Using the EDICT Files


This page provides a brief overview of how to use the EDICT project files (EDICT, ENAMDICT, KANJIDIC, etc.) on various platforms to obtain a dictionary service.


There are two main WWW options: There are several others, but these are the most functional for straight dictionary lookups.

A useful site is Rikai, which massages WWW pages, placing popup translations from EDICT behind the Japanese text.


While I do not have a lot of direct experience (I don't use Windows much), the following appear to be the options:

All of the above work with just "English" versions of Windows.

Unix (X-Windows)


Mac users have two options if they have Japanese support with their OS:

The Japanese WordMage package, which does not need Japanese OS support, seems to provide access to the files, but I cannot confirm this.


The very original JDIC program was the first to use these files. It can also be obtained from the Monash ftp site.


There are also programs for Amiga, BeoS, Palm Pilots, etc. Most can be obtained from the Monash ftp site.

I hope this helps.

Jim Breen
September 2000