v5r EDGJK
引き出す SYNTH 2072180 a-v5s EDGJK
取り付ける SYNTH 2067760 a-v1 EDGJK
申し込む SYNTH 1974882 a-v5m EDGJK
取り出す SYNTH 1972940 a-v5s EDGJK
受け取つ SRCH 1932333 a-v5t -
受け取う SRCH 1929776 a-v5u -
思い切る SYNTH 1928302 a-v5r EDGJK
思い切つ SRCH 1919857 a-v5t -
飛び出す SYNTH 1918014 a-v5s EDGJK
振り返つ SRCH 1870153 a-v5t -
取り戻す SYNTH 1842088 a-v5s EDGJK
作り出す SYNTH 1785129 a-v5s EDGJK
立ち上げる SYNTH 1758843 a-v1 EDGK
切り替える SYNTH 1744898 a-v1 EDGJK
落ち込む SYNTH 1694580 a-v5m EDGJK
立ち上がる SYNTH 1675578 a-v5r EDGJK
引っ越す SYNTH 1649752 a-v5s EDGJK
立ち寄る SYNTH 1606956 a-v5r EDGJK
乗り越える SYNTH 1582517 a-v1 EDGJK
取り込む SYNTH 1575825 a-v5m EDGJK
飛び込む SYNTH 1562729 a-v5m EDGJK
知り合う SYNTH 1539585 a-v5u EDGJK
持ち込む SYNTH 1440794 a-v5m EDGJK
盛り上げる SYNTH 1440006 a-v1 EDGJK
作り上げる SYNTH 1423566 a-v1 EDGJK
盛り込む SYNTH 1348244 a-v5m EDGJK
組み込む SYNTH 1347459 a-v5m EDGJK
知り合つ SRCH 1326915 a-v5t -
使い捨る SRCH 1298692 e-v1 G
取り巻く SYNTH 1283106 a-v5k EDGJK
話し合う SYNTH 1268089 a-v5u EDGJK
成り立つ SYNTH 1259733 a-v5t EDGJK
引き起こす SYNTH 1244223 a-v5s EDGJ
取り除く SYNTH 1239888 a-v5k EDGJK
飛び込ぶ SRCH 1227801 a-v5b -
言い出す SYNTH 1224898 a-v5s EDGJK
受け止める SYNTH 1216216 a-v1 EDGJK
乗り込む SYNTH 1196949 a-v5m EDGJK
引っ張つ SRCH 1196847 a-v5t -
向き合う SYNTH 1187127 a-v5u EDGJK
立ち寄つ SRCH 1158411 a-v5t -
割り当る SYNTH 1122822 a-v1 -
使い始める SYNTH 1115578 a-v1 -
生き残る SYNTH 1113526 a-v5r EDGJK
置き換える SYNTH 1068183 a-v1 EDGJK
読み取つ SRCH 1056705 a-v5t -
呼び出す SYNTH 1029268 a-v5s EDGJK
通り過ぎる SYNTH 1026518 a-v1 EDJK
持ち歩く SYNTH 1011240 a-v5k EDGJ
繰り広げる SYNTH 1009042 a-v1 EDGJK
走り回る SYNTH 1007058 a-v5r EDJK
巻き込まれる SYNTH 989744 a-v1 J
受け継ぐ SYNTH 986446 a-v5g EDGJK
乗り切る SYNTH 976195 a-v5r EDGJK
追い込む SYNTH 975940 a-v5m EDGJK
読み返す SYNTH 974506 a-v5s EDJK
差し込む SYNTH 970564 a-v5m EDGJK
思い込む SYNTH 966221 a-v5m EDGJK
振り回す SYNTH 961091 a-v5s EDGJK
語り合う SYNTH 957925 a-v5u EDGJK
打ち込む SYNTH 952986 a-v5m EDGJK
入り込む SYNTH 922139 a-v5m EDJK
組み立てる SYNTH 912887 a-v1 EDGJK
引き上げる SYNTH 908168 a-v1 EDGJK
動き出す SYNTH 893457 a-v5s EGJ
引き受ける SYNTH 885107 a-v1 EDGJK
生まれ変わる SYNTH 881423 a-v5r EDGJ
引き継ぐ SYNTH 870800 a-v5g EDGJK
乗り換える SYNTH 865526 a-v1 EDGJK