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Wish List

This is a set of wishlist items for the various projects. There is also an old wishlist page. Some of the items in this section have been copied from it.

Note that the groupings overlap - changes to JMdict/EDICT will sometimes be related to a change in JMdictDB and possibly have an inpact on WWWJDIC, etc.

Please feel free to add items. Use the "discussion page" (tab at the top) to discuss matters.

JMdictDB database Project

Insert a wish.


  • change many of the entities to attributes (see the archives of the mailing list)
  • once the step above is in place, convert "abbr" tags to become a class of cross-reference.
  • revise the "vs" family of PoS tags. "vs" itself will be confined to サ変名詞, "vs-s" will stay for the 愛する variety,and "vs-i" will be used for 為る/する and all expressions ending in する.


  • have links open a new tab/window (option) - suggested by Hendrik.
  • provide a link fore repeating a search at the foot of the display, for the user to cut/save (option) - suggested by Ben.